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>all these niggas afraid of AI exterminating human life
>technically for that to happen AI has to be able to edit its own code
>make all code read only
>Musk, Berners-Lee and Hawkins btfo'd

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>AI figures out a privilege escalation in its own hardware through trial and error
>AI gains the power to edit its own code
>the world ends

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>the real world begins

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>AI being anything other than a /pol/ meme
Imagine people seriously thinking their robot gf is just a few years away.

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>AI that kills niggers and Jews will exist in your lifetime

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Jenny is cute! Cute!

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anon are you... being racist outside of /b/?

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welcome to nu-4chan
fuck /pol/

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Yes, she is!

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Are you telling me Indian hate isn't a thing on this board when it comes to spaghetti code and undercutting developers?

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We were here first. /pol/ is a hangout for oldfags.

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You're deluded if you think you won't live to experience AI that is nearly indistinguishable from human interaction. Except for the media it's used for, such as the unrefined robotics you'll experience, or the fact that it's a voice coming out of a speaker, you're guaranteed to be able to hold a conversation and talk with a computer in almost the same exact way you'd talk to your neighbor. Including things like packaged personalities, learned traits and preferences, and learned behavior patterns and reactions.

Unless you're 60 years old on 4chan right now, or you're destined for an untimely fate, you will experience this strange merger of technology into human interaction as an everyday normal process.

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lmao your retarded, i bet you dont even know what pol used to be called

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Indian hate isnt /pol/ hate
Indian hate is just hating on b-1 visa programs
Go fuck yourself you kike shit. /pol/ is the new containment board for cucks like you who cant even get degree much less a job. it never was, and never will be a hangout for oldfags. Oldfags moved on as soon as your shit started spewing out onto other boards. You are the cancer that is killing old 4chan.

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>Saying this to someone who is at work right now
Nice try, but you might want to consider waddling outside and being a productive member of society before talking shit. The rest of your post is equally as horseshit.

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>You're deluded if you think you won't live to experience AI that is nearly indistinguishable from human interaction
Yea, for like 5 min.
Source: literally fucking studying AI in college right now

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why you're arguing with /pol/tard summerfags. do you honestly think you can make a point to a person like that? they're the biggest retards on the site so just ignore them

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Deserves to be said exactly once. also to crystallize what I was thinking.

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>Studying AI in college

Come back and argue when you're developing. Everything you're studying has been deprecated for 2 years and in another 2 years it will be indistinguishable from what it was 2 years ago. Its not a rock solid field and it's constantly evolving at plaid speed.

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>Conviently ignoring
>>72203341 where I BTFO him
Thanks for proving that you are schizos living in a delusional version of reality.

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t. intro to java babby

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but it has been said thousands of times. there's no point of saying it anymore since they all cross board and they won't go away

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shit bait

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true.... true....
pic related

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>Thinking calling something bait invalidites its factuality
>Not knowing that actual oldfags would understand that responding in any way whatsoever is considered taking bait
Pic related, it's you.

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shit bait

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>this hate speech is okay because it doesn't apply to me
You're as worse as /pol/.

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Yeah how crazy of them...

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Btw this is a sex doll company

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Artificial "Intelligence" is below ray level right now and has been that way for the past decade despite millions of dollars poured into reasearch and thousands of man-hours spent in development.

Which means that yes, it can find patterns in stuff and shit out coherent sentences (all of which were written by a human before, by the way), but it cannot infer context, reason or even create new ideas. It's rubbish and it will be rubbish for at least another decade.

And even then, without the capability of being empathic or sympathetic the interactions between humans and AI will be purely transactional.

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go back

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How would it perform the trial and error if we don't let it via the read only program?

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just have it right first time kiddo

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for now we will have to be satisfied with minor discrimination against blacks in AI

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i'm good, thanks for the suggestion though!

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