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Glad to see this thread, as well as boyposting, alive and well.

Reminder that this is not necessarily about cutting out features, but rather implementing the featuresets that are required in the most lightweight and efficient way possible. In other words, everyone uses email, but what would be best? an electron or browser-based client chugging along with a bloated full browser implementation just to display some emails, or a comfy terminal client like mutt, alpine, or mailx getting the same stuff accomplished in megabytes or even kilobytes of RAM, and a tiny fraction of the effective code size?

Remember, more unnecessary code to accomplish a common task = more potential for bugs, vulnerabilities, botnet, and fuckery. Stay minimal, friens!

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>software minimalism
>linux kernel
more like /smrp/

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unix philosophy is about stockpiling shit you'll never need, wasting your own personal time stringing the useful bits together with sh, and getting lower performance than you would with a monolithic binary

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systemdicked distros are the opposite of minimal
do yourself a favor and neck yourself, retard

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IceWM is severely underrated.
Still, minimalism is usually mental illness.

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