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Fuck off back to Facebook and Reddit you fucking faggot. Spec reading channels that teach you nothing should be fucking banned from here.

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you could tell even he wasnt buying this snake oil crap

>> No.72940612

He's a shill, what does he care? As long as he's getting paid he'll make a fucking video about it.

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I would too if it was my job. His channel regularly btfo of Facebook but they shilled that stupid smart picture frame / tablet thing they made last year.
The shilling videos have the word showcase in them and have none of his opinions, usually no pros or cons outside of what the company gives an okay to.

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Yeah, I'm thinking he's FUCKING BASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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why would anyone watch adverts willingly?
thats all his channel is
do yourself a favour and watch youtuber who actually know shit about computers, like the 8-bit boomer

>> No.72942025

He should rebrand the channel to Linus Tech Infomercials - he's literally just making commercials at this point

>> No.72942032

typical fucktard who fails to appreciate the medium

there is a reason everybody even scientists love bill nye the science guy because he understands the medium

not even people who give a shit want to watch a video that doesn't entertain

>> No.72942059

his videos are good because his team
his team gets paid because commercials
linus gets paid enough to make his job worth it because excessive commercials

what your really complaining about is there is no channel with as much diverse content, amount of videos, production value, and just content and quality as linus, so why don't you go fucking make one without the monetary support from running commercials and fix it,r etard

>> No.72942124

>8-bit boomer
The 8-bit Keys guy?

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Dude, he didn't create Linux all by himself, he had a lot of help

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the dude's total cringe now. id rather unbox therapy if im going for commercials. at least they have funny asian man who sits in chair every now and then after bearded host says "what you think? asian?"

>> No.72943162

>not just using a separate vlan

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such as

>> No.72943583

id rather just watch ijustine I get about the same information and she looks better

>> No.72945400

McDonalds workers make over 100k a year? Because that's how much he made when he was employed in his 20's and he makes considerably more now.

>> No.72945407

The amount of connected smart devices in his home is worrying though.
Are all homes like that in North America?

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you must be american because ijustine is a chubby american drone

>> No.72945424

not just american, most wealthy western countries

>> No.72945767

>my dude
I love how easy it is to spot you fucking zoomers.

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