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Sold my GPU and using the spare one until something faster than 2080Ti comes out.

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Was supprised how well this one games at 1080p

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It'll do until the 3950x is available

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don't know what to upgrade and when :/

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What resolution/refresh rate is your monitor and what do you use you PC for/what games do you play?

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Try to find a used 6700K/7700K for a nice upgrade, and also enable the proper XMP on your memory it should be 2666

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its actually an RX570 but it shows up incorrect

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Waiting for GPU's to come down to a reasonable price but I only have 1080p anyway so I'll get something higher res while I'm waiting for better GPU prices and/or better hardware. I'm diggin' the Gen 4 drives for moving large files around. Replacing the cheapass 128GB with a Sabrent 1TB next month. A 120GB TimeShift backup only takes 7 minutes.

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how many of of you actually need more than 6 cores? serious question, do you guys do a lot of encoding or something? what for if you dont mind me asking

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One ram stick?

I think the current Ryzen wisdom is 6 cores for unbottlenecked gaming.
And some additional core if you're streaming.

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hyperthreading or 6c would have been amazing, but it is what it is and does what I want
desktop's a 6700, 580 8gb, 16gb but not getting much use due to uni

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Eh. You actually have to look at the "medium" setting requirement for most games and consider the hardware of all PCs from now to ~5-6 years old to call something the real midrange. Any other claim is just some kind of ego-inferiority-triping people, like you're trying to sell a product you get no money for.

Basically an OCd 4790K and something about as powerful as a 980 is the real midrange. Should run most games back to 2 years old at 1080p medium settings 45-55FPS

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Just buy 2nd hand 1060 6gb, there's a shitton of them everywhere, and if you're lucky you can get one in the 100$ range

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This PC is 8 years old now and still kicking it. I don't play games much anymore but it can still do everything I throw at it.

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i pretty much only play AoE, sven coop and war thunder so i dont need to upgrade at all

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>CR: 2T
Also I believe you mean some hacker will probably keep it for 5+ years before you upgrade again.

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I honestly dont even run any virus protection or anything so whatevs.. had my identity stolen 4 times now so none of it really matters anymore.

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wth would you by jewvideo? nvidia is ran by jews. AMD is the only company serving the white man and not giving into jewish tricks.

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New build with the same case and CPU cooler.

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please consider switching to AMD if you care about the white race. Intel is a jewish company helping bringing the destruction of the white man.

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le joo joke XD

If it didn't have the hardware level vulnerabilities I would have sticked with Intel still because I have no brand loyalty. Besides, AMD seems to be riding a tide and I expect support and shit to only become better.

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you should be brand loyal to amd if you care about the white race. intel is a jewish company hell bent on the destruction of whites. amd actually cares about the white man.

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huang and lisa su are related tho

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>If your Zen 2 shows as an engineering sample
The horror.

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If you really do have an engineering sample, you got fucked over and need to return that shit ASAP. Samples, as the name implies, are not intended for actual use and they fucking suck.

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What are the chances you actually got that? I've never heard of anyone getting that.

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3700x + 1080ti
baste as fuck anon

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yeah, that model is shit, but I got it for 500€ almost a year ago, and then added a 50€ Artic Accelero Xtreme IV.
Best bang for the buck, second hand 1080 ti and new 3700X with stock cooler.

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here with the OG 14nm

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What do you mean? Games run just fine on it.

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how do games run on linux? I mean new games

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For the most part just fine, sometimes you need to tweak some things or some games won't want to run at all but dual booting/proper vms fix that issue.

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My fabric clock is OCed to 1900 mhz which is matched to my memory OC of 3800 mhz. There's no performance loss.

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Unity usually works really well, even have a couple of games that people have ported over from windows to linux. Unreal don't quite know but the epic game store is a shit show on linux but I do have one game satisfactory thats an EGS exclusive that runs great with proton.

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sounds good

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Oh really?

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Am currently in class on a toaster lenovo yoga 300 I got as a present a few years back and I don't have a pic of my main rig's hwinfo

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AMD supports their major shareholders.
They don't give a fuck about anything past that.

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c'est super tendu du slip mais ça passe à peu près, tfaçon pour word et internet le minimum du minimum syndical passe encore

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finished my build (gpu) just last week, been enjoying it quite a bit. hadn't had decent hardware in over 6 years.

low points are the slow memory and midrange gpu that can't do 1440p144 ultra, but since i don't tend to play (((AAA))) games anyway it's fine.

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> I'd like to be able to stream some games
3700X will actually make a noticeable difference in streaming though, and his budget is 450 euros anyway

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Shitposting build

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I think a 2700 is an option.
Practically matches the 3600 in games.
And out performs it in productivity.

Upgrading the gpu is probably the most important task. 1660Ti? Should be able to encode pretty well for that streaming goodness.

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>sandy bridge i7

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this is what peak performance looks like

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Genuinely impressed/10.

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Eventually I want to ditch all the SSDs save for the 180GB intel that my OS is on and put two 1TB M.2s in the system to replace them.

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based trips of midrange

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>CPB disabled

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I call it the b8 build :^)

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Here is my shitposting machine. $40 used on eBay

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Are you trolling or this new? Look up dxvk, dx9k, and proton

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