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Wow! Coders look like that!?

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i guess 1 in 10000000 has got to be hot.

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also a nigger

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>program code

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>python & javaids
into the trash it goes

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knowing that amount of programming languages
means to be suck in all of theme

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Unironically based

Probably knows more about low level stuff than 75% of /g/

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thats not a coder thats just a bimbo that gets a free ride and gets companies, politicians, etc. begging them to join "tech" and offering them free shit for doing so, then gets praised for knowing the bare minimum

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Imagine being so insecure you get threatened by an attractive woman with programming ability

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>I have 27481 points on StackOverflow....
Jesus Chris, things like this make me hate Plebbit and PajeetOverflow

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Yeh, I am SURE she's an important contributor

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>fastest growing company
you cannot make this up

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WTF I love niggers now.

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>fastest growing (eg. increased their sales to 3 per year up from 1)
>bachelor's degree

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This is literally a crosspost I saw this morning on r/all from Reddit.

Is this what 4chan is now? They used to get their content from us. What happened?

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>I have 27481 points on StackOverflow
>I'm on the iOS tutorial team
>841st fastest growing company in the US
>double majored in computer science and theater
Is that supposed to be a joke?

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t. seething college dropout
t. retard who doesn't know anything about programming
>reddit points are received for shitposting and give you insight into who is the e-celeb
>SO points are received for providing helpful answers and give you insight into who is the professional
>they are the same thing
cope harder mcdonalds employee

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>double majored in computer science and theater
You should see her play
>Objective C in Three Acts

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>I just saw this age old post on Reddit
>on reddit
>reddit spacing
>what happened
Yeah I wonder that too.

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have sex

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aka she took an OS class and never used it again

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>reddit spacing
I will do this till the end of time if it means you prefer an unreadable wall of text

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Look like what? A malnourished niggress?

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only a newfag redditor would call that unreadable
you need to fuck off

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>SO points are received for providing helpful answers and give you insight into who is the professional

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>She learned the Java and C++ programming languages and the MIPS architecture at Amherst College, but taught herself the skills she used for writing her own applications in Python, Objective C, and iOS.[3][6]
>She says that though she enjoyed programming in college, she went into acting and modeling professionally because she never saw herself spending her life around other computer programmers; after graduating, most of her programming was done alone.[34]
>yfw this woman is a bigger chad than all the posters in this thread combined

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Look at all of this anal anger because I like to press "return" on my posts every now and then.

I don't know how this originally came from Reddit, but I will continue to make you seethe like the fragile faggot you are.

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yes, you're le epic troll, don't forget to put on a trip too

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You're right. You can tell someone's new when they complain about 'reddit spacing'. It's just spacing, and to complain about that is highly autistic

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So where is her code? Looks like the same shit as that carlie does coding bullshit or whatever it is.

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>Java, C++, Python etc..
She's one of those motherfuckers who think they know a programming language just because they've written a few loops and methods. Been a Java and Scala programmer for years, written countless applications/services, libraries, maven/gradle/sbt plugins and I sometimes still feel like a noob and am afraid to call myself a Scala programmer because Im afraid someone better may laugh at me. And then this whore comes along and claims to be a Java let alone C++ programmer lmfao. I learned C++ at Uni and wrote some game hacks back then but I would never call myself a C++ programmer.

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meanwhile in the real world she is schooling brainlets on how to write code for ios

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I hate women and they shouldn't even have rights at this point, but this isn't a /g/ thread, fuck off

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I'm not even hating her. I'm just saying stackoverflow is a shithole full of ego stroking retards talking about "the right way" to do a certain thing.

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here's a tutorial written by her on how to start writing vr enabled apps for ios using the google cardboard vr sdk:

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Yes, that is correct. Remember when people were getting upset when told to "learn to code"? It is because coding is for beautiful and attractive and smart and intelligent folks (such as 83% of /g/), and many real world non-coders are simply not aesthetic enough to be coders.

Non-coders are often quite jealous of the brains+beauty combo that is required to become a coder... but there is really nothing that can be done about that. Maybe plastic surgery?

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It's called imposter syndrome, don't worry fren its real.

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>99% of her programming is just GUI on iOS
come back with a prettier girl who does low level, with evidence
then I'll be impressed

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thats weird, there are a million helpful people on that site giving answers for over 10 years but shes the only one that got an article for doing so

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That's about the kind of questions I expected her to answer, lmao.

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it's because of seething incels who take one look at the name and then spend hours screeching about their treetop clubhouse being invaded by girl cooties
>haha i could learn about ios quirks too ... i'm smart enough i think ... s-stupid women a-amirite guise???

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Nyet, my uni is top in CS and there are a lot of cuties going into CS when seats fill immediately. A lot bc of women in STEM push, even more because every guy thinks they'll get their dick wet. And mostly CSlets don't need math but want a "science" job.

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If you take a look at her StackOverflow contributions you can see she's full of shit. Overr half of her answers are flat out wrong or terrible advice.

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>moving the goalposts
>"it is not enough for you to simply be above my level, you have to demonstrate that you are at the top of the field for a nobody such as me to run out of cope"
the seething is going out of control

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Guessing she went through an undergrad program, I can't think of any reason to use MIPS in real life. Still that's more than most of /g/ can handle

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>lying on the internet

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>a nobody on /g/ vs a literal who from a pseudo porn mag
Name one woman you know in real life who reads Victoria's Secret to peruse lingerie. I'll wait an eternity and you won't be able to name a single person. Autists on /g/ are and always will be superior to turbosluts who sell their bodies and/or images to make money.

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>he's incapable of making a simple user search on StackOverflow

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>tfw no black software engineer supermodel gf

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>he's incapable of understanding any of the answers
>he's incapable of looking at the reputation points
>he's incapable of looking at the top answers list

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I smell angry incel

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>internet points on StackOverflow matter
>top answers on StackOverflow are always completely accurate and totally answer the original question
>he can't understand it so no one else can

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>implying i won't get called a liar by saying i know a woman in real life on a tibetan basket weaving internet letter exchange

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>law of large numbers does not apply to the internet
>inaccurate top answers never get called out for being inaccurate
>pretends to have programming knowledge on /g/

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That's a man / tranny.

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>this person can program code in...
What the fuck is that sentence

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>ITT bitter incels

>> No.72354485

>she went into acting and modeling professionally because she never saw herself spending her life around other computer programmers
It hurts, but I don't blame her

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Fit in harder faggot

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>she doesn't know COBOL
that's real cute and all, sweetie, but you can go back to the kitchen now. The men are talking.

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if you're fluent in C++ that obviously makes you a C++ programmer, imposter syndrome or not
go get some balls

>> No.72354728

>>she doesn't know COBOL
>that's real cute and all, sweetie, but you can go back to the kitchen now. The men are talking.
cobol was invented by a woman, sweaty

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yeah this was not a good field to get into guys
what do now

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echo "841st" | cut -c 3-

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a woman who actually knew how to code
rather than a thot who took some programming in college

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poetry, it truely is poetry

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i drop out because of hostile enviroment

meanwhile she literally invented how to use copper inside of your cpu while working at ibm at a time where women in tech were practicly non existence

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kill yourself whiteknights
>hehe le muh incel have sex lol
fuck off already, she nor any woman will ever notice you

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you are comparing an actual engineer that let her work speaks for itself vs a literal thot that saw the easy way to make money

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>implying I'm not a low level programmer
>implying I'm moving goal posts when I only set one standard
that standard is to be on par with any C programmer
y i k e s

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post her stack overflow.

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weird, her top posts all have comments saying they dont work while the second most upvoted answers say theyre the most simple..?

>> No.72355436

That isn't even reddit spacing you retard

>> No.72355447

She's still not going to have sex with you.

>> No.72355450

Imagine how much of an incel you would have to be to be threatened by a pretty girl who can program and has a somewhat decent job.

>> No.72355453

I'll post in her stackflow if you know what I mean

>> No.72355463

no, "I'll cause her stack to overflow"

>> No.72355471

>with programming ability

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dear god

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It's a big world, I guess someone had to be legit. I've occasionally met attractive female programmers, but they are damn rare

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She's not even part of the company anymore.

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MIPS is not a language
>t. MIPS user

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I know it's subjective but I'd argue.

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She's not hot.
Look at those out of proportion long arms.

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I mean props for getting a bachelors in CS I suppose

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>Can code in python, c++, java, MIPS and objective-c
I seriously doubt this. Her github / stackoverflow suggests she only knows objective-c / swift (basically easy-as-shit, pajeet tier languages).
I bet she only knows the very basics of the others but still tells people she "knows" them.

>Bachelors degree
doesn't mean a thing. The vast majority of universities are so shit at teaching cs and basically give a degree to anyone who can write (or cant write) fizzbuzz. Also most universities don't actually teach "computer science" (as in discrete math, the theory of computation & automata theory) They're basically a glorified "HTML for beginners" course.

>27481 SO point
if you check out her SO account: https://stackoverflow.com/users/2274694/lyndsey-scott
you'll see that all her answers are basically for pajeet tier, simple, questions. This really isn't impressive & most people can do this.

>Why 41% of women in tech drop out
because most women go into tech to "innovate" and "think outside the box" and think they are going to be the next steve jobs. Once they realize what cs actually is they drop the fuck out.

>> No.72355953

>mcdonalds employee
Libtards once again showing that they hate working class people

>> No.72356147

i'll make fun of anyone who claims they're hot shit because they have a lot of points on SO and work for some literal who startup, doesn't matter if it's a greasy indian neckbeard or a world class supermodel
consider suicide white knight subhuman

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because it gets clicks from angry retarded nigger crossboarers from /pol/. you are human cattle because your IQ is sub 90. you fucking retard

>> No.72356306

>incel spends time analyzing every facet of this womans professional and personal life
>wonders why articles like this are written when all that matters is clicks
>is too low IQ to realize he's human cattle. specifically prodded to get clicks
you're literal trash lmao

>> No.72356411

why does it look like she's wearing childrens' character underwear?

>> No.72356447

>if you engage in anything you are human cattle
you must have a boring life

>> No.72356473

>you'll see that all her answers are basically for pajeet tier, simple, questions. This really isn't impressive & most people can do this.
her answers are wrong a lot

>> No.72356481

you are completely retarded if you think my post implied that in anyway shape or frame. in fact, you are, you are cattle. now hurry up and get offended at the next click bait so you can drive advertiser impressions cuck

>> No.72356493

i feel sorry for you friend

>> No.72356507

sure thing cattle

>> No.72356698

So where does your company rank?

>> No.72357217

Cool your jungle fever anon

>> No.72357218

Muh reddit spacing is pushed by /pol/tard desesperate to fit in. Even moot spaced his messages.

Gas yourself.

>> No.72357243

/g/ might find it hard to accept, but a lot of the times the good looking people are also the smart/succesful ones

>> No.72357269

successful sure, but not smart

>> No.72357299

who? fuck off to plebbit

>> No.72357435

is grinding stack overflow answers even valuable for a resume

>> No.72357450

>minorities are oppressed

>> No.72357545

>Rajat Singh
of course hahahahahah

>> No.72357555

You don't know what the fuck you're talking about. There are different versions and implementations of C++ which in my view almost make it look kike a different language. Modern C++ versions are a whole different thing. C++ is probably the language which requires the most experience because you can easily fuck shit up. Then you'll have to know your way around countless commonly used libraries like Boost and don't get me started with writing anything cross platform. A "fluent" C++ programmer knows all of that and I can guarantee she doesn't.
Imagine being a white knight reddit.

>> No.72357563

Literally me. But MIPS is shit either way.

>> No.72357616

You are right, specially C++ is the language that no one can truly master it, even if you have 30 years experience with it, let alone being a newly graduated part-time supermodel

>> No.72357723

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

>> No.72358096

>nicely placed product

>> No.72358161


This is what I inferred as well.

MIPS has almost zero industry usage. It is a simple architecture used mainly for teaching because x86 is a dumpster fire and ARM isn't free.

Every resume that lists MIPS as a skillset without any other architecture is literally just an undergrad who barely passed their Computer Organization course

>> No.72358191


So a basically surface level tutorial where all the difficult computation is in a library provided by Google.

Got it

>> No.72358205


You're probably an underclassman.

Just wait -- those qts will disappear junior year and beyond

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Only saw 2 girls in 2nd year above. There were around 7 or so 1st year.

>> No.72358474

I saw this on here months ago.

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>There is absolutely nothing there.

>> No.72358690

can't unsee

>> No.72358727

Well she is not hello world tier.
But certainly not professional 1337 programmer.
Shes meh run of the mill.

>> No.72358769

In my whole life i only met 1 women who was a very competent programmer.

But then she was also in her 50s and was one of those rare females who had Asperger.

>> No.72358795

To be fair, GUI programming can be a pain in the ass, I prefer low level stuff by far.

>> No.72358796

gtfo redditfag
Saw this yesterday

>> No.72358801

Reading that I can confirm that Swift was a mistake

>> No.72358842

Painting a car is a pain in the ass too.
But actually capable of fixing the engine...

>> No.72358852

Indian person:

>> No.72358863

Ofcourse she only does iPhone app shit. Fucking useless shit. Make a useful project first and then consider porting to mobile.

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>UI code
KYS roastie.

>> No.72358924

that pic have been posted here countless time. i'm pretty sure that's the case for reddit, too.

>> No.72359751

she mad :clap:

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>> No.72361103

Wow she must be like a total geniousus

>> No.72361178

I bet she's terrible lmao

>> No.72361912

> I have X points on

>> No.72361955









>> No.72361982






>> No.72362118

>I thought there would be le nerd chads in CS but it turned out there are actual nerds teehee ew have sex incels

>> No.72362229


My public github is mostly empty. My contribution mosaic has very little green in it.

Because I actually spend my days on a corporate github writing code that actually makes me money

>> No.72362317

>black person appears in anything, do anything at any level
>response is guaranteed explicit racism designed to dehumanize
It's been like 12 years I've been here and irrational hatred of black people has been a constant. You guys really hate our lips, hair, and skin. You guys hate those features so much that you disregard truth. Is it really so fun to misunderstand and purpose and softly degrade society into tribalism and gay reactionary ideology? Honestly why

>> No.72362330
File: 81 KB, 893x767, 1554792474887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will never breed her then abort the child

>> No.72362337

I don't hate black people
I hate women

>> No.72362338

>irrational hatred

Not how it works dumb fuck. It has always been that whites who have more interactions with blacks are more likely to hate them. Its a post judgement thats entirely rational. Blacks suck. Deal with it you smelly fuck.

>> No.72362413

Non meme answer to a retard, is she as good as or better than your average coder?

>> No.72362440
File: 89 KB, 433x800, 75275678_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no models are hot theyre all 7ft tall and have man jaws

>> No.72362474

What's wrong with her skin?

>> No.72362495

It's irrational because it's obvious that people are individual but you racists act like I'm in any way responsible or related to the behavior of a group of people. The group of people you dislike were instanced out of a particular genetic ancestry, historical, economic, social context, and I(like many other blacks) am not a product of those factors. You are irrationally relating individuals to groups, presumably because you don't know where to make distinctions genetically or behaviorally and absorbed some bad experience. I'm not dumb, smelly, or a criminal, yet you will treat me that way even to your own detriment. That's not rational, that's emotional

>> No.72362515

Wow nigger man up, I'm a darkie too, it's just how things are. No amount of talking will help, especially on an anonymous imageboard.
I hope you're not some white guy larping

>> No.72362520


>> No.72362523

>people are individual

I can tell I'm dealing with a 80 IQ evolution denying retard(oh wait we already knew you were low iq, youre black) Please spare the same tired tripe we've all seen posted countless times and learn for once in your life a base level of statistics.

>> No.72362533

She's above average for her ability to comprehend and make community contributions alone. Most web developers contribute absolutely nothing of value in any context. I have no idea about her portfolio.

>> No.72362558


The hatred isn't irrational and it has nothing to do with your skin color or features. I actually find black skin to be quite aesthetic.

Black people, as a group, are terrible. Everywhere on planet earth where there are more than 100 blacks in the immediate area is a ghetto. You have a significantly lower average IQ and your people are incapable of creating or continuing a civil society or any form of technological advancement. One third of blacks are mentally retarded according to medical standards set in white societies before political correctness. The standards only moved because we noticed we couldn't classify one third of you as retarded, because muh feelings. About 45% of you have an IQ at or below 83, which isn't techincally retarded, but its the line at which the US military says you're not even worth bringing on as a cook or janitor, because you'd need so much supervision to do your menial job that its not even worth having you. As such, about half of black men age 22-65 are unemployed (because they're unemployable, not black). Blacks commit 50% of murders in the US at 13% of the population. You have a much higher incidence of mono amine oxidase a (the warrior gene), which predicts violence and poor impulse control.

Blacks should undergo self imposed eugenics to push out their shit DNA. Get your collective IQs up to European standards and you'll be accepted. Until then, go be a nigger somewhere else

>> No.72362677

Anon are you aware that genetic factors for intelligence are not race exclusive and all you need to do is breed smart people? Are you aware that black people don't all have the same genetic ancestry? I'm black and my IQ is comparable to anyone on this board. I've also interacted with enough people to know my chances of meeting a dumb white person are the same as meeting a dumb black person, in most of the West. Doesn't it bother you to operate on a stereotype as if it were absolutely true at every resolution? Seems like you have just begun categorizing in a lazy way and so you're a racist now instead of an objective observer

>> No.72362702

You are aware that races are not all the same and that evolution didnt magically stop in human beings just because your ideology wants it too?

>> No.72362727

Alright but you're talking about a group of people made up of things that are mostly unrelated to me. I will be judged by a group's behavior even though genetics doesn't work that way. That's irrational. You're only doing it because racial collectivism is popular even though it's bankrupt. Even identifying me as black instead of by my geographic ancestry is low IQ.

>> No.72362761

Well alright, it's not often you see cute black girls do that.

>> No.72362784

Explain africa never having any ancient civilizations
there are no monuments and ancient cities left behind

>> No.72362792

What is your point? I don't care what the majority instance of black people are like or what they will be like. I'm black, my genetics are fine, my conduct is fine, and I will reproduce with a similarly decent person. There is no reason to treat me or my hypothetical children as inferior other than an oversensitive and persistent application of stereotyping. Would you think less of me after I helped you and you discovered my skin is dark?

>> No.72362800

if this thread has 164 replies then it makes sense why they would write an article about her, /pol/ probably gave it 1000 clicks alone

>> No.72362816

>I dont care about differences, race, evolution, statistics or anything
>only my blind egalitarian ideological nonsense
>race is only skin color

What exactly did you think you were proving with this post?

>> No.72362826

god she is ugly, thats the face of a cancer patient

>> No.72362831

He's on his period

>> No.72362835

>Even identifying me as black instead of by my geographic ancestry is low IQ.

Are you black? Then you're subsaharan African. No other specification is needed. You niggers don't ask if I'm Scottish or German.

As a group, I don't want you in my neighborhood or country, because every you touch turns to shit. As an individual I may give you time of day, but specifically as a group you are less than worthless. You are a blight on the earth.

>> No.72362857

History is a power game and Africa got fucked up for arbitrary and natural reasons and it's had a cumulative degrading effect which resulted in a large population of underdeveloped people. That doesn't mean there weren't any successful or worthy black individuals(race is not genetics or culture). It doesn't mean you should treat me particularly badly upon learning I have dark skin.

>> No.72362894

>race is skin color

He keeps going

>> No.72362949

I don't care about anyone, it's just funny how even Indians had a civilization going centuries ago while there's nothing in Africa. No written language either.

>> No.72362950

>unrelated strawman
>egalitarian ideology
I didn't really talk about treating everyone the same regardless of their differences. I said I don't have the traits you hate black people for and that it's irrational to treat me like I do.

I suspect you are not smart enough to talk about genetics and racism. You cannot seem to articulate how your reflexive, fallacious, emotional categorizing of people is not irrational.

>> No.72362960


>> No.72362989

>I dont have the traits

You do whether you like it or not, and you keep showing that you do with your constant refusal of evolutionary reality while calling others emotional. You are delusional.

>> No.72363015

>No other specification is needed.
Yeah there is, because a racist will conflate genetics, culture, behavior, etc into one things. They might be right if they say particular genetic factors make you less intelligence or unsophisticated, or that a particular culture is shit. They're saying all black people have the same geographic ancestry that is relevant to the undesirable traits. It's not an accurate map and if people used geographic ancestry rather than the arbitrary racial categorization when talking about traits or behavior, it wouldn't be such a dumb conversation.

>> No.72363022

>whites are the most empathetic r-

>> No.72363072

Racial identification is based mostly on skin color, bone structure, particularly facial structure, hair, and eyes. We're operating under the pretense that I'm "black" even though my genetics and ancestry makes that category not useful for observing my, because to the extent that you can recognize details of my phenotype, you can do basic matching and predict some elements. I didn't say race is skin color at all, that's your strawman

>> No.72363073

African civilization preferred wood and earthen structures. It's why little survived.
Even if their cultures were less advanced that doesn't mean they didn't exist.

>> No.72363074


There it comes. The emotional baboon shows itself for what it really is.

>muh continuum fallacy

Literal middle school shit. As expected from a black.

>> No.72363090

>I didnt say race was skin color
>upon learning I have dark skin
>upon learning my skin is dark

Sorry darkie its hard to keep up with people a whole SD above you I know, just calm down, go have a Swisher sweet.

>> No.72363123

>reddit spacing

>> No.72363138

Reddit spacing isnt real. Its a newfag buzzphrase. Go away.


>> No.72363159

Can you explain how my position ignores evolution? I think you are not smart enough, honestly. You don't seem to realize I've been suggesting evolution and talking about race in terms of genetics. You're not engaging with anything I've said, like you don't understand the concepts I'm referencing. I'm talking about genetic diversity and geographic ancestry and you're making some strawman about evolution like evolution isn't a foundation concept in genetics. Why would I even bring up geography if I wasn't operating under an evolutionary framework?

So this is the power of whiteness...

>> No.72363176

Because you think this weird concept of the "individual" can somehow ignore genes and evolution.

You also repeat the ludicrous continuum fallacy. This is just the same tired 1970s lunatic rhetoric all of you race deniers repeat. Youre no different.

>> No.72363189

>Hostile work environment
It's called real life

>> No.72363191

Sorry, but if you read anything else I wrote is very hard to assume I think race is just skin color. I was shortening the details you need to observe to make a racial identification, to avoid being pedantic. It should've been obvious if you weren't trying to strawman me to lazily achieve something

>> No.72363206

African blacks have no concept of time

>> No.72363258

I didn't call you or anyone specifically a racist as a slur. Stop trying to cop out of engaging with the argument.

I'm unfamiliar with what you mean. My argument is that it's irrational to make bad faith assumptions about me because I fit in a category that lacks detail and contains contradictions.

>> No.72363285

Continuum fallacy. The idea that a muddled middle in some cases renders categories unviable and impossible. The best analogy is that of colors.

>well green has a bit of these other colors in it so therefore "green" is arbitrary and a pointless classification!

Notice people only ever use this dumb argument and autistic hatred of categorization on humans. Never is it a problem with numerous animal species that get categorization.

>> No.72363317

>individual" can somehow ignore genes and evolution.
No. Nobody said this. This is coming from you entirely. I'm explicitly talking about genes and geographic ancestry. You apparently don't realize that individuals inherit different genes depending on their ancestry. I have to educate you about science to have this conversation with you, which is my signal to ignore you now

>> No.72363337

>have to educate you about science

AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH says the guy that doesnt even understand the continuum fallacy. Yeah I'm done here.

>> No.72363372

>i have 27481 points in stackoverflow
>im on IOS tutorial team
>i have a bachelors degree

holy shit what a normie spoiled bitch

>> No.72363410

Looks like she fucks white men exclusively.

>> No.72363438
File: 61 KB, 533x900, 1217695826534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why post this? its just depressing

>> No.72363489

Why tho
I'd rather be a sub 100iq man than a 200iq woman, much less a black woman

>> No.72363518

she needs to join our startup

>> No.72363533

>idea that a muddled middle in some cases renders categories unviable and impossible.
Didn't say this at all. Look I will make it simple:
Certain genes can affect intelligence and behavior. They exist in a population because of a common ancestor. Black people, as a racial category, are composed of groups of people that have many different and distinct common ancestors. In order for me to possess a genetic trait, I must have a particular genetic ancestor. Not having some genes or some ancestry doesn't disqualify me from being categorically black. The common ancestors which possess inferior genes would need to be identified geographically, and I would need to be a descendant, not just adjacent, for you to conclude anything about my IQ or behavior. Scientists haven't identified these inferior sets of genes, and ancestors. Racial identification isn't high resolution enough to be able to apply behavior traits to individuals. Therefore it is irrational

>> No.72363577

I'm sorry, am I supposed to care about some strawman argument that isn't related to my position? Pick out anything I've said about genetics, traits, etc and show me where it's wrong. So far you haven't interacted with anything I've said, just referenced the sources for your bias

>> No.72363611

*irrational to assign these traits to me
Not that racial identification is irrational

>> No.72363708

Dear Lyndsey,

I hope you can be lifted as a genuine inspiration to female developers. A lot of less serious actors and overly eager, agenda-driven media has seriously damaged the image of women in the industry and attracted the wrong type of people to it.

>> No.72363781

How many years old is this post?

>> No.72363805


Here Tyrone. Learn something.

>> No.72363844

Have sex.

>> No.72363846

So far the _only_ argument I've gotten that addresses what I've said was an accidental one.

>Are you black? Then you're subsaharan African.
Okay, so the rest of your argument would be that this population had inferior genes for intellect or some other desirable trait, so all black people are affected, regardless of the rest of the their ancestry(not exactly correct but simple). To prove this argument you would have to map out what the genes do for the desirable traits, group and classify the genetic composition of subsaharan africans, and then confirm those genes did indeed descend to every black person.

I will wait for this study

>> No.72363880

A bachelors from Amherst isn't bad. That's a tough school to get into

>> No.72363899

Retard, let me make it even more simple for you:

I believe in race and the function of race. I'm talking about behavior traits and assigning those traits to individuals.

Gene A makes you mean and dumb

Many black people have gene A

Many black people don't have gene A

Many black people aren't mean and dumb

Treating all black people like they have gene A, or that being black IS gene A, is irrational, because race and genetics doesn't work that way.

Nowhere did I claim that race shouldn't exist as a category or that it wasn't functional.


>> No.72363924

Race is a meme, the real redpill is anyone who evolved in a warm climate is dumber than the ones who evolved in colder climes. So funny how it all boils down to the sun boiling your iq over the millenia

>> No.72364016

>Cpp, Java, Obj C
Not impressed

>> No.72364052

>genes aren't real because I want to believe I'm an outlier this bad

>> No.72364155

He's saying unique genes like that which make you dumb aren't present in every black guy

>> No.72364283

>unique genes like that which make you dumb aren't present in every black guy
Yeah. I'm not even suggesting the poor genes are uncommon even, by using the word "unique". Poor genes are incredibly common in the black community. Poor genes are incredibly common. I think it's lazy to assume everyone is shit quality by their race, which is what I've learned from talking to people that inanely post the same jokes for 12 years, at the expense of apparently*check notes* societal stability.

>> No.72364340

It is


>> No.72364354

I'm just in fact not a dumb nigger. I've met other black people that aren't dumb niggers.

Anon most people I meet are niggers, but they aren't black. This might hurt you but some of the smartest people I know are black women.

>> No.72364452

They practically are. The potential for all blacks is lower.

>muh other race nigger meme

A nigger in a suit is still a nigger. Your IQ might be 95 instead of 85 so you think youre a genius.

>> No.72364552

I agree, however it's more like 90% of /g/
since 75% of /g/ is actually /v/ and they don't know how to hello world in bash.

>> No.72364634

>They practically are. The potential for all blacks is lower.
You need to actually prove this. The capabilities of biology are not simple. You can't fake providing this proof without looking like an intellectual fraud, either. I'll be waiting for you to post a chart along with a piss poor grade argument though.

>> No.72364649

Not to be "that guy" but her face isn't attractive and she's just skinny. Not that abnormal for someone like this. She's also "brown" so that's common in that culture to go into technology for a better life. She just also does modeling.

I doubt you'd find a supermodel that even knows how to read.

>> No.72364652

>some of the smartest people I know are black women.
you went too far, your larp was believable until this

>> No.72364660

Serious cope. Models aren't automatically dumb. Lundgren for example

>> No.72364697

Why would this bother anyone? If she knows all that, excellent, one less nigger stealing shit on the streets.

>> No.72364706

Does Victoria's Secret sell programming socks?

>> No.72364758

It's not a "cope". Just because it's something you don't like doesn't mean I'm in denial. Look at her Instagram. She doesn't have an attractive face and she's just skinny.

Most models are not intelligent because they don't have to be. Do you think people learn every single thing about everything? Or is it that they just focus on what makes them money? What's the point in learning so much when you can just focus on what brings in money? Significant money at that.

It's like the people on here who think they're superior because they use an obscure Linux distro and program in C or whatever. As if that means anything. Like some web developer who is smart doesn't make more than them with less work.

>> No.72364815

There was some study on how good looking people are smarter too

>> No.72364937

It bothers people that have contradictions they have yet to resolve and they do it like this:

>> No.72364955

Are you actually saying blacks dont have a lower IQ? Lmao

>> No.72365100
File: 33 KB, 1024x576, ACDAAA00-8A87-46AC-B437-DDDD122912F9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This entire thread just went from /g/ to /pol/

>> No.72365155

>thinking defending woman will get someone to notice me
bro i guess you have more problems than us

>> No.72365266

aren't Victoria's Secret girls high end prostitutes for the rich elite?

>> No.72365285

there are cutie mathematicians and physicists but they are britbong or from european countries.

>> No.72365396

No, I'm saying that the reason blacks have lower IQ isn't because they are black. Black people have a lower IQ on average because most black people have lower quality genes, along with other negative factors going for them.

>> No.72365442

she's not hot tho
I'm not against black women, I know I saw some hot black women (rare, however), but she's far from hot. Look at her face, she looks like with a Down's syndrome. Arms alien-like.
I'd rather masturbate than have sex with her.

>> No.72365622

No shit retard. Being black is more than your skin color, you already tried this nonsense race is skin deep garbage

>other negative factors

Like preferential affirmative action and more? Give me a break. Blacks even as slaves had it better than Russian serfs and had higher literacy. Blacks now have more wealth than lots of poor whites who are far smarter. this myth needs to die.

>> No.72365655

>sees a paragraph break
>calls it reddit spacing
i bet you're asian and a redditor

>> No.72365697

she single handedly assblasted the entirety of /g/ on a saturday night

go figure

>> No.72365751

fuck you nigger. yes I hate you. your people are dumb as shit. your people are shit and terrible. I want you away from me. I want you to die or go back to africa. you guys area always bad programmers too. all the nigerians in my class are retarded. I had to work with one on a group project, literally had trouble navigating the source control website we were using (it was some microsoft product, can't remember and don't care). Like he had to write down notes where the login button on the top right was. wtf... This was an upper level course too. No idea how he got this far.

>> No.72365781

>drop out because of hostile working environment
do you guys actually do this? I'm chill with whoever as long as they're not an ass or act like they know shit.

>> No.72365787

Seriously, I may shit on pajeets but they have the Maurya and probs some other ones I can't remember. Africa hasn't done shit. They had ancient Egyptian ones but they weren't black

>> No.72365998

mindless hatred towards anyone is just an empty promise for a person to feel both superior and important about who they are. I've spent time with all types of supremacy groups on the internet, you'll realize that it's the same shit spouted by everyone. It's kinda cringe.
Either way 'you guys' don't really hate the features, I'd say that a pretty substantial amount of these loud voices are people who were raised in a school which had a large painting of a planet where all races were holding hands together with smiles, their public history education wasn't much more than the civil war, slavery and the two world wars. Then they go out into the real worlds treating everyone equal but they have all of these loud voices screaming at them to apologise for being white which build up rage towards anyone, coupled with the notion that people literally ignore differences between races but still spam racial stereotypes.
An average white person seeing the post 'whites have no culture!' with thousands of retweets when they've literally never talked shit about any race leads them down a rabbit hole of bitter hate.
At least that's what I think is happening, for the most part.

>> No.72366029
File: 91 KB, 830x1024, 23c75b2e5281c6e85138b0e0e778bfd140692050r1-1080-1333v2_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

getting +27,000 points in SO you need publish answers every fucking day since September 15, 2008; 10 years ago. Her SO profile is on top 1% overall

>> No.72366042

lol, reading over this this was pretty badly written, it's too late for me to do it. Whatever, it's understandable

>> No.72366080

she was probably paid

>> No.72366108

those are just empty jokes im a jew
overtime i see a /pol/ tard open an intel thread
and "hitler did nothing worng" type of shit.
i just laugh because i know 85% of this is pure troll.
you just need to keep with your stuff going and not looking for affirmative action

>> No.72366135

They get preferential treatment in schools

>> No.72366137

Damn and I'm both ugly and dumb. I wish I could BTFO people instead of getting BTFO. I haven't really started trying anyway.

>> No.72366214

>Being black is more than your skin color, you already tried this nonsense race is skin deep garbage
You can't read, it's amazing.

>Like preferential affirmative action and more? Give me a break.
I sure will give you a break. Talking about quotas and entitlements with you wouldn't be very productive.

>> No.72366240
File: 1.12 MB, 1885x953, gibs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gibs tech
checks out

>> No.72366246

let it out dude. don't let it fester inside and turn you into a radical racial ideologue. what was that nigger's name?

>> No.72366251





>> No.72366322

OP still isn't going to have sex with you.

>> No.72366344

amazing, simply amazing.

I want to smell the back of her knees

>> No.72366421

She has re-vitiligo.

>> No.72366557

>you can't read

You dont even know what youre saying half the time. Its honestly astonishing. I guess this what happens if youre 5 IQ points above your peoples average so you believe youre big brain.

>> No.72366797

>not wanting niggers to not act like monkeys for once
what's your problem

>> No.72366811


>> No.72366973

Have sex you kissless handholdless hugless incel virgins

>> No.72367015

How much you wanna bet her stackoverflow points are due to her avatar and answering basic ass popular questions?

>> No.72367081

lol there aren't even that many people in the world

>> No.72367116
File: 156 KB, 800x1136, 1525193011784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72367133

>he doesn't actually know what reddit spacing is

>> No.72367141

Yes they look ugly as shit

>> No.72367178
File: 546 KB, 1158x1262, goldeneye.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>reddit spacing
That's not how it works you idiot. That spacing only applies when quoting something and then replying to that quote one space below. It's to keep your response from being included in the quote.

>> No.72368103

i bet shes a qtpie autismo
gotta love those

>> No.72368165
File: 33 KB, 466x349, i have never enjoyed living.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>zero real arguments
>just ad hom
can we just ban /pol/yps on sight yet

>> No.72368193

>real arguments
>against someone with zero idea how genes, race or evolution works

A concise easy to follow video was linked that I'm sure even you can understand Tyrone. Its no ones fault but your own that all you can do is regurgitate fallacies and lies from the 70s race denialist playbook.

>> No.72368290
File: 357 KB, 645x430, goth_laptop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


post your stats incel

>> No.72368346

>6 shit replies already
Just give up, mate.
You cannot argue with these "people".
4chan is massively pro-reddit, pro-frog, pro-phoneposting and anti-anime now.

>> No.72368387
File: 149 KB, 625x400, 85184694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.72368966

the thread started as pol, the only reason op posted that was because she's a woman and/or black, and you can't deny this fact

>> No.72369402

for coding from farther away

>> No.72369539

Big masculine hands.

>> No.72369584
File: 1.84 MB, 266x199, lolm8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOL this thread is so sad.

>> No.72369780

Let's dispense with the pretense and lynch everyone who isn't a pure Anglo. We'll do the Earth a lot of good too, tank the population down to a few dozen millions only

>> No.72369997

That has to be a man. Definitely born a man.

>> No.72370020

>The eternal Anglo with his genocidal fantasies again.

>> No.72370822

fucking based loli poster

>> No.72371088

print("fuck niggers")

>> No.72371309

>MFW I work for for google

>> No.72371352 [DELETED] 

import shotgun as gun

my_gun = gun.create_gun ()
my_gun.load ()
my_gun.shoot ("Niggers")

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