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My temps are too high, I had to shut down yesterday. How are my fellow yuro coping with this heat on your systems? Should I build a swamp cooler for my PC?

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What's wrong with using ACs? Muh environmental pollution? fucking idiotens

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Most of us can't afford it here.

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I used to work ovens when I was younger, I'm both impervious to heat and unfazed by other people's suffering.

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>turns on 72 inch tv or gaming pc to play crisis on max and doesnt open the window
>"bruh why is it so hot"

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Enjoy the heat you smug bastards

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They're like $150 to buy a window AC. Just get the bloody thing

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Did you think the poor in "yuropoor" was a meme? I CAN'T AFFORD IT.

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Let me guess, it got over 24C and everyone started crying like they were on fire.

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that's on UK, that's specifically just London

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Literally where can you get a 1,300 square foot house (because I want to move from this hellhole called the UK)

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there's cities in Romania where you can literally buy house for 1€

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unde plm

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This is what makes me dial back my OC in the summer and run Nvidia cards. I have AC but the less heat getting dumped into my room the better

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A "house" or a flat?

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>fw I could go to even an ALDI right now and pick up a brand new air conditioner for less than $100, but I don't need to, because this Summer has been so unusually cool that I don't even need my fan on right now.

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>be American
>get shot

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>me dial back my OC in the summer and run Nvidia cards
ahahhhahhah why did I buy an AMD GPU ahahhahah

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I mean, my trailer doesn't look that nice, but yes. All of rural America. All of it.

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A house. Some small cities do it to avoid dying out (young people move into bigger cities for work).
Don't have the Romanian link at hand but here's for Italy:

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American small towns mostly. There's cheaper housing in every city, but it's old, full of niggers, and therefore decrepit.
I'm telling you on the assumption that you'll vote for guns (and obtain guns) as opposed to national healthcare. While I know everyone in this country would prefer the safety net, it really needs to be implemented as 50 payer rather than single payer so the lawmakers have more room to experiment and learn from mistakes (which is pretty much inevitable, it's not like they've worked in any jobs in the system, let alone all of them).

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>little yuro window units

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just how poor are western euros that they can't afford 300E for a split unit?

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Hey at least you can keep it pretty comfy in the winter

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its 22° wuz ya problem?

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it's not that they're poor it's just that they're cuck taxed so hard. They'll pay up to 50% tax on things. It's absurd.

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that's for like one room and will break in a year

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Yeah, that's a big assumption. Think of Europeans as Californians on steroids. If we had an influx of Europeans, they would vote even more left than the spics who come here. The only difference is they're less brown.

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When it's 40°C outside, it's only 26°C inside with no air conditioning. I don't need it.

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I guess no one told Portugal about this supposed heatwave in Europe. The weather here is very nice.

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Off yourself, tard.

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>Think of Europeans as Californians on steroids
This is true.
Our most hardcore right wing parties would fall center left in the US.
Your leftists would all start rioting under a week if European tax policies and other economic shit were enforced over there.

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>50% tax on things
In reality it's usually 20-30% income tax followed by 20-30% VAT (purchase tax).
But hey, free healthcare and in many places free education. So in the end it's good for everyone except healthy brainlets.

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Yup. There is only one country that's like America and I would prefer to keep it that way by telling everyone that we're full.

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>have to pay for other people's education and healthcare
cucked beyond saving.

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Nothing, especially when you already have solar panels on your roof to compensate for the electricity use. The biggest problem is that our homes were not build with AC in mind. High ceilings meaning larger air volumes, large windows that heat up the place like crazy, and there are no airducts in place for a big central AC unit. Basically we're forced to use smaller portable AC units which aren't that effective and would need several to keep the entire house cool. That shit quickly adds up in terms of cost.

Also depending on which part of Europe you live in you might only have to deal with this kind of weather for ±2 weeks a year. In other words, AC is not a worthwhile investment to everyone.

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There's that word again.

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just a bunch of euro fags that enjoy 70s during the day and temperature drops at night that are too stupid to understand that some places experience 80s and higher for months at a time.

>hurr, y u need to cool down ur house? just open a window hon hon hon

fucking poofters.

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I know that fucking feel, bro.
i-it's worth the sacrifice, r-right?
>t. software dev working in Madrid making minimum wage. Was making $5000 CAD more working at a coffee shop in Canada, and didn't have to work outside of work hours

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Just close the window curtains fugit

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Nigga, it's not about the AC unit cost... That thing a shitload of electricity.

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That thing uses a shitload of electricity*

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they're expensive, sometimes difficult to retrofit into our old ass houses (200 years isn't that old here in England) that weren't designed for AC vents and until recently it seldom became hot or humid enough to need AC when a £20 rotating fan served its purpose well enough.

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You can buy a house in Detroit for $1 but it's not livable and comes with a couple thousand in back property taxes.

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Free =!= good.

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If there's anything good about social media it's the fact that the true notion of Americans living better lives than Europeans is spreading every day.

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and as a poster above me stated our electricity is expensive compared to the US; the cost of electricity in Germany for instance is around $0.30/KWh and in the UK $0.20/KWh
https://www.kompulsa.com/much-power-air-conditioners-consume/ estimates (somewhat poorly? I don't see active usage/tolerably cool days factoring into the power draw, nor the air volume of the house) that AC would cost $45 a month to run in europe

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You can always buy premium version. It's just that having it for free (or rather, pre-paid from your taxes) is the default option.

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Sure but what good is healthcare if you can't even afford it? Seriously, healthcare related costs are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in America. You might as well put down your kids if they ever break an arm.

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> Implying that I'm American
> Implying that I don't have health insurance with coverage for cancer.

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Good luck waiting for any kind of specialist appointment.

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Not every country with universal healthcare has massive queues for specialist care and the only reason America has short queues is because most people can't afford the care and instead just die.

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Your country is a CIA manufactured client st8 m8

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Literally in any of the non-coastal cities, you can get cheap land/house in America under $100K. Heck, in shitty parts of America (detroit) you can get it for $1K (with some $5-20K back taxes). America is BIG and lands are cheap outside of the cities themselves.

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It's gonna drop from 30c to 20c tomorrow.

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No one ever goes into bankruptcy just for medical bills
Bankruptcy happens due to multiple forms of debt and medical can be a small or even nonexistent part of that especially when you consider many hospitals write off or get paid from a charity when your kid does break an arm

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Just because you don't pay for the care doesn't mean you can't bribe your way up the priority list, comrade.

>> No.72083299

this is the sad truth. My nan had to wait over a year for something the mutts would get in a week.

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>most people can't afford the care and instead just die
When will this FUD stop spreading?
It’s federal law that hospitals must treat patients who need care

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Medical bankruptcy usually happens due to chronic conditions. Not sure what it's like for you europoors but have fun having cancer in any part of the world. You're either going to be dead or dead ass broke

>> No.72083330

>No one ever goes into bankruptcy just for medical bills
Only like 60% are pushed over the edge:

Whether you want to call this "not just" that ... well yes, they also probably failed at the whole "boom or bust", "scam and exploit the shit out of other people" or "be born rich" success plan.

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Europoor health care also can't save everyone with cancer.

But like in other places with socialized health care (depending on how solid the coverage is - even in Europe it's different by country), having cancer really doesn't necessarily bankrupt you.

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yeah but who is going pay for it

>> No.72083376

Well he has a point that it's not just the medical bill, it's the combination of having no savings or other form of backup plan and getting to pay the medical bill.

>> No.72083378

lmao poorfag.

>> No.72083399

Have to take from your lifesavings if you ever need surgery.

>> No.72083405

After jumping through a bunch of hoops you're given sort of a pension if you're deemed unfit to work. There's also usually price ceilings where the Government starts covering your treatment.

>> No.72083406

>wanting to be surrounded by peasants who are uneducated and diseased.
Okay dude.

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You don't need to guess, it's basically known and published in just about every country who pays for this.

Typically, socialized medicine meanscitizens paying into some kind of fund for health care, or the government collects the money via taxes

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for once it feels good living in a brazilian shithole where temperatures are 20 C° all year long

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Guy can we stop talking about how shitty Yurop is and get back to the heatwave?

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>why are people on 4chan spreading dishonesty and misinformation

>> No.72083439

Again: I'm aware these people aren't typically the rich.

Yes, it's the less wealthy whose finances get destroyed by having to pay that unpredictable $100k bill (while getting unemployed for the same health reasons). Not those that make 50 times as much from their stock market investments alone.

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Why talk about anything that happens in Yurop if not to mock Yuropoors

It's not like Yurop is relevant when not being mocked. What are they gonna do, send both their carriers at us?

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The second made the first click in europoors' subconcious

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>free healthcare
Since when is 30% of your paycheck "free"?
Or are you a welfare nigger?

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>Turn AC so low I need a blanket to stay comfortable in my room during the summer.
>Costs almost nothing because electricity is cheap

Get fucked Euros

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Left, an actual house that is likely to appreciate in value.

Right, a vehicle you live in that only depreciates and is costly to relocate. Not worth shit unless you're buying it in ideal real estate in which case it'll cost as much as left anyway.

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For most people paying for medical care through taxes is not even close to the costs of private care.
>muh taxation is theft
unironically kys.

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>peaked at 39 c/100ish f here
>GPU and CPU were sitting around 65c while playing doom 2016
>idling around 30c

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I pay an equivalent of 6 cents in southeastern europe

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Who is writing these shitty articles anyway?
The only European countries without AC are the UK, Ireland and perhaps Scandinavia. The rest of us get >30C (86F) temps every summer and of course plenty of us have AC.

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imagine using AC and a fucking blanket like a retard. stay mad murican

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baguette here, I don't know anybody who has an AC

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But anon, Europe is a country and obviously everything part of is the same!

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Coverage in private homes here in Germany is still under 5%. Personally I've never experienced heat that a fan and more nekkidness couldn't fix.

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>poor people country

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pooland here, no ac, get fucked nigger

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Jacking up a 100k bill basically amounts to a lifetime of problems
I have never been a in a hospital that didn’t lower the price basically 90% if it was known you had no insurance
I had to get major surgery done and the total bill that would have been billed to the insurance company was 70k, since I had no insurance they reduced it to $3400 or so

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>larpers posing as yuropoors confirming american's beliefs that europe is shit
>be actual balkan yuropoor
>everyone has their AC running the entire year
Where the hell do you even live?

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Euros if your house doesn't have AC just go for a nice relaxing drive in your car for awhile to cool off.

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$490,000 for a 3 bedroom, 1678 sq/ft in San Diego

>> No.72083678

It's 300EUR and lasts decades, you cheap piece of shit.

>> No.72083693

joke's on you, my car's a 20 years old piece of junk that doesn't have AC

>> No.72083694

these scum either have no cars or a AC-less clattering 4-cylinder diesel

>> No.72083704

Pretty sure that a cool shower is going to be quicker and cheaper.

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>paying for other people isn't cucked, I-I promise!
>Pay for those africans or you land in prison!
fuck off

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>How are my fellow yuro coping with this heat on your systems?
I've got AC, no issues with the heat. Only going outside is hell, thankfully there's AC at the office as well, so I only really need to suffer for 30-40 minutes each day getting to and from work.

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Your conclusion is wrong. The problem IS that other people are billed $70k or 15x$3.5k or whatever- could also be far more. Either way it's too much and puts them over the edge.

Socialized health care systems are what *ensures* everyone gets the situation you got - not due to luck/kindness/whatever, but because it's the rules and how things work.

>> No.72083769

my car is a 30 year old piece of shit without any electronics, AC or even basic safety features like airbags that breaks down every month or so.
Being a fucking poorfag slav working min wage in eastern yuro makes you want to punch some random fag because prison is probably unironically better to live in.

>> No.72083786

But how does your State afford cancer treatment?

>> No.72083787

>20 years old
If your car didn’t have AC by 1999 it wasn’t because you didn’t have the option, it means it was a low trim level econobox POS

>> No.72083814

it's a 1998 306
and I remember in the early 2000s here in baguetteland pretty much nobody had AC in their car, I don't remember if it was just not an option or if it was expensive since I was young, but when my dad got a car with AC around 2005 everybody we knew was like "wooo this is the tightest shit, fuck yeah technology"

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300 eur more like expensive and will break next winter i bet you

>> No.72083838

Fees for funding this and/or taxes.

It doesn't create money [although the state getting involved against exploiting people "your money or I guess you die/don't get good treatment" can help].

However it stops the need for people to have $50k, 150k or 500k in reserve if they happen to draw a bad or worse lot at any time in their life, or guess which of the insurances (which actually has an interest NOT to pay) actually covers what they will have in the future, and then possibly also have to fight to actually get what they paid for WHILE they're sick.

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imagine having v8 in your smart and paying $300 for petrol every week because shits sucking up whole tank in a city

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One of our properties is a trailer home we bought for $60k during the end of the crash. Its worth around $120k and has already paid itself twice over with renters. Whenever it needs renovating you just haul it away and place a new one down for $20k. You mad euro cuck?

>> No.72083944

Why yes I enjoy the 70s during the day in my authentic 1976 Porsche 991 GT. But at night I prefer the 40s when I jerk off to pictures of D day.

>> No.72083945

stay sweaty, papiescz

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I'm in the UK, where is the cheapest house I can buy including the tax? London is too expensive, its like $1600 to rent a house and $500 to rent a room in a shared house...

>> No.72083959

>pays 50% of his paycheck so Johan Cuckson can have his gender reassignment surgery
>he-hehe stupid americans
and this is coming from a eastern yuropoor

>> No.72083987

>Your conclusion is wrong
I’ve been trough the system, I’ve had my trips the the hospital along with many friends and family and the way hospitals bill and the cost is much different than what is sensationalized in the media
It’s almost like they have an agenda to get socialized healthcare implemented
The current system in the US isn’t perfect I’ll admit to that but there is no need to distort what actually goes on, doing that helps no cause
It really seems like the people who have the least firsthand experience in the US medical system are the ones that feel the most need to say something about it

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File: 114 KB, 1920x1012, OECD_health_expenditure_per_capita_by_country.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well... yes. See pic related.

You should also compare this to various health care quality metrics.

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My neighbours have solar panels even though electricity is so cheap because you get incentives from the EU for installing solar.

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blanket make hot
i no want hot
i still want blanket
blanket plus ac perfect combo

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Seething yuropoor. Enjoy your heatstroke, but, hey, at least you have fun listening to the nearest Mosque's loudspeakers at the max volume build on your tax euros.

>> No.72084050

I'm a pro-US east euro but I think trying to change the euro hoi polloi is futile. Recently I was reading comments on a video about legality of car modifications and there were many people cheering strict regulations! It must be the feudal genes. Completely hopeless for people like us.

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>electricity is too expensive
>AC+install costs too much
>I need a loisence
>what if I catch a cold
yurotoddlers btfo

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