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Bump for interest

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Quick question: i bought a SanDisk 512GB SSD. How much space should i save, so i dont lose power from my ssd?

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if you have the money and are using a regular HDD then yes. If you already have an SSD then no. NVME drives are several times faster than 2.5in SSD's but unless there's a specific reason you need those speeds then there isn't really a point in upgrading. From my experience, people going from a regular HDD to SSD of any kind will notice a huge difference but most people don't notice the difference between a 2.5in and NVME SSD. Theoretically the numbers are there to prove how faster it is but on a day-to-day basis are you really going to notice?

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if you have to ask then no

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If you have a use case for the speed, then yes. Otherwise no, but that being said you can find NVMe SSDs which do >3GB/s sequential for the same price at the same capacity as SATA variants, so unless you're looking to buy something bottom of the barrel you may want to buy NVMe anyway. No reason to give up free speed even if you don't really need it.

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>Asking questions is shilling

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>970 evo: complete ripoff. get something like the sabrent rocket. samsung drives aren't worth the huge markup.
Those are literally the same price right now.
maybe the rocket is faster, but if they're the same or the rocket is slower, then go samsung.

>How much space should i save, so i dont lose power from my ssd?
??? Do you mean don't lose speed?
It's most likely a gradual drop off, so after you use say half, performance will decrease.

If costs were higher, then I'd agree, but since they're the same, I'd say this chart doesn't really matter.

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