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Linux noob here,

After learning about all the telemetry and spyware bullshit on Microsoft products i'm looking to upgrade to Linux. Currently i'm running Mint, but I feel like I want to go further,
what does /g/ recommend?

I'm looking for something fairly private, but still usable. I know I could run tails if I were really serious but the UX on tails doesn't seem like a good trade-off to me. Since everything is run through TOR, its gonna be slow.
Manjaro seems like it might be a good option but i'm not too sure...

Maybe just running Ubuntu with VPN/firefox will be enough? Again, Linux noob here.

I'm probably gonna pair it with firefox and a VPN as well for an extra layer, if possible.

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I mentioned tails in the Original post, I don't feel the trade off is worth it for a daily OS, since all traffic is run through TOR, and therefore will be pretty slow

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Distro doesn't matter, use whatever you want. I suggest looking into firejail, shouldn't require any kernel tweaking and it has good defaults for a lot of programs. I wouldn't mess with the defaults too much until you're comfortable with it, but eventually look into running Firefox in a sandboxed X server (there's a good guide on this on the gentoo wiki).

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>I'm looking for something fairly private, but still usable.
Pick one.
There's really no such thing as Internet privacy. VPNs can be good for security (ssl tunnel), but can't be counted on for privacy.
Firefox + user.js + uBO would be a good start, but useability will suffer if you don't allow certain things.

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Thanks, and I completely agree. I'm just looking for that sweet spot.

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IMO vpn and a decent browser is enough. No vanilla Firefox or Chromium though as those have built in features for telemetry that could be disabled but if you serious about privacy best to use a browser without those features compiled in. I used to use IceWeasel on Parabola.

You might also want to lower the attack vector by not using proprietary unaudited software. So if linux-libre kernel supports your hardware you could run one of the FSF approved distros

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In any case you are most likely running proprietary x86 hardware with Intel ME or AMD PSP backdoors. Unless you have an old thinkpad with libreboot

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Also if you wanna go down the rabbit hole, consider browser fingerprinting. Even if you have all the ads and trackers and javascript blocked with uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, uMatrix, Decentralyes, HTTPS everywhere etc.
Your browser can still be fingerprinting due to your unique combination of browser settings etc. Also might aswell delete google and the rest of the accounts and use ProtonMail which is not ideal or host your own email on VPS.

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