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These outlets are fervently Pro-5G to the point of using propaganda to distort science:

>Ars Technica
>Washington Post

From: https://ehtrust.org/science/myth-vs-fact-national-toxicology-program-cell-phone-cancer-study/

All (((propaganda))) NPC outlets.

If all these subversives are telling you that Microwave radiation is good for you, your parents and brothers and sisters and children to be subjected to, at all times, then maybe, just maybe... it's not?

Just a thought.

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> Myth: The NTP rats radiation exposure was way too high to be relevant to human health.
Except it's not a myth. It literally was way too high

>The NTP study had three radio frequency radiation exposure levels which were 1.5 W/kg, 3 W/kg, and 6.0 W/kg. These radiation exposures are the same and only slightly higher than a person gets while using a cell phone to the head.
Bull-fucking-shit. Let's say I'm a manlet Europoor and weigh 60kg. That study would have me exposed to 90w at the minimum and 360w maximum. Phones are like 1% of that.

If you fall for this ““““study”””” you are literally Grog.

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The study was looking at Cancer

Cancer is a very severe symptom

The rats likely had tinnitus, neurological disruption, immune system dysfunction etc as soon as the transmissions were switched on even at the lowest intensity

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>as soon as the transmissions were switched on even at the lowest intensity
Wow what a coincidence.It's almost as if the symptoms were written down on purpose.

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>literally not understanding w/kg
why do "anons" that use these brainlet images all seem to be retarded shills

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Answer me this Anons. If all this is true, why is reporting of it contained only within the realm of anti-government-style conspiracy circles? If we assume that the mainstream (whatever that is) media outlets listed are compromised, surely we'd see it in other less mainstream but otherwise respectable outlets?
My point being the scenario of "xyz is true, but the ((MSM)) don't want you to know" requires believing that the entire world, except for some far-gone conspiracy theorists is being threatened or paid off or whatever. It's an absurd proposition. 5G really causing cancer is such big news that it seems very silly to me that (((they))) can keep it all under wraps.

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But small local outlets are reporting on this, look around. Most are captured and owned by the MSM.

>muh conspiracy theory stop thinking and noticing things goy
fuck off KIKE

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>??? doggo.jpg

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Also are you seriously trying to cast doubt on the veracity of the NTP study? That's what you've been told to resort to as damage control?


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>But small local outlets are reporting on this
I think I phrased it badly. I don't care about small (or big) news outlets ““reporting”” on science because they usually do such a poor job of it there's no knowledge to be gained. If there really is compelling evidence to be found, I find it extremely hard to believe that more researchers wouldn't pick up on it. Inertia and being scared of going against your peers can only hold the truth back for so long, and variations of 5G technology have been around us for decades with no quality scientific output indicating health issues from radiation.

>fuck off KIKE
not an argument

> nüjack reaction pic
not an argument

See above

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>why wont the industry admit they are killing people for profit and do more research on it

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Isn't his math correct tho? I'd agree that 1% could still be significant given the scale of things, and that you should be looking at total energy per mass as opposed to power per mass.

Because there's little data on it. One of the main problems being you have to amp up the power in order to compress a test that would otherwise take longer than your test animals' lifespan. Moreover, we don't understand the mechanism by which 5G would even cause cancer in the first place, and a causal link is necessary in making the mainstream accept it. Reminds me of how long it took for the big tobacco thing to be unveiled, not that I personally think the "5G causes cancer" thing will turn out to be terribly true.

If 5G does cause cancer, I doubt it will be significantly more than other forms of microwave radiation or even FM radio; common wifi routers will be the biggest offender. In fact, since 5G has such poor penetrating power I'd much rather be around 5G than 2.4GHz wifi. Not like the energy per photon is going to be playing a part in this anyhow.

The biggest issue I have with 5G is its terrible penetrating power; in a busy street you won't get reception because people will be standing between you and the antenna. And the extra bandwidth we'll get out of it simply won't be useful. 10Gb/s+ speeds on a cellphone? Not like you're going to be downloading steam games or something. I guess I welcome the decrease in price-per-MB for data in general.

Calling upon the smoking argument again, a study was made a while back questioning the impacts of secondhand smoking. 5 years into the study, the interim report showed that secondhand smoke had no statistically significant impact on health in the ways they were measuring it, and the study got defunded because it wasn't the kind of message that the university wanted to push. So the guy running the study got funding from tobacco companies instead on the condition that the study be impartial.

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I don't even give a shit. Go back to your caves in fear of the shadows.

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pic related is from an Olle Johansson paper, look him up.

Big claim: artificial EMFs are responsible for almost all cancer, autism, diabetes and basically all diseases skyrocketing in the last decades.


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>Big claim: artificial EMFs are responsible for almost all cancer, autism, diabetes and basically all diseases skyrocketing in the last decades.
Source on us getting more diseases in the last decades? Why don't we see skyrocketing rates of diabetes in Japan? They are even more tech-obsessed than NA/EU and they don't have a diabetes problem.
So does Ollie Johansson suggest that longer life, poorer diets and less exercise are in fact not the causes of more cancer and diabetes? Does he have clear, falsifiable evidence to suggest a causal link between "artificial" EMF and autism?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

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Cancer Remains Leading Cause of Death in Japan
Japan's diabetic population soars to record 10m

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lol so fucking btfo, telecoms are literally shitting themselves rn

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And never came back

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Fug, you're right. I should look shit up before I start posting.
Still, what does the good Professor say to the idea that Japan's rapidly ageing population and deteriorating diet are mainly to blame? The idea that man-made radiation is to blame for all these woes would be huge news, so surely more than just a tiny fringe of researchers would pick it up?
>inb4 te juus

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Threadly reminder that you're replying to a reddit/discord using schizo when you participate in these threads.

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nice try.
don't forget to bundle your opponents with flat earthers.

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take your schizo pills NOW

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>nice try.
>don't forget to bundle your opponents with flat earthers.

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5G is safe and any post saying otherwise is anti-semetism.

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Nice try, Ivan.

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This only affects people working radiomasts. 5g street corner access points only beam at a couple of watts.. even if they were the death machines you loonies rave on about, there are more pressing issues like obesity and narcotics misuse

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EMFs literally cause obesity though

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This is the problem with 5G radiation causes cancer: if this REALLY is the case then visible ultra violet light non-ionizing EMR that you see with your eyes is millions to billions times more dangerous than the 5GHz microwave non-ionizing EMR.

If people really gave a single fuck about the "dangers" of non-ionizing radiation we would have already had NASA block out the sun. But here we are, being pelted by high energy non-ionizing radiation but no mass graves of people dying from it.

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>don't forget to buy our merchandise goy

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>if this REALLY is the case then visible ultra violet light non-ionizing EMR that you see with your eyes is millions to billions times more dangerous than the 5GHz microwave non-ionizing EMR.
no, you are retarded. biology evolved in UV radiation and can take advantage of it. microwave radiation, on the other hand, is completely alien to all biological processes, which is why it's so destructive and kills anything exposed to it over medium-long periods of time.

wow he's backed by a multi-trillion dollar industry with ties to big pharma and the military-industrial complex, what a shill.

he's totally war-gaming the science

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>wow he's backed by a multi-trillion dollar industry with ties to big pharma and the military-industrial complex, what a shill.
>he's totally war-gaming the science
Funny how you go full deflection mode when I pointed out to others that your blogposter is nothing more than a snake oil salesman like every other "alternative medicine" shaman.

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>he understands biophysics, he's a snake oil salesman

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You don't seem to understand: the higher the frequency of non-ionizing radiation, the more "cancer" it causes and the only adaptation to no -ionuzing UV light is darker skin.

So WHY aren't there mass graves of white people who have died from this VERY high energy non-ionizing EMR they get exposed to every time they go outside?>

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>dude modern science and medicine is a scam
>you can trust me though
>don't forget to order a 12 month supply of my special supplements which will rejuvenate your chakras ;^)
Either you're the guy who wrote the blog or you're someone who buys his products and is now desperately shilling them so you can stave off the buyer's remorse.

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>wojack poster
>"Yu r liturlly gorog"
And you literally have autism, dumb idiot.

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>ionization is the only mechanism of damage of EMFs
try reading some science to get started on this issue: Bioinitiative.org

You really belong on reddit, useless eater. Go there.

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>You really belong on reddit, useless eater. Go there.
Seething, you're not getting any sales from 4chan I'm sorry to inform you. Try not to have a mental breakdown like you did on the /sci/ thread

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You must be upset about your pay deduction today after getting shown up once again.

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>implying people in this thread know what metabolic pathways are

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Propaganda is so effective that truth cannot be discerned from scientific paper. They will look for any sort of issues with the study to discredit it, even to the invention of fake issues. Seen >>72064341

The rats weren't exposed to 90w of cell phone radiation. They were exposed to regular cell phone 2-3-5w 2/3g radio wave that any normal human phone emits.

>> No.72066082

Why is any regular person a cancer expert?
Why would anyone assume radiation causes cancer besides the obvious nuclear war scare where you inhale something that produces alpha particles.

>> No.72066162

>getting shown up
Is that what you call not receiving evidence you requested for a blatantly false claim?

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>The sky is blue
>"That's a false claim"

keep living in delusion animal

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>Propaganda is so effective that truth cannot be discerned from scientific paper.
Sounds like religion

Nice strawman

No one itt has been able to explain how ((they)) can somehow manage to hold the entire global scientific community back from exposing the truth. If it's there, why is it only talked about on the absolute fringes? Why is there no studing of this on places more reputable than F*cebook "natural news" type corners?

>> No.72066244

There are thousands of peer reviewed studies on websites like EHTrust and Bioinitiative and there are dozens under way now. The telecoms industry tells MSM what to say and blackmails scientists that speak out about the reality of EMF exposure. That's how it's been for decades.

Read Andrew A. Marino's book "Going Somewhere: Truth about a Life in Science" to understand the pervasive corruption at work here. You can find a copy online from various sources.

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>comparing something you can go outside right now and verify yourself to a claim that some homosexual aussie lawyer got "thousands of small cells" removed
Imagine being this retarded/dishonest

>> No.72066269

You can go outside and verify what Broomhall has done as well. Go to the locations he specified in the podcast and note the lack of 5G infrastructure. That's his work.

You can even look up the Australian cell locations on websites but I'll just let you continue to humiliate yourself so I can further my goals.

>> No.72066286

>You can go outside and verify what Broomhall has done as well. Go to the locations he specified in the podcast and note the lack of 5G infrastructure. That's his work.
Again, not my job. You're the one making the claim so why don't you do it?
>You can even look up the Australian cell locations on websites
So do it and prove that there were "thousands" that were removed by this homolawyer. It's your claim after all.

>> No.72066301

>Go to the locations he specified in the podcast and note the lack of 5G infrastructure. That's his work.
I got one billion 5G small cells removed in Antarctica. Don't believe me? Just go outside and look at the lack of 5G infrastructure, dummy.

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Look once you claim "5G causes cancer" you're saying non-ionizing radiation in the milliwatt range directly causes cancer. Therefore the more energized said non-ionizing radiation is the more cancer it should directly cause.

YET there are no mass graves for white people who have the LEAST amount of protection against VERY high energy non-ionozing radiation. Why do you think that is? 5G will typically occupy the 5GHz spectrum of microwave non-ionozing radiation yet ultra violet VISIBLE EMR directly emmitted by the sun pelts you with 750,000 GHz radiation in excess of 1 watt depending how sunny it is outside.

We SHOULD be seeing hundreds of millions of white people dying directly from this very energized form of non-ionizing radiation millions to billions of time more dangerous than a few hundred milliwatts of 5G radiation.

BUY we don't.

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Cope. Why are you so scared of the NTP study? Why can't your master get insurance on his microwave transmitter for the health issues they cause?

What a retarded post

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Not an argument. Now why aren't there mass graves of white people who go out and expose themselves to high energy "5G radiation" outside? A hundred million dead is just a conservative estimate btw.

>> No.72066347

>Cope. Why are you so scared of the NTP study? Why can't your master get insurance on his microwave transmitter for the health issues they cause?
None of this is evidence for your ray bloomberg claim anon, I hope you don't think I'm just going to forget about it after that weak attempt at deflection.

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Really a very retarded and sad post.

Where's the insurance? I thought 5G was safe!

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we evolved to deal with some types of radiation.
even breathing damages your cells, but they're cleared through auophagy
>hurr durr if free radicals caused cancer there would be mass graves everywhere

>> No.72066386

Why won't you provide the court order?

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>"Really a very retarded and sad post."
>literally no argument in sight
>proceeds to post shocking stance insurance companies take on made up illnesses
You are one very special gem.

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The NTP found Clear Evidence that weak 2G and 3G signals caused cancer. Not just vague evidence- Clear Evidence, the strongest evidence possible.

Why do you want a carcinogen blanketing Western countries, Chang?

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Here, read this image to understand the basics. Free of charge for you.

>> No.72066419

You're now just completely ignoring my posts. Why did you make a claim and then completely fail to provide evidence for it? Why are you knowingly lying through your teeth?

>> No.72066426

Of course but white people have the LEAST amount of protection against this high energy "5G radiation". So obviously we should have mass graves with hundreds of millions of white people piled on top of each other like a landfill.

BUT we don't, why is that anon? Is the goobermint hiding these mass graves?

>> No.72066447

You can't derive a scientific consensus from general public's opinion. Else we'd all believe in witches/dragons/demons floating in the sky. General public are easily mislead, there's no conspiracy needed, its just how general public operate.

>> No.72066454


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The largest longitudinal study on Microwave radiation to date found Clear Evidence that weak 2G and 3G signals cause cancer. 5G is much more modulated and thus deadly than 2G and 3G.

5G causes cancer in weeks.

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well I guess we evolved to deal with this type of radiation

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>> No.72066481

>NTP study
>"peer"-reviewed by people hand-picked by the NTP
>the NTP found no flaw in this multi-million study conducted by the NTP, please continue to give us your tax dollars
Nice try Ivan

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It's worth noting that 5G won't kill humans first. It will kill all bees, trees, insects and devastate the ecosystem.

Enjoy importing sewer oil fried GMO dogchicken from china.

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Another deflection

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>5G is safe, just trust us goys

>> No.72066514

>cigarettes cause cancer?
>where are the mass graves of cigarette smokers!
>processed foods cause cancer?
>where are the mass graves of people eating processed foods?
>check m8!

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>5G is safe, just trust us goyim

>> No.72066537

I assume that you are impressed by the use of question marks in a file name?

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>5G is completely safe, only conspiracy goys say otherwise

>> No.72066548

They're doing risk analysis that some nutjobs sues them over perceived faults, and then uses fake studies to wring money out of the company.

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Through skin pigmentation which white people have very little of.

My point is IF "5G radiation" causes cancer like big fat faggot OP claims then this same for of "5G radiation" would logically be million to BILLIONS of times MORE dangerous at higher frequencies such as ultra violet light which is emmitted by the sun which people expose themselves to. So obviously there SHOULD be mass graves of dead white people rotting like flies above the ground.

I'm asking why this isn't the case.

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You have no evidence 5G causes any ill effects.

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>It's safe and tested, nothing to worry about goy

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>would logically be million to BILLIONS of times MORE dangerous at higher frequencies such as ultra violet light which is emmitted by the sun which people expose themselves to
you already had this explained to you earlier. are you a toddler?

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>It's very safe goy. Moscow Signal was nothing to worry about.

>> No.72066620

NTP study has been replicated by italian scientists as well, just FYI.


This is the final nail to the "non-ionizing" myth.

>> No.72066630

Isn't Italy a right wing country though?

>> No.72066635

You obviously are because you're not showing us the mass graves like there should be.

>> No.72066637

They invented Pizza there. I hear Pizza is delicious.

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>Only racists would think 5G is unsafe, goy

>> No.72066670

W E W, why don't you just stick the rats in a microwave oven and press start?

>> No.72066672


so you're a mobile/wireless industry shill? cringe, what a failure you are

>> No.72066679

>below thermal
but muh non-ionizing

>> No.72066696

Who peer-reviewed it?

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We need to let ex-industry like WHO or ICNIRP peer review it to protect industry profits

>> No.72066717

Who peer-reviewed it?

>> No.72066718

So are you gonna show us the mass graves or not? It would 1000% prove "5G radiation" causes cancer.

>> No.72066721

Not ex-industry like WHO or ICNIRP, therefore it is biased and a trash study.

>> No.72066734

The NTP study gave us Clear Evidence that RFR causes cancer. Cope tranny retard.

>> No.72066742

Who peer-reviewed it?

>> No.72066757

Then by extension there SHOULD be hundreds of millions of white people directly killed from high energy "5G Radiation" which is millions to BILLIONS of time MORE DANGEROUS.

>> No.72066763

The peer review process did not have enough ex-industry experts, such as those found in the WHO or ICNIRP boards.

Clear Evidence means transmitters are going away! Cope!

>> No.72066773

Who peer-reviewed it?

>> No.72066781

Not enough ex-industry experts such as those found in the WHO or ICNIRP. If there were more ex-industry experts, clearly the NTP study would have been shown for the unscientific crackpot woo conspiracy tinfoil schizo theory it really is.

>> No.72066812


I think this jew is broken

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We will eventually find out through real life deployment anyway, too much money at stake for anyone powerful to give a fuck.
My question is when will we finally have LiFi in houses? Wifi is a retarded idea unless you live in a single room.

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Alright you schizos, put your money where your mouth is. Lets get rid of this even stronger "5G" radiation and make the world cancer free.


>> No.72066876

>photon energy is all that can cause health effects
>you already had this explained to you earlier. are you a toddler?

>> No.72066886

It's not an assumption, it's scientific theory you fucking morons.

>> No.72066909

>schizo, schizo
>tinfoil hat
>extremist, nazi
>hahaha, flat earth
shills not even hiding it anymore

>> No.72066921

>"However, the rest of the UV spectrum from 3.1 eV (400nm) to 10 eV, although technically non-ionizing, can produce photochemical reactions that are damaging to molecules by means other than simple heat. Since these reactions are often very similar to those caused by ionizing radiation, often the entire UV spectrum is considered to be equivalent to ionization radiation in its interaction with many systems (including biological systems).

For example, ultraviolet light, even in the non-ionizing range, can producefree radicalsthat induce cellular damage, and can becarcinogenic. Photochemistry such aspyrimidine dimerformation in DNA can happen through most of the UV band, including much of the band that is formally non-ionizing."


>> No.72066933

Sweet, can we have links to all this studies that are in this pie chart? Thanks.

>> No.72066943

>A statistically significant increase in the incidence of heart Schwannomas was observed in treated male rats at the highest dose (50V/m). Furthermore, an increase in the incidence of heart Schwann cells hyperplasia was observed in treated male and female rats at the highest dose (50V/m), although this was not statistically significant. An increase in the incidence of malignant glial tumors was observed in treated female rats at the highest dose (50V/m), although not statistically significant.


>> No.72066968

ionisation is different as different atoms ionise at different levels. we as humans are pretty much save at 100eV but that doesn't mean that 3.1eV isn't harmful at all.

>> No.72066982

>small local outlets are reporting on this

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C'mon schizos, sign the petition. We're literally so close to a cancer free world if you would just sign the petition.

No sun = no super energized 5g radiation = no cancer for everyone.

>> No.72067006

Higher energy non-ionizing radiation IS more harmful, see

>> No.72067007

I hate you all.

>> No.72067012

>not even statistically significant

5G cancer crybabies btfo

>> No.72067030

I know you're being funny, but the sun radiation does can skin cancer. This is why we wear clothes/sunscreen/etc to protect our body.

>> No.72067046
File: 89 KB, 1024x943, 1552525930413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.72067065

it can be more harmful, yes.

>> No.72067073

Sunlight is more dangerous than 5g, and honestly you should step outside and get some

>> No.72067088

>Every single study OP posts cranks the voltage to an insane unrealistic amount
>Results still show statistical insignificance
>continues to spew "read more unrealistic studies at bioshill.org".

Not a single study that shows a realistic intensity that humans face. Like another anon said, you may as well literally put these mice in a microwave lmao

>> No.72067134
File: 283 KB, 520x533, 1438714549462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>complain about low energy non-ionizing radiation that hasn't had a single direct link to someone developing cancer
>while ignoring the literal MILLIONS of people getting skin cancer every year from high energy non-ionizing radiation
What a bunch of hypocrites.

>> No.72067151

>labeled as "possibly carcinogenic" by the WHO

Let me remind you that coffee and pickedled vegetables are also labeled as possibly carcinogenic by the WHO.

>> No.72067154
File: 42 KB, 374x491, Panagopoulos real exposure slide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

meanwhile in reality:
>the majority of studies actually find effects (60%)
>98% of studies that use real exposure find effects

you look like a retard because you are a retard

>> No.72067174

isn't Gaming a mental disorder by WHO?
isn't gender dysphoria not a mental disorder by WHO?

>> No.72067181

Higher spectrum ov UV literally is ionizing though.

>> No.72067183

>Le I watched Linus Shill Tips

Coffee is no longer classified as carcinogenic as of years ago retard. You fell for an industry shill.

You know what else is classified as "possibly" carcinogenic?

>Lead paint
>Exhaust fumes

>> No.72067199

Typical retarded boomers saying new thing bad. 15 years ago i was being told by these same boomers that cellphones would cause brain cancer and these was no fucking evidence for that other than boomer fear and some outlier studies

>> No.72067202
File: 384 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20190727_162506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice source. Some random boomer grandma jew with a sociology degree

.>Dr. Davis holds a B.S. in physiological psychology and a M.A. in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh, 1967.

>> No.72067210

>Exhaust fumes
yea but only from a diesel.

>> No.72067214
File: 144 KB, 1019x584, GBM.Denmark.1995-2017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and then reality strikes

>> No.72067215

Post the entire study you dumb fucking schizo no one trust your randin images.

>> No.72067219

>can be literally anything
>doesnt specify harmful

This post means nothing without context, "retard".

>> No.72067228

the name of the study is right there kike

vast majority of effects are harmful, this has been known for decades

>> No.72067236

>He actually think UV isnt ionizing


>> No.72067246

Yes diagnosis have increased because we can detect brain cancer much better than before. This has been debunked retard.

>> No.72067257

Got a citation for that claim?

>> No.72067259

>posts a study that shows no harmful effects
>known for decades

>> No.72067267

Post the link nigger boomer youre the one making the retarded arguement.

>> No.72067284

And then you remember that we started to fight coal and other fossil fuels which cleared the sky and increased amount of radiation from the sun which also one of the reason for the extreme heatwaves.

>> No.72067309

>what are improved detection methods

>> No.72067315

This are literally, easiest form of papers to find.

>> No.72067326

And yet not a single study that uses accurate intensity to what humans experience everyday was given

>> No.72067329


Clearlt says malignant tumers didnt increase and benign tumors did because of better diagnostic inages

>> No.72067344

UV is literally used to kill microorganisms in water treatment systems anon.
It's ionizing.

>> No.72067352

OP did your telepathy ever come back?

>> No.72067361

>typical cell phone transmitter uses 3 watta
>every study using massively higher wattage

These studies are bullshit

>> No.72067373

4g also broadcasts in all direction and 5g beams directly to devices. Also 5g is short range and has poor penitration. It shouldnt be any more dangerous than 4g

>> No.72067377

>pulling shit out his kike ass

the name of the study is right there shithead

microwave radiation is like arsenic to humans, visible light is like oxygen

how is this paper relevant to the argument?

>endlessly moving the goalpostgs
none of the studies take into account full spectrum em exposure and the real living situations of people. the NTP study was a single frequency in a chamber designed to maximize destructive interference, yet still malignant cancer was caused.

who peer reviewed? ties to telecoms industry?

>> No.72067384

>Cancer is a very severe symptom
>A symptom
10/10 epic retard post

>> No.72067388

it is a symptom of microwave exposure mongoloid

>> No.72067390


THAT literal (actually literally) kind of non-ionizing ultra violet light directly causes cancer which is emitted by the sun.

>> No.72067412

what if you got your cancer from smoking? is it still symptom of microwave exposure?

>> No.72067413

Holy shit look at what 5G causes:


>> No.72067421

>Be OP
>Get rekt
>Change the argument

>> No.72067423

That's not what he's talking about you fucking retard. VISIBLE non-ionizing radiation in sunlight DOES cause cancer despite not being ionizing.

Higher energy non-ionizing radiation = more harmful than low energy non-ionizing radiation.

>> No.72067427

>the rats in the NTP study got cancer from smoking

>> No.72067429

>Higher energy UV raysoften have enough energy to remove an electron from (ionize) an atom or molecule, making them a form ofionizing radiation

Can you even read

>> No.72067439

Looks like OP won the thread though

>> No.72067440

>schizo thinks doctors want to kill people to protect ATT and all those in the peer review are going along with it and its all a 5g conspiracy
I feel sorry for you. I used to think dumb shit too. Thought my city added flouride in the water until i read the water report, they dont, and i drank gallon water for 2 years for no reason. Though aspertain was dangerous so i drank lemon water for 2 years instead and got several cavities. These conspiracy retards online are not your friends and will trick you into doing dumb shit.

>> No.72067447

they might of been mice that get cancer if you look at them finny, don't remember how they are called but they are used in experiments about cancer all the time.

>> No.72067448

>6W per KG

Again, not an accurate study, stop posting this NTP bullshit.

>> No.72067463
File: 38 KB, 590x637, 87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

all these same debunked shill astroturfing points brought up again and again and again

>> No.72067476


Essentially cancer through free radicals.

>> No.72067479

Except they weren't debunked, you just deflected them.

>> No.72067481

>provide no source
>amazed that people point out most obvious tricks studies do
It's not like you have anything to disprove this.

>> No.72067494


Are you brain dead. We know ionizing radiation causes cancer anon, know one is arguing it doesnt.

>> No.72067530

It literally says lower bands of UV are equivalent to ionizing

>> No.72067532

NO SHIT but this isn't ionizing radiation, it's non-ionizing. However because of how high energy it is, it produces free radicals which cause cancer.


>> No.72067548


>> No.72067552

>"For example, ultraviolet light, even in the non-ionizing range, can producefree radicalsthat induce cellular damage, and can becarcinogenic. Photochemistry such aspyrimidine dimerformation in DNA can happen through most of the UV band, including much of the band that is formally non-ionizing."

>> No.72067559

I hear clamping your umbilical cord helps you resist 5G

>> No.72067575


>"Since these reactions are often very similar to those caused by ionizing radiation, often the entire UV spectrum is considered to be equivalent to ionization radiation in its interaction with many systems (including biological systems)."

>> No.72067597

>spectrums on the border of ionizing act like ionizing

Wow big surprise, sure glad 5G isnt anywhere near UV.

>> No.72067616

Who peer-reviewed it? Why are you incapable of answering a simple question?

>> No.72067618

Equivalent but not actually technically ionizing as it does NOT rip electrons off atoms.

>> No.72067657


If the schizos were serious about this whole retarded 5G causes cancer claim then they would been lobbying to block out the sun already. They're not and that makes them massive hypocrites and I hate their guts.

>> No.72067721

microwave radiation is like arsenic
visible light is like oxygen

only a little bit of arsenic will damage you and has no benefit, whereas oxygen is very beneficial until you have way too much

>> No.72067749

Scroll down to the bottom of this /sci/ thread if you want to see the schizo have a full-on mental breakdown. Many of his posts got deleted hence the archive link

>> No.72067757

>entire uv spectrum considered ionizing
>radio/microwave spectrum not.

Even if it isnt technically ionizing, lower spectums do not share the same effects otherwise they would also considered equivalent to ionizing.

>> No.72067793

Then why hasn't there been 1 SINGLE cancer case DIRECTLY 100% attributed to typical cellphone radiation then? Yet we have LITERAL MILLIONS of people getting skin cancer EVERY. FUCKING. YEAR. from non-ionizing UV radiation that causes free radicals in cells.


>> No.72067821


Again, the sun produces higher band UV that IS ionizing. Stop making the argument that the sun doesnt expose us to ionizing radiation. You're literally saying the sun ONLY produces non ionizing UV.

>> No.72067833

You can't directly attribute cancer to tobacco use either retard. The exact mechanism is not known just like with microwaves. Microwaves are even harder to pin down.

Artificial EMF exposure is a stressor that leads to greater oxidative activity in cells - leads directly to cancer.

>> No.72067870

And yet again, not a single accurate study that displays REAL WORLD exposure was given.

>> No.72067892

>There is no way of proving cellphones cause cancer, that is why no deaths are reported as being caused by cellphone radiation guise
>It's literally impossible to prove a connection! Which proves it!!

>> No.72067911

>there are no real studies showing tobacco causes cancer, give that baby 10 packs stat

>> No.72067913

>NTP using outrageous voltages

Sure glad 5G will be using a much lighter intensity and will be perfectly safe.

>> No.72067924
File: 203 KB, 1200x821, 52.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.72067938

>well below thermal
>outrageous voltage
>actually only slightly higher brain tissue exposure than real world example
ok copelord

>> No.72068041

>below thermal
What does this even mean? There's always thermal effects. Or do you think there's some cutoff point where things don't heat up at all?

>> No.72068051



By inverse square law any given frequency traveling through you would be extremely lower than that.

>> No.72068065

>inb4 the canned "this statement represents" copypasta

>> No.72068077
File: 413 KB, 2048x1123, Screenshot_20190720-070907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck off Vladimir.

>> No.72068091


>> No.72068096

how the fuck do you measure rat tinnitus

>> No.72068105

>pretending to not understand
I understand hitler more and more each day

>> No.72068107

OP btfo

>> No.72068110

Every anti-5G tard ever

>> No.72068124

better unban lead paint then, there was no proof lead paint caused health effects only correlation

>> No.72068138

>6w pounded directly at the rats brain

Do you actually think this is what people experience everyday

>> No.72068155

Yes, there was proof doofus.

>> No.72068171

people experience 24 hour exposure to microwave and other RFR. the rats only had 9 hour exposures.

>> No.72068179

Not an argument. Define "non thermal".

>> No.72068189

oh really?
was there a 30 million dollar multi-decade long study on the effects of lead paint?
did this study find Clear Evidence that lead paint has negative health effects?

if so, are you now going to argue that there is no proof that lead paint is harmful?

>> No.72068211

>was there a 30 million dollar multi-decade long study on the effects of lead paint?
Who chose the peer-reviewers for the NTP study?

>> No.72068218

6 watts and even 3 feet away come out to not even 1 watt. It comes to 0.6 watts. The study pounded 6 watts directly at the brain. Mind you the average cell phone transmits at only 3 watts.

How do you not see the flaws with this study.

>> No.72068241
File: 101 KB, 926x762, 1562759923467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the peer review process is gangstalking muh telecoms industry

>> No.72068257

Another example. Assume my phone transmitter uses 6w. I'm currently holding my phone 1.5 feet away. Do you know what the voltage my body is experiencing right now? 0.96 watts.

>> No.72068265

>the NTP found no flaw in this multi-million study conducted by the NTP, please continue to give us your tax dollars
wtf I trust the government now

>> No.72068268

Here we go again. But I think the actual questions here are
>How do these tests translate to humans
>How dangerous are 2/3/4G (I think they only tested 2/3G)
>How dangerous is 5G
>Does the risk posed by 2/3/4/5G warrant any action from us
I think these are the real questions here. The NTP study raises questions, but doesn't really answer much. The real takeaway here is that there might be something to the claim that 2-5G have some effect on people, but what and how much remains to be answered.

>> No.72068287

>Assume my phone transmitter uses 6w
And in reality they use max 2W so even less exposure

>> No.72068302

This statement misrepresents risk to the brain from the whole-body exposures used in the NTP study. While the exposure limit to RF radiation in the US is 0.08 W/kg averaged over the whole body, the localized exposure limit is 1.6 W/kg averaged over any one gram of tissue. Body tissues located nearest to the cell phone antenna receive much higher exposures than tissues located distant from the antenna. Thus, when an individual uses a cell phone and holds it next to his or her head, exposure to the brain will be much higher than exposures averaged over the whole body. When considering organ-specific risk (e.g., risk to the brain) from cell phone RF, the important measure of exposure is the SAR value of 1.6 W/kg averaged over any gram of tissue. In the NTP study in which animals were exposed to whole-body RF at SARs of 1.5, 3, and 6.0 W/kg, exposures in the brain were within 10% of the whole-body exposure levels. Therefore, in the NTP study, exposure intensities in the brain of rats were similar to or only slightly higher than localized human exposures from cell phones held next to the head.

from: https://ehtrust.org/expert-reaction-australian-centre-electromagnetic-bioeffects-research-criticism-national-toxicology-program-study-cell-phone-radio-frequency-radiation/

stop spewing industry propaganda

>> No.72068303

This picture is some next-tier autism.

>> No.72068357

Right on time >>72068065

>> No.72068377

It's not like you scan the cell phone over your entire body. It's held against your head, which is not that much mass by itself.

A cell phone radio is 3 watts. A human head's weight is 4.5kg. 0.7W per kg

In the study on rats, they exposed the rats to 1.5 W/kg for 9 hours and they developed brain tumors, heart tumors, etc. That's just 9 hours. Think about how many hours you'll be using 5G phones.

>> No.72068381

cigarettes don't cause cancer wtf they're a stimulant
processed foods don't cause cancer either they're literally just foods

>> No.72068385

>people literally stick their phones to their heads for 9h a day
lol no, any normal person holds their phone at least a foot away from their head thus massively reducing exposure due to the inverse square law.

>> No.72068392
File: 168 KB, 1388x661, cancer by country.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not like the government has an incentive to prevent this. It kills old, infirm people who can't work anymore, and western nations are having a big problem with having too many elderly.

>> No.72068407

>any normal person holds their phone at least a foot away from their head
telecoms shills actually believe this

>> No.72068410

>A cell phone radio is 3 watts

>> No.72068420

So how far away do you hold your cell phone schizoanon?

>> No.72068426

Google "cell phone wattage"

>> No.72068428

Do your research, you'll find them.

>> No.72068435

the signals used in the study used weaker modulation which is the primary bioactive factor and also there was no signal collimation tech used, which is a parameters for 5G.

collimation of microwave signals will massively increase dosage of random areas of the body. if you get a microwave laser in your brain you will be stunned

>> No.72068444
File: 1.18 MB, 1746x1364, jewish media.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why is no one reporting on <important issue>?

>> No.72068452

I did and I can't find any source that says modern smartphones broadcast using 3W. Again, where's your source?

>> No.72068483

>0.7 vs 1.5

Even at the lowest exposure that is a huge difference and is not accurate to the exposure we experience.

Stop shilling inaccuracy.

>> No.72068507
File: 31 KB, 615x456, 1433550833029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>source: just google it bro

>> No.72068513

the probability of getting cancer increases mainly with age, and japs have one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

>> No.72068514

this is the new talking point for today
>not accurate to the real world exposure goy
when in reality the signals were archaic 2g/3g modulation and barely bioactive anyway, yet cancer was still caused

>> No.72068530
File: 182 KB, 652x392, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


here retard anon!
stop using cellphones and perhaps your brain will be able to handle simple tasks like this in the future!

>> No.72068541

>the signals were archaic 2g/3g
Which have far greater penetration than 5G signals, harming your argument even more.

>> No.72068561

5G will use both mhz and ghz signals. it's called "densification"- multiple frequencies to transfer the same data for greater speed

nice try retard

>> No.72068581

>when the scary information is just one google search away but your literal, actual delusions and cowardice won't let you access it

>> No.72068591

>mhz and ghz signals

>> No.72068593
File: 237 KB, 720x1141, IMG_20190727_175742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at how old the phones in the article you didn't even bother reading are you fucking imbecile. People like you shouldn't be allowed use Google as you clearly don't know how it works.

>> No.72068603

>anon thinks he's laughing at a factual statement

>> No.72068626

I see no mention of cell signals in relation to this word. Source on your claim?

>> No.72068641

You keep changing your "argument".

>> No.72068643


>5G densification will be accomplished in space, time and frequency.

>> No.72068644

Anyone who isn't even a little bit alarmed by that study is a literal mindslave.

>> No.72068650

>search something on google
>think the literal first result is going to be accurate
>don't even bother reading the actual article and copy info straight from the google results page
You are a literal retard.

>> No.72068663

Thanks for conceding, brainlet.

>> No.72068668

Can you find anyone other than the blogger Luke Getto and yourself using that word in relation to EMF?

>> No.72068705

>The blogger Luke Getto


>Luke Getto - Director of Product Management - Microlab - Wireless Telecom Group

sit dog

>> No.72068712

>Someone commented on my stupidity, what do?
>Load reply
>"Haha I won!!"

>> No.72068724

Answer my question.

>> No.72068735

>"5G will use MHz and GHz signals"
>"...but it will and now everyone knows you are a brainlet."

reddit is that way champ

>> No.72068761
File: 2.95 MB, 3264x2318, OP's desktop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reddit is that way champ
Ironic coming from a literal redditor
(look at the bookmarks)

>> No.72068762


>According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, network densification includes densification over space (e.g, dense deployment of small cells) and frequency (utilizing larger portions of radio spectrum in diverse bands).

can you telecoms trannies ever stop getting BTFO'd by White Christian males such as myself?

>> No.72068771


>> No.72068782

>network densification
So the actual term is "network densification", yet you only said "densification" in your original posts which when searched brings up no results regarding mobile networks because it's not the same term. Retard.

>> No.72068786

yes that's another equally valid concern. between privacy and health effects 5G and most other Gs are going to be massively rolled back and you will just have to cope and find a new job

>> No.72068797

>massively rolled back
You keep saying this but provide no evidence to support it

>> No.72068801
File: 70 KB, 1000x1000, 6y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So the actual term is "network densification", yet you only said "densification" in your original posts

>> No.72068813

I am not him, but you need to admit when you're wrong dude.
You just come off as insanely bitter and insecure like this. No girl will ever fuck you if this is your personality.

>> No.72068820

xe has a front hole and is into scatplay, be gentle

>> No.72068837
File: 179 KB, 375x375, source.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>use completely different term which shows no results to what you're actually trying to talk about
>i-it's your fault I can't form coherent sentences
>h-have sex btw

>> No.72068843

That means you can dust off your shortwave HAM radio again, my how useful you will be to all the poor "retards" who need to communicate long distance when the internet is outlawed... *clap clap clap* Go jerk off to that thought.

>> No.72068849

"densification" is not the same term as "network densification", much like "schizophrenic" is not the same as "paranoid schizophrenic" (you)

>> No.72068862

>if we ban toxic microwave tech we will also ban copper cables and fiber optic
excuse moi

jew cope

>> No.72068876

>samefagging and damage controlling this hard

>> No.72068878

>Perhaps if crying into a semantic soup won't win me this argument, samefagging on my phone will?

>> No.72068888
File: 23 KB, 522x109, 5G spammer bookmarks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>jew cope

>> No.72068894


>> No.72068908

The copper cables are gone. And not everyone can get fiber optic cables.

>> No.72068910

post the pastebin you made of my posts please, i want to bathe in your obsessive mental decline and frustration in the face of powerlessness and defeat

>> No.72068928

>The copper cables are gone
no they're not

>> No.72068932

>pastebin you made of my posts
I didn't make any pastebin, what are you talking about? Are you about to have another mental breakdown like you did on /sci/?

>> No.72068945

>ditch your wireless technology and come back to (((copper))) like a good goy
Okay wired industry shill, afraid that people won't be forced to use your provider once 5G rolls out?

>> No.72068956

>admitting he's monitoring multiple boards 24 hours a day for negative sentiment towards 5G

I've never been on /sci/ though I heard they're "non-ionizing cant hurt you" retards

>> No.72068970

>telecom companies already spent billions on 5G and rolling it out as we speak
>he thinks it can be stopped

>> No.72068978

>copper can sterilize and kill insect, animals and humans silently and invisibly

no that's microwaves and also why 5G was developed in Israel but deployment is being slow-walked over there until the goyim have been found to be sterilized/killed by it and then all of a sudden israel wont have 5G and will stick to wired

>> No.72068984
File: 3.12 MB, 3113x6225, schizospammersci.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>admitting he's monitoring multiple boards 24 hours a day
Where did I admit that? I post on both /sci/ and /g/ like a lot of people on this board. I also have a thread watcher which notifies me of any activity in threads I'm currently participating in, like any sane 4chan user.
>I've never been on /sci/ though

>> No.72068996

It's almost like they know what they're talking about

>> No.72068997

>5G was developed in Israel
>deployment is being slow-walked
No it isn't. Source on your claim?

>> No.72069007

>moratoriums your path


>> No.72069021

>literal who town of 10,000 people
wow 5G is finished

>> No.72069027

>like any sane 4chan user
we're just like you goy, us White males need to stop noticing 5G kills things out of remembrance for the 6 bajillion

>> No.72069038

Are you saying you don't use a thread watcher?

>> No.72069049

but you said 5G is unstoppable

>> No.72069076

In my town they are gone.

>> No.72069077

>you said 5G is unstoppable
No I didn't.

>> No.72069109

soon you'll be gone too

what did
>>telecom companies already spent billions on 5G and rolling it out as we speak
>>he thinks it can be stopped
mean then?

how are you going to pilpul your way out of this one?

>> No.72069132

>what did
>>>telecom companies already spent billions on 5G and rolling it out as we speak
>>>he thinks it can be stopped
>mean then?
>how are you going to pilpul your way out of this one?
That's not my post, retard.

>> No.72069202

You will also go away.

>> No.72069215

haha ok


>> No.72069232

>haha ok
It literally isn't though.

>> No.72069269


>> No.72069385

>Man proven to be reddit invader has trouble understanding 4chan
I'm absolutely shocked

>> No.72069420

where is this proof? and I mean real solid Hillary on tape eating babies proof and not russian "collusion" proof

>> No.72069891

This post glows in the dark

>All (((propaganda))) NPC outlets
I wonder if this cringe tortured jargon is in the fed handbook nowadays

>> No.72069955

>Mr. Rat-kun, please rate on a scale of 0-10 how much ringing there is in your ears.
Rat randomly walks over the number 5
>Ah I see, the ringing increased from 3 to 5 after my cellphone was placed near your head, we have the proof we need that radio-waves cause cancer!

>> No.72069969

This 5G poster has been samefagging and making these threads every single day for months now. Ignore him.

>> No.72070006
File: 1.23 MB, 2048x1152, 1553415743319.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm genuinely convinced the CIA is the cause of all the anti-5G shills to make conspiracy theorists look bad, same with this flat earth shit. If you niggers are so concerned about muh radiation, don't ever walk in the sun.

>> No.72070052

More likely its some retard or small group of retards attempting to "own" the dork-web by spamming this shit and tracking opinion over time. Then they'll have some shitty TEDx talk or go on the podcast tour to promote their new book with their findings about how they can make change peoples minds with bad evidence stated repeatedly over time.

>> No.72070138
File: 2.34 MB, 1645x2379, spam1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That or it's a paid Russian operative attempting to spread FUD about 5G to try and slow down the West's uptake of the technology.

>> No.72070164

>That or it's a paid Russian operative attempting to spread FUD about 5G to try and slow down the West's uptake of the technology.
Honestly, I'd think it was the Chinks before I thought it was the Russians, but why not all 3?

>> No.72070304

The Chinese are losing money over these 5G scares though, they're the country that's years ahead on 5G tech that want to sell it everywhere. The Russians have absolutely no 5G research of their own and their ability to spread FUD to the Western internet has been well documented over the past few years. It is in Russia's best interests that the West falls behind on 5G technology due to infighting.

>> No.72070317

>It is in Russia's best interests that the West falls behind on 5G technology due to infighting.
Maybe you're right, but it's probably futile because the Russians are fucked from stagnation anyway. It'll be fun to see what happens.

>> No.72070370


>> No.72070383

>visible non-ionizing
Dumbest thing I've read all day, how is non-ionizing radiation supposed to form ion-pairs? (which is the only way you can see radiation)
pro-tip: not even real radiation can be seen in the air easily

>> No.72070397

percentage of deaths caused by cancer is increasing not because cancer rates are increasing, but because we are getting very good at curing all other diseases except cancer (and heart disease as well)
cancer is very hard to treat

>> No.72070917
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>> No.72070935
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>> No.72070959
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>> No.72071012
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It's literally a single /pol/tard, and he is also a redditor, what a surprise.

>> No.72071201
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reminder that this schizo has been spamming these /pol/ level threads for over a year on /g/ and he should really kill himself so I don't have to see them anymore. thanks.

>> No.72071621
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>> No.72072747

god this image is so stupid, it implies that a more complex waveform means more cancer, and also that the two graphs are even of the same fucking thing, when the lower one is obviously not in time domain at all.

>5G is much more modulated and thus deadly than 2G and 3G
why does "more modulated" mean "more deadly"?

>> No.72072904

How much of these threads are shills and counter shills trading insults?

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