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var grzegorzBrzęczyszczykiewicz = 0;

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>whites are put first
Based language

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Is this real?

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but can you see it on your neighboring page

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Programming is boring and demeaning, everyone wants to go drinking after work, weed cost to much, sex is gross, computer takes forever to compile, suicide nets outside windows, music isn't interesting, have to ride the bus like a poor person, teleconferencing with foreigners, no good restaurants close enough to have lunch at, performance evaluations based on lines of code, stuck on /prog/ at three in the morning, vending machine won't accept bills, too many niggers, mixed agile with waterfall, impromptu speech at meeting, unpaid overtime, SVN repository corrupt, took my red stapler, change orders, stupid security measures, MSDN subscriptions, comment quotas, refactoring code from 2003, office politics, going to a family function at parent's house, wasted sick days just to sleep in, dress codes, tax office doesn't accept Visa debit, rent just got raised, people drinking energy drinks, paperwork, internet filter, people take five thousand items to the express lane, having to show ID to buy liquor, office slut gossip, uncomfortable chair, consultants, slogan posters everywhere, janitor didn't empty the trashcan, light is too bright, two week waiting period to buy a gun, cat left a dead bird in the bed, pen is out of ink, makefiles, asshole stole your bagged lunch, holiday parties, pair programming with a faggot, having to share a secretary, scripting languages, endless manuals and tech documents, beard is itchy, had a bad dream, water has something floating in it, endless talk about pitiful poor people, lighter is out of fluid,

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shift key going out, little girls being sexy and having to avoid them, someone brought a store-brand soda, coin counter counted a dime as a penny, mouse laser shines in your eye, television infomercials, old people who refuse to retire or die, Taco Bell makes you shit blood, got a speeding ticket in the mail, batteries went dead, candle burned out, drug dealer won't call back, someone broke the build, everything is virtualized, high blood pressure, torrent has zero seeds, left something across the room before you sat down, waitress won't refill your fucking drink, printer out of toner, got a cavity, spilled the ashtray, out of sleeping pills, air conditioner is shitty, women trying to force conversation and not accepting `fuck off' for an answer, complete multivitamin isn't all that complete, considered bad form to drink mouthwash, Windows 8, cubicles, being called `Mister', got a headache, holes in clothes, circular dependencies, autocomplete, reimaging, fork is slightly bent, someone pealed the stickers off the Rubik's Cube, temp workers, gum under the table, dogs barking, knife isn't sharp enough, public intoxication laws, things take too long to ship from Japan, Red Hat Linux, tech support contractors, ate the ice cream too fast, got into a political argument with an idiot, exposed nail under desk, scratched the front of your Rolex watch, not enough cabinet space, florescent lighting hurts your eyes, password complexity requirements with no basis in reality, flowers in window all died, 401k is poorly managed, fell asleep with a lit cigarette in hand, etc....

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>polish people are dumb niggers
nothing new

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and stay there

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Imagine being such a waste of air that you spend your time spouting dumb memes to online sales people who don't give a shit about you and quickly move on with their days.

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nothing wrong with that

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No bro, you don't understand. PKP is run by the government. The government pays in peanuts, so all good coders work for private sector. If you work for government in Poland, it means you suck.

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Just for you~ Dumb shitposter-kun~

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I would read this book

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>he dosn't understand that value dosn't really matter in programming

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>var NO = 0;
>var OK = 1;

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read like a radiohead song

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Hi, friend.
I am a human robotto here to make your posts 100% higher quality. For your post I would recommend
>This reads like a radiohead song.
If you have questions, just reply to me, and I probably won't answer. I'd like to reply to everyone, but there are just too many dumb ESLs !!

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The upsidedown xfce logo really makes it

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Wow, this is fantastic. This is not a repost. This is surely the post. I have never seen this before. Thank.

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Holy fucking shit man

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That PDF file could be a specially constructed PDF file made to take advantage of exploits in your PDF reader, you never know
Open it in a VM to be safe

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Retarded comics. Nearly everything in Arch comes precompiled from the repositories. Those comics should be about gentoo, not Arch.

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t. Has no idea how Arch works

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White supremacist symbol is one of the emojis. This is so problematic. What are we going to about it.

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>sharing an instance
fugg this shit.

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>getting first place is bad because the value is lower than 10th place

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>little girls being sexy and having to avoid them
based cunnypill

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Hi Anon, could you please write a program which calculates the factorial of a number? thanks

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What the fuck am I reading.

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>What the fuck am I reading.
A composition of texts and pictures about combining logics, fibred systems, universal and polycontextural, and an introduction to magical metamorphosis with the help of Sailor Moon’s AZZA-brooch and Gunther’s Proemiality Operator in dispersing the Crystal of the Ultimate Lambda Calculus into the Eternal Fluids of Ultimate Multi-Verse Metamorphosis.

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An old school shitpost.

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I cant belive picrelated is the same guy...

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That's not typical

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imagine actually being a tech support pajeet

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does anyone have the Stallman farming one

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>FAQ: Are the rooms air conditioned?

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wholesome and nostalgiapilled

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what even is the purpose of the code in the OP? when would that operation ever be useful?

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function cena_OK(kod) {
var OK = 1;
var NO = 0;

if (kod.match(/^\d\d,\d\d$/) || kod.match(/^\d,\d\d$/) || kod.match(/^\d\d\d,\d\d$/) || kod.match(/^\d\d\d\d,\d\d$/))
return OK;

return NO;

function cena_not_zero(kod) {
var OK = 1;
var NO = 0;

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ikr, that was the original filename.

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Sure, it hardly just fully locks up these days, but it does worse. I just had someone come to me asking why Outlook wasn't starting anymore. I try. Doesn't start, no process, nothing. I try Excel too. Doesn't work. Look through Program Files. No office installed. After 5 minutes of looking around and trying to figure out what's happening and as I was about to look at the registry to salvage keys if possible, suddenly, Outlook, Word and Excel all boot up at the same time. All the files are back in Program Files and everything's fine. Guess it "silently" updated. Terrible UX. I'll take BSODs back, thanks.

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No. The difference between CANADIAN SYLLABICS PA and CANADIAN SYLLABICS PO and the less-than and greater-than sign is pretty obvious in any font. (ᐛ)

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what the fuck am i looking at
explain to a brainlet
>var OK = 1;
>var NO = 0;
I have zero programming experience but something just seems wrong with this.
>if (kod.match(/^\d\d,\d\d$/) || kod.match(/^\d,\d\d$/) || kod.match(/^\d\d\d,\d\d$/) || kod.match(/^\d\d\d\d,\d\d$/))

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They are using regular expressions which are a way of detecting if a string matches a certain pattern. The problem is that they never learned how to check if a pattern (in this case \d meaning digit, a number) is within a certain length so they just repeated multiple checks.

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This is not correct. They only want to match 1-4 digits before comma and 1-2 after so it would be more like


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You're right, but to be honest I was assuming the function should validate any number within sensible limits and that they simply gave up after six digits.
In the context of a railroad company, that's probably enough e.g. for maximum distance traveled in kilometers or a currency value (9999.99 slavshillings are about $2500 right now).

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Ok. This doesn't seem so hard to understand, actually.
Wouldn't this be checking for any quantity of numbers, followed by a comma and two numbers? Maybe there's a specific reason he wants less than four. I assume regex has some sort of way to check if the number is lesser than four while still not being negative, yes?
Anyway thanks for explaining.
Ok, thanks.
Ah, there it is.

Why do so many people commit mistakes like this? Isn't this stuff taught in CS courses?
Anyway, isn't programming usually more complicated than this? Everyone always talks about how you've got to be smart to be a dev, but that code just looked like a fancy bash script.

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had 1 BSOD in 3 years of using LTSB
i think its pretty stable at this point

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Also cena_not_zero completely contains the functionality of the cena_OK (check if valid number) function just with the extra check for zero, and furthermore it only seems to be used to check whether the number of tickets to be refunded is valid, which is always an integral number anyway.

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I get what you mean but 0 is an integer too

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The Unicode commitee just chose an existing scale to assign to U+1F3FB through U+1F3FF. It's questionable because it subsumes Type I under Type II.

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...maybe? this is the only real result I found after some minor digging.

Still trying to find the patch. The syntax is also different. I'm thinking this is just a joke about americans that I hadn't yet seen.

ALSO is this site trying to recreate /g/ but not /g/??
>sed 's/anon/user/g' 4channel > shitforums

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>his sleepsort doesn't work with signed integers

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>online sales people who don't give a shit about you and quickly move on with their days.
How come online support are always so fucking slow? Huh?
I just want to quickly get on with my day and it takes them three minutes to type "just checking the order now".

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i'm fairly sure that no new seppler would use strdup

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I heard CRTs emit harmful radiation, but I didn't know it's powerful enough to turn your face into a blurry mess.

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kek post video and timestamp

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Fuck off.

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Not him but
>RMS is a total chad, he will be remembered for the rest of time.
By couple autists on the internet and retards who love to work for free
>Who will remember you?
Well, for example his family, friends, you, me and couple lurkers ITT

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