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>Assemble a part list
>How to assemble a PC

Want help?
>State budget & CURRENCY
>Post at least some attempt at a parts list
>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)

CPUs based on current pricing
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing, bare minimum gaming (can be OC'd on most mobos with the right BIOS)
>R3 2200G - Minimum 30-60fps gaming. The stronger 3400G sells for $150. (R3K APUs OCs better than R2K)
>R5 2600 - 60fps+ gaming CPU with great value
>R5 3600 - Great gaming CPU
>R7 3700X - Overkill gaming CPU
>R7 1700X - Budget production
>R9 3900X - Professional tasks

>Do not use a single DIMM. 2 sticks for a typical dual channel CPU
>CPUs benefit from fast RAM; 3200CL16 or Micron E-die ("AES" in P/N) recommended
>AMD B & X chipsets and Intel Z chipsets support XMP
>B-die is EOL, stock is limited

GPUs based on current pricing
>RX 570/580 8GB - Can be found on sale/used for cheap. Look for 570s which are >1240MHz boost
>(GTX 1660TI @ ~$230/Vega56 @ ~$270) - higher fps / more demanding games
>RX 5700 - higher FPS
>RX 5700 - standard, 75-100FPS+
>RX 5700XT - higher fps
2160p (4K)
>RTX 2070S OC - budget option. Turing scales better into 4K than Navi does. OR upscale from lower resolution with RIS
>2080Ti - best for 4K but expensive

>Navi AIB models come within a week. 5700 non-XT blower is alright, due to low power.

>Yes, adaptive sync (free/g/sync) is important for gaming
>NVMe isn't better than SATA SSD for gaming
>Don't use Speccy
>Beware sites which rank CPUs by arbitrary, obfuscated scores (eg userbenchmark, passmark, cpuboss)
>Beware and report the permaban evading /g/ spammer who posts fake benchmarks
>AM4 VRMs + Monitors + SSD Guide under "more"

more https://rentry.co/pcbg-more

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>98c mem temp on the XFX THICC II
>When Micron rates their memory at 95c max

What happened to you, XFX. You used to be cool.

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>THICC heatsink
>shit thermals

Why did they even bother?

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Yeah that's pretty toasty.
I can't even find the temps that some Nvidia partner cards are getting on the VRAM. Is everyone who buys them just too tech illiterate to note it, or do they literally not even have the sensors for it? wtf.
Their RX590 used pretty much the same cold plate where it's a separate, un-soldered piece of metal. Lmao.

It's strange because... why not just make the other piece it's screwed onto larger to begin with? Or lower it down closer to the VRAM?

I assumed he didn't buy a board he can't even POST on. Who would do that?

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>Beware and report the permaban evading /g/ spammer who posts fake benchmarks
Holy shit, the former AMD namefag's included his schizophrenia in the OP
/pcbg/ is pozzed

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Anyone know where I can find female sata power connectors and the 6 pin female connector for the other end? I want to make my own SATA power cables for a modular PSU. I'm tired of them being spaced apart and scrunched up almost 6 inches when they only need to be like 1.5".

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Any opinions on an AM4 compatible cooler for a 3700x? Anything better than a Hyper 212+, but will be compatible with 42mm RAM. I'd get a big honkin Noctua D15 as a no brainer otherwise

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scythe fuma 2 or you can just use the nh d15 with 1 fan aka nh d15S

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Had no idea the D15S existed at all, wow. Really neat idea to just chop some of the radiators off to fit the RAM. Wish I could fit the D15, but this is great. Thanks mayne

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Been awhile since I built a computer. I got a 3900x and I need ram. What balance of speed,timings and ram that is actually available to buy should I go for?

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2x 8GB 3200CL16

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same thing that happened to sapphire, and most brands in general

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>Holy shit, the former AMD namefag's included his schizophrenia in the OP
I really wish the mods would either ban him or force a trip for him so people could filer him.
He is the biggest fucking plague on this general and the fact people can do nothing to avoid seeing his shit spam and scizo posts is fucking annoying to say the least.

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it's funny because even the boards are cheaper

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>intel CPU is 36% more expensive
>performance is 16% better
>when overclocked
>in cherry picked benchmarks (2080ti at 1080p)
>this is somehow a price/performance win for intel
yeah, no.

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>didnt read image
>coping instead

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+easy 5GHz OC games love that shit
+you don't have to deal with bios headaches on old mobos
+z390 platform very mature and accessible at this time
+no voltage sperging while browsing /g/
+better emulation performance

for gamers it's a better deal imo

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I installed a Ryzen 7 3800X in my wife last week. She's now pregnant with octuplets and they're due in 3 weeks.

Meanwhile my neighbor chose Intel and keeps discarding miscarried fetuses in his driveway.

Thanks Dr. Su!

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so your point is that they compared the 3900X (not the 3700X) in some games that don't scale beyond 16 threads anyway? ok, let's fix that. clocks on the 3700X are something around 4% lower, resulting in around 2% lower performance overall.

>intel CPU is 36% more expensive
>performance is 18% better
>when overclocked
>which requires a $200 AIO cooler to stop that chip from melting
>in cherry picked benchmarks (2080ti at 1080p)
>this is somehow a price/performance win for intel
yeah, no.

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Remember when amd shills sucked people into buying ryzen instead of intel for gaming based on biased benchmarks and they never mentioned or disclaimed that was the case?

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Hey C70 bro, didn't mean to flake off from earlier but I do have a question if your experienced in building with this case. Would you recommend putting front intakes? It looks like there's potentially room when the front panel comes off. Or would I be better off top/bottom mounting them?

Also the reason I didn't take the second cage out is because I'm debating on if I want to throw in my old Hitachi HDD (FUCKING AT LEAST 7 YEARS OLD) to use as a throwaway backup sort of drive-basically keeping copies of things that I wouldn't necessarily care about loosing. Still back and forth on that. I got this bad for 60 funbux. Friend was moving out of state and downsized his build.

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>Athlon 200GE for bare minimum gaming
I don't buy this. Ryzen APUs should be minimum.

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Only 40% of 9900k reach 5ghz. You only have one chipset compatible with Intel's 9000 series, thanks intel!zen2 now has slightly better emulatiom performance.

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Jesus, who buys AMD cards at all these days? Fucking junk.

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Out of these processors what's the best one I can run on a stock cooler?

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No need to bother finding out temps, Nvidia runs cool baby! This isn't Fermi anymore.

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I told you goys to go preorder the lg 27gl850 a month ago. You should have listened. Good luck getting one now

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No one does, thus why 3rd parties dont try. Its not worth the effort

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I have 2 noctua intake fans in the front, there's room. I had some issues where the front dust filter can catch very slightly on the fan blades occasionally, and my solution was just to very slightly open the front panel up on one side and it stops. Haven't had that issue in awhile though.

The idea of my fan setup was to bring all the air in from the front, then have 1 exhaust on the side, 1 exhaust in the rear, 2 exhaust above. Not sure if this is ideal or not, but it's a big case so mediocre thermals aren't the end of the world.

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Why would you reply to yourself?
>taking 35 minutes to change your IP address

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Pretty sure its just there to b8 brazilians into buying dogshit

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Friendly reminder to report the ban evader and his friend.

He's used 100+ different IPs at this point. He's mentally ill enough to care.

Mugen 5, Le Grande Macho. Not sure if those are compatible. Afaik the Fuma2 clears any RAM, so that probably.
There is also the Arctic 33/plus that is a bit better and more quiet than the 212 evo and cheap. It should be enough to cool the 3700X without spending too much but the Fuma 5 is obviously a more substantial heatsink with more heatpipes.

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He has been doing this everyday for like 3 years. I seriously fucking wonder how pathetic his life is. He posts like 18 hours a day and makes every thread.

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>GIGABYTE X570 AORUS Elite on backorder everywhere besides scalpers
>amazon won't even have them in stock until the 20th

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I had read the same thing about the fans catching which is what I wanted to see if you had experienced the same thing. I guess it's really a matter of measuring how much clearance that I have in finding an appropriate fan.

There's so many options for airflow in this thing that really the only bad option I can see is pulling air from the top. Only because there's no top filter. Not an air flow expert by any means either, but you could also pull cool air from the bottom of the case since you do have the elevation. I have my exhaust running at a higher curve than the rest of my fans in order to exhaust everything.

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Best price-to-performance GPU? I just wanna try CEMU out and my laptop's insufficient.

>> No.72313482

>sale prices
absolute state of this fucking anon lmao
Actual prices are $699.99 and 499.99, don't believe this intard for a minute

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RX580 8gb and 5700XT

>> No.72313508

4gb 570 or 5700xt. But just buy a switch. Cemu is retarded.

>> No.72313530

Already have a switch, just wanna try it out. Is the 5700XT fine? The sticky website doesn't recommend AMD for CEMU.

>> No.72313537

>Have CAS 19 RAM
>Set to CAS 19 in BIOS
>Result: CAS 20

>Set to CAS 17
>result: CAS 18

Is...is this the power of AMD?

>> No.72313550

Idk i hear drivers are shit so i wouldnt buy it. Rather just pay more for shit that just werks but if you are cheap yeah on paper it rapes

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Hello my good bros. I have a question about SSDs. Does the read/write speed really matter after a certain point? I can get a Colorful 480gb or 512gb SSD for 48.00 USD or 49.50 USD respectively. The sequential read/write speeds are about the same as Samsung Evo 860 and the random read/write speeds are about 30% slower.

The Colorful 512gb is exactly the same price as a Samsung Evo 860 256gb. Is the superior random read/write performance of the Samsung worth paying double the price per gb? I have a Samsung Evo 850 256gb already actually and it gas been very reliable. But isn't this price difference a bit too large? Shall I get the Colorful? Please advise.

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For CEMU, nvidia. Try a 1660.

>> No.72313583

Cemu ran fine on my 970, was cpu bound. God cemu is a pos though. Really fuckin ruined a lot of good games for me with all the bs. Seriously why put yourself through that?

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I'm building the best I can get on a lower budget. It's why I went with first gen Ryzen. These are Microcenter prices for the CPU/motherboard and other manually adjusted prices. Does first gen Ryzen NEED an aftermarket cooler? Is it worth $50 more for an 8GB RX580 vs the 4GB RX570 I have?


>> No.72313641

>32GB RAM meme
Do I do it anyway?

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Feels good knowing I got mine for $150 at micro center. Paired mine with a 3600

>> No.72313694

Congratz homie! enjoy your new monitor.

>> No.72313722

If you can afford it, I don't see why not

>> No.72313726

5700 is fine for Cemu because it's overpowered. But it's going to wind up performing like a 1660Ti in it because it's OpenGL.
570 is not very good for Cemu.

Pretty good build.

>> No.72313742

If pairing with an i5 6600k to sell:

$120 6GB 1060 or
$200 GTX 1070?

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Have a 1080ti, been pc gaming on my 4k TV but want to build a proper battlestation. Have 2 monitors I'm going to use as passive secondaries but looking for a decent budget monitor around 200. I'm fine with 1080 or 1440 just as long as it's a decent size and price.

>> No.72313808

is it with decent speeds and timings? sure

>> No.72313811 [DELETED] 

2070 Super

>> No.72313836

Currently on an R5 1300X for reference.
>R5 2600 for $215 AUD
>R5 3600 for $315 AUD
Assuming I'm on a B350 motherboard (With compatible BIOS for 3000-series chips), is there any real reason to go for the 3600 over the 2600?

>> No.72313837

This good lads?

>> No.72313847

If that money lets you buy a better GPU or monitor, go for the 2600.

>> No.72313860

It seems you can afford Nvidia so I'd go with that.

>> No.72313874

I'm already on a Sapphire Nitro SE RX580, so I'm unsure about upgrading yet. Maybe if there's a sale on 2060S/RX5700 or better, but for the time being I think it's fine.
Aside from CPU, I can't really think of what I'd want to upgrade

>> No.72313887

PSU is overpriced, and reference 5700 XT is loud but otherwise a very good build.

Is 20-50%+ higher FPS not a compelling reason?
But you may as well wait for it to go on sale when you already have a working PC and can wait.

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Just upgrade your CPU when you start to feel CPU bottlenecked.

>> No.72313934

In what games are those up to 50% numbers in?
I'll admit to having a level of doubt about upto 50% uplift.
That's part of why I want to upgrade CPU. 4 threads is feeling a lot more sluggish now that I've had time to deal with it, than I'd originally thought. The only reason I got this was it was cheaper than a R3 1200 at the time.

>> No.72313950

With an RX 580, the GPU is the bottleneck for the 2600, not the other way round. The 2600 is more than enough for a 580, and a 3600 would be overkill. He's better off saving 100 dollars.


>> No.72313985

3600 at 19 CAS. I switched to 3600 16 CAS 16 GB

>> No.72313991

He might be satisfied with his GPU until next gen consoles come out or until the next generation of GPUs release, so getting a better CPU that is slightly more futureproof is not a dumb idea, assuming he isn't a poorfag who could use that $100 to buy groceries.

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Need recommendations for GPU and Monitor.

I technically have that new LG monitor preordered from July but that shit is an October wait now. I really like the idea behind radeon image sharpening but I'm not sure it's worth since it's a technical mid range card.

>> No.72314144


i already have the 2080 and i was looking for a pretty ok intel themed build, can anyone spot anything blatantly retarded or have any suggestions as i plan on just ordering the rest tonight

only wiggle room i see if i wanted to penny pinch is a cheaper psu/case but besides that is what i have pretty ok

>> No.72314149

I hear people saying that intel is better for older games. How old are we talking here? My library is mostly 2015 and prior.

>> No.72314154

>B350 for 3900X
I'm not certain you've selected the correct tomahawk.

>> No.72314156

Older games don't even need that much power, so any CPU will do.

>> No.72314160

And your current monitor is 60hz, I'm assuming? So your others need to be 60hz with an Nvidia GPU. Acer V277U is a nice 1440p monitor. You can just downclock it from 75 to 60.

Best price to perf GPU is the 570, 580, and 5700, but they have bad OpenGL support so the first two aren't great with Cemu.
For just Cemu, a 1660 should run games at 60.

>In what games are those up to 50% numbers in?
Really old ones that fit in the cache like Halo CE. CSGO is about 35% higher for the 3600 over the 2600 as well.
Obviously meant if anon plans to upgrade GPU in the future, which they said they did >>72313874

>> No.72314192

Ryzen 7 or Ryzen 9 for casual gaming, hentai, and maybe VR?

>> No.72314195

Wasn't it better because of single core performance?

>> No.72314199

Anything that can't multithread for shit, like console ports. So basically everything past and present. No promises that'll remain the case though with 8c16t consoles coming up, since that's where devs will actually be focusing their efforts.
Your use case doesn't warrant above Ryzen 5.

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How about my steam library, would intel or amd be better for it? Going to pair it with a 2070 super, since I hear that will be enough for 4k60 for most games.

>> No.72314216

Which one will give me the longest time between upgrading?

>> No.72314239

>And your current monitor is 60hz, I'm assuming? So your others need to be 60hz with an Nvidia GPU
Unequivocally false. I had heard this used to be a thing, but since I bought a 1080ti myself, I've had no problem having both an old 1080p 60hz screen coupled with a new 1440p 144hz monitor.

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File: 1.05 MB, 968x1352, Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 1.06.23 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The 9900K is better than any Ryzen for most users.

>> No.72314269

If you're going to 4K then you'll be GPU limited no matter what GPU you buy and AMD's chips will give you better general performance. And if future devs get their shit together with threading a ryzen should age better than a similarly priced 9th gen intel for future games.
The most overkill sku you can possibly get your hands on at the time of purchase regardless of what it is.
It'd be terrible value but you didn't ask for value.

>> No.72314282 [DELETED] 

oh man i wanna see him fuck anthony with his iddie biddie studdy cocky-wocky uWu murrrr

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File: 724 KB, 956x962, AMDShill.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72314400

Do you guys even play games, or do you mostly just fuck around with the settings?

>> No.72314408

Yes, i play Gaymes

>> No.72314428

I unironically only bought an RTX 2070 Super for benchmarking the fuck out of it.
Since then it just sits in its' box on my shelf.
Otherwise, I use an USFF R5 3400G-based system for my computational needs.

>> No.72314437

I just run furmark all day

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>future-proofing with a 6 core

>> No.72314513

As a screensaver?

>> No.72314518

Is this fake? https://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-Radeon-Graphics-256-Bit-Gv-R57XTGAMING/dp/B07W95D5V3/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?keywords=rx+5700+xt&qid=1565765615&s=gateway&sr=8-6

>> No.72314535

Can't you read? He didn't say he plans to upgrade, dipshit.

>> No.72314543

no, why? do not buy without reviews though, XFX was mediocre on temps for about same price

>> No.72314554

I've been using the same PC for 5 years and I'm not sure if I should just upgrade certain parts or start a new build altogether.

Current rig specs are:
>i7 4770K
>MSI Z87 G45
>16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3
>Samsung 850 PRO 250GB
>WD Black 2TB
>Corsair 750M PSU

It's used mainly for browsing memes but I do plan on playing Metro Exodus, Siege, CoH 2 and Overwatch with it. It will be used with a 144Hz monitor for what it's worth.

>> No.72314578

just get the wifi one for $10 more.

>> No.72314598

>that Asrock mITX X570 TB3 mobo
God, I fucking hope they bring out a B550 with TB3.

>> No.72314603

>Metro Exodus
at 1080p on very low it may run on 960, barely
>i7 4770K
same deal, it may stutter in metro, others will run fine

I'd get a GPU and see if it runs well and only think about upgrading the rest if it doesn't.

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File: 40 KB, 739x579, current.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw nothing is broken and it's hard to justify buying all new parts for a cute mini itx build

>> No.72314727

Honestly, worst case scenario you could just pick up a used 4770/4790K, and breath some new life into the system.
Realistically, though, that should still be a comfy system.

>> No.72314738

>on the left ryzen 3000 and intel i9 9900k and i7 9700k
>on the right ryzen 2000 and intel i9 9900k and i7 9700k
delusional and retarded, go suck some intel(R) inside(tm) dick

>> No.72314778

really I just want to make a mini ITX build
I can't decide on a case either

>> No.72314786

I've been considering selling my currently CPU & Mobo, getting an MSI B450i mobo & R5 3600, a Thermaltake Core V1, then transplanting the rest across.
Only thing stopping me is the fact that everything I do isn't limited by my currently hardware.

>> No.72314788

I wanna update my block having
>FX8350 housefire edition
>16 GB DDR3 dominator platinum
>Sabertooth 990fx
a friend of mine is shilling the ryzen 5 1600 because it's cheap but I'm more inclined for the 3600 even though is like 100€ extra but I would be set for a while. I cannot (and want not) waste too much money for something I use sporadically for gayming.

What should i go for?

>> No.72314795

3600 so you don’t have to upgrade for a long time

>> No.72314796

Replace the videocard, add two more RAM sticks and it’ll last another 3 to 4 years.

>> No.72314849

I've already had the 4k 60hz version for a year. Big deal.

>> No.72314901

Why are you lying, Kevin?

>> No.72314907

What is the best 1440p/144hz monitor under $400?

>> No.72314927
File: 422 KB, 3199x1654, fgdffghfghfg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Practically the same thing but 4k 60hz instead of 1440p 144hz.

>> No.72314928

t. blind

>> No.72314977

When will aibs and tomahawk max come to any canadian seller? In the possible event that max doesnt come to canada or the mark up is insanely fucked, is it possible to ask newegg or amazon to flash the regular tomahawk bios before delivering?

>> No.72315002
File: 33 KB, 311x837, 1314397641834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what is the deal with amd now? Both shit drivers and housefires?

>> No.72315016

whats with motherboards being so inconsistent
don't give a shit about audio because have external sound card that is far superior than crap taking up board space
don't want shit between ram and cpu
dont need 4 ram slots fuck off
don't need a retard amount of usb when my monitor is a hub and case has hub
why no thunderbolt
want big heatsinks and no plastic shit (why no rear i/o, soc, vrm and chipset huge surface area heatsinks?)
connectivity meh fuck bluetooth but 10gb/s ethernet pls
why is this so hard

>> No.72315104

Hmm I didn't think the 4770k was that future proof. I guess I'll try the GPU and RAM and see what happens

>> No.72315146

Pretty much nothing except the 3 or 4 games AMDrones keep trotting out use more than 4 cores, and the 4770k isn't that far behind the latest and greatest even at stock. Bump it up to 4.4 or 4.5GHz and you're within a few percent. So it's got some legs to it.

>> No.72315148

>why no thunderbolt
You have to go back.

>> No.72315152

ypu told me to get 550w psu and all 5700 xts now claim to need 650w or even 750w

>> No.72315157

>falling for AMDrone shilling

>> No.72315169

What PSU would you recommend for Ryzen 5 3600 + GTX 1070?

>> No.72315178
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>buy amd for the first time
>mobo dies in less than 2 weeks
>still waiting for rma office to be back from holidays
>I've been without a pc for 2 weeks and I have at least another 2 of waiting.

>> No.72315180

550W will be enough, but how far down on your luck do you have to be to resort to AMD?

>> No.72315202

i sure hope you didn't buy gigabyte

>> No.72315223

Sapphire 5700 XT Pulse - 490€


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File: 2.47 MB, 3968x2976, IMG_20190814_104032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72315235

That's pretty sweet, I was gonna drop $1500 on a new rig but this way I'll save a bunch of money.

>> No.72315240
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every single time

>> No.72315263
File: 188 KB, 1228x1150, IMG_20190814_104424.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't know it's the best brand
every single time

>> No.72315270

Yeah, seriously, just drop $200 on a used GTX 1070 and you're golden.

>> No.72315277

they make good value x570
but boy is their Quality Control shit

>> No.72315294

Should I connect case fans to psu if motherboard only has space for one? Also how many fans do I need? I currently only have one intake and one exhaust. My exhaust is connected to mobo while intake is with psu.

>> No.72315300

>best brand
We're not talking about Biostar, anon

>> No.72315313

they make pretty good motherboards

>> No.72315323

Unless you have a high wattage build you probably only need one.

The XPS line can handle an i7 3770 with a GTX 970 with one 80mm exhaust fan.

>> No.72315328

I have an rtx 2080 super with an i7 6700k. Am I good?

>> No.72315338

With two fans? Yes. Adding more than two barely does anything.

>> No.72315364

You may be pushing it if you only use one, especially if the 6700k is overclocked.
The only way to know is to check temps.

Run a GPU+CPU torture test with your case all buttoned up, check temps during a ~30 minute run, then run it with the side of your case open.
If your temps decrease dramatically with the case open then you need more fans.

>> No.72315389

I’m using two fans though. One intake and one exhaust.

>> No.72315426

Anyone know when the 5700 XT AIB models will be available in Europe on Amazon?

>> No.72315442

And you asked about it.
Try it with the one attached to your motherboard, see how temps look compared to with the side of your case open, then try with a second hooked up to your PSU as well.

Depending how bad the airflow is in your case you may be better off running with no fans and the side of your case off.
Running with the side of your case off will actually keep the dust out.

>> No.72315443
File: 65 KB, 1065x657, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First time build /g/

Rate and pick a 1080p 144 Hz monitor

>> No.72315447

I was in the same situation as you except I have a gtx 1080. I upgraded purely so I could have an excuse to put together a new PC but I had no problems running anything recent on mine

>> No.72315449

>5700 XT
>5700 XT
>5700 XT
>5700 XT

Why the fucking influx of NPCs?

>> No.72315460

You're better off looking for a 1440p with those specs, anon.

>> No.72315463

School is about to begin?

>> No.72315471

Fuck off retard.

>> No.72315473

i5 4690k @ 4.5ghz
980 ti @ slight overclock

I'm struggling to hit 1440p/60fps Ultra settings on a lot of games recently. Some games like Ace Combat 7 I never went under 60fps, but for games like Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Sleeping Dogs which I'm playing now, I'm at a 45fps average.

My CPU hits 100% usage on these games so I think It's holding back my GPU. Is it worth it for me to get a used i7 4790k? Or should I get a new GPU like the 2060 Super? or should I SLI my 980 ti? (I'm against this because of micro stutters).

>> No.72315476

Do you think I could run stuff on (usually) ultra settings with a 1440p 144Hz?

Im a little bitch so I dont want to do any overclocking or anything.

>> No.72315500
File: 152 KB, 930x904, 1565771765243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder why you do this. Do you expect people to be retards like you? people know how to count.

>> No.72315510

Both cpu and video card just came out so you should be fine running anything within the last few years. I would recommend you get a non reference version of the 5700 since the blower cooler sucks apparently.

>> No.72315513

My temps are fine though with two fans running games at ultra. My gpu gets to a max of 70c and my cpu stays at 55-65. Although rn it’s hot as fuck here in San Jose so temps have been a bit high.

>> No.72315524

Yeah same here
4690k @4.3GHz
1070 @2Ghz
I think upgrading to a more recent Platform is going to be the better choice.

>> No.72315525

Lmao enjoy spending twice as much for 20% better gaming performance, intelshill. If you only care about gaming and care at all about price/performance, there's no reason to get anything other than 3600.

>> No.72315539

I see, thanks anon! Other than worrying about performance, the reason I'm looking at 1080p 144z over 1440p is cause its breaking my budget, and I really want that 144Hz

>> No.72315554

You're in a tough spot because high end CPUs for a socket don't depreciate relative to their performance. You're looking at $130 for an i7 4770k that wouldn't be worlds better than your i5 (hyperthreading only gives ~25% gains in the best case) If you need more performance it's hard to suggest putting money into a small incremental upgrade when it really should be going towards an i7 9700k build.

>> No.72315565

Depends on how cheap you can score 4790k. The 4790k is still a good CPU(for now), but keep in mind that for around $300 you could get R5 3600 + a new motherboard.

Oh, and don't go for SLI. Multi-GPU setups are basically dead at this point with very little support.

>> No.72315595

Got a silly question. How many years should a cpu last you in general?

>> No.72315603

Buy a 3700X and you should be good throughout the next console generation at least

>> No.72315614

I'm still running an i5 2400, had to replace the thermal paste though. And just for fun I changed the cooler.
Thinking about getting a used i7 2700k to squeeze out a little more life for this pc.

>> No.72315618
File: 27 KB, 500x364, ugh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already bought a R5 2600...

>> No.72315632
File: 110 KB, 1853x687, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wasting some money, but having fun doing so.

>> No.72315653

Yeah I was kinda hoping I'd need a new rig, I've wanted a mini-ITX so bad. I'm running an older Corsair Obsidian case and it's way bigger than the components in there right now.

>> No.72315662

How can you justify paying 150EUR more over the 3600? It's almost double.

>> No.72315669

Is the wraith prism cooler enough on a non-overclocked 3700x or do you recommend an other one ?

>> No.72315670

Since the 3600 and 3600x have a price difference of 75 dollars within Australia, is the 3600X worth it?
My planned build will not be completely gaming related since I have a few VM projects.

>> No.72315678

More cores. Even if they have similar perf right now, it won't be true in a couple years

>> No.72315694

The x version has a better cooler

>> No.72315699

How do I take out my CPU?

>> No.72315712

People are still having the issue this year.

Imagine being unable to read but calling others idiots.

Well ok.

google it

>> No.72315721

If I sell my i5 then the upgrade should cost me about £50-100. I think i'm gonna take the hit, and try to hold out for Ampere or for when I go uni next year and won't need to game much.

>> No.72315757

I usually use a screwdriver.

>> No.72315758
File: 405 KB, 1080x1920, 7DD9D25DFAF046BC85B9B0B173CE53A5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are the RX 5700 XT Custom cards not on pcpartpicker? Or at least why can't I seem to find them? I just want the STRIX card that doesn't hit 80°C

>> No.72315770

Amd is helping you with house insurance, just leave it running and go away for a while.

>> No.72315787

Yeah but how many years have you had it?

>> No.72315789

Varies. But 2500k launched in 2011 and was good until roughly 2016 or 2017. 4790k launched in 2014 and is still good(though once the new consoles come out it probably will start lagging behind). Ryzen making hexacore the new mid-range standard(and moving towards octocore mid-range with price cuts on previous gen parts) was disruptive, but I'd say in general 5-ish years right now, and it's certainly not getting shorter.

This all assumes gaming as the primary use-case, of course.

>> No.72315793

>If I sell my i5 then the upgrade should cost me about £50-100
How much compared to selling the i5+motherboard and upgrading to ryzen 3000, though?

>> No.72315843

What do you mean?

>> No.72315891

it's technically not out yet.

>> No.72315894
File: 204 KB, 840x885, 1565757993969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I bought AMD and now I am literally dead
fuck you, shills

>> No.72315951

Shit, when does it officially come out?

>> No.72315984

What's the best GPU, the red dragon or the Vega 56? Only a 10€ difference where I live.

>> No.72316013

How to make pc quieter? Rtx 2080 super at 70c max while i7 6700 will get to 55-65c max. I have an Enermax cooler and two case fans. Case fans are shit though. Pc gets loud when playing at 144fps.

>> No.72316032

Get a better case with sound proofing.

>> No.72316050


>> No.72316062
File: 33 KB, 500x500, images (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72316067

Fuck you.

>> No.72316073

>is it possible to ask newegg or amazon to flash the regular tomahawk bios before delivering?

>> No.72316080

I'm right though

>> No.72316095

No you’re not faggot.

>> No.72316104

>How to make pc quieter?
DIY stuff involving sound proofing material and glue, also quieter fan profiles
bigger case fans if your case supports it helps too
the important part - do tot ever keep your case on the desk if you got the space, but it nearby desk or under it if it got enough airflow there

>> No.72316130

But your case clearly sucks if it can't keep out noise for a mid-tier system.

>> No.72316140

It’s a mini atx. And fuck you im not buying another case.

>> No.72316150

First off determine what's the major problem area.

Run Prime95. That will stress your CPU. If you're not overclocked it's likely that's not your problem, especially if you're maxing out at 65C. (I have a 6600k that maxes at 52C with my 120mm tower cooler fan at idle)

Then run Furmark which will stress your GPU.

Then run both with the side of your case open. If your temps are noticeably lower and the fans don't ramp up as much your case cooling is shit.

>> No.72316170

I'm mean that okay man, you be happy with your noisy, shitty case.

>> No.72316189

Is there anything wrong with buying two 1440p 60hz monitors? It's for a mix of gaming and work, but I'll never need/have a computer that is capable of 1440p 144hz.

>> No.72316200
File: 183 KB, 1200x800, dsc00980_final-100753512-large.3x2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>VR ready
>extra small form factor
>cost less than similarly sized and spec mini ITX
Is this the end of PC building ?

>> No.72316258

>People are still having the issue this year.
I think there's more to the story than just "Novidia drivers can't do dis"

>> No.72316263

new ram, CPU, and motherboard are too much of a hassle imo. Might as well buy a whole new rig.

>> No.72316323

It works but spending 40-50 € on a better cooler is highly recommended.

>> No.72316339

There's no good value x570

>> No.72316353

>Is this the end of PC building ?

>> No.72316369

"VR ready" isn't necessarily hard to get to since most of the games developed today are unity based trash that even a 2500k + GTX 960 / R9 280 can run
Granted you'd get aliasing out of the ass but still get the 90fps stable you'd be looking for.

>> No.72316388

I am in need of a case recommendation, preferably something that's cheap but also somewhat nice to look at, like a see through panel. Also need a step by step retard proof guide on flashing the tomahawk, unless the max version decides to show up in the next week.

>> No.72316393

Launch marketing campaign + the resident shills.

>> No.72316412

forgot to mention the reasoning for this is because developers want to easily port over their games to android, I mean GearVR / Oculus Quest / Oculus Go for more market share

>> No.72316439

This, though PC building won't be dead.
Mostly for /g/ flex, but most PC are on 5-6 years cycle and buying a new one would be cheaper than upgrading.
NUC wasn't the best few years ago, but now It should do better than most high end desktops.

>> No.72316488

When's Ampere coming out?

>> No.72316519

Meshify c

>> No.72316534
File: 1.07 MB, 250x173, Gravity_Cat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, that was the day I was planning on ordering all my parts anyway, think it's worth waiting for awhile though to see some more reviews come out?

>> No.72316618

I'd recommend the Define C TG

>> No.72316633

i can't use MSI After Burner on my Zotac 1080 ti because the bios of my GPU is locked by default.
Is there a way around this?

>> No.72316649

Those are both above 100 leafs, thus above what I am willing to pay

>> No.72316720

Fractal design focus G
Rosewill Tyrfing

>> No.72316734

pwoercolor and msi left, yea, but I think all reviews should be out by the end of the week anyway

>> No.72316821

Nzxt H500/H510

>> No.72316828
File: 31 KB, 389x481, 67806785_627772461044241_1212830873842352128_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I need urgent evaluation and/or adding to the parts that are not defined.
Sending this for order to my sysadmin in the next 30 min.

>MB : B450 tomahawk MAX or just B450 tomahawk
>CPU : AMD 3600
>GPU : 2070 Super Palit GameRock/GAINWARD PHANTOM /jetstream // Any good EVGA
>PSU : Any 80+ gold 650W
>RAM : Any 2x8gb atleast 3200 mhz
>SSD : Crucial P1 or mx500 or intel 660p \\ 1 TB
>Case : Any good mid tower with front fans

>> No.72316837

this image triggers me
chrzanić doesn't mean to fuck shit up, it means to talk bullshit
schrzanić means to fuck shit up

>> No.72316839

Max version of the mobo obviously. Crucial Ballistic LT RAM. Crucial MX500.

>> No.72316844

is 1ms 144hz actually good or is it just a meme?

>> No.72316854

>calling people to report somebody you disagree with
>actually unironically so mentally ill that you think that it's not different people just one person with hundreds of IPs
I wish you could understand how insane you sound.
Just can't face the fact that people don't like your shilling huh?

>> No.72316869

It's good but either you have TN shit screens, or you have to pony up for the quality IPS panels. Otherwise there's VAAAAAAyyyy.

>> No.72316909

Only 3 possible expanations exist.
He is an actual payed shill from AMD.
He owns AMD stock and invested heavily in them and this is way of "work" to get profits.
He is literally a zealot and treads AMD like a religion and when people buy anything but AMD it's blasphemy.

>> No.72316955

there is IPS 1ms now which a little flawed, but still better than TN at least

>> No.72316967

>buy 9400f because muh gayming rig
>starts playing metro exodus
>fps run fine but temps are around 75-80 because stock cooler is not up to the bare minimum
>switch tabs and try to launch chrome
>it chugs
>finally loaded the wiki page of metro exodus
>switch back to game
>game is chugging ass
>have to close the internet explorer and have to wait for it to launch back when i need it
i'm considering returning this piece of shit and getting myself a 2600

>> No.72316984

>falling for the threadlet meme
you deserve everything you're getting

>> No.72316989
File: 128 KB, 734x582, wait for navi, wait for AIB, wait for bigger navi, JUST WAIT FOR AMD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72317004

>>Yes, adaptive sync (free/g/sync) is important for gaming
Can a big brain expand on this? I'm looking to get some upgrades, looking at at maybe a 1440p 144hz monitor with a RX 5700XT. You can't hit 144 perfectly at all times, is this where freesync comes into play, how is it/is it worth it, or am I simply shit out of luck and doomed to only get 144hz monitors once I can afford some kind of retarded 2080ti set up.

Please spoon feed I'm a brainlet.

>> No.72317008

Why would you cheap out on such a small piece and ruin the whole thing?

>> No.72317013

give it to me straight
I'm having a dillema
I have now two PCs

old one is probably at the end of it's upgrade ability
Intel Core i5 4460 @ 3.20GHz (max possible upgrade is i7)
8GB RAM DDR3 (somehow DDR3 went up in price or what, probably not gonna shell out for more)
MSI Z97 PC Mate(MS-7850)
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

new one I got because I NAS died and I needed replacement
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3,5GHz apparently upgradable to any AM4 socket ryzen
16GB RAM 2666MHz CL16 (2x8GB) cheaply upgradable to max capacity of 32 GB

should I just put the GPU in the ryzen PC and swap it for my main one and use the i5 for NAS/home server?
in theory it checks out and should be compatible
as it is ryzen setup beats my i5 in benchmarks and the prospect of cheper upgrade is also appealing
on the other hand I never used AMD on my main machine and not sure if I should just reinstall w7 or use w7 key to go to w10
can I just swap the system drive and be done or is proper full format and reinstall ideal, because I don't want to cut corners and have to redo this in a while.

NAS is supposed to support 8TB in WD drives and serve me files and some VMs

>> No.72317033

>Can a big brain expand on this?
I can, what you really should know is that you absolutely need sync options if your refresh rate is less than 100HZ.
If you monitor has 60 or 75Hz refresh rate, you better have sync options.

If you are using a 144hz monitor, sync is much less important as it mitigates the issues anyway, and at 240hz sync options are even less important.

Hope this helps.

>> No.72317040


>> No.72317049

It does, though if I have a 144hz monitor but I'm playing something demanding that only hit around 100, would freesync be useful then?

>> No.72317085

>It does, though if I have a 144hz monitor but I'm playing something demanding that only hit around 100, would freesync be useful then?
Not really. A fast monitor that updates things fast will just wait while it has less fps.
A shitty monitor that can't update more than 60hz absolutely needs to have every single frame on point.
Another thing is that 144hz work with everything with no issues.
While there is a lot of fuckery with freesync where you either get flickering when it drops below the freesync range, or monitors sometimes bug out if you alt+tab out of a game and the drivers shit themselves and lock your monitor to a lower refresh rate than it's maximum.
It's not a hassle free experience.

>> No.72317119

Okay, I've heard lots of people crying about how anything below 144 is unusable though once you get used to 144. Am I cucking myself by buying a 144hz monitor when I can't 100% get 144fps at all times in all games?

>> No.72317162

>Okay, I've heard lots of people crying about how anything below 144 is unusable though once you get used to 144.
Pretty true, the difference between 60hz and 144hz is the same as 30hz and 60 hz.

>Am I cucking myself by buying a 144hz monitor when I can't 100% get 144fps at all times in all games?
Not at all!
First off all things even browsing is more smooth. Second a lot of games you will get 144fps. Lastly as I said, if you get 100fps on a 144hz monitor it still looks miles better than 60hz monitors.
If you play video games absolutely get 144hz monitor.
I consider 1080p 144hz monitor for gaming to be the minimum starting point where everybody should start form.

>> No.72317204

Ill use a ryzen 2600 with 1660ti, but i live in brazil and a tomahawk costs me around 250usd.

So my options right now are b450m pro-vdh plus or b450m bazooka v2.
Internet lack reviews for both.
Which one anons?

>> No.72317228

that wall-e card is actually fine
I think it's pure oversight, XFX is inconsistent these days

>> No.72317229
File: 275 KB, 1541x320, 325235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay I'll keep the question train going while I've got helpful people around. Whats the difference between video card parties? Is it just gaymer pick your team console war shit or are there some legit things to consider? Pic related.

>> No.72317232

>custom RX 5700 more expensive than 2060S in Europe

>> No.72317242

Scythe Mugen 5 Rev.B has an AM4 connection. Runs perfectly for me

>> No.72317266

No? The 2060S is also more expensive. 5700 is cheaper still.

>> No.72317281

Imagine boasting that your money is worthless.

>> No.72317295
File: 467 KB, 674x576, 1565721527029.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

custom 5700 hasn't release in europe
try harder shill

>> No.72317320

Are you blind?

>> No.72317330

Why does the OP post mostly mention AMD shit and not intel CPUs

>> No.72317358

until intel stops with their vulnerability BS, i'm not risking my bank account for their overpriced garbage

>> No.72317371

Because intel CPUs aren't worth buying right now.

>> No.72317401

>Whats the difference between video card parties?
My general answer is never look at the brand, look at each specific model individually. As the quality varies a lot.
Main differences as VRM solution(how good the electronics that power the GPU and memory are, how stable they are) and how well the cooling solution is implemented to keep things cool and how quiet it is.

>> No.72317413

oh shit, you said pic related.
Those are all literally the same AMD solutions with the other companies name slapped on.

>> No.72317429

never buy a reference design card


>> No.72317437

I've got noise canceling headphones and a PC that already sounds like a jet engine (node 202) so a loud card doesn't matter to me, the fact its a blower is also a plus.

>> No.72317705
File: 36 KB, 725x404, img_8954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And the best card comes from the most unexpected vendor.

>> No.72317784

It's loud
I hate loud cards

>> No.72317838

yea, missed the noise page
still it's the most performing card without asus tax and got the lowest temps

>> No.72317870

I would still go for the ASUS because of the high quality custom pcb and the overkill vrm they put on it. Also silent bios is dead as can be silent.

Still waiting for more card reviews...

>> No.72317910

ASRock and PoweColor left, ah and gigabyte but who would want that?

>> No.72317994

Trying to decide what mother board to get for my AMD Ryzen 5 3600.

What about the ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus? Been doing research but I'm not too sure.

>> No.72318034


What am I doing wrong? Is there enough power and is there someting wrong with my mobo? Mobo, CPU and RAM come in a bundle. Pcpartpicker also cries about the cooler compatibility with mobo even though the description says its AM4 compatible.

I just want to hunt nargacugas in 60+fps and 1440p.

>> No.72318126

b450 board should be enough for a 3600 but i have no idea if most of the bios issues are already fixed.
TUF Gaming and Aorus Elite are the best x570 boards for the price

>> No.72318151
File: 1.05 MB, 316x306, 1560203052095.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks friend, I appreciate it.

>> No.72318166
File: 453 KB, 1551x1077, nice quality lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>best card

>> No.72318186
File: 745 KB, 2700x1064, implying best card.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72318197

Fucking seriously, I had to order and custom cut thermal pads on my Vega 56 because of exactly this, the VRMs hitting 105 degrees then thermal cut off as soon as it was under load.

>> No.72318198

9 memory chips need covering? What do you need these 8 thermal pads for, here devide them by 7 and split the last thermal pad in two, that way we will save 10cents on each card

>> No.72318219

But see, they get to sucker you in with a lower price point and make a bigger profit out of people like you, who buy hardware and then spend additional extra to fix it.

>> No.72318252
File: 75 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, I didn't buy the pads from them or the paste.

>> No.72318261
File: 207 KB, 1268x673, 2454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

According to these results, recommending 3600 as a "great gaming CPU" seems to be a bit of a stretch, don't you reckon? Both slower and more expensive than a locked i5, why would you buy it?

>> No.72318274

You don't fucking get it. It's that they sabotage their cards so youl buy extra shit from them like paste and thermals.
They scam you by using the bare minimum shit half covering shit and then shuffle off the cost on to you to fix it.
They make the profit by selling you something that is objectively worse for a price that doesn't deserve it.

It's like I tell you I will carry 2 bags from my house to your house and then deliver 1 bag and tell you to deliver the other bag yourself and you think it's okay because "I didn't have to buy the other bag from him"

>> No.72318293

The OP is shit. Intel is still the way to go if you are only concerned with gaming.

>> No.72318296

>You don't fucking get it. It's that they sabotage their cards so youl buy extra shit from them like paste and thermals.

and like I said, I didn't buy those "extras" from the site or the manufacturer that sold me the card. They didn't even stock it.

>> No.72318297

power is good

if you want x570 get TUF Gaming or Aorus Elite

new nh-d15 coolers have the am4 mounting kit included so it should fit

>> No.72318306

I forgot to add "NOT"
this is what I meant
>You don't fucking get it. It's NOT like that they sabotage their cards so youl buy extra shit from them like paste and thermals.

>> No.72318320

You are aware that this is not a video games board, right? None cares about toys for little kids here. When it matters, for productivity that is, Zen2 destroys intcel.

>> No.72318324

MSI is chinkshit

>> No.72318335

Taken from the OP
>R5 3600 - Great gaming CPU

Blatant misinformation.

>> No.72318346

In that case the OP shouldn't fucking label the 3600 and 3700 as great/overkill gaming CPUs, which is a flat out lie.
Eat your words fucking pajeet shill

>> No.72318353

What puzzles me the most is how they think they can get away with this.

>> No.72318396

dammit, got same pics for pulse? how is sapphire doing it? they are the best for amd for over decade now.

>> No.72318400

first of all, check for prices at geizhals.de, not pcpartpicker
the NH-D15 is overkill for that CPU, get an U12S instead, or U14S for just a few bucks more
if you want a X570 board, get the TUF Gaming. i would generally avoid gigabyte.
GET TWO STICKS OF RAM. either ripjaws V or crucial ballistix lt are good price-to-performance-wise
DON'T GET THE QVO AS A MAIN DRIVE. don't get any QLC drive as your main drive. get a crucial MX500 instead
wait for custom RX 5700 cards. sapphire is recommended
get the define C instead, if you don't plan on putting more than 2 hard drives in there

>> No.72318416
File: 1.74 MB, 2620x3416, In case of AMD shill 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgetting we are on /g/ and a literal AMD shill thread.
Let me remind you that they spammed misleading benchmarks for literally over 6 months to delay people from buying the cheaper 8400. Then after intel shortages hit, they had successfuly suckered a lot of people out a good cheap gaming CPU.

>> No.72318420
File: 1.78 MB, 265x257, 1565355475451.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72318433

Lmao, the absolute state

>> No.72318462

So, a $500 CPU build on 7nm loses to a $150 CPU build on 14 nm? How incompetent is AMD? Will 5nm Zen3 be able to finally compete with current Intel offerings when it comes to gaming (which is what the majority of this board uses their PC anyway) ?

>> No.72318463

Intel will stay pozzed stuttering housefire garbage trash forever, stay mad.

>> No.72318481

Regarding speed, just think of it in term of ratios. How much faster is it? 5%? 50%? 100+? It should be pretty easy to imagine how it would impact your day to day operations. What you plan to use it for its also a factor.

Regarding branding, it's more a consideration of who is actually fabricating the hardware. Colorful does not fabricate their own memory, Samsung does. Colorful is probably just putting a shell on cheap hardware.

>> No.72318514

Like honestly, AMD shills are so fucking toxic.
What a wonderful non response. Literally every single time you get BTFO you resort to bot tier shitpost responses that could be copy pasted to anything.

>> No.72318544

>>Beware and report the permaban evading /g/ spammer who posts fake benchmarks
Throw more shitposts on top of it, POST MORE CRYING WOJACKS!

>> No.72318559

With the end of W7 looming, I'm eventually going to move to W10.

My current machine is an older Ivy Bridge Optiplex. I don't plan on upgrading my hardware for at least another few years.

If I purchase a retail copy of W10 and install it on my current machine, will I be able to transfer the key to a new motherbaord in a few years?

>> No.72318560
File: 356 KB, 599x510, 1492194551420.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are too many monitors, how are you meant to know which to buy?

>> No.72318573

I'm afraid you're wrong again, 9400f naturally draws less power than a 3600, and is also considerably faster even when all the vulnerability mitigation patches are present, as indicated by testing. There's quite literally zero benefit of buying 3600 over 9400f for gaming.

>> No.72318589

>YES YES don't ever mention Intel's security vulnerabilities. Derail the discussion instead. AMD is the bad guy. Trust me.

>> No.72318594

9400f is also at 100% load in most games, did you see frametime graph? what am I asking, you don't even know what that is, enjoy your stutter

>> No.72318613
File: 319 KB, 1437x835, pulse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the thermal pads do at least cover the memory correctly.
The thermal pads on the VRM a tad questionable though.
Lastly both memory and VRM are on a seperate plate that has no contact with the main heatsink.
I personally would have wished them to put 1 heatpipe over the VRM or memory.

>> No.72318630

both 9400f and 3600 were at effectively 100% load during these tests, as they were the bottleneck with 2080ti at 1080p. I.e. Ryzen 3600 could not calculate any additional frames, despite it's load on shown as 100%
lost fair and square, unfortunately, I had high hopes for it and was saddened by it losing to a locked i5 on 14nm

>> No.72318639

Intel fanboys are pozzed in the head just like their shit products. 6 threads are prone to stuttering in newer games, fuck off rabid intel fanboy.

>> No.72318654

bot tier shitposts.
How about you actually address what other HUMANS said, rather than spitting out prepacked scripts?

>> No.72318655

If I buy a 5700XT and 3600 should I go with 1080p and 144 or 1440p and 144hz?

>> No.72318662
File: 223 KB, 1263x677, X.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

threads are usuless when the architecture behind them is shite

>> No.72318667


>> No.72318673

Only fools judge CPUs by average FPS. What really matters for a smooth experiance are 1% and 0.1% lows. C'mon intcel boy post them.

>> No.72318686

Just reinstalled Windows is there a good free alternative to office?

>> No.72318695

>fps don't matter
uhh maybe not recommend zen 2 for gaming maybe?

>> No.72318697

Do you play video games?
If yes, then absolutely get 144hz monitor.
1080p is easier to get higher fps. 1440p if you care less about smoothness of motion and more about clarity of image.

>> No.72318702

Now apply the security patches.

>> No.72318709

>stutters don't matter

>> No.72318717
File: 36 KB, 1152x768, Ryzen-3900X-3700X-review-GTA-5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice lows shitel, "best gaming cpu bro"

>> No.72318726

already applied prior to testing, otherwise gap would've been even larger

>> No.72318730
File: 60 KB, 477x350, 1516064635170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Think I've finally made up my mind in what parts I want for a new build, just need a CPU cooler and I'm sorted. Any suggestions for a cheap and solid cooler, or any alternatives for anything else in the same price range?

>> No.72318739

fuck off shill
my 9400f couldn't let me open any application without having my game chug ass
non hyperthread CPU are hot garbage

>> No.72318741

it's like you're not even trying anymore, shill

>> No.72318747
File: 184 KB, 1200x900, mSMrEq4180LX1dpC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still no news about PowerColor's cards?

>> No.72318752

I pulled the trigger and got a 3700X, the MSI x570 A pro and 16Go 3200 CAS 16 RAM. I did the bios update, chipset update from AMD, and it's running between 40°C and 60°C while having great performance.
All in all quite happy with my purchase, would recommand. Thanks for reading my blog.

>> No.72318757

I don't think you actually have a 9400f

>> No.72318769

Post more gaymansnexus kek

>> No.72318770

>100% load during these tests
nah they weren't, 60% tops for ryzen
12 threads is 12 threads. post proof if you are so sure. this is 7700K again
clever people kept telling you morons do not get 4c this year it won't last " but muh longevity but muh average fps"

>> No.72318777

yeah i returned it for a 2600

>> No.72318786

not yet, but we know that everything except asus and sapphrie is shit for 5700xt

>> No.72318831
File: 19 KB, 500x421, when the room is hot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

40-60 °C while browsing /g/?

>> No.72318849

also how loud is the putrid chimpset fan

>> No.72318851

I guess 1080 then, it's my first build so I don't wanna go crazy with 1440p.

>> No.72318855

What about the cute cards?

>> No.72318857

Should I just jump the gun, get a cheap rx 580 in the meantime and wait for the rx 5800/5900 xt? I will have a 1440p 144hz monitor.

>> No.72318859

40° while browsing /g/ and installing games from steam, 60° while playing. It's 28° in my apartment atm.

>> No.72318877

1080p is cheaper as well.
Though personally if you get 2080ti you should get 1440p.

>> No.72318891

The stock cooler? Not a lot, I can hear it if I close my windows and stop my music, but it's drown by ambient sounds. My case (Define R4) is rather silent, it probably helps.

>> No.72318918

depends, 5800/900 will most certainly be above $500, if you are willing to pay that get a discount 2080
it's a silly half measure though, money wise you either go super low end forever and change them every year, mid range at 1440p every two years or full retard 2080ti every year
2080 tier cards are between mid range and high end and don't amount to much longevity and consistency as 1080->2070 relation shows

>> No.72318927

I don't think you understand how multithreaded cpu load works.
You don't have to imagine stories to justify your poor purchasing decisions.

>> No.72318929
File: 262 KB, 1024x820, product_3_20190723100321_5d366ae9ad7f2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This awful little contraption

>> No.72318934

check ryzen master temps, it's probably round 35'C on die

>> No.72318941


>> No.72318963

Wtf I'm not planning to change my GPU every year, maybe in 3 years and my system in 5, I just want a mid-high end who can last for that long hopefully.

>> No.72318969

Yeah, that is way out of my budget. Thanks anyway, is the AOC24G1 a good start, I can pick it up at Microcenter for $150.

>> No.72318972

I didn't notice it honestly, I think the wraith is louder.

>> No.72318979
File: 9 KB, 216x212, 1565533801196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>NOOOOOOOOO, it's not how my pozzed cpu is supposed to be used
>NOOOOOOOOO, it''s not real guise
intel stock holders cope

>> No.72319003

>Thanks anyway, is the AOC24G1 a good start, I can pick it up at Microcenter for $150.
I have that. It has noticeable black smearing in dark colors/scenes but for 150$ I doubt youl get something that is much better.

Watch out for dead pixels/sub pixels though as the first couple models of that monitor I got had them.

>> No.72319016

that's what I was using. I assembled it less than 24 hours ago, and didn't bothered with a custom cooler or changing the default thermal paste, so I'm not surprised. I'll change it later

>> No.72319043

What's wrong with speccy?

>> No.72319060

Why does this thread recommend AMD cards when their drivers are literally bricking systems? Yeah Nvidia throw a lot of meme trash out like ray tracing and their experience crap but at least their cards work.

>> No.72319115

I'm not a /pcbg/ regular, but I'd guess why use speccy when hwinfo64 exists

>> No.72319186

God it fucking annoys me, all I am seeing here is fucking intel vs amd, perpetrated by their dumb consumerist dogs.
I am not seeing a single real discussion about building, much less actual pics or status updates about an anon making his build.
It pisses me off.

>> No.72319411
File: 1.06 MB, 705x942, building.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there you go, although it's not spectacular
I too would appreciate if people gave opinions when I ask questions >>72317013 instead of endlessly posting benchmarks

>> No.72319454
File: 513 KB, 1521x1141, PROOF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>actual pics
Here's a picture of some boxes then

>> No.72319945

I don't know that much about cases, and I am still kinda ogling open cases in spite of the dust catastrophe another anon warned me about, but someday I might take the plunge and pay the money for all the parts and build a rig.

As far as this post goes, sorry, I can't say much without going beyond what I am even remotely qualified to say.
To avoid problems I would advocate for a reinstall. Definitely, that I can say. I work at an IT shop, and we usually only get problems with stuff like windows upgrades and what you describe in swapping out parts but not the install.
In theory the OS should install new drivers, but it just introduces another source of error and you never know if the old ones will cause troubles or if some obscure registry fuckery will bite your ass.
It's not that inconvenient to reinstall, I'd do it if I were you.
In general I would do the AMD upgrade if I were you, why shell out for a whole new device if you can comfortably go a few more years with most of what you have?
But that is just me o p i n i o n, don't take it for too much, good luck anon.

>> No.72319981

Ree, I am jelly.
How do you manage your money to have that extra leeway to buy this stuff? Do you sometimes subsist on potatos for a few weeks to save up?
Generally, what can I do to get that budget that I need for my rig?

>> No.72320095

I'm reusing my case, PSU and storage, plus I've been waiting for a long time to upgrade, My current system is a 4670k and 970. Also, for whatever reason Navi cards are a bit cheaper here in the UK than elsewhere that isn't the US.

>> No.72320427

Well, I guess there is no secret then. Maybe I am just too conservative in regards to spending, I do have 20+20K saved, but damn I just can't bring the courage to cut into that.

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