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>5G is harmless schizo, mass bird deaths during testing was just a coincidence!!!

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iToddlers btfo fpbp based cringe have sex dilate /thread disregard that i suck cocks onions onions onions

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okay so what is the benefit of installing 5g everywhere if its going to cause serious damage to people? what do "they" stand to gain? how exactly do you think they will coordinate this simultaneously all over the western world? (since if what you say is true it would be stopped after the first install goes online)

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Mass pacification of goyim cattle, CIA niggers use electromagnetic radiation to make people more succeptible to MKULTRA programming. Having a denser network of transmitters increases the power nigger

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Have sex incel >>>/pol/ oof yikes schizo nazi take your meds paranoid
racist reddit >>>/pol/ /r/t_d

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this, but ironically.

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based tranny

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Stop samefagging, OP. Not only both images have the same type of filename, but the second post wasn't even made by a new IP.

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Yikes cringe sweetie oof yikes incel nazi schizo take your meds based

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conspiracy theories are not technology, election tourist.

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Nuke Moscow.

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>mass bird deaths during testing
Source/evidence for this claim?

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Threadly reminder that you're replying to a reddit/discord using schizo when you participate in these threads.

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>gets banned from /sci/ for blatant shitposting
>spams /g/ in a hissy fit
Have a cry OP.

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>mass bird deaths
Didn't even happen you mong.
But feel free to post your shitthatneverhappened.com/honest/dead-birds-5g "proof" so we can mock you more.

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shitty thread gets shitty posts, who woulda thunk
saged hidden reported called the cops

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kinda based tho. i seperate my bookmarks like that too haha

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Nice iPhone filenames faggot, is that the same iPhone you use when you want to reply to yourself in a thread?

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do you think the guy who posts this thread gets extra rations of vodka?

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Only if he meets his quota.

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*clears throat*


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How is this faggot thread still up?

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>okay so what is the benefit of installing 5g everywhere if its going to cause serious damage to people? what do "they" stand to gain?
Maybe money, retard?

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nice try mossad nigger, you wont get us that easily

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wojak edits are always hilarious and original
*crunch crunch*

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i can tell you that any glass front office complex murderes more birds than 5G and Windmills Combined (or heck, multiplied by another)

oh and if 5G kills birds? better shut down FM radio as those antennas blast at much higher power-levels (in the kilowatt range)

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Man I'm glad this shit forced meme was unsuccessful

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guess it was too deep for you

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They don't know what they're doing. Short-sighted profit making. Business as usual.

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Hey bud. I really, really don't like being around people with dark skin. Can you help me out with that?

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have you tried sex?

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With darkies, or with anyone in general?

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>5G is being pushed by Trump's buttbuddy Ajit Pai
5 rubles have been deposited into your account, OP

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I tried it, but it didn't seem to change anything. Maybe I did it wrong?

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>kill your entire consumer base and society "for money"
nice one genius

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Trump is a Zion operative stupid nigger

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>Being this retarded to believe 5G does harm

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>being so silly that one believes eating radium is harmful
What poppycock!

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Don't worry, we are so much more sensible nowadays! :^)

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>He doesn't use Asbestos

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because there is none, it was confirmed that the beards eat posion

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>samefagging this hard

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>Didn't even happen
First of all, mass bird deaths do happen and we're not talking once or twice. And it's not new. 2012: https://www.sott.net/article/245343-2-300-Birds-Found-Dead-Along-Chilean-Beaches
2014: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/environment/flora-fauna/70-migratory-birds-found-dead-in-Chhattisgarh/articleshow/44828106.cms

I could go on chronologically but I'll just skip to some of the high-lights this year:


How does this relate to 3G, 4G and 5G? Well, truth is that while a whole lot of mass bird deaths - deny it all you want but it's a simple fact - have happened while these things have been operational the relationship, if any, is speculation. It's like saying mass bird deaths happened while electricity was being used by humans. It's true but it doesn't mean there's a connection.

Slightly related but mostly unrelated: I knew there's regular mass bird deaths from researching it years ago. i wasn't unaware how many more there's been this year until I looked just now. It's very scary.I get how asking "Why?" would make someone blame 5G.

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There still are radon hot springs open.
They claim to be medicinal.

Also animals were proven to die in zero radiation environment so apparently a little ionization might be healthy/

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Any powerful antenna cooks the by-flying birds alive. The radio the radar, anything powerful just cooks them alive, the birds arent dying of instant cancer or radiation poisoning.

I heard many stories about the army guys sticking a chicken on a stick and cooking it near an antenna or a radar emitter.

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reminder that you should dial eight

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>oh and if 5G kills birds? better shut down FM radio as those antennas blast at much higher power-levels (in the kilowatt range)

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why the fuck should i care about bird deaths. lol

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>5G kills all bees
>who cares lol humans dont need food


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based. fuck bees

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They gain many things. First of all, they get to expand the total bandwidth of all devices on the internet, therefore enabling the RFID chips they've installed into most of the human population back then to basically send all of your thoughts, memories, experiences, etc to trackers, the government, and other institutions that like spying on people at basically lightning speed. Additionally, they can also theoretically use it to remotely send electrical impulses to your brain through your calcified pineal gland that they calcified using fluoride in our water supplies and be able to control your emotions and your mood, or maybe even change your memories or remove your emotions turning you into a robot. In combination with chemtrails they can also heat up the earth's atmosphere a whole fucking lot which will be harmful to the environment.

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>da internet iz why muh peepee don't stand anymore
Mass graves for boomers: 2020

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There's no chips. Chips are too susceptible to EMP damage and being destroyed by MRI machines. I haven't even studied nanotech and I fucking know this shit. Fuck off.

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Anyone else love 5g threads? They just devolve into mindless shitposting and flamewars

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>correlates well

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Don't care if birds die, I get faster interweb

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Let them discover that their new shiny 5G phone not only kills them but also burns its batteries like hell due to inefficient 5G design.

It was revealed recently (there is a post on slashdot today) that the power requirements for 5G are ridiculous and some are considering backing out of the current 5G specs.

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It actually uses less battery than 4G because despite the radio requiring more power it doesn't need to be on for as long a time due to the increased speeds it offers.

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Meant for

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>the birds just ate poison
>he fell for the Russian propaganda meme again.

When will you Americans learn.

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>Bint at work keeps going on about how 5G will kill us all
>Explain to her how it won't
>She doesn't believe me and says she did her own research and why did the birds die even though I told her why

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get rekt 5G fanboi


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5G is non ionizing radiation and cannot damage your DNA/cause cancer.

I'm sure someone will post muh NTP study but they cranked the voltage up pretty high and held it directly against the rats head and might as well just have cooked the rats brains. No studies have looked at everyday normal exposures and have found "statistically significant" evidence that non ionizing radiation at the intensity cell phones produce can cause cancer.

That being said, we dont know if it can cause any other effects because like I said, no good studies have been done yet

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That doesn't contradict my point at all, retard. The radio uses more power while transmitting but is on for far less time due to the massively increased speed, i.e. reduced battery consumption. Conducting a test in which both the 4G and 5G radios are on constantly for an hour is obviously going to show 4G using less power but that's not indicative of real life usage scenarios.

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because the radio won't be at full tilt while you watch 8K 480fps dilation videos? get outta here! if the bandwidth isn't usable 100% of the time then what is the point?

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What do you mean that 5G is bad? I feel ok

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>the radio won't be at full tilt while you watch 8K 480fps dilation videos
Retard, learn how video streaming works. Your phone "downloads" the video in chunks and buffers it, it's not constantly downloading the video second by second as you watch it.

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Constant geolocation. They will always know your location.

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bruh, have you ever thought that at this bitrate the chunks would be large enough to fill the buffer immediately and thus you'd need reenable radio almost immediately?

>> No.72082555

also if god forbid you want to stream video from your phone without lag you WILL need the radio constantly on

>> No.72082605

>at this bitrate the chunks would be large enough to fill the buffer immediately
Source? What bitrate are you suggesting?
>you want to stream video from your phone without lag you WILL need the radio constantly on

>> No.72082667

>since if what you say is true it would be stopped after the first install goes online
hahahaha, in what world do you live? Dozens of movies have been made about this exact scenario. They will deny deny deny until actually sued and found guilty. They have already decided that the profits are greater than what they would have to pay out. Risk management bean counters have already calculate that your death is worth it to them.

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ok the easy part first.

say you are an IRL streamer and you are streaming over that 5G, you don't want to put up with lag (hell, why should you since 5G was advertised to you as being virtually lag free), you need to send out encoded video chunks as soon as they are ready out of the encoder, thus your radio needs to be constantly ready to transmit and thus constantly powered up. Your phone will also keep trying to find the relay with the best signal, which again, tada, will rely on the radio!

now, say you are streaming something to you phone, say a nice 8K 480fps video (for good measure because why not, 5G was sold to you promising to be able to deliver very high bandwidth and thus very high definition video); (provided your device can handle decoding such a stream in the first place) you are going to be looking at (I'm extrapolating from 4k60fps for youtube here, which is by no means the best bitrate for that resolution) roughly and at least 500mbits a second, twice that if you are using x264... which is 62megabytes a second, say your phone has 32gigs of RAM, 50% of which is in use by other apps and the OS (that's generous), 16gigs, you'll be able to buffer about 4 minutes of video, which fair enough is long enough to turn off and on again the radio; BUT in the mean time the tower will have stayed at full blast for other users doing exactly the same thing you are... their own use will overlap with yours meaning that relays will be at full Tx blast constantly. So basically relays will be at full power all the time even if your phone isn't.

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What is P-hacking?

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Different frequencies retard nigger

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>now, say you are streaming something to you phone, say a nice 8K 480fps video
Show me one piece of media that is recorded at this resolution and framerate and show me the camera that was used to record it.
>twice that if you are using x264
No new phone that will support 5G isn't going to have h.265 decoding support.
>So basically relays will be at full power all the time even if your phone isn't
Who gives a fuck about telecoms companies having to pay more for electricity? The fact remains that 5G isn't going to significantly hinder your battery life.

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>So basically relays will be at full power all the time even if your phone isn't.


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>all those taskbar pins

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>5G is harmless schizo, mass bird deaths during testing
it's fake you brain damaged retard

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>imagine being so retarded you think leaded gasoline is harmful

It’s literally better for your car, schizo

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decoding x265 is one thing, encoding it is a whole other challenge with adaptive macroblock sizes...

>> No.72083829

and more power = more EMF in an area and also more "wasted" power generally.

Face it, nothing is EVER going to replace the efficiency of wired connections.

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I am not a bird.

>> No.72084652

> no good studies have been done yet.
And this is a fucking problem. I'm totally ok with my 4G, and 4K streaming meme not worth a risk.

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these kind of threads make me wonder if I could make up some bullshit conspiracy and make money off of it

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I'm 100% serious in this post. I walk to work. It's about 15 minutes from my house, so why drive, eh? Anyway, I started noticing dead birds on the sidewalk starting in the beginning of the summer. Just about one every week. They're always gone and replaced. Then one day at work, alas, another dead bird on the side of the building, and another.
I noticed how strange this was, as this has never happened during my 23 years of living. At least, I've never seen it. I wondered what might have been causing it. On the street to work, I thought some crazy fuck was killing them with something, but after seeing them at work, and other locations, it had me really questioning my thoughts.

I don't know if 5G is up here. I don't think it is, but it could be being tested. What better place to test a potential hazard than this shithole?

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It isn't. You're retarded. Now stop being a faggot.

>> No.72086176

I don't think it is. But I really want to know why I've been finding dead birds. 5G didn't even pop into my mind until I saw this thread. What could it be, Anon?

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Don’t listen to this CIA nigger >>72086176, lots of social engineering bots in this thread

>> No.72086621

Don’t listen to this CIA nigger >>72086389, lots of social engineering bots in this thread

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>5g is harmful

>> No.72087731

>doesn't post a single bird death incident related to 5G

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Does a microwave cause cancer? No.
Also what the fuck was that about dead birds? You would get more credibility if you posted a valid source.

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>birds fly close to high powered antenna
This is like saying if I put a hug a live electricity wire I'll get electrocuted and therefore electricity is dangerous. What's it like being retarded OP?

>> No.72088295 [DELETED] 

for human epidemiological data that's a very strong correlation, nice try tho

5G uses both megacycle and gigacycle freqs

>> No.72088304

All towers kill birds, anything tall kills birds

>> No.72088364

I won't argue about 5G being harmful or not but you are still a schizo

>> No.72088511

we use hertz now grandpa

>> No.72088564

for human epidemiological data that's a very strong correlation, nice try tho

5G uses both megacycle and gigacycle freqs

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>anyone who doesn't blindly believe my conspiracy theories loosely based on clickbait I didn't read is le ebil jew jidf kike
When is /pol/ going and staying gone. I can pull up many archives if one of you snowflakes feels like going "muh /pol/ boogeyman"

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>I don't understand this image but hope people will get scared by it
>better edit any sources out just incase

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>R2 = 0.417
>correlates very well

Not an argument.

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what frequencies? 88-108 MHz?

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>mom i posted it again

>> No.72088775

>muh 5g
>muh jews
Remember, three strikes and you're out. Take your meds.

>> No.72088796 [DELETED] 

out of what? jewish foreskin cream?
fuck off yid

>> No.72088823

You can scream and throw tantrums all you want, but 5G is happening and no amount of schizophrenia will change that.
Waiting for when 5G causes literally no damage at all and it becomes a "i-it might not be obvious now, j-just wait" thing like chemtrails and wifi.

>> No.72088835

tons of moratoriums hitting 5G
ray broomhall is one of your trigger words too lamo

>> No.72088843

Please explain this schizo word salad to me I don't know who that is and what that is

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>oi vay i cant understand words no more hes got me so good

>> No.72088877

Tell me, what do you plan to do when 5g deploys worldwide?

>> No.72088878

it would work on them too nigger

>> No.72088884

>what do you plan to do when thing that will never happen happens

>> No.72088893

americans unironically create giant schizo conspiracies to reject 5G simply because china is the one who made it first and america cant obtain it without their help.
youre pathetic lol

>> No.72088900

Electricity is dangerous though.

>> No.72088913

Keep deluding yourself, people were saying this about 3g and 4g you zoomer.

>> No.72088941

most of the planet cant get any G retard

surprise, in those areas biology is doing a lot better

>> No.72088953

Did you ever stop to consider that perhaps that's because virtually no people live there

>> No.72088967

fuck off jew

>> No.72088970

lets put all transmitters in israel

>> No.72088973

>biology is doing a lot better in the places where people dye from the flu and the wildlife is hunted to near extinction

>> No.72088974

lol couldn't even refute it

>> No.72088976

You're assuming that 5G damages people. Pro tip: it doesn't, luddite.

>> No.72088994

>people dye
learn english better if you want to be convincing goldberg

>> No.72089004

at least goldberg doesn't actively shill for the 3rd world.
americans truly are lesser creatures.

>> No.72089036

my fellow White person

>> No.72089041

Would you mind humoring me and telling me how old you are? I'm just curious.

>> No.72089090

i am a 10,000 year old anti-jewish demon and you are about to lose everything to me for eternity

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Дa, нe иcпoльзyйтe 5G! Я coвepшeннo нe pyccкий :)

>> No.72089100

I can't wait for 5G to roll out and for my carrier to decide to give me cheaper faster internet for free

>> No.72089101

A demon that still has acne, no doubt. Gotcha

>> No.72089123

5G tech is all China I can't believe US want to install it everywhere

>> No.72089131

So you admit you're a /pol/ tourist with no factual sources

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>p < 0.000001

>> No.72089146

Has Anyone Virtually Even Seen Examples X?

>> No.72089162

People are fucking idiots, 5g uses the same frequencies as the other type of phone bands. Why do you think networks are pulling their 2g and 3g networks? Because the FCC only allowed so many channels for each company, so to add 5g, they need to free up channels from their legacy networks to use for 5g. 5g is just a new protocol, not some new "death frequency"

>> No.72089177 [DELETED] 

shut the fuck up kike

>> No.72089184

>for human epidemiological data that's a very strong correlation
No it isn't. I know you like to parrot this but you don't actually understand epidemiology and therefore can't actually explain WHY it's a supposedly strong correlation.

>> No.72089196

Look it up brainlet. You're mad because you know I'm right

>> No.72089197

you're probably a low grade engi assigned to shill in these threads so it makes sense you dont understand epidemiological data with regards to human health effects

>> No.72089204

>you dont understand epidemiological data with regards to human health effects
And you do? Then why don't you explain WHY it's a supposedly strong correlation? What's your degree in btw?

>> No.72089236 [DELETED] 

I can explain it and the answer is a google away, but I won't because I'm stringing you along. Yap yap little mutt.

>> No.72089261

>I can explain it
No you can't. I'm calling your bluff.
>the answer is a google away
This is what you say every time someone challenges your lack of knowledge on a topic.

>> No.72089275

he's a poltard, all they can do is type "oy vey goy"

>> No.72089291

I can explain it but I'm just letting you feel like you're accomplishing something after you've been crushed every thread.

/pol/ is based.

>> No.72089293

It doesnt work if you have sex with a man

>> No.72089309

>i-i can explain it i swear you guys!!!
I've heard better excuses from a 5 year old.

>> No.72089314

>half as many posters as posts
you guys do know what this means right

>> No.72089344

How's the weather in Tel Aviv today?

>> No.72089349

You're a fucking embarrassment lad

>> No.72089369

this post is a cope

>> No.72089379

>explain your argument
>because you can't
>i know you are but what am I?
>you can't explain your argument and you're deflecting
>y-yeah well you're jewish HAH I WIN
With every thread you resort to this non-argument sooner and sooner, allowing more people to become aware of the absolute childishness and lack of knowledge your posts display. Please, continue to embarrass yourself by replying to me with more non-arguments.

>> No.72089392

My first post in the thread lad. If you're trying to win public opinion here you're doing a shit job of it

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File: 241 KB, 833x1080, uksiirznoxc01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes goy, 5g is perfectly safe

>> No.72089420

Heating effect destroying sperm motility is the least crazy of the conspiracy theories I've read.

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>Literally hundreds of studies posted showing effects at varying levels/frequencies/modulation types
>Literally zero studies showing 5G is safe, only FUD/misdirection propaganda and goalpost moving

Tobacco style

>> No.72089448

These outlets are fervently Pro-5G to the point of using propaganda to distort science:

>Ars Technica
>Washington Post

From: https://ehtrust.org/science/myth-vs-fact-national-toxicology-program-cell-phone-cancer-study/

All (((propaganda))) NPC outlets.

If all these subversives are telling you that Microwave radiation is good for you, your parents and brothers and sisters and children to be subjected to, at all times, then maybe, just maybe... it's not?

Just a thought.

>> No.72089450

Learn about the different types of radiation, retard. If you think 5g is deadly, then you would be instantly vaporized by the sun the second you walk out the door

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And the earth is flat, what else is new?

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>NTP study found cancer at levels well below thermal
>still clinging to "muh non-ionizing"


>> No.72089479

Come see anti 5g anon getting rekt on sci


>> No.72089481

>well below thermal
Explain what you mean by "below thermal". Is there a magic cutoff point where EM energy stops being converted into heat as it is absorbed by the rats?

>> No.72089492

ask your ICNIRP cuck buddies, they're experts on "thermal effects only"

>> No.72089510

So I'll chalk that down to another "I parroted this phrase without actually understanding what it means and now I'm going to pretend I'm an expert on it but I still won't actually explain it".

>> No.72089520

5G schizoids btfo 5G is safe now

>> No.72089524

He just got btfo on /sci/ lmao

>> No.72089527
File: 32 KB, 408x632, 08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72089534

This but unironically considering you can't actually explain what "below thermal" means or why 0.417 is supposedly a strong correlation

>> No.72089559

>5G schizo assblasted on sci, has resorted to only posting links and cant actually back them up

How will he ever recover

>> No.72089579
File: 357 KB, 800x430, 1490552227180.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly this is why I also think vaccines are harmful, the usual suspects shill them 24/7

And always framing it as "delusional schizos" as if questioning or being corcerned about possible health side effects is "schizophrenia"

Notice also how the people vehemently challenging any 5G doubt are the same good boi know-it-all center-left types behind every single (metaphorical) cancer in the world today

>> No.72089580

he has been BTFO'ing you consistently though

>Ars Technica
>Washington Post

Which one of these Real News (not fake) shitholes is your employer?

>> No.72089615

No srs hes actually not responding now, hes usually speedy fast.

>> No.72089621

I have voted for the most rightwing meme party in the last (EU) election. I'm simply not impressed by the fact you haven't presented any evidence

>> No.72089626

It's hilarious because /sci/ just explained through every single shitty Facebook schizo picture he posted so he resorted to coming here and posting the same exact pictures to be met with /g/ autism yet again.

>> No.72089635


>> No.72089646

I cannot imagine how you think that spamming the same thread on /g/ every single day for months and posting the exact same pictures can be compared at all to being concerned and asking questions. This is just mental illness.

>> No.72089647

nvm, found it

>> No.72089653


>> No.72089665
File: 263 KB, 750x1334, 1512539904606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have voted for the most rightwing meme party in the last (EU) election.
And the fact the literal opposites are the ones shilling for 5G and mandatory vaccines doesn't concern you?
You know, the people that want a federal EU superstate flooded by 1BN africans and such

> I'm simply not impressed by the fact you haven't presented any evidence
I'm not OP faggot europoor

There's an entire world outside of /g/, I meant in general, same as vaccines, the most diehard proponents are the same center left globalist people behind every single cancer

>> No.72089672

jesus fucking christ why do mentally ill people seem to flock to this site

>> No.72089675

Its not challenging 5G doubt. If someone were to post an actual breakthrough study then yeah we would accept it. But when you post the same debunked study every thread and are known to be a conspiracy weirdo who ignores basic science, people start shitting on you.

>> No.72089680

>lets just straight up attempt to astroturf the narrative that we enjoyed any kind of victory today
lick those wounds, dog

>> No.72089683

>And the fact the literal opposites are the ones shilling for 5G
Ajit Pai and Trump are Republicans and they're shilling 5G as well.

>> No.72089691

>But when you post the same debunked study every thread and are known to be a conspiracy weirdo who ignores basic science, people start shitting on you.
sorry but this is not reddit tranny. you lost this thread and no amount of astroturfing will change the outcome. 4chan and even the normiesphere are increasingly becoming aware of the 5G depopulation plan and there's nothing you can do to stop it except for kvetch autistically.

>> No.72089697

From the /sci/ thread
What in the goddamn

>> No.72089698

do americans really?

>> No.72089702

>lost this thread

Idk about that, you still have some arguing to do on sci lmao

>> No.72089703

>What in the goddamn
haha, organic, authentic and original 4Chan post there fellow anonymoose

>> No.72089739

I knew there was gonna be a pastebin like this eventually. My sides are in orbit holy shit

>> No.72089749

this attempted astroturfing of your own failed post is military grade cringe

>> No.72089756

Don't you have some copy-pasting to do over on /sci/?

>> No.72089766

Have you ever actually read the 300 page NTP paper?

>m-muh ehtrust

>> No.72089767
File: 20 KB, 288x340, DwfLAPgV4AAdPhE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ajit Pai and Trump are Republicans and they're shilling
they're not "shilling" they talk about policies like good normies

Shilling is when you post propaganda about X, using ad hominems and lies to promote something

Why promote it to such an extent? If it's "just another tech" then there'd be no issues

On the same vein, why are "they" criminalizing antivax for i.e. measles with a basically unmeasurable death rate of 0,5% pm all over the world to the extent of jail time?

Really makes me think, especially if you start looking into NGOs, the UN, elite private clubs, influencers

>> No.72089773
File: 15 KB, 734x440, 1544455880847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pastebin has 1100 views
>Hmm it must all be one anon

>> No.72089788


>> No.72089803

wow the pastebin is really blowing up. its a new epic meme in the tranny discord community.

link your patreon

>> No.72089811
File: 3.65 MB, 2321x3717, spam3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>attempted astroturfing
A certain Goebbels quote about accusing the other side of that which you are guilty of comes to mind

>> No.72089817
File: 82 KB, 544x501, spammerdiscord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tranny discord
A certain Goebbels quote about accusing the other side of that which you are guilty of comes to mind

>> No.72089831
File: 140 KB, 679x653, antipol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do you think you're painting some sort of grand narrative with these compilation images you literally spend hours combing through the archives to put together? do you think anyone actually looks at them and draws any meaningful opinion from them like they do from well executed comps?

pic related is how you do it properly btw

>> No.72089862

not him but they make people like you look desperate

>> No.72089873

no, the ones posted ITT for the purpose of ascribing the capped posts to one poster (when there are clearly multiple posters in the images) make whoever is repeatedly posting them seem unhinged

>> No.72089875
File: 521 KB, 1494x850, vedditor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you literally spend hours combing through the archives
Not hours, considering your entire post history can be catalogued with about 5 separate searches on the archive because you literally post the same shit every single day.

>> No.72089881

Literally none of those posts are me. I do have that image saved though.

You need to get help.

>> No.72089882
File: 23 KB, 195x195, 1368575823190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are clearly multiple posters in the images

>> No.72089904

>Literally none of those posts are me
Oh I'm sorry, it must have been the other incessant spammer who also happens to post on /v/ regularly, make shitty NPC wojak edits and hates 5G. Definitely not the same guy seen in >>72089811 and

>> No.72089916


You've literally posted your sad compilation over 20 times on /g/ alone in an attempt to "get" anyone who is Anti-5G lmfao. this is since June 20th when you made it.

also the filename is "spam3" which implies you've made more images (and you have as one of the posts im replying to is more of your obsessive combing of the archives for Anti-5G posters whomst are not me)

really and honestly get help, you are only making things worse for yourself and your cause

>> No.72089939

AI for self driving cars and Mass surveillance/Face recognition software.

>> No.72089952

>You've literally posted your sad compilation over 20 times on /g/ alone
Not really. Other posters have seen the compilation and posted it themselves because it's fucking hilarious and you always react extremely aggressively to them. Keep coping though

>> No.72089957


>> No.72089961
File: 1.07 MB, 300x300, tenor (4).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Struck a nerve eh?

>> No.72089963
File: 20 KB, 658x643, 1497226504270.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"other posters" took my cringe image that gets zero replies usually and also renamed it to 'spam3.jpg' and then reposted it with zero replies

>> No.72089969

Are you implying the top CIA nigger elites wouldn't want their organisation to be aligned?

>> No.72089973

I'm actually one of the other people who has used the compilation. Please take your meds

>> No.72089980

Notice how spam3.jpg only ever gets posted in spam threads started by you? Funny how that works isn't it?

>> No.72089988

What does below thermal mean anon?

>> No.72089991

Please don't be retarded. Most radars that can see out a hundred km are installed in residential areas here. You'd think if it microwaves organisms in a flash they wouldn't even put it near any populated area

>> No.72089993

and manually renamed it to spam3.jpg of course
you mean you saved it from the same intranet in the tranny telecoms dilation shill hubroom so you could fail again at astroturfing the narrative

why hasnt your master properly told you how 4chan works before you shill on it? this is so embarrassing


>> No.72090008

The inverse square law protects you.
Just don't get too close to the antenna (like the birds are doing).

>> No.72090011

im done now btw trannies you can have this thread to yourselves

good night and 5G is getting banned because of these threads LMAO cope

>> No.72090032

>and manually renamed it to spam3.jpg of course
What are you talking about? You can save images with the same filename if you use the "save as" dialogue. I know you're computer illiterate anon but there's no need to be in this day and age.

>> No.72090038

"Below thermal" means "yikes lol"? I don't think so...

>> No.72090044

>i-i won
>that's why I'm running away from the thread
lel going to lick your wounds?

>> No.72090067

more like RF burns, kek

>> No.72090068

>mfw no company would ever sell cigarettes because it would kill the consumer base
>mfw no company has ever produced or sold harmful products to their consumers for a profit
>mfw I have no face

>> No.72090090

Aren't you supposed to be in bed?

>> No.72090116
File: 332 KB, 2170x1562, 5G-Kid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The geodesic waves hurt the kids

>> No.72090191 [DELETED] 
File: 244 KB, 2600x1463, 2600-sviatsk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.72090199
File: 2.98 MB, 500x500, 1560793019005.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw people are not cherishing at the thought of 90% of humanity being culled but instead COPE by deluding themselves "n-nothing's g-gonna happen s-schizo!"

>> No.72090201
File: 848 KB, 2600x1463, o97qfde6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.72090238
File: 54 KB, 504x279, 5g-6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

greed does not consider consequences

>> No.72090584

Actually, it's not for you.
Public traded corporations have its value tied to a bunch of retards, the shareholders.
Any sort of "bad news" can drop the stock price of a company, so they will overreact like hell, pay shills, manipulate the media and do ANYTHING to be sure that the shareholders never get "bad news".
And the anti 5G articles etc.. even if not correct are still able to drop corporate prices, so expect massive overreactions that end up hurting the shit more than helping.

>> No.72090614
File: 10 KB, 281x179, d9c103b08faa2715a80dd7dba2ad784d7883bf9bc7170ac8dfc7603a2c7e24d6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just know one of those eurofag countries will have this before the us does.
They already internet fibers.
Thank goodness for capitalism.

>> No.72090703

>90 posters, 230 replies
>as soon as schizo leaves the thread dies
>i-its more than one person guys

>> No.72091099
File: 8 KB, 241x250, C1B30352-FDF5-4C84-93D8-04F91E73C0D6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made this thread as a joke, >>72090703

>> No.72091119

5G won’t fry you, it’s used as a mind “influencing” tool to increase succeptability to programming

>> No.72091144

The elites don’t mingle with goyim foreskin breath

>> No.72091213

Remember when meme arrows were subtle and funny?

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