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So you have no argument. Sad!

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>da joos control the media!
>da joos control intel!
>da joos control the banks!
>da joos are why my life is in shambles!

Take your meds and get punched, Nazi.

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280w TDP.

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Also Athlon 3000G. New entry level killer at just $49.

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>da joos control the media!
>da joos control intel!
>da joos control the banks!
It has yet to be proven that these things are not the case

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That's not how burden of proof works.

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shameless bump for interest
Where are the Renoir APUs? I want one, please mommy Su.

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based and redpilled

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They still have yet to forgive the Persians, I don't think they particularly like white folks.

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Because of budget cuts, their internet defense force is a shadow of it's former self.

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32 cores is crazy. what do you need them for except servers?
i rarely use the 8 cores of my ryzen 1700

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they aren't, the 24 core 2970wx launched at 1300$
the new 24core 3960x is 1400. seems ok, inflation is about 2 percent so , the price increase is only about 80$, seems ok since its got more of everything.

the 32 core increased by about 160$

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What the FUCK even uses all those 88 pci-express 4.0 lanes?

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>88 4.0 lanes
>4.0 double bandwidth over 3.0
>can run 88 mining gpus at 1 lane each
>tfw each will run as if its on pcie 3.0 x2
now if i can just find a way to run 2 gpus on a single pcie 4.0 lane...

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I mean you gotta gauge your own needs. Both the single core and multicore performance of the entire 3000 series is in a completely different league compared to the 1000 series, but if you're not having any issues with performance then you shouldn't update just for the hell of it. At least sticking to 1700 you don't have to worry about getting the right BIOS update that doesn't gimp its performance.

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if you had the choice between a new 3rd gen build and a used 2nd gen 32 core threadripper with x399 creator board with 64gb of ram for $1800, which would you get?

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More is better

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Dude can you even imagine how fast those Minecraft chunks are gonna be loading?

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That statement want in any way extraordinary and doesn't require any extraordinary proofs. Regular proofs are within grasp of anyone who has internet access, specifically - anyone can look up these companies in Wikipedia and by following generously provided context links verify that these are all controlled by people of Jewish descent.

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This is not uncommon
Motherboard manufacturers are still using machines that run windows xp, that's not to say windows 7 is bad but it's an appliance, it has no need for a newer version if it already works
If a new appliance machine was made right now it would probably run Windows 10 LTSC and would continue to run win10 LTSC even way after it was unsupported

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That's a remote desktop, and manufacturing software is usually only certified for one version of Windows.

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Try coding

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The botnet demands 32x pcie 4 lanes

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Intel is doing more with 8.

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What did dumb frog poster mean by this?

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yeah I noticed it was a remote desktop
>>remotely using windows 7 from a windows 10 PC

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Well that's probably because the manufacturing machines themselves are using outdated hardware.
Hell we have a few PLC-3s and lots of PLC-5s where I work so I know what it's like using outdated software.
Data Highway is the bane of my existence. networking all our machines on 1970s protocols connected to the plant network and ultimately collecting data from everything so some corporate goon can see part counts or whatever on his smart phone.

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>tdp 280w
2000W toaster CPU when?

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You know 2990WX with 250W TDP routinely pushes 500W+ in reality, right?

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citation needed

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Threadripper 3000 with UMA is basically slightly lower clocked 3700x with the multithreading of Epycs, from my point of view Threadripper 2000 is nearly obsolete

currently using a 2920x

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AVX isn't even the most power consuming load on Zen+; with SSE it can go beyond 600W.

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avg power consumption is within tdp, it will not exceed 250w unless you are overclocking/using pbo

intel on the other-hand is selling 56core cascadelake-ap with a rated 400w tdp

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>omg this cpu uses more power than stock when overclocked


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>when running all cores under POV-Ray, we observed each core running around 3150 MHz
Wow, nice $1800 3GHz CPU there.

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we really dont need to play this game, intel wins fair and square

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When your stock frequency is 30% below that of Intel's, yeah, if you're not overclocking you've fell for the red team jews

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>4.6GHz vs 4GHz
Power grows linearly with frequency and quadratically with voltage; when overclocking voltage grows roughly quadratically with frequency, which means power grows quintically with frequency. 32core at [email protected] translates to [email protected] if it were an AMD CPU, which so far STILL fails to hit 4.6GHz even on the newest 3970X.

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>It is worth noting that this processor is rated at 3.1 GHz for 255W TDP

intel literally runs at the same frequency but with 4 fewer cores, under full load

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>800 watts cpu
There's no way this is legal
They should put a hazard sticker on the box

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the intel chip is drawing more power at stock than the threadripper, the gap widens the higher the clock goes ,

ive never seen this much cope in a thread before

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wasn't 4 channel memory main bottleneck of the gen 2 threadripper? I thought that was the reason behind new socket?

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>wasn't 4 channel memory main bottleneck of the gen 2 threadripper?
thats was NOT the problem, the second gen TR performed stellar on Linux since their sheduler isn't total dogshit crap like windows10
>I thought that was the reason behind new socket?
the reason is money, as always. it sucks tho, you can swap a 'old' NAPLES chip for a new ROME chip but cannot do that on X399? pretty shitty behavious.

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>the reason is money, as always.
AMD and Intel aren't going to spend time and money redesigning the socket unless there's a very good reason to

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T-that's 128 threads anon-kun
64 core TR confirmed?

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top kek
MSI fucked up a bit.

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If they cared about money then explain why they would spend it redesigning the socket?

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my personal hunch is some of the x399 boards lack a vrm powerful enough to get the frequencies amd wanted,

the vrms on trx40 seem alot beefier than any x399 board ive seen

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I'm of the opinion that they want all boards to support
>88 pcie lanes
>pcie 4.0
and that they can get away with it since they did not promise compatibility like on the AM4 platform.

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>Gentoo compilation is often bottlenecked by single threaded linking and configurat
Is there a facility in Gentoo to compile multiple packages simultaneously in order to avoid this problem?

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AMD literally DABBING on israel right now.

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>3950x 4.7ghz 16 core 105W tdp
>3970x 4.5ghz 32 core 280W tdp (?!?)
Explain this

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>Is there a facility in Gentoo to compile multiple packages simultaneously in order to avoid this problem?
None that I know of. But I haven't really followed it's development for some time, so I have no idea honestly. It seems kind of doable to some extent.

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It's the IO die. It has to handle way more PCIe 4.0, double the memory controllers and Infinity Fabric links. That silicon piece will be huge and power hungry.

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Zen 2's desktop IO die already uses 30-40W and the TRX40 version will use 70-80W ?!? That's beyond insane.

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>38min of golden locks jesus
just give us a /quickrundown/ instead of posting such a long video.

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As a comparison the EPYC Rome IO die is 8.34 billion transistors, and measures 416 mm2. GeForce GTX 1080 is 7.2 billion at 314 mm2 while 1080 Ti is 12 billion at 471 mm2.

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Intel's TDP is a lie. AMD's TDP is a different lie. TDP on coolers is yet another different lie. Only trust real power usage benchmarks.

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ok thx

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The king of infernos

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Is 3960x 4x8c or 8x4c? Considering there is supposed to be 64c 3990x which means it's 8 chiplets, right?

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I'm assuming 4x6c with 4xdummies

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>>73483623 >>73483666 >>73485103
3950x on load uses less power than 9900K.
While being faster than 9920X.
Intel fanbois on suicide watch.

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imagine being an intel stockholder right now

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Yes, there absolutely is

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>GPU mining
what memecoins are people even still mining on GPU's these days?

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eth and grincoin are both good if you have cheap electricity and buy second hand cards from retarded kids on ebay

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can i easily make a L3disk like i'm making ramdisks? i could have a small linux distro on 128mb of l3 cpu cache

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>buying second hand GPUs on eBay
>thinking it's the sellers who are retarded

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>it's another shoah!

Not yet

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Keep in mind there's simply no overclocked results @ 3950x. There's only one 3950x result overall, leaked.
It'll get fun when the chips are out, more results are uploaded with post-release AGESA and good cooling, and we get to see overclock vs overclock.

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bigger bipeline

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t. Bentium 4

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>TR beats Xeon Platinum
the absolute (((STATE))) of israel

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Oh snap 750usd for 16c ain't bad
Sadly way out of my budget did my big upgrade for the years (2080ti)
Guess ill just put a 3900x used in or something from nerds upgrading to 3950s

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I'm a 3d artist, I use Arnold renderer which uses the CPU. More cores means faster render times.

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