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my last pair of earphones gave me an ear infection and tinnitus so please recommend me something better. the bar isn't set particularly high

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first for END GAME

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Grado Gang

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I'm kind of seconding this question. I want a DAC and AMP or a combo. What I want is a decent design, symmetrical out and non shit measurements.
I'm currently using a stx ii which is good enough, but optical aspects make me want to upgrade, also mini itx will be possible in the future that way.
If possible the amp should be capable of driving planars as well. Don't have any now but maybe in the future.

Any recommendations that won't cost me an arm and a leg?

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thanos DIES in end game

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Learn how to fill in the subject box you complete idiot. I'm not even the previous OP, but people aren't going to find your shitty thread when looking for /hpg/.

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Koss KPH30i. Ordered them from massdrop and paid only $5 for the shipping because they gave me a $20 discount. They are abslutely mindblowing with an amp. Best $5 spent on audio for the rest of my life

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Why are there so many Snapheisser fanboys?

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You are receiving dicks?

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doubt it

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the modi is good but get the JDS Atom instead of the magni.
It's cleaner + doesn't have the scrstchy volume pot.

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Get a Fidelio X2 while they're on special.

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Anything like that with symmetrical outs?

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Is the HiFiMAN Shangri-La worth the $50k? Has anyone listened to it before?

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Idol trash here. What's your setup like, Anon?

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No reviews yet.
I don't like that they got rid of the iconic marble pattern. I do wonder if the new headband is less rigid.
I worry they might have changed the sound.
We'll see in a few weeks, once they're shipped to people.

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Does a DAC really make a difference? Thinking about getting a cheap one like the FiiO Taishan D03K

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Imagine the guys who bought the Sendy Aivas. Shit is 3x more expensive than the Takstar version, and now even the guy who hyped it, dethroned it in favour of the Sundaras, which cost half as much. lol

Probably nothing has changed, people are just going out of their mind.

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Which all in one DAC/speaker amp/headphone amp is worth buying under $150? SMSL AD18? Topping MX3? Something else?

Alternatively I can go for DAC/headphone amp + speaker amp separately if it's no more than $200 total and not terribly mismatched. For desktop use.

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So it seems the rumors about the 600&650 being discontinued was just Sennheiser giving their old headphones a facelift. I knew they wouldn't just straight up drop their tosellers

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An amp will generally make a much larger difference than a dac. See JDS Atom.
If you really don't trust your source and want a dac+amp combo: Topping DX3.

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My tin t2 just finished washing in the washing machine. I haven't tried them yet but I'm sure they won't work again. Which earbuds do people recomend now? I would like something which sounds the same or better. Budget $150

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tin p1

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ve monk+

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These or u12t?

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Do any of you know what the fuck is going on with this laura furry shit ? This was posted in the last thread as it was dying. I keep seeing this in dying threads. It started about a month ago. Some faggot mod even stickied this in /vip/. Seems like a bot or an extremely dedicated faggot.

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what is a cheap tube amp to make my hd650 sound comfy?

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These if you already have a good source and can get them for 500$ (ez)
Else go 64

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hai hai (a Topping D10)

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will it make the hd650 sound tubey?
from 1 to 10, how tubey will it make the hd650 sound?

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>Little Dot I
Very tubey and very shit. Honestly if you plan to go balanced at all get a xDuoo TA20. If you dont buy a bottlehead crack kit.

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These sound thin tho, and on top of that, require more power than most IEM's with that kind of impedance do, I tried them and was glad i didn't bought them.

Take a look at the KXXS, slightly above your budget but way better pair

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I have the LCD2-closed, I figured the XC are awesome as well. They'll force you to grow some neck muscles too.

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no bass, plastic shitty build. :(

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ok bass retard

>> No.72769731

just have a subwoofer connected with the headphones on bro
bass is something you feel it on your chest anyways

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Are you retarded? hifi doesn't have boomy nigger bass you fucking newshit

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You a right. But hifi doesn't have a roll off at a pathetic 30hz. You sure you dont want those piezos ? Im serious btw.

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In my 650 modded it extends while the detail is fun

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Because everyone is gonna hear your shitty hiphop garbage bass retard

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You still have not posted pictures of your mod btw. I want to see it. And not the old pic with the ripped paper towels. Want a piezo headphone ?

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I am not ashamed of that

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Want me to buy them for you?

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Nigger can you even read. Look closely.

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But everyone is gonna suffer from your terrible taste. Just use speakers if already tardface

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>Look closely.
>Currently out of stock
Nevermind then, shouldn't try to big think when I'm tired and half drunk.

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Kek look even closer then. Under out of stock there is a little paragraph.

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Just get some chad beyerdynamic tesla drivers.
If you want a cheap compatible enclosure to tune the thing before putting in work Just buy a pair of supelux HD330. Its 100% compatible with these driver assemblies and is compatible with beyer pads. The headphone itself is excellent for the price if modded too as the driver is pretty high quality for a standard mylar driver. Everything In the enclosure can be removed in a non destructive way including the back grills. Now go make some headphones and report back.

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Just buy some fiber-free cloth with holes to replace the foam speaker -then open the grills and put some foam just like in the pic related (but light foam), then put a thick type of foam on top of the spider cage and then add some cotton and cover the grill with foam just like 58x. Damping is good. Reminder: don't remove the foam from the spider cage, because you are going to cover the entire grill with foam so it changes the detail retrieval drastically as both foams engage with each-other so it really doesn't matter if you remove it or not. Just don't do the dynamat mod because it makes it sound more muddy and bassy, in a stax way. Results, it has more tonality, bass and mids shine, and the veil around 3,5k-9k increases for a little bit. It's just becomes more aggressive because the sound stage collapses but in sophisticated way so it just become more upper mids focused.

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>Thats why you dampen them popoo head
I don't see any sort of dampening fixing that shit without negatively affecting the whole sound signature.
That shit is making my ears bleed just by looking at the FR chart.

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Then that's all you really want

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Mass load the diaphragm

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Is there any point in buying decent headphones if you listen to all your music on Youtube?

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most of their audiophile headphones are designed from the last century

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Yeah, unfortunately

Dont expect 380 pro level of clamp, but at least they don't fall of your head like t50s or beyers

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Fostex, Sennheiser, LCD, Focal, ZMF and anything else is better than STACKS

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Whats a good place to get replacement parts, specifically for Q701? If there isnt such a place, what are good replacement headphones for the q701?

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Is there really nothing like pic related available, but with shipping and handling by a european, preferably german company?

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I think it's time to shitpost on those sennbabbys again like the good old days


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>be me
>be itty bitty harmantardon
>worship St. Olive Oil like jesus except jesus isn’t real lol
>his sample size 70 studies will save this world from subjectivist silver cable audiophoolery
>use harman target EQ on all my headphones (that’s my samsung IEMs, my HD600 when my replacement headband arrives, my dt880 and my k612, as you can see i have eclectic and varied taste in headphones) to listen to anime theme songs
>it sounds like wet mud being played through a field of quicksand but i don’t care, St. Olive Oil said it’s the listener’s preferred choice so it must be the best
>go on the 4channel board known as /g/
>see people talking about “stax”
>they say it sounds good
>impossible, it doesn’t follow St. Olive Oil’s Harman target curve, it must sound like shit

>> No.72771473

Have stex

Dial 8

>> No.72771888

do you guys you use soundcards? ive been using onboard for years now.

but can sort of remember games like BF2 using EAX, and the sound being environment raytraced or something, whereas games now all seem to use much more basic sound systems/design. any sound card users know if its worth getting one, or is onboard good enough with todays shitty, visual only games?

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Can you calm down, stacksshitter?

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Oh shit are the bois back? I'm getting some flashbacks to January

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So mad!

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The fact they need to mod this piece of..

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The usual IEM recommendation in that range is Tin T2

>> No.72772753

What the shit are these and why aren't they shotas

>> No.72772887

Is the Elegia better than the Elear? I know closed and open arent really a good comparison, but the Elear just gets shit on by everyone, and the ones who shit on the Elear have never reviewed the Elegia.

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Best headphones that you owned? Plantronics backbeats were pretty good and they were cheap

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I would. But I don't think these are worth the money especially when some of us here are from eastern fucking europe

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Hey what do you think about tin hifi t3? Other good earphones I must evaluate before buying?

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Not anymore. Snap thing was a bad run, most headbands are ok, and newish headbands are entirely different to begin with.

>> No.72774024

we have a general for these

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>> No.72774229

We lost another one bros...when will the wireless tyranny end?

>> No.72774307

I'd say Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100is. ATH-M40x are a cheaper alternative but they're objectively flatter, which to me makes them less energetic and musical. Takstar 82 Pro are also a cheaper alternative (with adjustable bass) if you're okay with buying very comfortable chinkshit.

>> No.72774618

Please respond.

Should I get the Elegia and drill holes on the cup to make it open?

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>> No.72774890

Another case of get the Takstar Pro 82 can't get comfier than that under 100 and it sounds fokin amazing too

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I want a pair of ZMF headphones but can't decide which ones.

>> No.72775261

Which one /hpg/?

T50RP + Dekoni pads
Dekoni Blue

>> No.72775272

darkvoice or la figaro but they aren't that cheap

>> No.72775309

Argons you moron.
Only if you can get a deal otherwise avoid at all costs.

>> No.72775496

Bullshit. Shipping is 25$.
T60RP are nothing compared to argons btw.

>> No.72776142

Kind of looks like dust. Thanks

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hi fren

>> No.72776346

>bluetooth earbuds (true wireless or not)
>220 cad

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I actually do own them. They're garbage. Sound is colored as fuck. Offensively.
>if you have an amplifier you are a faggot
Love/Hate models, not brands.
Don't be a corporatecuck.
I've heard mdr-cd900st. They're actually good, unlike the 7506.

>> No.72776498

eh i just meant the headphones mainly the Receiver i had was awesome till it died and I mainly Use my sigmas now everything else Ive heard is meh in comparison except my SR-007mk1

>> No.72776612

should i get lcd-2c

>> No.72776706

If you don't have HD600, you should get them first and foremost.

>> No.72776793

>they would be my first really audiophile headphones
Figured as much.
They're legendary well-balanced, neutral, modular, durable, open reference headphones.
This makes them an excellent first "audiophile" purchase and really good to have, as you'll be comparing everything else to them.
Do some digging around on them and you'll see.

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Based and Staxpilled

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>buy $1000 meme chink audiophool headphones
>having to spend another $1000 on meme amplifier
>having to create all sorts of mods just for basic headphone functionality, have to.make custom 3d printed covers to close the open headphones and adaptors for pads
>still completely unable to reproduce sound accurately
>still not able to play one of the 3 ranges of sound frequency, and the one that gives music weight and emotion: bass


>> No.72777013

>no bass

Stax has better, more well defined bass than any stinky cheese model that Focal shits out.

>> No.72777072


>> No.72777350

Focal Utopia is objectively better than any Stax product.

>> No.72777352

Have you ever tried the SR-202? What do you think about them?

>> No.72777356

but are the hd600s absolutely better?

>> No.72777460

In general terms, yes.
The lcd2c are better at bass, but worse on midrange and treble. The balance also isn't anywhere as good: they're dark sounding.
Typically, when compared to hd600, a good headphone will if lucky be better at one thing but worse overall.

>> No.72777735

Why does the ATH-M40X Bass sound so much better than the HD58X?

>> No.72778690

Spoken like a true Bose aficionado.

>> No.72779055

I miss the old OP images... Atleast photoshop some quality cans on the shotas, so everyones happy.

>> No.72779062

I have a couple in my collection. They were a misguided idea that everyone quickly figured out sucked in practice. Except apparently these guys.

>> No.72779094

1/2 of the relevant audio reviewers gave it a positive recommendation so far
Wait till amir gets his greasy hands on it before buying it.
The volume knob seems nice.

>> No.72779104

Fuck off you idiotic pedophile.

>> No.72779122

Being a bitch on the internet doesn't unrape you.
God you people need to be thrown off a cliff.

>> No.72779142

don't. Less expensive cans sound better and weight a fraction as much. Try something from Mr.Speakers.

>> No.72779165

SRS-3100 system is cheaper and sounds better.

>> No.72780122

>have to.make custom 3d printed covers to close the open headphones
You have some legit criticisms there, but that one's all on you. If you wanted closed headphones and bought open ones, you have only yourself to blame.

>> No.72780226
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If it has to be European, Soekris DAC1321 or 1421 maybe? I tested the 1541 before and it's a pretty capable unit (although I prefer the Holo Cyan).


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What the heck?

>> No.72781460

Only one that seems to fit my bill is the jotunheim, but I've heard mixed things about the schiits.

>> No.72781487

s peakers

>> No.72781509

EAR speakers

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File: 2.19 MB, 3024x4032, 00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190916212019581_COVER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*solves headphones*

>> No.72783113

If Hifiman's build was better I would've copped it.

>> No.72783575


>> No.72784319

Zeos mentioned the line out being a pre-out
https://youtu.be/eHvq8ha0Ko8 at 7:20 when he plugs in the headphones and says "they dont shut off the back outputs" confuses me. Does it mean you cant have powered monitors connected if you want to use headphones?

>> No.72784457

>and says "they dont shut off the back outputs" confuses me
He expects the fact that he plugged something in the front jack to shut off the RCA out in the back, whereas in this case it doesn't and instead outputs both on the jack and the RCA out at the same time

>> No.72785051

How cheap are we talking about?
Xduoo has several models faround 150-350 usd.
Some include decent dacs.

I've heard good things about TA-20. Fully balanced amp only.

I own a ta-10, it's nice but the stock tube is shit.

>> No.72785636

Ye tube can delliver lots of power for cheap. Class D can also compete with tubes but good luck finding a good class D for cheap. The dx3 pro can power 99% off headphones no problem including 600ohm beyers and such.

>> No.72786327
File: 108 KB, 960x721, [Dekinai] ~ARIA~ The Animation - 02 [0F877E57].mkv_snapshot_00.45_[2019.06.05_20.01.12].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

$500, but this is a very flexible budget.
I'd like to invest in an amp/DAC, otherwise directly into my PC.
>Type of headphone
>Open or closed
No strong opinion, pair I have are open.
>Comfort level
I'd like to be able to wear them for many hours on end, but I'd sacrifice some comfort if it meant better quality.
>Past headphones
Grado Sr60s. These have been great headphones for the 4/5 years but I think its time to upgrade. I like how these didn't seem to overpower any one aspect of the sound stage.

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>buy a pair of white Samsung Buds so I can look super hip and cool
>Cute female coworker: "Anon I didn't know you had to wear hearing aids"


>> No.72786382

Looking for;
-Over Ear
-NOT Wireless
-Loud(presumably this means Volume control, but I'm looking for decibel output)

I can't give the exact details, but right now I'm using a KOSS and when playing certain Youtube videos, the volume given is rather... underwhelming.

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you want the 95X, eq it for endgame status

>> No.72786425

Get some Argons mk3 and a good DAC/AMP

>> No.72786429

Update, looks like i'm using a KOSS UR-20 Home Headphone

Also I'm form the US and I'm not terribly concerned about budget.

>> No.72786613

Your problem is most likely not the headphones but your amplification to it.
Here's what you should try
Get an iBasso Emotive A-100 and follow the instruction to make the headphones output good (open the thing and change a jumper inside it), should be be loud enough for you.
Afterwards if you want a better pair of headphones you can come back to the thread.

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I googled some pics if others wearing it, is this what I really looked like?!

>> No.72786772

>Prevents mom from dying while defending point made.

>> No.72787065
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>> No.72787642

>he doesnt wear a pair of shitty headphones on public transport and switch to his good ones once at his campus/workplace

>> No.72787680

I do

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i keep some 650s on hand but never use them because they are fucking TRASH compared to electrostatic headphones

>> No.72788758

consider sennheisers, anywhere from 650/6xx upwards, and getting any amp that tickles your fancy

>> No.72788775

comfort-wise you may consider beyerdynamics or AKG. I've personally got AKG K701s and they're really comfortable

>> No.72789386

how do i upgrade my ears to appreciate the value of $2k headphones?

>> No.72789812

I want something that sounds similar to the ATH-M50x.
Budget is 300$.
Any recommendations? And why do we hate the m50x now?

>> No.72790132

Retard I have both 650 and clear and it says a lot about your lying ass faggot. At least I will save more people from buying overpriced shit

>> No.72790440

what are those headphones?

>> No.72790720 [DELETED] 

new win thread >>72790694

>> No.72790758

I should do that. Actually I could.

>> No.72790816

New thread

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Not so fast, bro


>> No.72790948


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Thoughts on the Bose QC 35 ii versus the Sony WH-1000x m3?
As an autist, ANC is my priority but comfort comes right after because I will be wearing them for long periods of time.
How bad is the false (ghost) touch recognition on the Sonys and how much better is the ANC in the Sonys compared to the Boses? Is it worth picking the Sonys over the Boses for the ANC only?
Also don't give me the BS about ANC damaging my hearing because I know the compensation waves' amplitude won't be greater than the surrounding noise's.

>> No.72791753


Get in bros

>> No.72792003

Get in, nerds :^)


>> No.72792032

Why is Hifimans build quality so shit? Like seriously?

>> No.72792034


>> No.72792058

le epik troll

>> No.72792068

Low IQ post

>> No.72792112

lolifag btfo

>> No.72792134

Post pics of yourself first

>> No.72792158 [DELETED] 

Get in Bois it's shota free


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