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In the past 3 years I successfully transitioned from an open source focused Linux tech career to photojournalist (after spending 20 years in tech doing sysadmin and security shit). Now I use a MacBook and a couple cameras and that's it. I can't believe I wasted so much goddamn time drinking the cool aid about free software and richard marx stallman. Will never need to compile another kernel again or deal with open source bullshit. so long /g/ some day you'll realize there's more important shit in life than gimping yourself with co-called free as in fag software.

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You get paid to republish corporate press releases as news stories, fuck off.

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It took you 23 years to discover different tools serve different purposes?

Yikes. Hope I never have to maintain any shit you cooked up, anon.

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can't you be a photo journalist using Linux?

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Most hardcore FOSS advocates insist the only tools you should use are FOSS ones, they don’t acknowledge macOS or even windows as a tool to be used but instead something to avoid at all cost even if it means using an inferior tool for the job

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I transitioned in the last few years too :3

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Spend another 20 years tinkering with Linux before coming back

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Not OP, but it’s 2019 and adobe suite still runs like shit with Wine

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What I don't understand is why people fall for this shit in the first place

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Linux will still run the world, even if you decided to be a photojournalist artist that "decides" to be "proud" of having to pay whatever "innovative" pricing Adobetrash & Appletrash & Wacom (...) decides on this year.

Also, I don't believe for a second you were ever good with Linux. Imagine having the freedom to actually control your computer and considering this "gimping yourself", then switching to a very dependent low-tier brainlet career and calling this "freedom".

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Imagine thinking software that's supposed to make computers accesable to use is something you should be "good at"

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>In the past 3 years I successfully transitioned
post (fake) tits

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Yes, well, you're dealing with the most complex machines operated by man at a technical level (because you're part of the crew actually running them / extending their functions / ...), and you seriously think you shouldn't be required to be good at it at some level? Wat?

All you'd have decided by changing to photojournalist is indeed to no longer do this work. Might as well decide to be proud of now only operating a simple Linux terminal at a fast food chain.
> You want this and this "beep beep" that's $5.2 then, sir!

> supposed to make computers accesable
It's supposed to make a lot of software work smoothly in parallel on the same hardware, probably on a lot of computers if you're a sysadmin.

Yea, it's comparatively simple to what you're indirectly dealing with indirectly either way, but not actually stupid simple. Unless you weren't doing much.

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fake and gay

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no you didn't, poo in the loo and go back to where you crawled from

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>compile own super optimized kernel
>compile just the programs you need to manage and edit those shitty photos
>if it werks it werks for life
20 years on Linux and you didn't even consider that as a possibility? whew

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Did you also buy a bad dragon via Amazon prime and sat on the package on arrival?
You only have yourself to blame for gimping on free software

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i really want to understand the OP , like , i changed from W10 to linux for 1 year now (i use arch btw), and like , after i used it as my main boot i love it, i really want to try to get what the op is saying

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