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So, what legacy software do YOU still use, /g/?

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Not counting my old systems that all run software actually contemporary to them, I use all kinds of smaller tools that are rarely updated since they were pretty much finished in the mid 2000s.

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Would CS6 count? Thats probably the oldest software I use

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Office 2010 (peak Aero soul)

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Office 2003 still runs natively on Windows 10.

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Office 2003 with cat assistant

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CS6 is 2012 so debatable but might as well be

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last i recall office 2013 and up don't have cleartype

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uTorrent 2.2.1

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Adobe CS5.5 because I bought a license at a decent student discount and fuck the cloud subscription thing.

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I work at an MSP that gets a lot of business from Boomers - this guy comes in with an old Vaio laptop and tells me to reinstall Windows 7 and Office 2003. Office was fine, I used Produkey to pull the key from the registry. It pulled the wrong Windows 7 key though? I ended up using the OEM key I found on a sticker. Also fuck Vaio drivers. Annoying as fuck to get manually.

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office 2007
they are all the same for most people

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Windows vista and software of the vista era

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Yeah. Its a windows program.

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Windows NT Kernel

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I still use it as well, along with the compatibility pack for docx and the rest.

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>software as a service
no thanx

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office 07, exchange server 07, adobe photoshop 5.5, win server 2003, adobe cs6 (If you consider it old), Photodraw 2000, some sql server shit from 2003

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Is there any real difference between the earlier versions of Office (specifically excel and word) and 2019 versions?

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It's honestly distressing that there are people on /g/ that don't understand that, after a certain point, some software has simply reached the functionality that it should and should be left as is. And yes, word processing is for sure in that realm. The only updates after Office 2003 should have been things like security and compatibility updates totaling a couple of megabytes over 16 years.

You see people freaking out when people point out that your average Linux distro can't run Linux software from 5 years ago much of the time.

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2019 is all cloud based and has a retarded ui compared to the earlier 03,07,10 versions

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MS Paint (XP)

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MGI photosuite 8.06
(Does the job easily for minor stuff and faster than Photoshop, I know it's a shitty software but I'm used to it)

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The old Microsoft calculator from system 32, I don't like the win10 one

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Windows 7

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XP and 2003 were so comfy.

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>People this surprised companies use ancient software because it just works and there's no changes to their work environment
Is this board full of arch users or something?

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Your mom still operates natively on my dick.

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>You see people freaking out when people point out that your average Linux distro can't run Linux software from 5 years ago much of the time.

dude just recompile old version lmao

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I don't know about 2019, but I bought the 2016 office pro suite for $10 and it's offline.

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Uncle used to use 1-2-3 til around last year. He finally gave it up since his worksheets became too big and now switched to excel. Also, we're still using an old software written on FoxPro 2.5 for our business via DosBox.

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I'm still using office 97

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>what legacy software do YOU still use
Microsoft Windows

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my oldest software may be kx project drivers for soundblasters

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utorrent? old visual c++ installs? folding at home? winrar? 7zip? virtualdub even? hexchat?

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Don't most of these have modern releases?

It's not legacy if they it's not depreciated and still works on current machines.

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Office has modern releases and works on Office 2003 works in Windows 10.

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>no ads in the program itself (there's that stupid one which occasionally crashes installer)
>no bloat
>just werks

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Office 2013

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Utorent 221

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Exactly this. Still running a lot of old software as updates to it have changed functionality undesirably without any need to; most likely out of a need to brand something as "new" to sell more copies.

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UI is atrocious.

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The earliest GIMP version that has rule of thirds as a guide in the rectangle select window

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Photofiltre.exe because it's so fucking lightweight

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>People STILL using Office 2003
so? it still works
what do you use office for that 2003 can't do?

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Office for NT 4.2 does as well. At least the Word and Excel part, since they are 32bit. Sadly, Powerpoint is only 16bit, so it won't run natively.

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no thanks

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Micrografx Picture Publisher

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Photoshop CS5.
Visual C++ 2010 (I just changed the compiler executable and SDK so I get the C++17 goodness)

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I still use office 2007 and just recently found out that Microsoft no longer sells office licence and just sell them like subscription called office 360.
Fuck that 2007 is perfect and I don't want to download some kspico script or some shit to get latest office.

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Windows 98SE. On my main rig, on the metal.

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Pirate or pay for the patches to make 4GB ram and multi-TB HD work?

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you tried.

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I got a RAM patch here for free: http://www.freora.de/index.php?option=com_docman&task=license_result&gid=3&bid=3&Itemid=52
There is a side effect to it however - this is a patch for a German version, so all my blue screens are now in German.
It's installed onto a CF card plugged into an IDE-CF adapter, which is plugged into a PCI IDE controller which, in turn, is plugged into PCI-PCIe converter, which is then plugged into MB. Onboard SATA controller doesn't support IDE mode, that's why I had to set thing up in such a roundabout way.
It just werks.
I know, it's my screenshot. Here's another one I just made.

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Why would anyone upgrade their office productivity suite if the old version works fine and still provides everything they need?

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old bad, new good

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Office 2003 just works, letters don't look different when printed in Office 2019.

All they did is change all the menus to make shit cryptic so you have to relearn every shortcut. If you're just typing documents, Office 97 is good enough already.

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Has there even been significant feature editions between Word 2003 and 2016?

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I guess .docx probably supports more functionality but would most people even notice?

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If it isn't broken, don't fix it.

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And that's why we today still use horses for travel and swords for weapons.

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false equivalence

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>no software is perfect. there are very likely still security vulnerabilities in these older versions of utorrent

Weasel statement. That statement indicates that the writer does not know of any security vulnerabilities. The writer even flip-flops this at least once, thus lying about something he already stated as fact. That one statement alone invalidates that entire blog post.

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It's not though.

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More templates which most people don't use, more practical, easier to use tools, which most people don't use anyway, there's just power users bitching about how it changes with every version, integration of various media, whether files, audio, or integrated web pages, which most people don't use...

For the serious word typist, there's zero evolution. The the occasional user, it's a bit more convenient, but all in all, it doesn't make a difference.

I wouldn't use Libre/OpenOffice either because it's such a turd, it's as if you wanted to copy MS Office but fucked up every feature, which doesn't make much difference for most people, except power users who can describe each and every one of them as deeply broken.

Office 2003 or before seems the perfect compromise.

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swords are still good weapons, nothing changed in that regard.

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Sure. You go fight a modern war with a sword. Sure you will get far.

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Windows, sometimes.

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Was recently trying to find a client that I could load ~40k torrents at once (archiving many of the torrents from ex) and every modern client failed after 5k.
Of all fucking clients, old ass uTorrent 2.2.1 is the only one that can do it. UI hangs every now and then but otherwise works fine and only uses about 700MB of ram doing so.
Since I can't really trust that many connections with a known vulnerable software, I do run the entire thing in a VM+OSArmor.

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>adobe photoshop 5.5,
IMO the first version of Photoshop actually worth using. Its fairly feature complete, most image alteration features added after this more speed up the process and make you more efficient rather then doing new/different things. I still sit on CS5 which now is ~10 years old since I can't tell the difference from it and the latest creative cloud 2019.

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based *sip*

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Still using Office 2003 on Windows 10, extremely fast and lightweight, 2007 was already bloated and much slower.

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Ife found that 2013 is way faster than 2010

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I am fed up with Office 365, 2019, 2016. 2013 was still good for me. Now you are making me hot for 2003 like it was some sort of ThinkPad. Where would I download Office 2003?

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365 is sub based, year versions are a normal volume license

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Not sure, but 97 is on archive.org

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I'm sure you can find it with a 2 minute internet search.

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Come home white man


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2003 >>> 2007


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whats the point?
if its just aesthetic, libreoffice looks exactly like it

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>libreoffice looks exactly like it
I wish I could throw away my eye for detail and live life in ignorance like you. Life would be so much easier. *sigh*

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...Are you serious? I can't tell if you're "pretending" or actually completely miss the point.

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Office 2007, can't be bothered to convert the .***x files to .*** files everytime like Office 2003 needs.

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You need to replace your tray icons. Those flat white shits are so fucking ugly.

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This used to be available from Microsoft's website until earlier this year. It makes Office 2000 and 2003 compatible with .???x filetypes.

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How? Is it running in DOSBox, or are ou on a 32bit OS?

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It's a hacked NTVDM running on 64-bit Windows


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WineVDM really is some black magic.
Everything I've thrown at it works.

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It also unofficially works on Office 97 too

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modern ms office has two good things: onedrive integration and export to pdf

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A big one, as far as implications when writing VBA code for Excel is concerned, is the Single Document Interface introduced in Excel 2013 up to the present:


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>It's a hacked NTVDM
no, it's a port of Wine's reimplementation of NTVDM

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Did you try rtorrent

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Office 2003 was the last version of Office without the ribbon. While the ribbon makes a lot of the most commonly used command easier to find, some of the less commonly used commands are practically impossible to find. I do wish Microsoft would bring back the old menus in some way, either with users being given a choice of menus or ribbons; or getting rid of the ribbon and going back to the old menus.

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Word still has difficulties with deeply embedded numbering schemes and such. Microsoft should have worked on fixing that so that it behaves much more consistently, predictably, and accurately as FrameMaker does (or used to if it's no longer published).

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Did you know that up to Office 2003 for Windows, the slash commands of Lotus 1-2-3 actually work in Excel? I'm pretty certain that even with the ribbon interface, 1-2-3's slash commands still work on the newest Windows version of Office.

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I still have Microsoft Works installed

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Office 97 also kept the uncompressed images you embedded into your documents. With Office 2000 and later, embedded images are compressed and the image quality suffers tremendously. Microsoft might have fixed that but the transition from Office 1997 to Office 2000 was very noticeable as embedded images looked like crap.

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I still have Office 2003 and Office 97 boxed
I will not abandon my assistants

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Is Office 2007 rebel enough?

>> No.72179966

there should be checkbox to disable automatic compression somewhere in the options

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Where can I download 2007 or newer legit?

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Opera 12.

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Daily reminder that Linux has poor support for legacy software. Users are slaves to their distros repositories and they know this. Just like applefags are slaves to the appstore.

Upgrading is easy but downgrading is hell. The next version of every major distro usually breaks some reverse software compatibility because most open source projects do not have leadership setting boundaries. A specific version of a software that worked on Ubuntu 16.04 will be very difficult to run on Ubuntu 19.04. Good luck running something from the mid 2000's which would be virtually impossible.

Appimage and Flatpak may solve this problem someday but currently most legacy software in Linux is lost forever. All the hard work of open source devs of the past is gone down the shitter.

Open source software cannot be properly studied, appreciated for nostalgia or even used for niche task like some professionals do.

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>computer at work had Office 2003 when I hired with the company four years ago
>just works
>has a plugin to handle new Office file formats
No reason to switch. I fear they're gonna replace my computer and have me take a plunge into Win 10 when Win 7 loses security support next year though.

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office 2010
windows xp (on my old thinkpad)
sony vegas pro 10
pre-uwp medieval cue splitter
all my linux stuff is always up to date. windows stuff is non-networked.

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>mfw not making websites in FrontPage and uploading them to NeoCities

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Just buy a $10/mo subscription to Office 365.

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I've always wondered how well 2003 would run in wine now

>> No.72180160

Checked. Fucking FrontPage of all things. It almost brings a tear to my eye. WS_FTP was another program I'd still use today.

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Potoshop CS2
Because adobe released serverless keys. I don’t do any heavy lifting in photoshop though.

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I thought switching from 2003 to 2007/10 was a massive change. 2003 was the last "classic" word in the old style.
Used 2003 right up until 2010.

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But cars aren't slower and more broken than horses?

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people still using MICROSOFT office

>> No.72180352

Need those tabs now ay.

>> No.72180376

What else would you use?

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>no gay sex with hats

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I believe there is and I actually ran into the same problem when I was using a newer version of powerpoint. Basically, it's another feature pushed on consumers because M$ knows what's best!

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Office 2003 does not have a modern release, it is legacy.

>> No.72180496

Why wouldn't MS simply allow users to modify/orient their preferred layout? It can't be that difficult to integrate layout customization.

>> No.72180502

I don't know if 2016 has it, but "design ideas" is comfy to use if you're creating slides in powerpoint. I love using it whenever I want to create slides since it makes things easier for me to beautify the slides.

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Because it’s made by engineers. They don’t understand humans.

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dumb or troll question

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office 2010
photoshop cs6
aTube Catcher

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Get a hold of yourself.

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sopa de macaco, uma delicia

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>onedrive integration and export to pdf
Fucking hell...

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I didn't since truth be told I was not really strongly familiar with how to swing that application with such a payload.
Given rtorrent's core is the best one out there I don't doubt it could handle it and was next on my list to try if utorrent failed.
But I can say before I used utorrent, I tied qBittorrent, Deluge, and Ktorrent, all of which crashed and burned when attempting to load so many torrents.

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i'm student so those are constantly needed at school. but at home i don't need those though so i'm using libreoffice.

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Utorrent 2.2.1 is an outdaded security risk.

>> No.72182053

spybot s&d 1.6.2

>> No.72182091

dude it's working like shit on my w10 machine, wtf

>> No.72182121


when has torrenting been secure? File sharing has always been a clusterfuck.

>> No.72182169

not to mention the worst thing that could happen with its securit risk is a pop up if you got webui enabled and someone knows your IP

>> No.72183327

yes, I'm still use it till now. best office ever.

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The benefit of rtorrent is you can dedicate an entire machine to just running it and maybe rutorrent. Back when I was on private trackers everybody who was running shitloads of seeds used rtorrent

>> No.72183843

But still what self respecting /g/entooman would use a 10 year old closed source program? It's asking for trouble.

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>export to pdf
"feature" present in LibreOffice and OpenOffice since like 15 years...

>> No.72184306

The only worthwhile function I think has come from Office 2016/365 where multiple users can edit the same document simultaneously, however the file has to be saved on OneDrive is the only caveat. Everything else is just fuckery.

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Paint Shop Pro for Windows 3.x.
Still using this in 2019 in combination with GIMP.
It actually still works very well up to a certain image size, and doesn't alias anywhere nearly as fucking badly as GIMP does.

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Why the fuck did they do that? Makes no sense.

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wow so it was alive somewhere, i tried the office2k3 sp3 compatibility pack and it told me it wasnt necesary, and windows update didnt give me shit
thanks bratan

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>Windirstat is that old
Some things just werk

>> No.72185258

Same. It matches the 7 look, there's no reason for me to use newer versions at home.

>> No.72185785

Use it if you want but fuck off if you have issues activating it. Either pirate it or take the 365 3 month trial we offer to get current or fuck off.

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>we offer

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