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>> No.73473227

I don't get it, this shits all over anything intel hedt.

>> No.73473228

>144MB cache

imagine what kind of sick ass score you could get on cinebench

>> No.73473238

>+140mb cache
just imagine the latency

>> No.73473252

AMD is absolutely killing Intel here.
Who would have thought just a few years ago?

>> No.73473438

>64 threads for only 2k

that's pretty insane

>> No.73473619

18c/36t is $979. Kind of makes sense to me. Intel is poor mans HEDT now.

>> No.73473689

source for that? didnt know TH already had the 3950X, wich is due at the end of the month

>> No.73473732

1090t is such a great little 6 core. I miss that thing so much.

>> No.73474124

I love it how this thread is all just about how Intel is getting killed

>> No.73474172

yeah but can it play minecraft

>> No.73474184

If I disabled like half the cores, would I be able to get more GHz?

>> No.73474466

So we can expect the 32C/64T model to reach 7800+ points on stock, give or take a few some percent?

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>88 PCIe lanes
It's definitely ogre.

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>> No.73474650

R-tard man's HEDT that performs worse than cheaper AMD equivalent.

If you want performance, you got AMD. If you want cheap, you go AMD. If you want both, you go AMD. What a world we live in now.

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>144mb cache
>88 pcie 4.0

>> No.73474769

he's underaged

>> No.73474801


Its older than most 4chan posters today. What sad state of /g/.

>> No.73474888

> he doesn't watch "satire" cartoons
> What sad state of /g/
Nope, it's alright

>> No.73474909


>he didn't watch one of the most popular cartoon episode about the most popular game in US during the early days
That's the issue. You're too young. Nu-males didn't live through the greatest years of Internet.

>> No.73474930

Actually I did, just because I saw it in the news column of my local PC magazine. But who cares, it was shit anyway, done just to promote WoW, it seems.

>> No.73475008

It was done because WoW became the fastest selling game of all time with active ~6 million active player base at the time. That was the largest ever and it was frequently on the news media. Its likely because many nerds/kids/college students are playing it. So South Park parodied it as a result.

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>optimized for liquid cooling

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literal housefire incoming

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>> No.73475443

Probably, you'll know when it launches

>> No.73475521

A d15 cools as well as a 240mm but without the noise as the nf-a15s have a very low max rpm.

A 280 or 360 with higher rpm fans cool better than the d15 at the cost of higher noise.

>> No.73475584

That's what I mean. The only Intel CPU on the market with a niche

>> No.73475602

>A-AMD is m-my friend though! I thought it was gonna b-be $700

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>> No.73475787

"the week of cyber Monday when no one is buying anything"

Wanna try again anon?

>> No.73475917

>Just use the stock cooler,
>The 105W TDP matches that of the 12-core part, and it should be noted that the 3950X will not come with an in-the-box cooler.

>> No.73475929
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an adequate amount of PCIe lanes

>> No.73476088

Dude clearly fucks with his stuff, you can see shaddows of like 3 or 4 different seals.
Not to be an asshole, but if you're using water cooling from the get go you are either the absolute STATE of "pc building" or you actually know system intergration tolerances for coolers.
Don't fuck with water, it's always been a meme even in 26kw towers, soundproof the room properly and it's gucci.

>> No.73476147

That's a known defective model of AIO from enermax. No other AIO exhibit this level of deformity in normal use.

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