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How can you support such a vile, dangerous technology /g/? Why do you want your own beautiful children to turn into irradiated goblins? Do you not care about your family, or your loved ones?

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Because the only regions that will pick this technology up will be millennial infested sanctuary cities. If in fact it does prove harmful, at least honest hardworking citizens will remain safe.

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>hurrr durr 5G bad because I read something from someone who isn't qualified to talk on the matter that said it was dangerous

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How can you be so mentally retarded? Also, I have no children, family, or loved ones.

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>Routers and modems have been putting out 5g in your fucking home for nearly a decade

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>Ars Technica
>Washington Post

Which one of these Real News (not fake) shitholes is your employer?

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>Why do you want your own beautiful children to turn into irradiated goblins?
Everyone literally already is irradiated goblins, retard.

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>5G is the same as 5GHz

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>getting your news from liberal MSM that claim that GMOs are toxic and vaccines are dangerous and climate change is real
Fucking cucks, of course those liberal shits are screeching autistically about 5g.

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Why is everyone just copy pasting overwhelmingly conservative actions/behaviors then just saying the left does? Are conservatives starting to realize they're retarded but can't admit it?

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>any thread about anything

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>fox news and ben shaprio are factual and free of bias :)

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When are we going to have common-sense regulation of assault phones and high-capacity batteries?

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Stop replying and bumping the thread, dumb nigger.

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>what is s*ge

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I can't wait for you people to finally get it, so I can go back to my life.

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These outlets are fervently Pro-5G to the point of using propaganda to distort science:

>Ars Technica
>Washington Post


All (((propaganda))) NPC outlets.

If all these subversives are telling you that Microwave radiation is good for you, your parents and brothers and sisters and children to be subjected to, at all times, then maybe, just maybe... it's not?

Just a thought.

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You forgot that WHO doesn't expose themselves, despite saying it's A-okay for you and yours.

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Way to completely miss my point. Have you considered that the radiation we're exposed to in the world around us at this very moment is already so bad for us that nothing short of the earth crashing into the sun could possibly cause us any further EM-related harm?

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Take your meds, schizos.

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mmWaves and the densification of sub GHz components would be worse. As in, it would speed it up a bit.

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>yes, goy, you're like, basically already getting 5g radiation! yes, yes, adopt my (totally not mind altering) new mobile data technology!

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>wojack posting

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you're already completely bathed in 4G radiation. I bet you think the earth is flat too. or cancer didn't exist before radio towers lol

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My point is that it's already so bad that there's absolutely no reason to give a shit if it gets worse or speeds up.
>(totally not mind altering)
You're missing the point that our minds are already too altered to save

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Stop replying to the troll, you idiots.

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>My point is that it's already so bad that there's absolutely no reason to give a shit if it gets worse or speeds up.
They're moving too fast. People are starting to take note. It's up to you whether the cattle are put back to sleep, or you start to turn this shithole around.

Shut up. Contribute or stay out of it.

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>They're moving too fast. People are starting to take note. It's up to you whether the cattle are put back to sleep, or you start to turn this shithole around.
Are you even listening? The whole point is it can't be turned around. Everyone is beyond saving, no matter how much they """"""take note."""""" Even if you succeed in coercing everyone to action and taking down the cellular companies or whatever, we're at the point where life on earth will still wind up nuked several decades later regardless.

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how nu

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>implying zoomers aren't wojaks

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Elaborate somewhat.

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Three words: anthropogenic climate change

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Goy! Ignore it! Stop kvetching and use our 5G towers!

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>implying the damage is reversible if we stop now
>implying there's any reason left not to keep going
>implying any reason we may have had remains and isn't already destroyed

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kill yourself already, amerilard

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Ah, I see. You're an operative.

What is the point of giving up?

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Can't get me on here yuro freak. Throw yourself against a 5g tower.

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Easier than not giving up and has no drawbacks at this point

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Sometimes I pretend to care about other people but I really don't. I think I'd be happier if everyone else was dead. You guys could be replaced with bots probably.

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>Rural meth addicts

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>all non-Millennial outposts and non-Sanctuary cities are rural or filled with meth addicts
It's like you've never left your house in San Fransisco, anon. Take a gander at any homeless population. 80% of them will be using drugs. Two of my cousins are transient by choice and partake in that shit across the country. All 50 states and all major cities, especially San Fransisco, have hardcore drug problems. Apparently it is much more common in Sanctuary cities as the police typically look the other way in favour of upholding the values and often there are services to treat overdose or issues in the event they get bad product.

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I've lived in rural America my whole life. These areas are mostly devoid of anything but copy + pasted chain stores, broken families, poor medical care, poverty, and no economic prospects.

Try again, kid.

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gotta admire the commitment
we're like fish in a barrel

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>only men in towers with funny hats are qualified to think!

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>pic of a guy cleaning off bird shit

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I live in rural America myself, specifically New England. Haven't received better medical care anywhere else in the States. It's an unfortunate case that my grandmother living in the same area as me had severe pneumonia and recovered, but my grandaunt of similar health and similar progression of pneumonia died in the hospital in Seattle. The poverty line is a meme especially considering the disparity between housing costs and food prices between states and regions. Many "poor" families can afford very impressive homes. I do agree that there are very few economic prospects though, unless you commute to the urban areas. I was lucky enough to get into corrections, which nets me a good 65k per year not including overtime (which has been anywhere from 10k more to 20k more). Many jobs in the rural areas require a ton of experience and qualifications that aren't feasible to the average joe (e.g. 6 years experience in the appropriate field). Broken families are extremely common in any state. It definitely isn't uncommon in 2019 to see divorced couples. Many others thrive though.

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take your dildo, cattle.

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Thanks to this post, I've made up my mind. I just liquidated my entire portfolio and reinvested entirely in 5G.

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Anon, they're not the same thing...

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Hope you burn in hell for evading my 5g filter you fucking schizo retard.

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Imagine in a few years you'll have to pay a premium to have wired internet to your house because 5G will be cheaper than wiring everyone.
5G is why Google pulled out of Google fibre.

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You are literally fucking retarded.

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dilate, you disgusting freak

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