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+power adapter
+sd card

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>arch linux
How much do you weight?

>> No.72936789

The fucking monitor has more horsepower than that piece of shit, hence why you have to run poorfagnux.

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>i installed linux on pi, time to troll /g/ before I jerk off to dickgirl furry hentai

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can it run Crysis?

>> No.72936830

real question is can this shit even run pong

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>$15 computer can seem to only run a minimal WM that is filled with 80's era CLI shit
This isn't anything impressive

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So you got a crap machine that can't run anything plugged into several hundred dollars worth of other hardware? Tell me something I don't know.

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pifags always make me laugh with le $15 pc meme
pic related $40 it shits on your autistic lego computer

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A 15 dollar all in PC would be cool, but as other people pointed out, you're in a few hundred for a monitor, a power supply, keyboard and mouse. If you want them to not be shit you're in a hundred or two more, and that point it doesn't make sense for it to be an SBC.

Shit tier chromebooks are honestly where stuff like this is at.
>but it's a desktop computer thread
Is it really.

>Why don't we take our SBC, okay, we need a screen, keyboard, and mouse now.
>Small packaging
>Add a battery
>You now have a laptop.

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You're all wrong. OP says it's a desktop PC, and it is IN FACT on top of a desk. Checkm8 atheists.

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>ruining a perfectly good Thinkpad with Windows

>> No.72939881

>much gaymes
Grow up, child

>> No.72940043


I had to use my pi 2 as a main machine while waiting for a new SSD to fix my main computer.

wasn't really quite that bad
chrome isn't unusable (fastest browser that can post on 4chan by far, firefox used to work years ago, it's too bloated to even open)
video playback was AIDS slow under X11 and a pain in the ass to bother with otherwise (you can't just alt-tab away since it's overlaying above the framebuffer) -- you could watch
was able to use GIMP, kind of slowly

actually, one thing it did excel at was multitasking
you pretty much HAD to saturate the thing with background tasks so you wouldn't need to wait on them (hell, this is why Chrome is so "fast" on it -- it naturally does this in normal operation)
I'd run a filter on a large image in GIMP, alt tab away, post on 4chan, there's a pixiv tab loading really slowly, music was playing, etc, etc.

>> No.72940057

>you could watch

where did my post go
that should be
>you could watch youtube in Chrome at 240p

also, I was running at 800x600 -- more because I was kinda far from the screen I was using rather than speed, but it sure as hell helped

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