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Good. Apologists for child rape need to burn.

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This is how Stillman gets redpilled.

>> No.72738803

Stallman has always been redpilled

>> No.72738815

the lengths people go through to protect some vile teenager whores is astonishing, and all that for some good boy points on the internet

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look at that neckbeard!

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>Stallman has always been redpilled
Sauce of Stillman not being a hippie.

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>not sauce of being redpilled
Remember that apology to trannyboot from Stallman.
>honor their preferences about their gender identity
Really fucking redpilled...

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Yea, most of the people accusing him of things have been diagnosed with mental disorders and are fucking weird.

He already told them off, so has the rest of FSF, IDK why the shill threads keep being started here on /g/ but its been 2 days so I assume some group is doing this to get rid of FSF.

remember these people are mentally troubled and its for the best to avoid talking and dealing with them.

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>thursday and friday /g/ is universally defending stallman
>weekend arrives
>kiddie shitposters wake up and start shitposting stallman
you don't fool me

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>Guy hires prostitute. Checks her ID, she's 18. H
Nothing rough, very vanilla, has a jolly good time. Gets arrested weeks later because it turns out she's 17. The ID he checked was a fake.
That actually happened. That poor slob is now serving time for abusing a child. There's a possibility that Minsky really thought he was just boning a consenting adult, but the odds don't look good, and even if he can prove it he's still not off the hook entirely.

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>Stallman has always been autistic as fuck and has always said inappropriate shit
>Has never been a problem
>Suddenly it is
Lmao, who cares. He's said way worse shit and no one has cared.

>> No.72739301

You can choose to not deal with them, and put the focus back towards software where the focus belongs.

>> No.72739403

>patented audio format

>> No.72739697

>blue checkmarks are going at a guy who has no twitter, no presence on social media, and doesn't make his money on there at all

Good luck to that bunch of jews.

>> No.72739826

Blow-over outrage like this only works if the person in question bends over. Since he didn't do anything, he simply said something, and since he's a stubborn opinionated coot, nothing will come of this.

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it's funny to see how angry twitter mob tear their own asses apart in judging Stallman since he doesn't fall into any of their made-up bullshit extreme categories and has his own actual views and morals he developed throughout his entire life. While everything mob has is years of social programming, morals inherited from parents and probably some bullshit ideology that sums up into "opposite thing bad". And since Stallman is entirely unique as a person they just try to attack a single sentence he wrote, throwing back everything else he done in his life, which is definitely wrong and is literal witch-hunting and outrage, and mob does understand that: and this understanding fuels it with even more rage.

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And you think he's in the wrong? We should all be spineless silent cucks and not spell out uncomfortable truths because it will piss some people off?
People call him "autistic" when what they really mean is that he's one of the only people left that will call BS out, despite all the social pressure we have not to do so.

>> No.72739928

>Bending the knee to a tranny over unrelated bullshit

>> No.72739936

Stalman is what an actual SJW looks like, not a manufactured rage bigot NPC like 99% of liberals.

>> No.72739980

I don't think that he was in the wrong though. Maybe I did not articulate my post well, but to clarify I'll say that I don't believe that his logic was wrong at all.

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>Sexism actually makes for better programmers
Just focusing solely on the software aspect is what makes software better. It has nothing to do with sexism, or identity.

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Reminder that you all have absolutely no idea what was actually in the email, because you didn't read it.

Go read it. Think for yourself.
You are literally being yanked around by SJW's right now but you're telling yourself you're not because you just don't like Stallman.
Have some more conviction than that. Don't jump on the bandwagon of accusations against someone you personally dslike when as far as you know they're totally innocent (which in this case he is).

>> No.72740412

The outrage culture must certainly be a bottomless pit. At what point, does a virtual signaler stops themself and says "let's call it a day. I've enough virtual points for a lifetime"? At this point, it seems that posting to twitter whatever comes to their mind looks like an involutary reflex.

>> No.72740453

Link to it?

>> No.72740542

It's on the original article that started this shitstorm

It's at the very bottom of the article (which is actually only about 5% down the actual page) inside a shitty little web-2.0 embedded PDF box.

>> No.72740552

100% based.
All he said is truth. SJW simply can't comphrehand how can someone not look at everything through their emotions, so they project all kinds of emotionally loaded ideas onto him.
Good that we still have famous people who can think rationally.

>> No.72740589

OP here. I guess with the post's content I was trying to emulate the madness of the social media mob. That's why I referred to them as the "blue checkmark people" who might think that having a checkmark somehow supports and validates their arguments which in turn gives them the moral high ground. I mean look at this guy's twitter. Do you think he read what RMS wrote? Or if he did, did he stop to ponder the exact meaning of RMS's words and where RMS is coming from?

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Stallman is semi-based
but definitively redpilled

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>I visited that URL and got a blank window. It is on Google Drive, which demands running nonfree software in order to see it.

>> No.72740790

Free RMS

>> No.72740967

Go to island
>lot if hookers and escorts.
>turn out they were slave for sex
Wow how is a person to know the difference between a slave of sex vs a provider of sex for monetary gains?

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nice place

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>shitman is an sjw paleshit SJW

>> No.72741106

>blue checkmark people

Stallman doesn't even fucking know what that is. He browses the internet in his schizo CLI environment while eating toe jam.

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What's the deal with hippies anyway? I'm European and some people call me a hippie(long hair, enjoy LSD/shrooms, cares about freedom, positive look at life) and that's pretty much what it means here. I don't see anything bad about this, why is it treated like an insult here?

>> No.72741235

fuck him, I don't give a shit about this drama but he eats shit from his fucking feet. absolute abomination.

>> No.72741277

It's perfect.
>he doesn't tweet
>he doesn't faceberg
>he doesn't into web except through wget and links
>no one outside FOSS community knew he existed or cared until this fake outrage
>bluechecks think they have any kind of power over him
He's a disgusting caveman and I wouldn't want to work in the same office as him but I respect him for consistently sticking to his principles. Maybe Minsky was a sex pest and fully aware of the girl's situation, we'll probably never know, but Stallman had the balls to put himself out there and stick up for the reputation of someone he knew who can't say anything to defend himself.

>> No.72741295

>was an old man soliicting sex from teenage girls via another old man being a sex pest
>we may never know!

>> No.72741308

But if I skip 4 words and read it while drunk he sounds like pro-rape
Burn the witch

>> No.72741339

Don't act like hippies aren't fucking treehuggers in Europe, there is no regional difference between hippies, you're just ill-informed

>> No.72741435

immoralfags are a blight on imageboards and you never should have been welcome here

>> No.72741437

Stallman will most certainly go into 4chan heaven.

>> No.72741605

t. moralfag

>> No.72741632

love how this discussion is totally focused on technology

>> No.72741670

I find it sad and pathetic that he didnt outright call circumcision child mutilation and didnt denounce it and the majority of people find that less offensive than sex.

Can we please just destroy this horrible world already?

>> No.72741689 [DELETED] 

>I assume some group is doing this to get rid of FSF.
It's CIA niggers. "Use proprietary botnets", they say, "you don't need privacy, you have nothing to hide".

>> No.72741693

okay, serious question, virtue signal to whom? This is literally an anonymous image board, the place where you'd expect any filter to go off

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Unironically remove him so we can start this polar shift.

Oldfag here wants to see more women/poc vs women/poc fights. Twitter threads are dominated by a women/poc vs white men. That's not equal, let's change that.

*Microwave popcorn for 1 year on high power*

>> No.72741719

Reading Stalman's email again I feel sorry for him, in essence he's right, but he's living in a different era now, it's not the 90s, and one has to be very very careful what one says because the SJWs will get you, and it's very easy to win as an SJW. It's a very safe side to be on.

>> No.72741737

our speech is chilled to the point where we're communicating with ice cubes

>> No.72741803

women are healthier than men ;)

>> No.72741808

There is no place for weird people in this world anymore

>> No.72741869

I can tell you're a zoomer. Want to know why? Because the 90s were just as fucking PC and obnoxious, just in a different way. You're romanticising a decade you didn't even live in to justify your /pol/nigger mentality about the SJW boogeymen.

Fuck you zoomer.

>> No.72741874

richard stallman is 100% on-topic, astroturfing SJW neoliberal shill

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But what pathogen gets the bigger slice of cake? They talk about splitting it up equally, but some slices are more equal than others.

>> No.72741966

you guys dont the meaning of the memes you are using and should be banned from this site

>> No.72742250

he has a good point in that a lot of these people that are publicly ousted are given proper due process but many people that talk like him are "radicals" in the eyes of the controllers which is why everyone on chans is telling you to wait for the right moment and dont show your power level.

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File: 2.58 MB, 2186x2963, lolibooru 195785 chloe_von_einzbern fate_kaleid_liner_prisma_illya hair_between_eyes looking_at_viewer shrug_(clothing) simple_background white_background.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

16 in my state

>> No.72742280

>threaten to blow up an office
>nothing happens, dont get arrested

It was a better time. We're nigger cattle now, watching our every word and step.

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You pedos get triggered so easily.

>> No.72742354

Why the fuck would you even want to do that?
Even girls in their early 20s are absolutely obnoxious. "Pure" my ass.
Cakes are where it's at.

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>deny reality on a whim
Literal anime website, retard.

>> No.72742363

nope, it's about technology and your SJW mafia will not remove these threads

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This doesnt make sense faggot
Try again

>> No.72742388

All girls are obnoxious you tard. Are you unironically asking why a man would prefer a youthful unruined girl over an old hag?

>> No.72742405

Wait nevermind I guess you meant lolis by cakes. I agree. 3d wise.

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Stay mad, moralfag.

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Found your tweet about Stallman

>> No.72742517

>hail RMS

Dont. He literally did a 180 because of old hags

>> No.72742556

Youre a deluded femcunt tool. You make me sick.

>> No.72742597

He's definitely on the autistic spectrum.

I met him when I was like 23 and I distinctly remember how severely awkward he was. Constantly interrupting me. Refusing to have ANY sort of nuance .

I was eating dinner with him at the and he was eating noddles and he had seemingly HALF of them wedge into his beard and they were falling back down on his plate.

It was literally revolting to me and I couldn't finish my meal.

I started the day excited to meet and then ended up never wanting to spend time with him again.

Almost immediately he was chastising me about how I shouldn't have spent money on my car and how I should have donated it to the Free Software Foundation instead.

... if you're EVER in a position where you're famous on subject X you should NEVER speak out on a controversial subject. You're NOT an expert in it and you only have everything to lose.

>> No.72742684 [DELETED] 

In my defense it was already an offtopic thread that I had reported hours before. And trolling outside /b/ just gives you a 24h ban. But fuck mods and their double standards in all seriousness.

>> No.72742694

Lol you actually posted this as if anyone but your SJW tranny circlejerk is supposed to be mad.

>> No.72742802

/pol/tards vs freetards
rms is literally hitler vs SJWs

>> No.72742898

/pol/tards are the pedos, though.

>> No.72742901

>akshually it's ephebophilia girls enter puberty at 10 now
The last defense of the pedo enablers.

>> No.72742930

did you get him fired yet

>> No.72742933

I'd recommend not starting to argue about terminology.
Look where rms ended up with that. That's an "away game" for you.

Yes, this is a dystopian fiction you are experiencing.

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Come home brown man

>> No.72743007

/pol/ loves pedos because ess jay dubyas hate pedos.

>> No.72743017

Anybody who goes against the SJW narrative is literaly and/or worse than hitler.

Cognitive dissonance means nothing to SJWs.

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>the next day

>> No.72743074 [DELETED] 

No they dont you newfag retard. I'm a prominent pedo poster since /new/ and the majority of pol is frothing femcunt anti pedos like you

>> No.72743205

Thanks for your service.

>> No.72743261

drag =/= diddling kids
tick tock pedo.

>> No.72743358


Something very very wrong with this lynch mob mentality and behavior.
Twitter should be nuked from orbit to save our civilization.

>> No.72743419

that's not how it works.

>> No.72743516

Educate yourself, Eurofag.


>> No.72743756

all you're saying is you only care about your little autistic focus and are apathetic about everything else. you'll call a he a she if you're told to because you don't care and are afraid of confluct, but god forbid someone interrupts your autistic focus because now that's something you'll hiss and screech about.

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legal age != paraphilia

>> No.72743922

With my penor

>> No.72743964

14 here.

>> No.72744093

Hippies are incredibly libertarian/ancap if you'd ever see them at the right festivals; they're just rarely aware of it themselves. Your economy teacher would have an orgasm watching all the person-to-person free market transactions happening real-time around him; sometimes not even hindered by a money; old school barter or just sharing because they "feel like sharing right now".

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>that tat

double lmao xD

>> No.72744420

underrated post

>> No.72744451


>pale as moonman
>fat antifa manchild

Twitter was a mistake

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