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personally I think it's just a TempleOS user creating their own random numbers to talk to God.

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How does one generate physics?

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Didn't that one 12 year old build a home nuclear reactor with shit he bought through mail order catalogues?

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Oh shit, that anon from /sci/ fucked up.

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He made it with smoke detectors. He stole a ton of them when he was an adult to relive it and was arrested.

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Quantum physics/mechanics is a 100% meme """science""". It's all just /theory/ and is theory which is all based purely on math - which isn't science (math is just a tool). "Quantum mechanics" is fundamentally totally fucked, because it has no connection to reality. Put simply; quantum stuff isn't real.

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He might be thinking of this kid, who is literally 12. The famous Nuclear Boy Scout kid was a teen and he used stolen smoke detectors to produce a neutron source. It wasn't a reactor.



Anyway making a DIY fusion reactor is not super difficult. The kind of thing you can make at home cannot produce enough power to be viable though.

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baitkakke, QM works. anyone claiming math isn't important to physics clearly knows jack shit about physics.

lol go ahead building a tokamak in your garage. magnetic confinement is not trivial. neither is breakeven, which is why, despite billions in funding, preeminent scientists can't do it yet (ITER is promising). smug fool.

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>quantum physics generator
as opposed to a mechanical physics generator

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literally everything is based on math retard. every legitimate science we've studied as a species has it's roots in basic mathematical axioms

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> It's all just /theory/
What do you mean "just". You know that if someone is making an attempt at more formal science lingo it doesn't really get better than this, right?

Not that it's all in one grand theory yet, no.

> which is all based purely on math
No. A lot of it it's very strongly based on experiments and observation and so on.

It only gets more "purely theoretical based on solving maths" when you go further down the rabbit hole trying to go from where we are to a grand theory explaining everything. You get ideas like the extra dimensions in the string hypothesis. These are ideas for how the world could work, but yes, these don't have direct very telling observations yet and indeed are more in maths. Maybe these are wrong. But frankly, people in the field or interested hobbyists know this.

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>t.still seething about spooky action

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Nope, apparently it is a nuclear reactor
>BREAKING: Bomb squad investigating reports of a possible small nuclear reactor inside a garage in Columbus, Ohio
But they have not found anything to sustain the claims
>BREAKING: Man tells emergency crews that he sustained "radio frequency burns" while working on a "quantum physics generator" . inside his garage in Columbus, Ohio; no abnormal radiation has been detected by crews but an investigation is ongoing
My bet is that is a drug lab and a short circuit happened

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>tfw its just some /pol/ack that tore apart a 5G tower in his basement

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Must be where all these new genders are coming from.

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>hey some crazy guy said retarded shit and came in looking like he tried to spitshine his oven with the broiler on, so EVERYBODY FUCKING PANIC AND LEAVE YOUR HOMES NOW
Nigger you could show me photo evidence that Harry Truman himself had risen from the grave just to arm up a makeshift Enola Gay made entirely from anthrax in my backyard and I would still tell you to get the fuck off my property and go back to shitposting. How the fuck did they get so many people to scatter just by telling them a crazy hobo said something?

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Sounds like a schizo trying to build something following the blueprints aliens beamed into his head stood in front a microwave with the door torn off.

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or actual RF (or chemical) burns from a non-nuclear energy source. if it was actual nuclear material it would have been obvious as fuck when they tested for it and the response would have been way more than just a bomb squad. probably just a drug lab with enough dangerous/potentially explosive chemicals to need the bomb squad to clean it up

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A Northwest side man will undergo a mental-health evaluation after his 911 call Thursday night led emergency responders to evacuate his entire street over concerns about a possible small nuclear reactor and potential radiation in his garage, a fire official said.


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Just say no to backyard nuclear physics, kids.

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What the heck, he just had a homebrew 5g antenna?

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/sci/ at it again

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Fill lab beakers with blue liquid and label them "physics" until something happens.
You'll probably need a few hundreds at least.

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What a shitty way to say a right thing with the wrong rhetorics.
Math is what gives science any credibility. Rather, it's the theoretical bullshit founded upon and expanded from materialist philosophy(that is backed up by shitty maths) that makes it retarded. If anything, math is what gives it credibility that it shouldn't have in the first place.

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