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>> No.73716060

AMD is winning the race

>> No.73716067

He says it in the first few seconds.
He's mad because of Intel's embargo lifts right after the new Threadripper launches.
They probably sent it to him a while ago for testing but didn't let him talk about it because it was unimpressive.

>> No.73716069

imagine being an "adult" and watching this guy make his wacky faces and intentionally dropping shit

>> No.73716075

He's really working hard for those new AMD sponsorships.

The biggest PC Jewtuber just ditched Intel and burned bridges, no way Intel works with this guy anymore.

>> No.73716111

>Tells a lot about a man who talks smack about a product he hasn't even used.
>Proceeds to talk smack about products he never used.

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>> No.73716122

Linus claims to have made those benchmarks in house.

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>> No.73716137

I'm not sure why you're even mad as an Intel user.
The backlash against Intel has done nothing but lower Intel's prices since they know they can't continue the blatant hewing any longer.

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Holy shit.10980XE is basically only equal to a 3950x despite having 2 more cores, AVX512, quad channel memory. What a turd. Also slower than the last gen 9980XE due to hardware based security improvements from the recent exploits.

>> No.73716224

Cope harder, Intcel. Linus can call a turd a turd and get away with it.

>> No.73716226

Performance is nice, but what about operating temperatures? That's what I care about, and the reason why in the past I've always been hesitant about AMD, who've historically released CPU's that work a little bit on the hot side.

>> No.73716269

linus has been an amd shill for quite some time now

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thats a lot.

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Guess I'll be buying AMD this gen then.

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As any sane person would. Despite Intel slashing prices you will still save a bunch of money by doing so.

>> No.73716319

Say what you want about AMD's history but Zen is a bigger impact against Intel than Athlon ever was

>> No.73716405

Can confirm. spend all my money on dragon dildos and programing socks

>> No.73716421

Intel is still king for gaming.

>> No.73716423

like the only video i saw of him, it was good. he just rants in his gay canadian fashion but brought up valid points as expected.

>> No.73716446

How old are you, 7? Your parents aren't going to like you driving up their electric bill to ridiculous amounts.

>> No.73716447

This is really low quality bait

>> No.73716473

Spotted the Jew.

>> No.73716477

>moot starts working for google
>suddenly youtube ecelebs get shilled hourly


>> No.73716479

in what way when all of those chips will handle any game and GPU is the most important for games

>> No.73716480

Yeah those 10 extra FPS at 720p on your 2080Ti really put Intel on top.

>> No.73716501

Neither of those are HEDT.

>> No.73716508

>gpu is the bottleneck on higher resolutions!
well duh, no shit anon.

>> No.73716510

Name a consumer 12c/24t processor from intel.

>> No.73716525

HEDT is determined by product segmentation, not core count. A 3950X is a mainstream CPU, a 7640X is HEDT.

>> No.73716527

>not realizing Intel saw the light and writing on the wall and have decided to just make GPUs for gaytracing and AI
>Intel has 7nm for 2020 Ponte Vecchio GPUs but not for Xeons and desktops

>> No.73716534

A lot of it has to do with their new AI instruction set (the fuck?) so we'll need to wait for AMD to implement their own version to see just how bad that really is. Really wish Intel would at least release a 10th gen version without that instruction set.

>> No.73716578

>just kill my Epyc sales senpai

>> No.73716590

there got to be a catch, otherwise>>73716578 would happen. its bount to 4-channel memory, right?

>> No.73716604

Epyc still supports 4TB RAM, Kikeripper will cap out at about 1TB

>> No.73716606

Linux looks like an overgrown adult teenage pill popping raver. 100% he was a techno rocker once upon a time.

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>4TB RAM per socket

>> No.73716612

>being this new

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>> No.73716671

Especially when Intel has no uarch to fall back on anymore.
They're on 14nm until fucking 2022 and even then we don't know if they're gonna recover.

And their dirty jewish tricks don't seem to work that well anymore.

>> No.73716743

5nm already in risk production.

>> No.73716749

Doubt it

>> No.73716758

First step is denial.

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>> No.73716792

Is this why american states make it illegal to boycott israel?

>> No.73716842

Intel makes more things than just desktop and server cpus

>> No.73716846

>just wait

>> No.73716864

520 watts HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wtf do i need a fucking nuclear powered generator for that shit to run?

>> No.73716875

But it's still their primary source of income. And a lot of other things they are selling are tied to their platform.

>> No.73716876

That got blocked by a judge.

>> No.73716890

14nm until 2022. Don't forget that.

And then Intel 7nm will compete with TSMC 5nm lol.

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Intel's main customers are big businesses and OEMs, not DIY enthusiasts.

Spectre/Meltdown forced big businesses to buy more Xeons to make up for performance loss and this destroyed Intel's supply chain since they cannot supply them all. Shitty supply chains force OEMs to look at AMD and add AMD products as alternatives.

Some big businesses like datacenters don't have time for Intel's supply constrains so they just buy Epycs.

>> No.73716929

At this point it's like censoring dicks in japanese porn

>> No.73716939

>be intel
>think you can bribe the laws of physics
>get btfo into oblivion

>> No.73716959

Yeah, and then it comes down to 99th percentile lows, assuming the same GPU.
Here it is basically even.

>> No.73716973


TSMC is dedicated semiconductor foundry, their entire revenue goes straight to process R&D, Intel has other shit to waste shekels on like optane, SSDs and feminism

>> No.73717083

Because Japanese dicks are 7nm

>> No.73717085

History is repeating itself

10th gen Intel is equivalent to Pentium 4 Extreme Edition

>> No.73717110

Only this time, Intel doesn’t have a backup micro architecture that isn’t shit like they did back then (the Pentium M mobile CPUs which Conroe was based on).

>> No.73717116

Nobody's buying a 10980XE for gaymen. That's what the 9900k is for. X-series is for workstation tasks, and Threadripper does circles around Intel in that regard.

>> No.73717124

heh i knew it

>> No.73717129

>implying Intel's return has to be the same as they did before

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>extremely obvious shill thread
>145 replies

>> No.73717172

>they think Intel will have another Sandybridge moment
The only reason Sandybridge was successful was because it was cheap and fast.

The next big Intel CPU will be faster than AMD but won't be cheap so people will still buy Ryzen 7s and 5s.

>> No.73717174

I don't really get it, most if not all AI computation is done through GPUs/TPUs nowadays, especially on workstations in this price range. I get that they are trying to get into that market with their upcoming GPUs but on a 10/18core CPU? no way that's gonna compete with nvidia firepower in this field.

>> No.73717186

>shill thread
nigger even the biggest Intel shill that has at least a couple of braincells already jumped ship. AMD is just better right now, no matter how you twist it. You are literally not only paying for less performance, you're also buying a dated architecture.

>> No.73717190

thank you for proving my point

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>> No.73717205

The backlash by exactly those core markets?
Intel is getting their ass handed to them by AMD since ~2 years in the enterprise market and the consumer market. They only really have Mobile left and even there they are getting chunks bitten out of their ass by other platforms.
Intel is currently on the way into the grave and they know it. Neither their consumer nor enterprise hardware can compete with what AMD has to offer, especially not when you consider the 6th gorrilionth Intel exploit published this week.

>> No.73717210

he's 33 so i guess this image is from the late 90's or early 2000's

>> No.73717238

>I don't know what cpu manufacturing processes means.

AMD's 7nm isn't the same as Intel's 7nm.

Intel's 14nm process is closer to 10nm if we're comparing to amd, their 10nm process is closer to AMD's 7nm process. But keep being retarded.

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>520 Watts

>> No.73717256


Intel makes nearly 3x AMD's yearly revenue in a single quarter just from PC and server sectors.

>> No.73717261

Where can I buy Intel 10nm CPU for my PC?

>> No.73717276

Imagine buying the 9900K for gaming when it's actually outperformed by the 9700K.

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>> No.73717326

>internet of things

>PC centric revenue down

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>> No.73717405

Is that a short to ground through the bolts?

>> No.73717457

Christian zionism

>> No.73717490

Jewish lobby has made it so only zionist cock suckers get elected.

>> No.73717508

This is going places

>> No.73717516

not entirely its mostly because of jewish influence on modern chrisitanity like the scofield bible. watch this documentary for more info


>> No.73717517

Mainly into the cooling pool of the nearest nuclear power plant.

>> No.73717520

Jesus fucking christ, how horrifying.

>> No.73717521

dumbass lmao

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520W? I mean what.
w h a t

>> No.73717671

>What I don't get is how is Intel's stock unaffected by all this.
AMD can't produce enough CPUs to take much of intels marketshare for now. Apparently TSMC would rather give 7nm wafers to Huawei and Apple. They have maybe a year or two before AMD get more capacity and it starts to hurt badly.

>> No.73717684

holy fuck i didn't even catch it the first time

>> No.73717712

Holy fuck knuckles

>> No.73717751

>18-core HEDT chip murked by a DESKTOP AMD processor
>can't pull le bibio gay card out anymore without insulting their entire HEDT customers
>piss them off anyway by selling the chips they already bought for a significantly lower price
>throw in a soldered IHS on them just for teh lulz
>still desperately trying to bait new customers into buying their HEDT trash
Intel is an ABSOLUTE circus right now.

>> No.73717793


>> No.73717851

HEDT is not consumer.

>> No.73717861

stupid brainlet

>> No.73717868

Neat. Still will never buy an AMD

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This, le bibio gays is all that matters. Even if I only get 5-10% higher FPS.

>> No.73717907

>Even if real world performance is usually 2-4 frames difference
Fixed it

>> No.73717951

It's about the amps being pulled from the VRM's or something. Some electrical anon will explain hopefully.

>> No.73717954


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Or they could go full 7nm+++++++++++++ till Intel gets to 7nm, then they can release 5nm.

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>> No.73718283

>he mad
why are you talking like a caveman

>> No.73718342

AMD will sell you 16 cores on a mainstream platform, Intel will only give you 8. Ignore the branding because that's what counts.

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Basically when transistors become unstable and you increase the voltage you exponentially increase their power consumption per core so shit adds up really fast especially with more cores. Going from 4GHz to 5GHz would only have a moderate increase in power consumption IF the voltage stayed at say 1,000 mV but that's never the case.

Different nodes vary in how high you can typically clock the silicon to but they sacrifice energy efficiency. That's why a stock i5-9400F chews through 150 watts under load while a stock ryzen 3600 barely uses 80 watts despite them having similar clocks and core count (though nowhere near the same multi-core performance)

>> No.73718495

I just mean average gamer or business, light workload, I doubt a consumer would notice going over 8c right now. I have a 6c Westmere and it still does fine despite being a relic at this point.

dat 64c octa channel doe.... that's what I'm after.

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very cute

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how could this happen intel bros...
our new diversity strategy was supposed to strengthen our company...

>> No.73718783

It's out.

>> No.73718785

g-guys i know basically nothing about pc's and looking to buy a new gaming pc b-but i'm afraid of making a new thread and asking for help c-can i please ask for help here?

>> No.73718859

Basically what this says is that TSMC and Samsung aren't idiots so they shrank the node for energy efficiency but spaced out the transistors for defect tolerance and so that high core count parts don't instantly melt themselves into slag.
It's like Intel is finding out the hard way that thermal density follows the inverse square law, which is ridiculous because if the management actually listened to their engineers they'd already know this.

>> No.73719134

How's the Intel resident twitter shill reacting?
I want salt

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>Intel should no longer send him review kits.
i dont think ive ever seen a post more worthy of this wojack.

>> No.73719229

>Intel 10nm
>low clock low yield 4c/8t

>AMD 7nm
>mass produced 16c/32t desktop, 32/64 HEDT right now and 64/128 in a few months

we're not even comparing CPUs anymore, processes and it still loses.This is embarrassing for a $120billion company.

>> No.73719252

dont worry, im sure the money saved from the daily power/cooling budget can afford more amd cpus + ram to more than make up for it.

>> No.73719273

Intel is still going to outsell them. No, this is not an Intel fanboy cope. This is a sad truth. Idiots will keep buying shit just like they will keep thinking that Nvidia drivers are amazingly stable and never break anything.

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>mfw I rev up my enthusiast dual socket Xeon™ rig

>> No.73719384

I wish you would be this loyal to your loving parents anon

>> No.73719420


>> No.73719477

test post

>> No.73719534

They fired him to hire POC tech influencers instead.

>> No.73719595

Even the Intel sponsored shill has turned his back on Intel's kikery.

>> No.73719718

Can someone tell me why anyone would ever consider an Intel HEDT platform over a Threadripper one?
>CPUs are worse overall
>CPUs are more expensive
>No ECC support unless buying Xeon
>X299 boards are expensive if you want one fully featured
>Miniscule amount of PCIe lanes

Even if we're comparing current 12nm based Threadripper and X399 that "only" had 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes, it's still a shit show.

>> No.73719763


because the 18 core HEDT Intel housefire is cheaper this time and muh name brand

>> No.73719803

*slower is better

>> No.73719898
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Back off heeb, we were here first. You had your chance.

>> No.73719901

huh, I thought he was closer to 40.

>> No.73720158

At 24 seconds in it sounds like Linus...named the SKU.

>> No.73720197

Tech influencers with big audiences get review samples sent to them weeks before the public release, so that they can have the time to do all of their benchmarks for them. Only in private though. They're legally not allowed to publish anything about them until a time set by the maker of the product.
They'd be sued out of existence if the fucked around with that and they agreed to that in a contract in order to get the early samples.
And in this case Intel set their embargo lift 6 hours before the embargo lifted on the new Threadripper chips, which is an objectively pussy move.

>> No.73720285
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jesus, the tr 3000 will be twice as fast as the i9 10000

>> No.73720340

Intel still leading in single-threaded where it matters the most with todays software and not these skewed benchmarks

>> No.73720344

14nm got a 4th plus right?

>> No.73720357


>280w tdp

Fuck having to find a cooling solution for that! I thought smaller architecture would lead to less watts. Yikes!

Can we go back to small CPU fans?

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