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What is the best computer?

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iPhone X

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IBM ThinkPad T40

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2014 MacBook Pro

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Traffic light microcontroller. Without it transport every modern city would grind to a halt

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Will this work?

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The one that has the specs you need, at a price that you're willing to pay.


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That's stupid, fuck you.

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Dude, Don't buy a Dell, AKA Alienware. That company is a piece of shit!!!

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He asked for computer not a keyboard

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is that safe?

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your stupid and you have small dick go away

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>good performance, it just werks, good os,limited as fuck os-> macbook pro
>freedom, good performance,unstable as fuck -> thinkpad + linux

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Best as in absolute best, spare no expense? Or best bang for the buck because you want to to make the most out of a modest budget?

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i mean i have a pretty cool toaster
like... it seems pretty smart, it has a knob and everything.

i mean i like it.

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unironically the one that does what you need it to do at the necessary level of performance and reliability

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thinkpad because /g/ told me so

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What's a computer

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That's one sexy machine alright.

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banned in the UK.

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Does not exist

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You could beat somebody to death with it.

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Ah of course, how could we allow a potentially lethal weapon be brandished on the streets? We should enact law to limit sturdiness of electronic devices, so that no tragedy can happen again.

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Commodore 64

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>unstable as fuck
does that come from the thinkpad or the linux

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bear computer

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cat computer

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the one /g/ hates

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A maxed out MacBook Pro. It is overpriced but no other normal consumer laptop has better specs.

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Modded T430 with quad-core CPU, upgraded thermals, FHD IPS display.

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why do they make the zippers larger?
its not like their cocks get fatter to
it should just be big boy 56% american pants
with a tiny zipper

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ThinkPad T440p with a 4c/8t i7 and 14" 1920x1080 IPS screen.
Or T540p with 15.6" 2880x1620 IPS

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