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Raytracing is nice, but if they wanted to NOT FUCK IT UP they needed to open source it.

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reminder that raytracing isn't new and its already possible to path trace with a clever double precision floating point workload.
All sub-modern and modern GPUs and CPUs can do this albeit slowly.

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>muh ray tracing
This is only being pushed so hard because it's the only gimmicky shit NVIDIA has to try and push more units. It's such a meme too, because A) completely unnecessary, you can achieve the same effects using other methods that aren't so intensive you need a brand new top of the line card and B) it still isn't true ray tracing, but more akin to pseudo-ray tracing the same way original Doom isn't actually 3D
Such a fucking meme technology.

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>what you do when you find out AMD is out selling Nvidia

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Reminder you can have the same exact image with a nice cubemap and no permormance loss, also kys.

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Now post framerates

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has been around since the inception of computer graphics. it's not a new thing. I'm not too sure what RTX even does beyond have some API specific optimizations for this stuff.

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Quake II is path-traced (ie, "fully" raytraced) in Vulkan, which is an open standard.

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>I-It's not a gimmick!
It is when it's used solely to move new units, and can be achived through other means that aren't propriety or need the latest NVIDIA shit. This is of course ignoring the fact that it's not true ray tracing (as that would require an actual quantum computer to achieve).
It is quiet literally, by definition, a gimmick.

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>double precision
>most GPUs
l o l

You realize the HD7970 would still be the winner for that?

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>50 fps plus fps dips at 1080p with a 2080 ti
BIG fucking yikes
next gen nvidia needs to be a big jump in raytracing

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>This is of course ignoring the fact that it's not true ray tracing (as that would require an actual quantum computer to achieve).
You had the change to keep your mouth shut, but yet you choose to ignore that. And not, raytracing not a gimmick, just natural progression of gaming. RTX is a gimmick in it's current state since basically nothing supports it, but RTX is not raytracing, just some kind of hardware accelerator since our current hardware isn't enough for real time raytracing.

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>Ah yes I buy $60 games to spend hours just looking at all the nice reflections!

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You don't need double precision for raytracing... It's not like it's like some sort of strict physics simulation. The RT cores in Nvidia's RTX are basically low precision matrix multiplication accelerators. They have at least an order magnitude more throughput for that particular task than any GPU on the market using only the compute shaders.

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Do you even know what quantum computers do or work or do you just think it's another word for VERY FAST AND POWERFUL MACHINE? Also, raytracing is not about calculating every single photon, retard. Jesus Christ, at lest do some research instead of dropping some reddit tier pseudo intellectual bullshit.

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It's Q2.

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If you're talking about mainstream GPUs, the Radeon VII finally beat it because it feature 1:4 FP32 which amounts to 3.46 TFLOPS as opposed to the 1.07 TFLOPS that the 7970 was stuck at for a long time.

If you wanted to go super high end/professional tier, it was beaten a long time ago.

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>t. raster vampire

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>natural progression of gaming
and where does "real reflexions" is part of a "game"

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Not him but I assume he meant that true Ray Tracing would involve stimulating all (infinite) paths the light could possibly take. Fortunately, we don't even need to do that since the viewpoint has a finite number of evenly spaced pixels.

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even after 20 years, quake 2 is STILL a tech demo

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But it isn't. It isn't the OG Quake2

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Left looks better. Right looks corrupted.

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