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>lost low end to Ryzen APUs
>lost mid to Ryzen CPUs
>lost high end to Ryzen and ThreadRipper
>lost the enterprise to Rome CPUs
>pumping more and more voltage into the same 14nm chips for the 4th year in a row now
>revenue is tanking
>fabs won't even have a chance to catch up for 2 more years

Will AMD raise their prices when IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Cray all buy up the shattered pieces of Intel?

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Hey at least they have laptops right

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Intel is dying, and that's a good thing

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does anyone even care at this point?
no, it's old news, everyone knows it
now delet

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I think Nvidia's a pretty good contender too, they've been after an x86 license for years

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What if they buy Intel's x86 license and then cancel AMD's lease?

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Only until their contracts expire.

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You can't really compare Platinums and Ryzen, the Platinums are made for high compute and throughput and have more PCI lanes and ddr3 cache,things that can't be shown in normal benchmarks

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Obviously you would be comparing AMD's server grade equipment, but then the performance canyon becomes a pit to hell and still at lower prices

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>intel JUST'd itself with pozzed diversity
>backdoor to mossad in the ME
>sacrificed security for tiny extra performance
>400w server parts
>can no longer bribe OEMs
hmm I wonder if anyone could possibly see this coming

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It doesn't work like that. And even if it did, x64 is way more important than x86. And that's AMD's IP.

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>can't compete with Xilinx programmable SoCs
>can't compete with ARM mobile SoCs
>3 major competitors on 7nm thanks to TSMC
Intel is seriously fucked

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Yet they still crush AMD at games. Keep coping.

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AMDbeduins have been walking in the desert for so long that they see a little puddle of water and they start to think that Allah himself has arrived on Earth to take them to Heaven...pitiful and entertaining to watch at the same time.

I got news for you AMDbeduins, Intel has been doing what Nvidia has been doing, holding back to extract maximum profits because it is retarded to launch greatly improved products when your products already dominate by a large margin. Soon enough you AMDbeduins will get a reality check, your place is in the desert being miserable and struggling for basic survival.

Having said that i appreciate AMD competition that will allow us to buy better Intel and Nvidia products at better prices.

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>SUE, the LORD announced Zen3
>x86 will only be uArch
>actual core will run on RISC-V, uArch is selectable at boot
>Zen 3 also enforces free BIOS
>Will include AVX1024
>Last Intel factory disintegrates

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Reminder than Taiwan numbawan.

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>companies make worse products so they can make money losing sales

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Does that mean that women are good at business?

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>AMD is finishing its merger with IBM
>Isn't even interested in Intel after they sold x86 to pay off their debt
>AMD has 3nm produced in its own fabs

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Su is an exception to the rule because she's Taiwanese and doesn't eat up the feminist bullshit. In other words, she gets shit done instead of whining about inequality. Western women should follow her lead.

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AMD was a sneaky bastard at its peak with that licensing move, literally destroyed all the budget spent on itanium. And they guaranteed their place with x86 licensing.

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That means Lisa will be finally allowed to reveal herself as reborn Jesus

Even better, Zen 4 will run on OpenPower

It isn't actually that far off. AMD could start producing desktop ARM64/Power chips, Intel can't do that without admitting defeat and having the worst Architecture possible

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>Pole fucks up Jew company
based and revengepilled

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Why do you assume it's a woman?

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But anon, you were the cope all along.

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I would furiously masturbate to a Lisa blowupdoll every day if AMD released a Zen uArch that was RISC-V.

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Zen3 is on track for 2020
meanwhile intel 10nm is still MIA

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>tfw I have some intel shares
Should I sell bros

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No, wait for them to drop.

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she's a honorary man

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buy high sell low

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kek, just short and buy when Zen3 EPYC hits.

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Intel is evil

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Guys know that meme in starship troopers where Neil Patrick Harris puts his hand on the brain bug and says “its scared”?

Can we get one of Zen2 placing its hand on intel bug?

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Ohhhhh yet another cpu faggot thread where AMDbois and Intel glownegroes can shitfling nonstop. How useful and interesting!

Mods, can we please, once and for all, just get four pinned threads. One for each of the following:

- Browsers
- CPUs
- Distros
- Shitposting about trannies and sjwfags and whatever other trends are getting people all riled up in tech

Why the fuck do we need these useless threads every day when they can all be handled with three pinned ones? For fuck sake. Mashallah, as the most valued member of this community, all /g/entoomen know that I am correct, and that my words are beyond reproach. Please, modulators and janissaries, do the needful.

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>just make them generals lmao
Terrible idea. Getting IDs up would make the shilling and shitposting more cumbersome.

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heh, it says Cum

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A single pinned thread would be far more useful. No one wants IDs. We don't want to be the next /pol/. That shit is for containment boards.

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i mean, isn't that exactly what amd did with the FX line?

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/g/ has been dead for more than 7 years now, it's way too late. The shilling and myside/yourside shit has propagated to the entire board culture and it's not going to stop. Just face it, this board is dead about 99% of the time, there's rarely anything to discuss because no one knows shit.

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Intel has like 90% market share. They're fine.

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I don't know about FX but they did with Phenom. You could even re-enable the cores with certain BIOSes.

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>gets shit done instead of whining about inequality
Successful westernized country or city (like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore) show that woman naturally gain power by competence.

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>still has apple
>still has embedded
>still has high end as intel now provides better price to performance than amd there
>same goes for midrange
yeah man Intel is totally doomed!

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Dont forget intel owns its own fabs and that 50% of the components on motherboards in general have some intel compliance/patent no intel = no mobo = no ryzen eat shit drone fags

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intel's losing money on its fabs. and this goes both ways. intel pays licensing to AMD to use x86_64

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>still has high end as intel now provides better price to performance than amd there
>same goes for midrange
nigger what?

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The Laura of wet blankets enters the thread.

Instead of participating in thread discussion, this Laura just wants to point out that you're currently at the edge of the board and about to die. =^_^=

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