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Yes goyim, we steal your source code.

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So? Do you write top secret programs? Who gives a shit?

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JetBrains is basically one of the most user-friendly DRM.

Plus they are russians so they would never ste--

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They're Czech

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I hate having to do that shit just to make the software you've paid for work. I hate it so much i spend hours messing around with open source alternatives so i don't have to purchase your product.

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Provide evidence that more than license info is sent, or remain a faggot.

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Stupid meme.

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It's literally to make sure you don't buy a license then never renew it since they aren't lifetime/

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Don't use their software if you don't like their policy. What's the deal? It's not like you're forced to use it.

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AFAIK they have the only worthwhile IDE for Java but if you are a Java dev you only get what you deserve for making piss poor life decisions anyways.

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My source code is public and licensed under GPLv3, so this is of no concern to me.

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>subscription for software

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That would be the sensible choice but we are on /g/ so please fuck off and let me shill you $brand.

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Whats wrong with netbeans?

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Has anyone tried pirating JetBrains IDEs yet? I don't wanna lose Pycharm Professional once my GitHub student pack expires.

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no need to pirate it just download it from the website and try to find a gist that has jetbrains keys thats what i always do and it always work

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>botnet doesn't matter

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>implying any useless fa/g/got actually holds a job, writes useful code anyone would care about, doesnt just spend their time getting angry over the tools other people use

Fuck I hate this place.

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Officially yes. Thanks to Putin for supporting innovating businesses.

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they're Russians based in Czechia

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it literally say you can offline activate below

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Looks like this is about paid version. And it seems that it's subscription based.
Not a doctor, but I think OP might have brain damage.

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All slavs are the same. Their names and last names are similar.

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ask me how I know you're an amerifat

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Jetbrains is the best sir

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Lots PS cracks work by not allowing it to connect to Adobe servers so I can't verify itself
They are just preventing that

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Tell me where to find the keys. I read a similar post about finding them but never gave details

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It is tho. Vlad (Vladimir) can be either Russian, Czech or Polish. There's also Belarus, but it's fucking same Russia, except not quite.
Same goes for every name in >>72145118 picture. Especially for Sergey and Valentin.

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Read the second paragraph. You can use an offline activation code.

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My Dad is from Ukraine and is named Sergei

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Are you mentally ill faggots even able to make a thread without making it about jews or trannies

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Sail the high seas. We always get a better product

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Ukraine is slav too

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