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Best cities for software engineer?

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New Dehli

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It smells slightly better there

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Red states. Less taxes, less faggots, cheaper homes, more rights.

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Mountain View or Sunnyvale.
>b-but my cost of living!
Have fun losing out on 100k of income to save 20k on rent.

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And not a tech company in sight. Thanks a lot captain smarty pants.

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Only red state with considerable software industry is Texas

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Shenzhen ... particularly if you are white

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kek. ironically the wikipedia entry for "Open Defecation" uses India and California as prime examples.

MFW these are primary tech sector locations. Coincidence?


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I heard the bug women swarm you there. Am I rite goy?

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apparently, though none of them women have success with Tim Cook for some reason. He somehow resists them. WHAT A CHAD.

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>strike gundam
where ever this jerk isn't

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probably living in Tim Cooks basement to jerk him off each night.

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Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Hell, even Mississippi if you don't mind working for NASA and writing Java all day.

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Machu piccu

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Florianopolis, Brazil

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Florida doesn't have anything.

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Hong Kong

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>no one knows about Kentucky.

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What about non red States? I'm not some cuck

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really? give me a quick rundown on this

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Do you need to know chink language?

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I really need to move somewhere and get a real job, I'm having a mental breakdown I have no idea where the fuck I'm supposed to go. I've been working remotely from my parents basement but I want to advance my career now. Do I go to SF? Seattle? Somewhere in Europe? China? Japan? Where on this god forsaken rock do I go?

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Do you enjoy getting pounded in the ass by your gay trangender pedo Boss?

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The cool thing about software is you can write it anywhere

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You know, its hate speech if you say no.

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unfortunately for you, yes.
jewgle translate might help you out but i would imagine thats a pain in the ass

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Start interviewing, contact recruiters, tell them you are willing to move. If nobody ever contacts you then your resume sucks and you should get help on that. Why are you asking where you should go until you know your job options? I don't know whether you are joking but the basement is worst place you can be except for India, China, or some other 3rd world shithole (no offense, just facts). I am posting from Korea by the way. If you are in the USA then no other place in the world will be able to match the salary you can get there and the work load/balance is way better than what you'll find anywhere in East Asia, too. Goodluck to you.

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I am literally working in the basement of my mothers house, in Canada. I guess trying to get a job in the USA would be my best option. The pay in Canada kinda sucks

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Not gonna be your 白猴子 Mr. Ching-Chong Nip-Nong.

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San Francisco don't play dumb. You wanna make some money you go to the bay area. You're gonna be poorer for the same work if you go to cheapskate cities.
>weather is nice too

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But you'll be paying almost your entire salary in rent.

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Isnt gonna be red much longer

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Who here /remote/ master race

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There are jobs that pay way less than Software Development. How do you think those people even pay rent then?

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Maybe they're okay with living in a very small room, or they might be living far away from the city and spend hours commuting.

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Rent is around 3k for a decent 1 bedroom apartment, based on my research on craigslist
>100K salary starting
>3k rent
>3k*12 = 36k rent
>64k left over

compared to a flyover:
>60k salary starting
>1k*12 = 12k rent
>48k leftover

SF is still a better deal, prove me wrong

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I currently pay $400 in rent. Even if I could afford $3000 rent, remembering how I used to pay $400 for a larger property would hold me back.

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>$400 in rent
Where is this?

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You didn't even consider the difference in tax rates.

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Cambridge UK

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Zurich if you know quick maffs

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Got 3 US coworkers who left the US to work here, they absolutely love it. The salary is half they made in the US, but with 7 weeks paid vacations, healthcare and unemployment benefits, they swear it's way better in France than in the US.

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>why yes, I enjoy paying half of my salary for rent and never being able to buy property, how could you tell

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You mean besides every major defense and aerospace company, NASA, every major financial institution (who have regional headquarters in Tampa and Jacksonville), and most major logistics companies?
Yeah, Florida has nothing.

Because of the density of defense contractors, it's a great place if you're not a degenerate and American-born. No H1Bs allowed.

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without the faggots who would contribute to open source virgin OSes?

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Paying rent. Doesn't own his home. Lel.

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double for tokyo, triple for fukuoka city. (also famous for having hot girls)

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>less faggots
There are still faggots in red states.

Don't forget the retards: Christians

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Tel aviv

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who /smellbourne/

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I own a six unit complex in flyover land. It more than pays for my own rent here.

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red states are 100% faggots. you don't have more rights, you just lose different rights. not to mention the quality of life is dogshit. I'd rather live in albertastan than bumblefuck.

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How to install OptiFine 1.14.4 - it is a question that has been asked by plenty of Minecraft players despite it being actually simple.

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I won't vote for any you mentioned. There's a proof that Ukraine is the best country for developers and software engineers https://hireukrainiandevelopers.com/blog/what-makes-ukraine-the-best-destination-for-software-development-outsourcing and that's a mention I can treat as a quite right

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SDH is the abbreviation of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, refers to multiplexing techniques and technology used in networking and telecommunications. It is the most popular standard being used in the whole world. The SDH proved a high-speed transfer of data and digital signals. Due to synchronization, Synchronous Digital Hierarchy provides a flexible and simple network infrastructure...... https://networkustad.com/2020/02/17/what-is-sdh/

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Samsun. The underrated one.

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