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why cant this shit be legal
sometimes i just really need the boost

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But anon

Anything can be legal if you don't get caught

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cause its meth

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cause of meth heads. It is legal, but cause of fucking meth-heads I have to wait weeks to get a prescription cause the DEA has deemed my whole area to be high risk and puts holds on all the pharmacies

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how nice of the jews to fight drug addiction.

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Obese burgers decided it was immoral, and that the solution was to create a spyware hell state which imprisons over 200,000 people.

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>need the boost
you've become reliant on it for overcoming problems anon...
Focus on sleep, diet and exercise (sounds stupid i know) and you might find yourself more capable of doing tasks

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>He's not microdosing LSD

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>being a drug addict

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It is legal. It's a medication. There are people that need it just to live normal lives.

It's not meth. Meth doesn't break down as quick due to the extra methyl group attached to it. Amphetamine salts only have an 8 hour life.

>fucking meth-heads
meth heads are the very worst people in society. Their reward system is hijacked, they quickly lose a sense of right and wrong, they are grossly self-righteous , and they lose their sense of actual, real love.

Meth users are horrid. Never associate with them. They will find a way to take anything valuable you have, borrow money, make agreements where they get paid and never deliver.

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I've never taken it before
I'm studying something really tedious (angular) and I'm craving something that will give me a burst of autistic concentration

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>there are people dedicating their entire lives to figure out a formula and this brainlet is stuck on angular so he needs drugs to get through it

imagine the brain damage since birth

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It is, do you have a legitimate cause to take the medicine? Go get a prescription from your doctor then
No? Tough shit, make yourself better instead of trying to use a crutch

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>he doesn't just drink copious amounts of coffee and smokes cigarettes every half an hour when work needs to be done
Fucking zoomers

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you're better off without it. everyone always thinks they're "special" and won't get addicted

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just because youre not special doesnt mean everyone else isnt faggot
>muh addiction
Take. As. Perscribed. Idiot.

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t. big pharma cuck

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t. Addict that "wanted to know if more is better"

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Sometimes it feels like I should be on this shit, I barely have a long enough attention span to finish brushing my teeth

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Because it's crystal meth in a pill.

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It isn't a miracle pill. Unless you've got serious fatigue issues, avoid these drugs.

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it's great when it works, but tolerance is a bitch. there's no point in doing it more than once a week, which, to most people, defeats the purpose.

why not give Modafinil a try instead? it might be easier to get hold of and the effect is closer to that of coke, so you get a nice euphoric boost, whereas Adderall in my experience makes you 110% awake but does nothing to concentration/motivation.

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I suddenly want to try meth really bad...

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Go to a psychiatrist and say you have difficulty focusing and that you need something that actually works.

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Just drink coffee or monster you druggies

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>just take drugs instead of taking drugs

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>takes a pill
"drug abuser. you are addicted."

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>tfw live in 3rd world country
>tfw i can ask my doctor for anything as long as its not pain killers
i have sleeping pills, anti anxiety pills and ritalin

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I was on that shit for 2 years. I now have a crippling, life-long depression that doesn't respond to any medication.

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Anti-depressants will also cause permanent brain damage. Lifelong depression as well.

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>not just doing caffeine + l-theanine

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Dopamine re-upkate inhibitor-related (amphetamines, methylphenidate, modafinil) depression is a real phenomenon that is well documented in medical literature. "My depression was caused by SSRI" is a bullshit shared by retards on Facebook.

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I prefer this (lisdexamph).

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Because degenerates like you shouldn't be given a free pass too ruin society

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Pathetic junkie fuck. Kill yourself for humanities benefit.

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Nicotine and caffiene are the easiest to get your hands on in high supply. Stop complicating your lives.

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they also don't work very well though

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>but tolerance is a bitch

anon have you even read about Adderall?

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have you even read the post i was replying to?

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Adderall isn't anywhere near as addictive as meth. Meth is like at least 100's stronger. I've stopped and started Adderall at least 8 times. It was no big deal.

this. history of abuse gets you shitcanned by the doctors. you'll be on Strattera forever if you screw up even once on Adderall.

You don't want meth in your life. Even heroin has a lower relapse rate. Meth is the devil's drug.

Seriously. it pains me to see my needed medication become such a meme. I think the last thread a day or so ago was completely deleted.

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but anon, you don't understand, 12 times the pleasure of sex
I had sex before and I liked it
oh god... where do I get meth!?

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whoops, meant to quote you >>72385306

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Go take a shower hippie scum

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Just buy it from silk road or alfalfa bay

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Good luck enjoying anything without it and then when your brain becomes accustom to it and you need more and more just to feel normal. Yeah sounds really fucking fun scumbag.

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Just start smoking faggot.

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someone's been out of the loop for a while

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ppl that have done meth, for even 5 years, say that can't achieve that high anymore. So then they want to quit, but when they quit they cant feel pleasure about anything, feel like rusted out cars, and have the bad skin and teeth along with it. It's a horribly destructive drugf. Most meth users are homeless, jobless, and don't have any friends.

Meth users are a lot like the undead or vampires. They're just a whole different sub-species. They're basically a doomed ship, dead-men walking. It's extremely difficult to get out of that life. Even if they do escape addiction, the habits stay with them for life; dumpster diving, sweets, using people, lying, no sense of real morality. It's a hugely psychologically damaging drug.

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Better hit up /r/darknetmarkets

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I should add: I recently failed to get a girlfriend (as in "friendgirl") of mine away from it. She was homeless, alienated by her family, once very smart and college educated, now just a mess. She stole everyday from me. Tried to take my work laptop one morning, wouldn't break ties with her ex-bf / dealer. Just finally had to kick her out. I'm telling you, it was f****g heartbreaking. To finally have top give up on your addicted friend, this shit is sad.

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I predict the meth epidemic will grow to be an "us vs them" phenomena. It'll be like Dawn of the Dead. It's too difficult to quit, so Mexico and China will pump more and more of that shit into our country. They will be everywhere, stealing, scamming, crazy in the streets.
Mark my words.

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I have taken it every 2-3 days and didn't notice any tolerance.

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It's really not the same thing though.
LSD is distracting, and taken alone it's very useful only if your work demands a lot of creativity, or social interaction.

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i've tried microdosing LSD and it hasn't improve productivity or performance, only slight boost in empathy
stimulants are much more helpful if you have enough self control not to use them constantly and not turning it into jerk off sessions

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god its so fucking addicting. I used it like twice during school and I think of doing it every now and then. Thank god I didn't get hooked. Let's not pretend that people do it for productivity, and realize that they do it for the feeling it gives you.

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you wouldn't have noticed much of a real effect either, but at this dosage you're not really supposed to feel much anyway. majority of it is placebo (and i don't mean that in a negative way), in other words, being in the right mindset. whatever works for you man. in my experience the spark of microdosing wore of very quickly and i've found modafinil to be a lot more consistent in that regard.

agreed. while a microdose can be distracting, so can stims. most of the time you'll just become immersed in whatever you're already doing, including the distractions. the best way i've found to deal with it is to start the day with productive shit and not give yourself the chance to put distracting thoughts in your head.

now i just need to learn to get out of the mindset of "i'm distracted, oh well, the whole day is fucked now". if y'all excuse me, i got work to do.

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Just use modafinil you fuck

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I just snorted meth last night and it’s absolutely fucking lame if you have add like it literally mellows me and keeps me awake but there was no tweaking nonsense like when I do coke. Just watched anime and played with my cat. Literally only drawback is I couldn’t sleep cuz i dosed later in the day and also I really like not having scatterbrain but i’m not going to spend money on more cuz I got this batch for free. Real nice feeling like a normal person and being able to talk about one thing at a time like i’m not a shizo but my doc hates me and no way in hell she’d give me an addy script. Not to mention it makes my heart run more than coffee and a cup of joe is already too much for me but it doesn’t like get me thinking of one thing at once like meth/adderal probably (cuz it’s the same shit). And I had a roommate who was on 40mg xrs every day for like years and he came out an absolute wreck with crippling anxiety because docs like just see one intended outcome and pretend side effects and damage from longterm use don’t exist. Really though it’s not that big a deal it’s just some people are junkies who ruin body chemical modification for the rest of us.

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User =/= abuser. Most people you see doing meth are like that but there are also weirdos like me who can just do it and appreciate how it makes us feel as we go on with the rest of our lives. I have a cat, I work, I go to school, and between school I volunteer. Meth hasn’t done shit for improving or ruining my life. It’s pleasant but it’s just another drug and yall should treat it like such or else you start spending time with tweaking junkies who smoke meth and the laminate off their coffee tables and go on about shadow people. Meth fucks people up because it puts them in meth friend groups and that’s obviously bad because someone will encourage everyone to be a junkie and it’ll just be a fucking mess if you’re friends with junkies and trying to live a normal life. Lucky me I’ve got some very open minded people around and they’re fine with who I am because I’m not a junkie about it and we can be friends outside of one single stupid chemical.

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Yeah and I probably look all stimmed out bc of how long these posts are but i do the same thing on /lgbt/ without drugs i just like using this shithole as an outlet for the fun i get in being crazy so I can spare my real friends. Also even if yall’s opinions are shit and you’re setting yourselves up to be junkies when you inevitably come across any drug that clicks with you, this has been a very productive thread and I’m genuinely surprised yall have been able to maintain a coherent thought for so long because tech threads never get this far unless they’re generals.

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also how fucking often do those people do meth because those stats are like showing what happens to alcoholics when they get a tolerance and can’t stop drinking or the withdrawal would kill them.

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it will fuck you in the end, trust me

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Just do coke, there's a reason it's the drug of choice for wealthy business owners

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Because they are the only ones who can afford to be doing coke 24/7, obviously anyone would if they could it's the best drug by far

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coke is the same stimulation as meth but with a euphoric high and mood changes that aren’t caused by sleep deprival. don’t get me wrong i love coke but anything you can find in the states is overpriced and cut to hell and back.

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sure if you just wanna feel invincible and not give a fuck about doing anything but tackling your tuesday night

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They gave my wife's daughter that shit 2 years ago. She went from being a normal and compliant little loli to just running around sweating and and becoming defiant. Should be banned

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Adderall is only a thing in burgeristan, not even gooks working 200 hours a week touch that shit.

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>costs several times more
>lasts several times less
>more physically harmful
yeah, nah

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> angular makes you want to do meth
Yeah that pretty much sums up angular. Especially earlier versions

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Its a mixture of Levo and Dextroamphetamines you stupid fuck.

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How do amphetamine salts affect dopamine levels in comparison to plain ol' white trash meth?

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meth is neurotoxic, regular amphetamine is not

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Dumb laws. All psychology and psychiatry is a scam.

test 1:
I lie to my psychotherapist that I am happy.

test 2:
I am genuinely happy and tell my psychotherapist that I am happy.

If you can lie to some one who takes your money to try to brainwash you, why can't you just like to any one who wants to brainwash you?

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