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badum tiss

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>/fat bearded soi/ humor

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this is entirely unrelatable

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I wish that actually was a joke.

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1 nuke

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Literally what Target is trying to do right now.

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can the autistic mind comprehend humour?

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>tfw you usually hit the up arrow about 40 times before you just run history | grep thing

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y u so mad tho?

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For me it's semi-autsim, or Asperger's and yes my brain has no troubles comprehending humor. Sometimes I have trouble recognizing sarcasm and tend to interpret things as they're said instead of how they're meant.

I can usually catch myself before I respond incorrectly to a joke but not always.

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>semi autism
>pass user since 2012
I don't know about that one chief

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What would you do when your pajeet cusrom developers is not around anymore, Sir?

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That's not technically horrible, for very temporary work. Well, unless the tape touches hot stuff but it probably doesn't.

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What did he mean by this?

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Maybe that's what gave him glower vision.

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can someone add this to the file extension collage?

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Why are people giving Intel shit for benchmarking at low resolutions? Low resolution makes the game as CPU bound as possible.

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The most depressing thing about this one is that the real article isn’t even that different

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Now add the 5700

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Is this skyrim?

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Zsh can do searches, prefix-searches and tab history completion. Why would I do this?

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Only two more generations of Nvidia cards and my 4200 TI will be relevant again.

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You're stupid. If the CPU is idle, it is not a CPU benchmark anymore.

Why? Because it's fucking idle, it doesn't work to its full extend.

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thats a spade

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Right, and you are never going to run 720p on an RTX2080. its literally a scenario that will never happen. its a marketing gimmick to exaggerate differences, because NPCs like you are more willing to buy shit if they see an FPS difference of 50 than if they see a realistic FPS difference of 8.

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no, i'd be surprised if 5% of people in the field (of any competency level) had

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You are doubly stupid. When the CPU is idle and your GPU is high res, you do a GPU benchmark instead you moron.

Learn the difference. You wanted a CPU benchmark or a GPU benchmark?

Because you aren't doing the first there.

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Almost this. It does not exaggerate the real differences but hides them. When benching games you want to see how CPU behaves when it is idle most of the time, as this is what it will have to deal with when you actually play the games. If you want to see what CPU can do at full throttle then bench it for realistic scenarios like encoding something or counting pies.

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He's right, You are retarded.

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Exactly why amtards bench at 4k to try and hide the fact that it is indeed slower

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Which part of "benchmark of case where CPU is normally idle is pointless" don't you understand? You are not going to use your CPU in this way so why do you care how it behaves?
Also reddit spacing etc.

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nothing wrong with that. had a pc without a case for years sitting around. issue was cooling from the bottom.

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I forgot when and why I downloaded this

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Don't care. I use EU ROMs only.

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The cloud is jew computing..
Pay your computing rent with interest goys

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>tfw 1337speak is long and gone

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pr0\/e |7

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I mean, its on offer I think for ridiculously low price and he did live in Vegas. I imagine my drink consumption would be near 10L too. Also, dont forget he lived with his parents who also probably liked drinking the cola.

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>humor thread
>it's just people shitposting at each other

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1 |_1K3 7|-|3 W4Y Y0|_| 7|-|1NK!!!

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calm down newfag, not even close

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it works the same at any resolution. just that at lower resolution the bottleneck will never be the gpu, so you get higher fps. higher resolution means more work for the gpu and will start providing lower frames because its now gpu bound

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Big filesize? no problem, I got space in spades!

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His parents also drank that stuff.

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HD3 has my mixtape on it.

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Sounds like a presentation given to all the AMD drones on this board.

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That makes perfect sense if you assume you will never be upgrading your GPU for a faster, newer model. Now what happens when you get that new LGBTX 6080 in 2024? Suddenly the CPU power you were obscuring with your CPU (GPU) benchmark makes a big difference.

Benching at low res makes perfect sense for a >>>CPU<<< benchmark.

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Did I put on those glasses from the movie about the lizard Jews and rowdy Roddy Piper and the ass to ass man?

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What a faggot.

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Nope. fzf and ctrl+r

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How is that 11 though? He looks like 16.

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Imagine spending 2 hours making that comic instead of spending 10 seconds putting
"\e[A": history-search-backward
"\e[B": history-search-forward

in your .inputrc

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In all seriousness naming conventions for graphics cards are fucking retarded.
GTX 1060 > GTX 970 > GTX 1650 > GTX 1050

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Thats Qualtrics. I was an engineer there. Acquired by SAP for $8,000,000,000

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You are wrong in that though. Nvidia's recent naming is the only good thing about them, mainly it's because it's basically the old AMD naming system.

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okay that one made me laugh

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joke is, it got shipped that way

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that's partly because you're comparing multiple different SKUs from different series in a deliberate attempt to make things seem worse than they are. At the very least nvidia didn't pull a 580 -> Vega 64 -> Radeon VII -> 5700xt. Can anyone who hasn't followed tech honestly be able to tell which is newer than which?

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that's because the 1650 is not supposed to be comparable to a 970. They're in completely different price categories and even tiering. The 1650 was a successor to the 1050 and subsequently the 950, not the 970. That should be clearly obvious by the xx50 at the end. It also should be obvious that the 1650 is newer than the 950 since 16 > 9. You can't directly compare the Radeon VII to the RX5700xt because AMD dropped the ball on releasing products at every price bracket during every generation release. The most comparable in terms of price were the Vega 64 and the 5700XT but you can't honestly tell which is newer or even better without knowing the history.

If you're going to pull the Radeon and RX are different models, then what about RX580 and RX5700 or hell, now the RX580 and the RX5500? Which is obviously newer and which is better for the consumer? I know AMD wanted to leverage their 50th anniversary and their new 7nm tech in their name but in the process, they made a really fucked up naming scheme. At least it isn't intel cpu naming

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>They're in completely different price categories
So name them differently. If the naming convention is supposed to be xx-yy then put a dash there or something). If you can't see how that naming is fucking awful then you're blind.

>If you're going to pull the Radeon and RX are different models, then what about RX580 and RX5700 or hell, now the RX580 and the RX5500?
It isn't ideal but even a normie would be able to see there's a 10x difference there so attempting a comparison would be questionable at best.

Either way, all graphics card companies need to learn to name their shit.

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reddit humor

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It's good advertising.

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what does the "ls" mean?

>> No.73089124

man ls

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Lynch Saudis

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Nah, NVidias naming conventions mostly make sense and have since they rebooted their number scheme after the GeForce 9800 series. The general rule of thumb is holding up, gpu power drops about 1 tier every generation. A gtx 970 is about equal to a gtx 1060 which is about on par with a gtx 1650.

AMD though is a damn mess, they change name conventions nearly every generation without a numeric system to let you know what the hell you have. R9 Fury is a cut down R9 fury X which the same as an R9 nano except with water cooling. The RX 580 is relatively new but weaker than an R9 390x, Vega 56 and 64, then basically just one sku of the Radeon VII, now we have two sku's of the 5700 and 5700xt.

It's retarded.

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rate my battlestation

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Put a monitor on the ceiling.

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Interesting, thanks anon

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Shoulda gotten a degree from Working University instead.

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Benchmarking at low resolutions is great if you want to see how well a CPU performs, but when you as a consumer are looking up benchmarks to see what components you should buy they are misleading if they are not comparable to the equipment/specifications you may have. You shouldn't even bother looking at 720p performance if you have a 1080p screen.

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People are doing this for millenals now, these are the premises of every religion, ever.
It's not a surprise marketing people get their hands on it, you literally learn this at business school because it's so effective, you don't have to use force, the very first fanatics will do it for you, for free.

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We need to put intel on here too, the HD 4600 would be a good pick

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>waah waah waah
AMD had the better naming system, they were retarded when then abandoned that but it doesn't make nvidia any better that they stole it.

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what does he do with one genelec?

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>/g/ humor
>quickly overrun by "gaymers" who turn it into another of the same brandwarring threads that already clog the board
/v/ needs to stay in /v/

>> No.73089820

>wasting 2 years of salary on shitty props
>gets dumped
lmao smart girl

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damn this is a sick toribash demo

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>it still exists
>they are still developing it

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I dont get it

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If I wanted humour I'd ask for you're uptime

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This one got deep laugh out of me. Thank you.

>> No.73090831

>Not aliasing ll to ls -l
I use it almost exclusively. It's literally less effort to double tap l and enter rather than up arrow even if it was the last command.

Ahh qualtrics. The only people obsessed with it are marketing types who have no clue they're the sheep. It's a fucking survey platform with pretty charts and a decent api. Worth billions. Clown world.

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Add the 8800gt

>> No.73091188

I hope we get what we fucking deserve

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what is ctrl + r

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facts tho

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The worse cart is he's clearly holding the bottle in his hand and just resting it on his foot, not holding it there.

>> No.73091599

Fake viral marketing, just like the 100 slaps on Valentine's day some guy got for not buying an iPhone for his gf a few years ago

>> No.73091709

it's some ass in a bottle

>> No.73091789

Wait, how is this a gif?

>> No.73091811

youre lucky, I have to deal with weebs

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My workplace is using 8 2TB consumer drives in RAID 0 as a backup for important customer virtual machines. I think about this image every day.

>> No.73092362

Nobody wants to say "committed suicide" any more because that gives the deceased agency so now he """fell""".

>> No.73092770

How the fuck can I comprehend this?

>> No.73092798

Type ls to find ls? Wizard.

>> No.73092812

Winfag here. It looks like an important folder gets removed, but can't they just ctrl+z or restore it from the recycling bin?

>> No.73092880

some distros don't put the file in the recycle bin when you do rm

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>I dont get it
You are the joke

>> No.73093013

No you bitch, because someone may have an overengineered piece of shit GPU and then still congest the CPU.

More commonly someone may want low graphics for extremely high FPS, especially on high refresh rate monitors.

Just leave it, that argument was utterly stupid. You do not benchmark anything unless it has load.

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Now this is relatable.

>> No.73093273

always a pleasure to block these

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imagine still using readline

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Can probably fit only one ben shapiro sized jew in that oven.

>> No.73093738

oh my fucking god I for real want to bash someone’s head into the pavement

> brb frustrated violence

>> No.73093797

Motorola 68000

>> No.73093812

Oops, I didn't mean to say that, what I mean to say is that, I mean, you know what I mean so you can't mean anything nice by your post you're just being mean, if you know what I mean.

>> No.73093822

staged done on purpose, please delete this garbage

>> No.73093827

imagine being this stupid >>73093761
os dick-flinging is retarded and so are you
>>73093736 is a windows user LOL

stop drawing such retarded conclusions you brainlet

>> No.73093854

OMG I need to do this!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.73093868

It isn't the danger of falling on her, she probably got cancer from this. Radio active particles are heavy.

>> No.73093924

Imagine being this much of a homosexual you'd defend a FUCKING OPERATING SYSTEM on an Vietnamese basket weaving forum

>> No.73093929

its actually a scientific phenomenum that after a few phrases you can understand this
in fcat the ltetrs dno't need to be in odrer, jsut the frsit and lsat

>> No.73093930

ikr... It always surprises me when shit just works the first time, I actually end up testing it 20 more times just to make sure, but when the same error happens for hours on end no matter what you change, then blam, the error I was expecting to happen shows up, no better feeling!

>> No.73094005

lmao, epic

>> No.73094020

how did he get that chinkpad box with "chink" actually written on it

>> No.73094042

the true hurt

>> No.73094049

history | grep ls

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