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a bunch of mac minis stacked on top of each other

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Dunno about today - but as far as I know, moot used to host 4chan on a couple macMinis.

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why tho

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Because cheap, simple and does its job

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it just werks

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through CloudFlare

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>that wiring
The macs were better

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Mac mini still makes for a good server though. I use one for that very purpose. I was given a couple of 2009 minis back in 2013, kept one for myself and installed debian on it, then installed Ubuntu on the other, with kodi set up to access my Plex server and hooked it up at my mom's. She dropped cable TV because I showed her how to search a private tracker on her phone, grab the torrent, and use a transmission remote client to add it to my seedbox. A few seconds later she gets the notification that it's done downloading, she turns on the TV, then uses the mac mini to access whatever she just downloaded to my seedbox and it streams from my Plex server to her Mac mini. One quick search and 4 clicks and she can watch what she wants when she wants.

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what is your mom doing with your seedbox?

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