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Are they able to think clearly?
Are they all devoted to legacy tasks that they learnt in their youth?
Is their aged and foggy brain even able to solve complex computer tasks?
Are they all unemployed? Should they become janitors at programming facilities or bosses that arrive late, leave early and "supervise" youngs?
At what age does programmers peak occur?

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At 15

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> zoomer programmers
> can barely code in any high level language
> offshore that work to pajeets
> zoomers and pajeets needs stackoverflow to survive

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here's your (you)
Now post something that makes sense

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t. zoomer playing fortnite and writing CoCs

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Maybe some autist like moot peaks at 15. Normal people with an incline for logical thinking, who find themselves persuing a career in CS, will most likely peak at 25 to 30.

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High quality thread.

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Not an argument.
This topic has been suggested many times in this board, but it is not often seriously and directly addressed

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They are probably married and have kids so that could be the main focus. You know life is what's important not how you fund it, plus not much time because of the above.
Plus there's all the Twitter/Reddit stupidity that gets posted, that always has boomers.

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Einstein published the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-Paradoxon at age 56, Hawking wrote books and published articles until his mid 70s. People's brains becoming cloudy is a meme. If you constantly challenge your brain don't suffer from dementia you will be alright. Most boomers stop writing code at some point because they are too lazy/busy to learn new stuff all the time. Also, they get promoted, climb the corporate ladder. That's basically it.

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>exceptions prove me point
>Ageing causes changes to the brain size, vasculature, and cognition. The brain shrinks with increasing age and there are changes at all levels from molecules to morphology. Incidence of stroke, white matter lesions, and dementia also rise with age, as does level of memory impairment and there are changes in levels of neurotransmitters and hormones

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Pic related.
He hasnt made a significant contribution for decades

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Steve jobs invented the phone in his 50s

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Kojima is making a new video game genre in his 50s.

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I think societal factors heavily outweigh brain aging and degeneration. People burn out on programming in their 30s because it's a horrible kind of intellectual manual labor that makes money for other people, and the programmer has nothing to show for it because everything gets replaced and thrown out every 5 years. It's a young man's game because young men are naive.

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Holy shit.
I would somersault bare backed though a mile of salt laced barbed wire then paddle across a piranha infested river in a kayak made of paper mache with only the scoop from a tub of jack3d as my paddle just so I could sip a mouthful of tea brewed from one of her two week old tampons.

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Some boomers have the rare gift of exponentially growing programming ability as they age.

Unfortunately, certain luminescent organizations have made it their mission to stop these gifted individuals, as they pose a unique threat to existing power structures

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Computer programming isn't hard.

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Only the 1% of population is able to code well

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Programming isn't hard

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That proves nothing.
Let's say 5% of the worlds population(lol no) is into programming. The field nowadays pays so well, for little work, that easily 4% of the people working in it are utter brainlets that watched an YouTube tutorial and got a comfy desk job. 1% actually doing good is a great number

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>luminescent organizations

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RIP King Terry

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I have a certain respect for older developers who actually write proper software and manage state.

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>he thinks his mental plane is even in the same realm of Unix C gods.

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This epic troll isn't and never was a good programmer

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