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Smartphones have ruined the world in so many ways.

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>photo cameras
How is this defined, exactly?

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Any device whose primary function is taking pictures
Cameras are heading in the direction of just professional use, like professional audio equipment or professional computers (think Pixar), and that’s a good thing. It keeps the normies away.

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>less stuff to carry
How's that a bad thing?

>> No.73702485

Thank fucking god for that. I see no reason why people who aren't photographers need these dedicated cameras

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>Cameras are heading in the direction of just professional use, like professional audio equipment or professional computers (think Pixar), and that’s a good thing. It keeps the normies away.
But the utter greed learned from selling shit to consumers prevails in professional market now too, so it's actually the worst of both worlds. Even the professional stuff is non-repairable now.

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Pretty much this. They will always have a purpose with professional photographers and filmmakers. Phones will never be able to match the quality and resolutions dedicated camera hardware is capable of mostly due to cost.

>> No.73702772

>mostly due to cost.

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They would have destroyed the gaming industry too but miraculously people saw past it and kept their PCs and consoles.

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>digital cameras will never die
I don't remember loading a roll of film I'm my phone, so I'm pretty sure that my phone has a DIGITAL camera

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True, you only need a dedicated camera if you actually want to take good photos and not snapshits, and most people just want snapshits

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Lol no they fucking didn't. I know people who literally use their phone as their primary gaming platform and don't even own a PC or console.

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>he doesn't know

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>Any device whose primary function is taking pictures
Let's be honest. By that definition, the "smartphone" has also destroyed phones themselves. Because their primary function isn't exactly calling anymore, despite them still being called "phones".
I'd even dare to suggest that a majority of smartphones are used more often for taking pictures than actually phoning people.
Their primary function right now is texting and facebooking.

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You're actually right, not even hyperbole, nobody fucking uses their phones to TALK anymore. They use them to text.

>> No.73703802

i got assblasted for calling a friend once, he just didn't understand why I didn't text him. goddamn.

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Average people don't care about quality or resolution.

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like pic related

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also imagine the same but sideways near their fucking ears when they listen to replies

>> No.73704274

you mean people talking in speaker mode? held in a way that the microphone is closet to the mouth and speaker is furthest

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Because they managed to fuck up the market so hard with casual microtransaction riddled bullshit that it'll probably never recover, unless some big company like Steam or Epic step up to fix it. Just look at it, most "real" games were made before 2013-2014, companies simply gave up. The battle royale thing put some games like pubg and fortnite in the market but that was it.

>what is Fortnite
They all play on consoles or in their mom's laptop.

These graphics make no sense because they assume that people are moving from one platform to another, which is not happening. Actually this one even more retarded because the projection is clearly taking data from "boxed PC" and "browser games" and putting them on mobile. Mobile is just supplementary, it's something you use when you are not on your computer/console.

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The next generation of kids have never tasted dirt... Really makes you think that we're going downhill

>> No.73704637

>By that definition, the "smartphone" has also destroyed phones themselves.
How many people do you think still use land line phones?

>> No.73704642

It's bad when the average phone camera can't even compare with the average 2010 digital camera, and yet people praise them and get their pants wet every single time companies announce they are putting a new sensor to simulate something "old" cameras could easily do.

>> No.73704718

can't expect normies to actually know anything other than advertising copy

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only the high end remains, something that is happening to PCs too. I'm not convinced it is bad

>> No.73705085

>not a single one about 7/10
>most not even 6/10
Are they fucking porn actresses?

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DSLRs/mirrorless/basically anything with crop or full frame sensors will never die. as for shitty compacts, good riddance

>> No.73705126

Except they start cheaping out and increasing the price due not having enough competition and the money from consumer shit to R&D high end stuff anymore.

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If only smartphone manufacturers would try again putting Xenon flashes in.

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based and redpilled

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>Cameras are heading in the direction of just professional use


you cant get around physics. A bigger image sensor will always have better image quality than a smaller one all else being equal. I dont see phones having full frame sensors any time soon

>> No.73705573

totally agree. Though i must say, im really impressed by my pixel 3a. Wont be giving up my dslr for it though. Especially for low light shots.

>> No.73705636

>Even the professional stuff is non-repairable now
Now? That's where it all started retard, it was all to sell service/warranty contracts. Those things are multi-year and millions of dollars of revenue from a single big company upfront, it's basically guaranteed income. They dont want non certified techs to repair their stuff, they want to monetize repairs and replacements and B2B is the biggest source of that

>> No.73705665

>what smartphones have done to the

>> No.73705669

Are cheap cameras any good now?
Last time i bought one was in 2009.

>> No.73705678

I'm pretty sure consumer shit not worth repairing came first, but whatever. Everything is just shit anyway now.

>> No.73705758

>sensible tech destroyed by botnet tech

>> No.73705774

Cheap compacts are shit and hardly better than your smartphone, if not worse.
Expensive compacts (>$400) are quite nice.
Cheap DSLRs and mirrorless are pretty good for the money but a bit bare in features usually.

>> No.73705812

>Used APS-C mirrorless cameras can be had for very little money, maybe $50?
I'd up the budget to $150 or higher. You can get mirrorless cameras for $50 but they are usually entry level cameras from the first generations that weren't all that good.

>> No.73705889

Maybe where you live, or maybe just you having shit standards. They are just about average with some being a bit uglier and others being a bit prettier than that. None are actually "good looking", specially considering they already have tons of make up on their face.

>> No.73706423

>most "real" games were made before 2013-2014
Dude, what the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.73707477

>These graphics make no sense because they assume that people are moving from one platform to another, which is not happening. Actually this one even more retarded because the projection is clearly taking data from "boxed PC" and "browser games" and putting them on mobile. Mobile is just supplementary, it's something you use when you are not on your computer/console.
You are a fucking brainlet. Didn't you see that it goes from 138.7bn in 2018 to 196bn in 2022? In absolute numbers, PC and console gaming won't grow that much, while mobile gaming will grow a lot (due to younger gens playing mobile games instead of the other 2)

>> No.73707539

High-end cameras are still going strong.

>> No.73707584

$150 are still older budget cameras or ancient midrange.

If you don't want to waste your time with ineffective slow focusing ancient low res toys, grab $1-6k and get a decent modern IL camera plus a lens or two. Add $0.8-2k per extra lens.

>> No.73708202

Go on, list some real games released on mobile after 2014 that weren't released during the battle royale craze, go on. N.O.V.A series, Real Racing, Asphalt 8 (although they released a 9 but that's on the level of other micro transactions scam now and is barely a racing game anymore), GTA/Rockstar ports (and a bunch of other console/PC ports like Limbo, XCOM, Sega stuff), Gangstar, Dead Trigger series, etc. Mobile was actually a decent platform for games, but then companies noticed that it wasn't worth working on actual games since micro transaction ridden Candy Crush clones were way more lucrative.

>> No.73708428

You are the actual brainlet here. Of course mobile is growing a lot, specially recently with chinks getting their hands on phones to play games, but that doesn't mean that others are losing marketshare or that they are even sharing the same market. Anyway, that graphic wasn't even about people, but profit. Casual shovelware tend to be extremely lucrative while requiring no effort compared to AAA stuff on consoles, but in the other hand, the market is very unstable and having a one time hit doesn't guarantee you'll be successful in the future, just look at Rovio and King with their one hit wonders (Angry Birds and Candy Crush), they tried to release a bunch of stuff later but nothing came even close. That's basically the mobile market right now, a bunch of people trying to score a hit, and that's the reason it is garbage.
About zoomers, of course they consume more mobile stuff since they grew up with a phone in their hands, but they still use other platforms. I'm yet to see a (male) kid that doesn't have at least a PS4/Xbox at home. And they are not the only ones that play shitty casual games on their phones, basically anyone under the age of 30 does.

>> No.73708592

This basically, there will still be a market for enthusiasts/professionals. Digital cameras with puny 3/4" censors were always at risk of losing marketshare with smartphones. Mirrorless/DSLR APS-C and full frame sensors will never be outclassed by phones due to size/lens constraints.

>> No.73708829

I'm 24 and the last time I had a game installed on a phone I've owned was like 3 years ago now. I can't find the time nor justify spending it on the kind of gaming loops you get from those kinds of games.

>> No.73708890

Go outside your house for once. Children play with their smartphones and tablets. Most of the console sales come from manchildren who grew up playing with console games.

>> No.73710528

Pfff let's talk about all those sensors Nikon and canon make. Oh wait it's pretty much all sourced from Sony these days.

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While its true for casual photography for moms and dads wanting to take a picture of their child's birthday.
The smartphone left the camera industry to now catering to enthusiasts and I feel it's gotten better overall for people who care a little about photography now that they don't of cater to the lowest price point.

>> No.73710686

>moms and dads wanting to take a picture of their child's birthday.
And all of their photos managed by some godforsaken software, or even worse, a publicly displayed database. Software was a mistake.

>> No.73710785

its true, maybe it's thick walls but mobile phone reception is shit in my flat and I frequently use my landline to make calls instead. It also never runs out of battery.

>> No.73710843

Most androids now support raw image files even iphones do now.
What phones can't beat is straight up physics of sensor size and the quality that comes from that.

>> No.73710881

>what ipods did to the stereo industry
and you wonder why we hate you faggots

>> No.73711180

who's "we"?

>> No.73711324

Isn't this true of any multinational conglomerate? Can Alphabet and Google reliably share resources, given how vast they are and how many subdepartments are under them? It must be impossible to keep track of.
Or Samsung, which does things from building ships to smartphones: Is there any way for them to share IP with all of their sub corporations?
Ok, so smartphone gaming is the next frontier. So there have to be some great smartphone games, right? A lot of gaming media have sucked but almost all of them have at least 1 great game, so what are the god tier smartphone games, does /g/ know?
He's often right in terms of audio quality and clarity though.

>> No.73711744

Go for fun camera if you want to have any value from it to be honest. If you are casual shooter then smartphone is more convenient anyway, and quality will be similar. I would personally go for Fuji since they are so focused on "emulating" film camera feelings, dials for everything + great JPG engine. Used Fuji(or new if you can afford) is the way. Bonus points for X100 or Xpro.

>> No.73711803


They still will for the normies, fortnite, pokemon go, cod mobile and pubg mobile are the start.

PC Gaming will be the domain of high end VR.

>> No.73712010

somebody is still using non-hd, non-wifi phone technology, I see. Verizon has had it for about 10 years now, LITERALLY sounds like they're in the room with you.

>> No.73712483

Sounds nice, unfortunately only at&t covers my area and their coverage is shit.

>> No.73712602

>failed to research and release products adapted to a changing market
Not the first time, won't be the last.

>> No.73712871

>going to parties
>giving a shit about a clueless normie using his phone to blast music

>> No.73713134

Doom is fun on any smartphone

>> No.73713234

There's that tractor company whose pulling this shit for decades now. It started on enterprise for sure.

>> No.73713242

John Deere, I think?

>> No.73716557

maybe nikon and canon should have adapted their business models for changing markets. If a compan yis supplying camera parts, ie samsung and sony, its part of the camera industry. Not my fault nikon and canon are living in the past.

>> No.73716763

for normies yes.
unless phones are cramming a full frame sensor in it.
the new xiaomeme note 10 has 1/1.3" sensor. the lens is shit in the corners though.

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phone cameras will never come close to compact cameras
>smaller sensor
>no analog zoom, only digital
An rx100 for example, will ALWAYS be better than even the best smartphone.

>> No.73717126

my iphone plays my Sony RAWs just fine. its actually kinda annoying because sometimes I want to grab a photo onto my phone from my archives on onedrive and i accidentally download the 26MB RAW

>> No.73717407

The Smartphone Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

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>> No.73718613

yes, because its not millennials who were responsible for initial popularity of the smartphone inthe beginning of the 2010s

>> No.73718875

>mostly due to cost
Physics, really. All the “AI” in the world can’t make more photons hit those tiny sensors.

>> No.73719411

Not really arguing with you or anything...Right around the Xbox/PS2 era is right when normies started really getting into games, and imo, when gaming "went down hill." If anything, mobile phones are helping pull the normies away.

>> No.73721388

>digital cameras will never die
who said this?

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Wow, I made basically this thread the other day. I think the market is open for a $2000 "moviemaker" camcorder that would combine a smartphone OS with something like pictured and a second lens for depth effects and artificial boca.

>> No.73723554

Everyone who wants a smartphone OS on their camera is already using a smartphone. Everyone who doesn't want a smartphone OS and/or wants higher quality is already filming with a DSLR or mirrorless. Your proposed market niche contains exactly one person: you.

>> No.73723778

Still have my dslr and it's not going anywhere.

>> No.73724290

If you care enough about photography that a smartphone is insufficient, buy a dslr
There is literally nothing wrong with this

>> No.73724666

Not a problem on my device

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Here's a night photo with Gcam and on a RN7.

For a quick shot, it worked fine did all I wanted and satisfied as I could go drinking without someone handling my camera.

>> No.73724818

They will never die, there's some limitations of optics that you can't get around with physics gymnastics like slapping several cameras on the phone to get a single picture from them. You simply need enough objective lens aperture to get a good amount of light and you you need a sensor of a size where a single pixel isn't so small that quantum effects fuck with it.

>> No.73725223

There's no reason for people who aren't enthusiasts or professionals to own real cameras anymore. No shit, retard.
>what are zoom lenses
>what is macro photography
>what is proper stabilization
>what are full size SD cards that don't get corrupted after being filled and emptied a couple of times
>what is battery life

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>> No.73725918

why is this of consequence? the features are easily replaced/replicated in smart phones.
>flipphone/candybar phone industries doomed!
>watch industry doomed!
>camera industry doomed!
>landline phone industry doomed!
>calculator industry doomed!
>PMP industry doomed!
>PDA industry doomed!
>pocket/wrist computer industry doomed!
>camcorder industry doomed!
>voice recorder industry doomed!
>flashlight industry doomed!
>compass industry doomed!
>barcode scanner industry doomed!

>> No.73726642

People who say that are tech illiterate boomers, who don't understand how much technology can change in just 10 years.

>> No.73726694
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>all the retards ITT cheering that regular cameras are dead and now everyone must use an integrated camera that sends everything you record to corporations and American and/or Chinese government agencies just to shit on boomers making "dad I can't swipe the book" political cartoons

>> No.73726793

imagine the smelle

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>Your proposed market niche contains exactly one person: you.

There was no market for touchscreen phones until Apple made one. There was no market for cameras without zoom lenses until GoPro realized that there was.

Why are famous directors shooting films on iPhones? Answer that before telling me what no one wants.

>> No.73728536

>Prime lenses have existed,

How many prime lens cameras can be mounted on a hat?

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