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so what's the FOSS version of originlab?

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I want to customize KDE but noticed there are no settings to change the height of a windows title bar or to make the title bar transparent.
Am I blind or is there really no way other than creating my own window decorations?

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If the account is only used by you: just put them on the target machine's .bashrc.
If not: copy your bash settings to a file like "anon_bashrc" and source it manually when you log in. Others' sessions won't be affected.

>> No.73837316

>Am I blind or is there really no way other than creating my own window decorations?
Well, you can use somebody else's decorations, just not the official one.

>> No.73837331

Also I didn't check if they have options to do what you want. So there's a chance you may need to make your own ones after all.

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>Ubuntu so weird about branding their different flavors
1. I always felt that it was justified for Ubuntu since it's just so popular. So maybe it's marketing.
2. Flavors are official but community-driven. Maybe people behind the flavors want more recognition for themselves, instead of being though of as a part of the Canonical while they actually aren't.
3. Somebody just though it was a cool idea to name flavors differently and it's just legacy thing now.

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Looks good thx anon.

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I do think an update to the naming should happen eventually, it's awkward how they have stuff like Lubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu, while also Ubuntu Budgie and Ubuntu MATE.

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How do I suspend a process which was started with "exec"? I'd like to bring up another program on-top instead

>> No.73838143

How much of a performance hit can I expect?

>> No.73838165

idk can you suspend the shell exec was run from?
would than even work?

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determine PID with ps for example and send an appropriate signal with kill.

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Mention the product name as much as possible.

>> No.73838229

Be the change you want to see.

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Doesn't work.

Which signal is "suspend process and bring up a new shell instance"?

don't think this is possible. So much for linux

>> No.73838290

>bring up
where exactly do you expect it to appear? don't do exec in the current shell if you have problems with it.

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well obiously they're focused on their tech tips YT channel

>> No.73838343

Bubuntu, Mubuntu

>> No.73839102

>don't think this is possible. So much for linux
oh no mr. please don't go, let me bend over a little further to do what you ask mr.
we want all the entitled children we can get using our OS who will drop it after 2 posts on 4chan, please don't go

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Why is GNU associated with GNOME?
Is it some kind of effort to make Linux as accessible as possible for ethical and philosophical reasons, or some sort of legacy association from the '90s?

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what's up with his asymetric eyes? That's literraly how mine look like.

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That happens when you fap too much.

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It's a shame that Gnome is still a GNU project tbqh, but I guess they don't leave / get kicked because nobody wants yet another controversity.

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In the 80s the GNU project did a lot work to create a free system like Unix. Lots of stuff was written by GNU itself and other stuff like Linux and Xorg was collected elsewhere. If you write a program specially for the GNU system, you can become a GNU project - like Gnome did, or Libreboot.

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i feel like a brainlet, policykit seems obtuse as fuck for no reason at all so i cannot use pkexec and kdesu simply doesn't work. why dont guis allow me to use sudo anymore? i read online that its because "root might write files that are owned by root"???? what the fuck??? simply using sudo turns $HOME into /root/ for that session doesn't it? who the fuck cares? im not using sudo on files my account owns that defeats the purpose. why do i have to use su, which does the exact same thing but for longer, to make a simple text edit now? none of these were ever problems before but suddenly both mousepad, leafpad and even kate have a bug up their ass and those were my favorite options

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I am trying to download music and album art from youtube so I run

youtube-dl -f bestaudio --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 --audio-quality 0 --embed-thumbnail

youtube-dl downloads both but at the end deletes thumbnail


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Just install grub manually.

>> No.73841383

the latter

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Fo you already have an existing Linux install with grub? That little menu with "your distro" and "advanced options for your distro" menu entries?
If yes, you just need to regenerate your grub.cfg after running os-prober, which will detect your windows install.
The lroblem arises if you install windows while linux is already installed on the same disk. It will overwrite grub with it's oown bootloader, so you will need to boot into a live iso/usb, chroot into your linux install, grub-install, os-prober and grub-mkconfig.
More info on the Arch wiki page for grub.

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What is it that makes transgender purple hairs so bad at code? How come they and the onions beta orbiters like to shit and piss all over the floor and call human resources whenever a white Male farts and has them fired.

They are truly disgusting people the way they behave in software communities. They like to tear everything down and destroy anything that's good.

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Do something then, instead of complaining about it.

Any distros like OpenSUSE Tumbleweed that can run on 1GB of ram and fit in <= 8GB memory (hd)? OpenSUSE is really comfy and I would prefer to have less distros to juggle between machines but one is really weak (its a netbook) so it can't handle larger/standard distros.

This picture reminds me. How is serenityOS dev doing?

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It's because the linux "community" is large enough and complex enough to need an HR element for the more, corporate areas.
Github is a job bulletin board, never forget that.

>> No.73842457

Holy shit I can't believe I waited this long to try out KDE, this shit is great.

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It's not dash to dock though. it's dash to panel.and only dash to panel.
It alsosometimesworks, but then stopsworking again if I reboot or change some setting of dash to panel.
And finally: what if I decide I want the dash back? I disabled the dash to dock, dash to panel, even the ubuntu dock extension and still, it always remains the panel and is never again the vanilla gnome dock

>> No.73842726

Do I need to keep anything in mind about partition schemes with GPT? I want to dual boot with Windows 10.

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File: 2.34 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2019-12-04 03-20-34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just found out: If I have the "panel mode: extend to the screen edge", then it always applies to the dock, even if I have dash to dock deactivated or even all extensions to beginwith. WTF?

And another thing I noticed: I want to put the logout/power off option as a launcher on my dock. I get it when i search for it, but I cant add it to favourites. using the command "poweroff" just instantly shuts down my computer. what command/app can i use to add it to favourites as its own launcher?

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If you have bios and not UEFI, you will need a partition of about 1M at the very beginning of the drive with the type "EF02" for bios compatibility reasons.
Because GPT can have like 128 partitions or something most just format it out of matter of course
sgdisk -n1:0:+1M -t1:EF02
man sgdisk

>> No.73842994

stop dual booting

>> No.73843008

From RMS' website:
>Mostly I use a text console, for convenience's sake. Most of my work is editing text and that is more efficient on a text console. On the text console, the touchpad can't cause me any trouble if I touch it by accident.
>I do use X11 for tasks that need a graphical interface. I have no preferred graphical environment or window manager. Since my interest in using graphical environments is small, I don't want to spend time comparing them.
>This is not an ethical issue, just my own personal preference. On the ethical level, I think it is important for free software to provide convenient free graphical user interface software, which is why the GNU Project launched three projects to develop that. The third, GNOME, was successful, so we never needed a fourth one.

>> No.73843016

To boot bios needs a sector, about 512B, at the start of the disk - it jumps to the secondary bootloader and starts the magic.
This is inherint to MBR partitions, but on GPT you need a ~1M at the beginning (depending on your disk DO NOT make it actually 512B) for the boot blocks.
Under EFI it's a "full stack" boot-loader, that is, firmware that is smart enough to skip all the slow boot block/second stage stuff and simply execute an "operating system" as if it where grub itself.
EFI needs a varying fat32 partition to read the scripts/initrd and launch the operating system, it's type is EF00.
Typically, for highest compatibility the following is advisable;
sgdisk -n1:0:+1M -t1:EF02 -n2:0:+512M -t2:EF00 /dev/sda
This should allow your chosen bootloader to interface nicely, if you have the research powers you can boot the kernel directly as if it where an efiscript with a combination of efibootmgr and EFISTUB
man efibootmgr
Whenever windows updates it *will* knock out your linux boot, most dual booting suggest you still use the second stage of GRUB and reinstall it as matter of course after windows updates.
man grub-install

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He's being friendly.
there's two types of linux user.
Really you should balls deep, we're all tip toeing around the fact that you think windows the valuable to keep around at all really.
It's just a timeshare waste.

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Why is everything remotely sound related on linux such fucking garbage? Why is it such an impossible endeavor to downmix audio to mono? This is not a fucking fringe edge use case. I've tried every "solution" I could find on google, with either alsa or pulse, and results range from audio no longer working to audio still being stereo.

>> No.73843471

can you post an example on your test.txt and exactly what your want the output to look like?

>> No.73843480

How can I install just KDE (no calculator, image mounted etc)? Just finished installing Ubuntu via netinstall but I don't want the full KDE package, just the desktop

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>want to make custom resolutions on linux
>look it up
>jesus its a lot of commands
>go through all the fucking process
>"ah finally, its over, time go to bed"
>turn on PC the next day
>none of it was saved because apparently linux is fucking retarded and none of the options were saved for some reason

>> No.73844081

What is this? The GNUoomer?

>> No.73844135

Meme game.

>> No.73844138

Linux is also and Operating System.
It provides user space facilities to applications.

>> No.73844141

ok retard

Think of it this way though
>go through a bunch of commands
>fuck up, screen is black fuck fuck fuck
>not adept enough to reverse the process
>all better

Also custom resolution tools on Windows arnt exactly the nicest thing in the world in terms of user experience

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move aside dork im making my way to the closest software store and buying windows 10 and you cant stop me
cru is literally 10 times easier than xrandr, it might be a primitive 2000's style gui but thats still so much better and faster than huge resolution commands on xrandr

>> No.73844318

right, if you know exactly all the refresh rate values and commands you need to input
otherwise you need to spend about 5 minutes looking up the shit you have to do and then use CVT to look up the shit you have to paste and stuff. compared to Custom Resolution Utility or the nvidia/AMD custom resolution things that anyone can use without even having to use google

sudo xrandr --newmode "1600x1200_88.00" 243.75 1600 1728 1896 2192 1200 1203 1207 1265 -hsync +vsync
sudo xrandr --addmode VGA-1 "1600x1200_88.00"
sudo xrandr --newmode "1920x1440_74.00" 293.75 1920 2072 2280 2640 1440 1443 1447 1505 -hsync +vsync
sudo xrandr --addmode VGA-1 "1920x1440_74.00"

damn really small commands yeah

>> No.73844354

just the fact that you have to use a terminal is a flaw
just the fact that you have to google how to do something is a flaw
just the fact that many desktop environments dont even come with BASIC options to adjust your mouse speed and acceleration is a flaw

the lack of UI and user-friendlyness in linux is a flaw, no matter how much you tell yourself otherwise and try to convince yourself that using commands for every single task is okay

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>right, if you know exactly all the refresh rate values and commands you need to input
>otherwise you need to spend about 5 minutes looking up the shit you have to do and then use CVT to look up the shit you have to paste and stuff. compared to Custom Resolution Utility or the nvidia/AMD custom resolution things that anyone can use without even having to use google
>sudo xrandr --newmode "1600x1200_88.00" 243.75 1600 1728 1896 2192 1200 1203 1207 1265 -hsync +vsync
>sudo xrandr --addmode VGA-1 "1600x1200_88.00"
>sudo xrandr --newmode "1920x1440_74.00" 293.75 1920 2072 2280 2640 1440 1443 1447 1505 -hsync +vsync
>sudo xrandr --addmode VGA-1 "1920x1440_74.00"
>damn really small commands yeah
>just the fact that you have to use a terminal is a flaw
>just the fact that you have to google how to do something is a flaw
>just the fact that many desktop environments dont even come with BASIC options to adjust your mouse speed and acceleration is a flaw
>the lack of UI and user-friendlyness in linux is a flaw, no matter how much you tell yourself otherwise and try to convince yourself that using commands for every single task is okay

>> No.73844412

holy shit nigger, software is *making* you use hardware?

>> No.73844429

PyGame does run natively on Linux so the developers could easily make a native Linux version of Doki Doki Literature Club. Why they didn't bother is anyone's guess. Running it in Proton because they didn't make an effort is kind of silly - but it works.

>> No.73844568

If it's a renpy game without the shell script to run it there is a script floating around to make one using the SDK.

>> No.73844637

the hell are you talking about, it's a renpy game. i played that game natively. the windows downloadable has an .sh file you can run

>> No.73844788

What's the better way of doing this?
for i in "${!arr_x[@]}"; do
if (( $i % 5 == 0 )); then
echo -e "link: ${arr_x[i]}"
elif (( $i % 5 == 1 )); then
echo -e "title: ${arr_x[i]}"
elif (( $i % 5 == 2 )); then
echo -e "year: ${arr_x[i]}"
elif (( $i % 5 == 3 )); then
echo -e "director: ${arr_x[i]}"
elif (( $i % 5 == 4 )); then
echo -e "country: ${arr_x[i]}"

>> No.73844854

set -- "${arr_x[@]}"
while (( $# >= 5 )); do
echo -e "link: $1"
echo -e "title: $2"
echo -e "year: $3"
echo -e "director: $4"
echo -e "country: $5"
shift 5

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>Why is Ubuntu so weird about branding their different flavors as practically different distros
Normies are ultra retards. If they search "how to X in ubuntu" and get instructions that don't apply to their DE they'll cry.

>> No.73844977

You don't know how much I love you right now.

>> No.73844982

Canocial is supporting Gnome, as Ubuntu is a community operating system at it's core, the community is supporting the other desktop environments.
It's all the same distro, welcome to the community support model, it's confusing if you fall for the normie marketing but it's a community coming together to better everyone.
Xfce, Gnome, KDE etc users all can use Ubuntu this way.

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What's the simplest way to create an alternate keybinding layout for my chromebook running debian?

xmodmap doesn't support creating new modifier keys and I don't even know how to get started with xkb.

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Why do you guys hate Gnome? It looks fine. Adwaita looks fine. Stop spending hours ricing and get some actual work done.

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>> No.73845576

One thing that's really improved a lot since the 2.6 days, thanks to the huge surge in IoT and other embedded Linux, is that tools for nice things like wifi and power management no longer need a full DE running to manage them. These days you get the exact same hardware management niceties out of a barebones X11 WM or wlroots-based Wayland compositor as you do the big boys, so you get the best of both worlds.

It's wildly oversized on 1366x768 displays or anything with low pixel density. Design wise I don't mind much, but if they just made all the controls SMALLER by default I'd be happy.

>> No.73846265

Some terminals are weird in that if you hold down backspace, it starts removing the chars showing your username
What causes this?

>> No.73846545

I experienced it when doing ssh into a machine running qnx

>> No.73847021

Adwaita looks like ass, it has too much padding around everything and makes me feel like I'm using a phone instead of a PC.
It's also pretty soulless.

>> No.73847693

Reinstalled Fedora 31 today since I misunderstood usecases for btrfs and also found out it has worse performance.

Everything is kinda ok, but ibus_daemon keeps crashing on first start due to
>mkdir /var/../.cache permission denied
>ibus_daemon_init() failed
But then proceeds to work normal. The only way to notice this is to open journal, but this issue wasn't there before reinstall

Should I worry about it or it's nothing? Can't find this issue in google

>> No.73847774

anyone excited about pinephone?

now that i saw it apparently donates profits to OSS, i'm pretty much definitely getting one.

desu if it's broken or bad in some way, that's to my benefit, will further hamper my digital addiction...

>> No.73847997

recapping from last night
i found some tutorial that said i had to save these commands in a text file, so i did. >>73844318
so today i wake up and first thing my PC shows me when i wake up is some wierd error screen saying how "sudo tty" shouldnt happen and i should fix it or something like that.

>> No.73848025

theres also another method where i install a program called "autorandr" and it hopefully saves my xrandr shit, because for some reason it doesnt save by default because linux is just that retarded.
i just dont know who to trust anymore. and now i have to look for that "profile" text file and delete the xrandr commands i put into it last night. thanks linux, real fun.

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>> No.73848094

omg what is this

don't edit modelines

just use default x and after it starts, run "arandr"

arandr is your friend, friend

or use kde plasma or something that makes screen management easy

>> No.73848101

That's what you get for following /g/ memes blindly.
Use a proper DE like normal people.

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Apparently both profile and xprofile files are bogus and give me error messages at boot such as pic related.
>making custom resolution in windows
>open up cru and input the shit you want
>naking custom resolution in linux
>literally wasted like 30 minutes of my life over the course of 3 days following erroneous tutorials
Why the fuck does every tutorial i found uses xrandr instead of xorg.conf reeeeee
Ill try it out thanks

>> No.73848139

Im fucking done
Im not wasting my time following more shitty obscure tutorials
Have fun in your elitist linux circlejerk where you need 600 hours on google to perform basic tasks and take pride in memorizing commands
Im installing windows 7 fuck you

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>Im fucking done
>Im not wasting my time following more shitty obscure tutorials
>Have fun in your elitist linux circlejerk where you need 600 hours on google to perform basic tasks and take pride in memorizing commands
>Im installing windows 7 fuck you

>> No.73848175

I don't think you should even need to use sudo for xrandr
And in your previous posts you used sudo.
And that command is telling you that you need to be in a tty to use sudo

Don't use sudo and it will *probably* work

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... and never triggered any kinds of notifications from konsole

>> No.73848311

How do I run Linux without a user & a user password.
Would there be downsides to running strictly as root instead of having a user?

>> No.73848549

Actually you could make the case that the flavors of Ubuntu have a little more work than the spins of other distros. If I use a fedora spin for instance, it feels totally fine but that's basically it, whereas with something like Kubuntu or especailly Ubuntu MATE it feels like they put a lot of personalized work into them

>> No.73848758

which files should I edit to change themes for xfwm?
for example in Arc-Dark there are quite a few *rc files

>> No.73848946

Technically you shouldn't really have to install drivers at all. In the "software and updates" icon go to the drivers tab and see if they have any proprietary drivers available. If so download them. But otherwise you're not really *meant* to download drivers yourself from websites...although a lot of people do.

>> No.73849039

Are there downsides to using dropbear instead of openssh?
I've read that the commands are somehow not unix-like.

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Hello :)

I want to try linux, but u i am curios, what exactly makes it better than windows? why do you all use it?

>> No.73849070

ive seen many places that people say that freedom is a big reason, but freedom to do what exactly? i just dont really understand

>> No.73849181

Some programs depend on X window clients to run but wayland has measures to get around that (I think it's called xwayland or something), if you're getting better performance with wayland then feel free to use that instead.

>> No.73849264

Essentially it's an operating system.

>> No.73849311

It's okay to ask questions, we all start somewhere!

"Distro" is short for "distribution", basically it is a title given to a given operating system running the Linux kernel that functions a certain way or aims to achieve a specific goal

For future reference, a "fork" defines a distribution was tweaked from a previously existing distribution. So, all forks are distributions, but not all distributions are forks!

An easy example here if we stay in the realm of desktop operating systems would be something like Debian, which is an "independent distro" meaning it's not based on anything and was built from the ground up, Ubuntu, which is a distro "forked" from Debian, and Pop_OS, which was "forked" from Ubuntu.

>> No.73849473

Hey all, so I have a Thinkpad X1 Extreme(Gen 2). It's got an NVidia Geforce 1650 4 GB. It runs all the games I could want under Windows 10, but I am fond of Linux. Any suggestions for a good distro to use with it? I was thinking PopOS!

>> No.73849487

Anyone else think it's overstated how "overwhelming" KDE is in terms of options? I don't think the options presented to you in the various windows or settings are really that over the top, they're sort of what I would expect generally.

>> No.73849504

Can't go wrong with Pop_OS honestly

>> No.73849560

It's GNU/Linux
Pop!_OS contains propietary (non freedom-respecting) software.
Instead of that distro, you should use Trisquel, which contains only libre software.

>> No.73849613

I have a variable in a file : FOO='foo -option kek -anotherlongoption "fii foo faa" -lastone "gnu is not Unix"'
I export this variable, then source the file in another script to get it. I would like to run it as a command but the expansion is fucking up. With set-x, I see that the double quotes are surrounded by single quotes. How can I modify this behavior ?

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Adwaita looks like trash, but Yaru looks bloody tasty.
I like GNOME because its the one big DE that does 95% of what I want in 99% the manner I want it to. its huge, screen-spanning interface like app-list and overview screen are just what I want, I dont have time to steer my cursor to tiny interface-surfaces with my touchpad/clitmouse. I do miss applets and screenlets and customizable panels though.
Basically, I turned the top bar into a side panels like I am used to sinc I need all my horizontal space on my 12 inch 1920x1080 display! Why do these DE devs keep putting panels on top? Thats the one place dont want them. Ideal for me would be a thin side bar tat the left with a clock and tray icons and an auto-hide taskbar right next to it, but aside form KDE, which is BONKERS for adaptability, I dont see any DE doing that. KDE is just too finnicky for me, Cinnamon has a tiny applets market and cant even make its menu use the full screen height. XFCE seems fine but behaves kind of wonky at times and its applets market isonly slightly bigger than Cinnamon's

>> No.73849771

computer lol

>> No.73849975

What was meant by this?

>> No.73850195

What's an audio converter that can open .ape files and aut-detect .cue files in the folder and then splits and converts it in one step?

>> No.73850251

I'm a retard. Just needed to use eval "${FOO}"

>> No.73850268

how to properly edit those xfce themes? I make changes to /gtk-2.0/gtkrc and /gtk-2.0/panel.rc and panel colours still stay the same although only when I add orage clock it actually respects those changes but the rest of it stays the same, obviously I changed theme to some other and back again for Arc-Dark but its still the same

>> No.73850290

> What is it that makes transgender purple hairs so bad at code?
I've seen the opposite.

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Thanks anon, very informative :)

when you say not based on anything, is it still based on the linux kernel though?

What is the best distro in your opinion?

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>> No.73850593

Linux is used to connect operating systems with hardware resources. In GNU/Linux, it is used right in the system, but on Android, it sits below a virtual machine which runs the Android operating system.
It basically does the same job, but the Android setup is pretty different from regular GNU/Linux distributions and Android's version of Linux is heavily modified.

>> No.73850605

I really want to use org-noter. I did the emacs basic tutorial but still have no idea how to or where to start with it. What do I need to get org-noter working? Can I start using it right after going through the basic tutorial or do I need more experience with it?

>> No.73850608

Thanks fren

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np fren

>> No.73851387

Arch is the only true distro. Anyone not using Arch is a nigger.

>> No.73851390

Xfce has a compositor?

>> No.73851396

It doesn't. Is this a GNOME thing?

>> No.73851409

Of course, xfwm4 uses a compositor. In my opinion both are hot garbage. You don't get many options related to performance and by default they are both fairly laggy with vsync enabled. And the methods to "unfuck them" introduce another performance issue not related to the desktop.

>> No.73851432
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In my opinion nVidia's drivers are hot garbage.

>> No.73851525


>> No.73851530

Take the tiling pill and install i3

>> No.73851601

arch doesn't bring anything to the table as opposed to manjaro though. the arch user knows it and he doesn't like it.

>> No.73851606

Well, it's now like 8.5-9k FPS but I think it's got a little bit smoother. Anyway, thanks for your help.

>> No.73851725

>installing important thing using the aur

>> No.73851732

true is more portable than : right?

>> No.73851735

Well Manjaro doesn't have the bleeding edge packages that arch does

>> No.73851748

Most boomer friendly distro, go. About time to stop my dads crusade to run every random .exe he downloads off the internet.

>> No.73851758

I have no problems if it crashes and burns. I ain't testing for stability.

>> No.73851820

Linux Mint or Ubuntu MATE.

>> No.73851886

Mint is the quintessential boomer distro

>> No.73851909

Maybe you should be more clear about your definition of a "boomer" distro. He's not gonna spend his life learning how to use the terminal for everything, right?

>> No.73851981

True. I know some 50-yo boomer who makes youtube videos about his modified Linux Mint XFCE version.

>> No.73852115
File: 1022 KB, 1679x929, Lindsay-Wagner-Amelie-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its safer, more stable, doesnt force updates, more hands-on, isnt so blackbox, more able to get rid of what's not needed, add in what you want, i think it's faster, ..and it's free.

>> No.73852205

I hate GTK theming so fucking much. Are there any nice, graphic programs for a) modifying GTK3 themes, and b) for keeping GTK2 and 3 aesthetically synchronized?

>> No.73852206

>propietary (non freedom-respecting) software.

call the police

>> No.73852267

>t. archfag

>> No.73852326
File: 382 KB, 1000x1000, 1569026601341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UbuntuMATE 19.10 rocks-ass. i love it.

>> No.73852511

Yeah, I remember liking GNOME in the past much more than KDE. It's sad what 3 has become.

>> No.73852663

kde has qt though so there's hope
if only someone would nuke redhat so we wouldn't be fucked

>> No.73853059

Hello I'm trying to
perl -pe 's/k/j/g' < s.txt > s.txt
(since sed doesn't support lookarounds) but it's not working, s.txt is truncated to 0 size. Why is this happening?

>> No.73853086

Any CMUS users here? In playlist view, is there any way to hide the sidebar that lists all the playlists?

>> No.73853600
File: 48 KB, 526x665, 236348444725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I checked that one, same power consumption whether it was on powersave or performance on an intel CPU. I recently disabled intel_pstate (so now I use acpi-cpufreq) and it's using schedutil. I also have tlp installed, it came installed by default on Manjaro.

Not extremely bothered, but I was curious, maybe the readings are wrong. After all the card is working with the same idle temperature. Could it have something to do with PSTATE_SCLK and PSTATE_MCLK? Those have been always stuck at the same values, no matter what I do. Even tried changing that with radeon-profile, no dice.

>> No.73853672
File: 24 KB, 712x80, sda.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm planning on trying to install Arch for the first time, and I don't understand partitions that well. This is what I see when I type in fdisk -l. I know this is a dumb question, but why isn't a swap partition listed? I'm pretty sure one was created during the install, so shouldn't it be listed? Or is there a better command to list all the partitions on your device?

>> No.73853746

mbr or gpt

>> No.73854259

You can do the swapfile whenever, as long as you're sure the file goes on the actual disk (after it's been partitioned and formatted, or the swapfile will be wiped) and not in the temporary filestructure set up by the install medium.
(e.g. the root directory on the livecd is on the cd, not the hard drive, you want the swap file on the drive so you'd have to create it in the mount point). Or you can just wait and set it up after the install is over and you boot into the final system.

>> No.73854310

>consider doing linux from scratch in a vm before trying gentoo as you would probably learn more from the experience
Will do, I want to learn as much as possible.
Thanks to both.

>> No.73854381

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:brightbox/ruby-ng
.. blah blah hit enter to continue

gpg: keybox '/tmp/blah/pubring.gpg' created
gpg: keyserver receive failed: No keyserver available

I've never encountered this before.
How do I fix? On Debian 9.7

>> No.73854578

8 hours is a single night of rest or a day of work.
if you want to complain about time spent compiling then stick to binary ditros and stop spreading FUD

>> No.73854699


>> No.73854702

You fucked with your kernel parameters in sysctl.conf and you need to revert them or change them to something sane

>> No.73855529
File: 27 KB, 678x381, Docker-Alpine-Linux-678x381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alpine Questions:
Can linux be run without a user? Root only. And are there downsides?
Why did Alpine switch back to OpenSSL from OpenBSDs' LibreSSL?
How does OpenRC+BusyBox compare to alternatives like GNU Sheppard or Voids' Runit?
Finally, what is docker?

>> No.73855604

You can absolutely have only a root user. It's just not a good idea because then everything you use has root access. Same reason you wouldn't want to use sudo on software you don't want to read the source for. Some programs won't even let you run them as root.

>> No.73855639

Thanks for the quick reply anon. I didn't consider that.

>> No.73855724

Don't run root only, ever.
Normie net needs the bloat inside openssl.
An init launches your operating system, pick the operating system not the init.
Docker is a container run time, it runs virtual private servers by partitioning the hosts resources instead of visualizing guest resources ala virtual machine.

>> No.73855987

Oh ok. They chould just offer the option to use either like Gentoo but I guess they like to keep their distro unified.

>> No.73856002

busybox is pretty crippled compared to coreutils, missong things here, bugs there, but it's comfy for embedded things when you need a small size

>> No.73856044

Slow at metadata, fast at contents to files.
fewer, larger files are better performing under xfs.

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