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>> No.73879008

> Is Plan 9 a meme
> does it actually bring anything new to the table?
> Obviously it doesn't seem feasible as a daily driver
> what is it that attracts hipsters so much
The front falling off a great idea I suppose.


>> No.73879042

yes it's a shit meme
no you should not use it
install gentoo

>> No.73879063

Absolutely everything is great about Plan9 except the UI.
The heavy reliance on mouse actions, three button mice, mouse chords and pixel perfect selection of commands makes it impossible to use on a Laptop.
Also it looks like garbage and you can't even change the default background color of your terminal without recompiling.

Just give it a Windows 95 like UI (with CUA bindings and Taskbar 'n stuff) and we have a real winner.

>> No.73879077

What kind of new services can plan 9 make possible that cant be done with linux?

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> Just give it a Windows 95 like UI

>> No.73879107

>impossible to use on a Laptop.
*Impossible on a laptop that isn't a thinkpad.

>> No.73879243

It's a very lean system that focuses heavily on distributed computing and not being bound to old Unix ideas.
It could have actually succeeded and influenced the industry if licensing wasn't so retarded early in its life.
Interested commercial parties couldn't (and then wouldn't) bother, and interested non-academic parties couldn't bother.
By the time the licensing had been unfucked, the system was like ten years out of date (bless the 9front devs for trying to fix that bit at least).
The development team had no real interest in actually advancing the state of the art and creating a system for the world to use, and just considered it an interesting project.

The dependence on a 3 button mouse IS just kind of ass, especially since the middle button is a wheel these days.
remembering which button brings up which menu blows too
relying on the mouse was a very modern idea at the time -- it's too reliant on it, and its insistence on not having buttons is bullshit, but mouse driven actions did seem like the future

Windows 95 is a remarkably good choice for a UI, with a fuckton more user testing done than the vast majority of other interfaces.

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>Windows 95 is a remarkably good choice for a UI
Well no, but...

>> No.73879331

Look, even Dennis Ritchie used a Windows UI for his real work.
It is clear that the Plan9 UI is just a toy or at best a (failed) experiment.
Plan9 disciples should get over it and acknowledge that even their Prophet could be wrong sometimes.

>> No.73879388

The Plan9 UI looks very prominent in that image.

>> No.73879415

Yes, but for all the work that is not just toying around but real work (in his case Browser, Email, Photo Editing), he is obviously using the Windows UI.

>> No.73879955

I think something like a mixture of wmii and dwm would be appropriate.
Strip rio down to something that can be used like X11 and have minimal interfaces run ontop of it. Rio does too much presenting a desktop environment and display serving should be separate duties.
Make a minimal port of ffmpeg which has been split into single use programs.
I've been thinking of forking plan9 and calling it trainingwheelsOS or something.

>> No.73880382

It’s perfectly fine as a daily driver as long as you don’t need a modern browser. I have it installed on my t420, wifi works, power management works, it’s quite nice.

>> No.73880393

>Dennis Ritchie spent his time browsing the web and editing photos
Yep that’s how they roll at Bell Labs.

>> No.73880907

Yes but a very good one
It depends on what you do. I used to and there are other people who does
No hispster use Plan 9, sorry

The UI is good, better than everything I saw in unixes.
>Also it looks like garbage and you can't even change the default background color of your terminal without recompiling
That's because the UI should be as seamless as possible. You want to work with computer not wasting time ricing.

You can click the wheel


>> No.73880974

Plan 9 is worse than snake oil. Plan 9 was created to make distributed computing look like snake oil. Like UNIX compared to Multics, it arrived years after working distributed computing protocols and is still worse. AT&T's "research" is inferior to what was already on the market and will always be, no matter how much time and money is put into it. It's "research" that results in an inferior OS, increases costs on every single level, decreases productivity, replaces simple solutions with complex problems (sometimes so complex that nobody believes they can be solved), makes things worse for users, and prevents real researchers from doing what works because of "compatibility" with horrible interfaces. UNIX and Plan 9 are anti-research that shit on 60 years of computer science. That's why UNIX technology like Plan 9, BSD, and Linux in 2019 is worse than what Multics did in the 60s. Plan 9 uses "tar" to copy directory hierarchies not for any "philosophical" reasons, but because the version of UNIX it was based on didn't have "cp -r" and they were not capable of adding it. It doesn't have dynamic linking because they weren't smart enough to copy Multics or another mainframe system that does it properly. It still has the same bc calculator and all that other UNIX bullshit. What sucks is when Plan 9 weenies point to something that UNIX does wrong and blame the entire thing itself instead of the broken UNIX implementation.

>> No.73882025

>you can click the wheel
well, yes, but it's not comfortable

The UI isn't really that bad overall.
It's hilariously non-intuitive, almost to the point of absurdity, but requires less than than an hour of training to be comfortable.

>> No.73882082

The UI presents each window as a separate screen in essence and it’s a pretty radical concept. It’s also totally network transparent.

The anon you’re replying to is the Unix Hater Handbook anon, who can’t even write a simple text editor in his precious LISP.

>> No.73882435

I like the namespaces and union directories it has. Security model seems better in sensible ways that UNIX.

I do think they went a bit far in having no shared libraries and no memory mapping. Pretty difficult to implement a really modern desktop UI without a gui toolkit as a shared library, and modern graphics drivers access the hardware via mmap.

>> No.73883298

If you don't know what to answer it's ok anon. Thanks for the bump tho

>> No.73884748

>basic editor in Racket WAS actually posted,
Wow, is it such a remarkable milestone? A text editor?
Is this the real power of LiSP?

>> No.73884767

>ask for something to be done as a challenge
>woooooo is this all it can do?
What kind of logic is this?

>> No.73884813

I'm not the guy you think I am. I'm not even the guy you replied to.
Never been on 8ch in my life, one shithole is enough.

Don't you have some toe jam to eat?

If he wanted to slacking off, he would have just run acme from plan9port.
In that pic he is running drawterm, so he is running the entire OS.

>> No.73884824

>have to do everything through acme
No thanks

>> No.73884842

You don't have to do everything through acme.
Where do you read that?

>> No.73884944

I used it for six months exclusively on a x220.
Now I drawterm on a daily basis on a rpi.

You don't have to do anything with acme

>> No.73884952

> Also, every user in every single one of the related IRCs was a humongous asshole.
Why do you care?
Do you installed 9front to make friends?

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>you can't have questions

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I don't want to be mean but you sound like you have a huge vagina.
They would have not stabbed you though tcp/ip

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Just keep in mind pic related and you're gonna have a good time

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I want to kill the faggot who introduced plan9 to the shithole that is /g/.

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I dont understand the structural regex.

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