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Still rocking my FX 6300 and its working fantastic. Why do people say piledriver was bad again? Is there any reason to upgrade? Why is it so good?

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Bulldozer was bad, not Piledriver.

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Yeah I know it was but I've seen people saying
>oh well piledriver wasn't much better
like wtf, its great.

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My fx 8350 is going strong. Piledriver was ok for the time, intel was obviously better but in retrospect piledriver is probably better now than the comparable intel chip with all their jewish backdoor patches.

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i've upgraded from 8350 to 1700 and the improvement is massive. i can comfortably play cemu/rpcs3 now, all of my VR tracking issues are gone, VR vidya now has lots of cpu left so it doesn't have to fight with tracking systems, computer works way smoother in daily tasks. One day you'll upgrade, then you'll see.

>no reason to upgrade
feels valid only because you're scaling your expectations down to what you have

that being said, visheras were a solid choice for the time. both 8320 and 6300 were great in their price ranges

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Its AMD's "FineWine" technology

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Yeah I do want to upgrade, but its just so much money

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For a full system, that is. I'm running an R7 260X Which is dogshit and I just want to totally upgrade for my next PC, new everything.

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>all of my VR tracking issues are gone
On what platform? My rift shits the bed occasionally but that has more to do with the ridiculous USB requirements. VR is literally the only thing that matters to me anymore for hardware intensive applications and no headset is a good enough to be worth upgrading to. I had hopes for a crossover system with the HP reverb and index controllers but both failed spectacularly due to shitty manufacturing.

Looks like I'll be sticking with the piledriver for another couple of years unless a new headset thats better than 1600x1400 per eye shit is released.

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On rift, except i had this pants on head retarded setup with two different tracking systems and many, many cameras. One camera was for rift DK2, four other usb2.0 cameras were used for PS move controllers i've been using for my hands. After CPU upgrade my hands got much, much smoother, headset stopped occasionally jumping off the place and doing this irritating thing where it loses positional tracking and gets stuck in a single place forever.

I think you'd benefit from CPU, but if your issues are USB-related, have you tried pci-e usb cards? Those things save my life now that i'm using CV1 (with two rift cameras) and my old ps move system for body tracking. Got two of those, each card can easily handle two cameras at once, and then i'm also having mobo ports for rest of the stuff.

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I'm still using an 8350 in my main machine. I have friends with Intel processors of the same age and they're all now buying into Ryzen, yet my 8350 just keeps going.

In retrospect I think AMD was right even if it didn't seem like it at the time. The extra cores have kept Bulldozer/Piledriver relevant for longer than Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge. They still have some advantages over current processors like being the last non-botnet mainstream CPU, can run win7 and aren't badly impacted by security flaws. With more programs being optimised for multicore, maybe they'll age gracefully and keep going for few years longer. People still keep buying them, even though a Ryzen 3 is more powerful.

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Still rocking my FX 6100 and its working fantastic. Why do people say piledriver was bad again? Is there any reason to upgrade? Why is it so good?

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Can this meme please stop? I was using an AMD FX 8350 for 4 years, but in retrospect I have to admit it was dogshit.

>inb4 muh compilation/video encoding/whatever performance

Yeah, it was good at that, but it sucked terribly in non parallelized workloads, especially games, whilst intel cpus still performed decently in in parallelized ones.

AMD FX is dead and no one should shed a tear. It was garbage.

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I can't wait for the 1700 threads in 5 years.

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Depends on what you're doing with your PC

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i get it
people who buy Intel was just retarded people

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My fx 6300 is absolute shit. Bottlenecks my hd 7970. And that's how I get constant stutters in just cause 3 and apex legends.

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intel even worse

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Nah for the same price as an fx6300 (used), you could have the i5 2400 or the i5 2500, which are a lot better.

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>it's another /v/niggers episode
Which studio is responsible for this? Not that I'd want to firebomb then, I'd just like to know :)

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Upgraded from the 8350 to 1700x.
Built Plex server for the 8350 because there was no reason to decommission it. Still works great with modern software.

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Depends on what you want to do with your pc. You obviously avoid all the software, and/or games that run poorly on piledriver, so that CPU us all you need.

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I upgraded from a fx 8300 to a Pentium. Massive upgrade to me, because everything felt snappier, and I was able to get 60+ fps in 1080p for games as a bonus.

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>oh well piledriver wasn't much better
Because it wasn't, but Bulldozer was so massively shit that any improvement was very welcome.
Too bad we never got Excavator or Steamroller FX cpus.

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In this case someone apparently left the wine bottle open

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>Still rocking my FX 6100 and its working fantastic. Why do people say piledriver was bad again?
But FX-6100 is not Piledriver, it's Shitdozer

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Same here. Bought the fucker in 2015 for 90 bucks and never needed anything else.

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>Why do people say piledriver was bad again?
a contemporary i3 shits on it

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In vidya.

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And daily tasks like web browsing, and software loading.

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Still have my fx8350 that works exceptionnally well. Wont upgrade until AM5

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I'm Just Waiting™ for AM6 myself. Why limit myself to 5.

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wait for real AM. it will take a while, but i can promise you we'll get there someday

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Ryzen had a 40-60% performance per clock increase, while only losing 10-15% clock speeds. A Ryzen quad core with SMT is very nearly as fast as the 8350 in multithreaded integer workloads, much faster in FP workloads, draws less power and is much faster than it in single threaded workloads.

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Literally buttraped by the cheapest quad core Ryzen in existence


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>almost 700% more multicore

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Seems unlikely. My Core M does it as fast as the FX6300 and FX6300 is closer in power to i3. All of the stuff is just phone tier. And for multithreaded workloads i3 gets fucked.

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>Why is it so good?
Because you haven't run any single thread ed program in years.
Do it, and you're going to understand why does it suck balls.

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I unironically use an 8350 for Photoshop.

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The fucking Athlon 200GE is better than this piece of shit

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We are in 2019, anything with 2 cores and some extra threads is better than a 6 core FX.

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Core M is the Atom successor. And the latest dual core mobile i3 gas basically the same multi core performance as this FX. You can't even compare this to desktop i3s.

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An FX4100 was my first pc build and it was my last with AMD.
Bulldozer made me lose a lot of respect for AMD, but this gen of Ryzen has restored my faith in them. Going to be building a system with a 3600 in it most likely.

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>An FX4100 was my first pc build and it was my last with AMD.
>Bulldozer made me lose a lot of respect for AMD,
To be fair it was only your fault and bad luck that you stepped on this landmine. When it got released it was already very clear from the reviews that it's absolute shit.

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How? Shit is the same for low power work but actual cores benefit in multithreaded shit.

>Core M is the Atom successor.
It isn't. It's the successor of CULV CPU's like C2D SU9300 which were basically undervolted mobile chips with lower frequences, not cut down shit like Atom.

>And the latest dual core mobile i3 gas basically the same multi core performance as this FX.
Sounds rather unlikely yo.

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It is the Atom successor if you consider that the same machines that would be using Atoms are using them now since there are no alternatives. They are garbage compared to actual Core i.

>Sounds rather unlikely yo.

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>How? Shit is the same for low power work but actual cores benefit in multithreaded shit.
They perform better and use less power. See the Athlon 200GE.

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It was and it's still bad. You just have low standards and would be fine with a Core2Duo.

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>Core 2 duo
>low clocks speeds and quad core at most if you have a glued together one
Core2 could never touch AMD FX on multi.

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Well, if you think the FX is hot shit you clearly don't need performance. A Core2Duo can still do shitposting just fine.

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People who believe FX was good simply haven't experienced actual fast hardware.

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Still cooler and infinitely more secure than Intel pozzed housefires.

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ryzen 5 1600
b450m steel legend
2x8gb 3000mhz corsair

amazon 280.00us
performs double to my fx9590

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It was a dumb comparison to begin with because by the time FX came out Core 2 was seven years old, discontinued and Intel had moved on to Nehalem and even to Sandy Bridge.

That said I still use a Core 2 Quad at work and it's just fine for internet browsing and general office work.

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I still use a FX-4350
I don't play gaymer shit so I still don't feel the need to upgrade

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>if you consider that the same machines that would be using Atoms are using them now
That's just not the case. Core M is usually used for premium laptops upwards of 800 bucks, just like CULV CPUs before. Atoms are for sub 400 bucks trash and perform noticeably worse.

>They are garbage compared to actual Core i.
For heavy workloads since they can't keep up the turbo for long, since most are used in passively cooled devices. For normal stuff you won't notice the difference since it's basically the same CPU just undervolted.

Is a meme site. Where are the results in normal benches and real scenarios?

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>FX 9590
enjoy your space heater

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i do and have. i enjoy them all. from this meme to my 9900k. even my ryzen 5 1600.

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>PS move controllers i've been using for my hands.

But why? You know that touch controllers are flawless right? Literally no other controller in existence, including index can compare to how nice they are to use.

I wish I could use a higher res headset with the touch controllers.

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i like mine alot but ive not tried index yet. i like how the index controller straps to your hand so you can actually let go of it. i did notice fps increase from fx to ryzen 5 1600 but it seemed to have plateaued at that point as good as it was going to be since i tried it on my intel system and it made no difference by the numbers. at least on x-plane 11.

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This is because hardware hit a wall and software was never good.
So this is the state of the world. Technology has become academic, no discoveries no advancement and anyone who can push a button can play engineer.

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You just don't know any better, poor person.

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shit rich people are the ones that dont spend any money
thats how they get that way

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This, you don't see billy g or warren b flexing all the time, they don't have to.

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They'll be called a corelet for not having at least 24 cores.
Web browsers will want 3 threads per tab.

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when web browsers want 3 threads per tab it might finally kill laptops but otherwise i'm going to stay on my 4 core 4 thread 7600k and i probably won't regret it for at least 5 years

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4c4t 4670 here.
It'll be all the context switches with other threads causing cache thrashing that kills us.

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I'm honestly glad you're still enjoying your CPU, anon.

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>When it got released it was already very clear from the reviews that it's absolute shit.
For the price it was fine...

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>inb4 someone draws an FX-tan happily and comfortably running multithreaded workloads for her owner who overclocked her with care and kept her safe with a massive air cooler
>One day she's removed from her home and sees a new motherboard and chip taking her place
>After wishing her master good luck with the new, younger AMD chip she asks him to boot her every now and then to keep her memories alive, afraid to be forgotten
>She's then put back in her box to be sold on Ebay to a kid who forces her to run modern vidya with a massive overvolt and overclock under a stock cooler, because AMD is supposed to be cheap
>Memories of her previous life flash by as she's slowly and agonizingly roasted under an insufficient cooler with a voltage reducer to "keep the noise down"
>After two months of torture the happy memories of her previous owner fade and her willpower gives in, transistors finally give out with a silent click, her vision fading as she's ripped from the socket and thrown in a trash bin
>"Man they were right, those FX chips were complete shit"

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>First architecture I've ever built a custom pc on
>Last AMD CPU to to officially run windows 7
I'll never forget 8350-chan, she was the only one to give good performance for the money during a time of Intel selling people less for more money under a TIM heat spreader.

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Still on a 8370.

I don't see this changing for several years, and I certainly won't be buying Kiketel NSA Inside anytime soon.

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d..don't do this to me.
>Blew the voltage regulators on my Asus Crosshair 990FX
>Still have my FX chip and 16GB DDR3-2400MHz with no board because even shitty 970 chipset am3+ boards are like $150 on eBay.

I was a day one buyer of FX. Had an FX-4100 because I was fucking poor and the 3570k was too much money and younger, stupider me heard "quad core for $230 vs $80 for a quad core, lol why would I pay more?!" I then went to an FX-6300 because OMG SIX(6) WHOLE CORES. Then as I was older and had more money to my name by this point, I said fuck it, bought the FX-9590 once it was like $220. Was under custom water at the time. Overclocked it to 5.5GHz daily clock prime95 stable.

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It is the same price:


I5 2400 is £12

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Check amazon, little cheaper there.

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just waiting for Cyberpunk now.

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This makes me even more determined to keep my 8350 going as long as possible.

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>Why do people say piledriver was bad again
Because the "people" are fucking Intel shills trying to get people to buy their overpriced, buggy as fuck spyware processors.

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Well, you haven't been getting Touch with DK2. Now i'm using CV1, so i have those controllers, they're great, but back then i only had this cheap ass setup made of DK2 and Moves.

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I never even tried FX, I went from ancient Phenom II to Ryzen. People who jerk off to benchmark bars don't always remember that people don't upgrade to every generation so anything newer is a lot faster, even if something would be even faster.

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Are you seriously still in the denial phase? It's been what now, 10 years?

It takes most AMD users 5 minutes to realize that they got punked, usually after hearing that fan idling at high revs and realizing that their CPU won't ever drop below 50 degrees, but here you are, after a decade still defending that piece of shit.


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>Hearing that fan idling at high revs
>CPU won't ever drop below 50 degrees

I had an FX6350, which was even more power-hungry than OP's chip, slapped a Big Shuriken with a normal 120mm fan on it to cool the VRM's as well. Close to silent in idle, barely audible under a p95 load whilst never going over 50 degrees. Some undervolting in the BIOS with a quality motherboard worked wonders, in my experience these chips weren't even close to the "ahmuhgawdhousefire!!1" that Intel plug'nplay kiddies made them out to be

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>Going to be building a system with a 3600 in it most likely.

The Zen2 launch has been a clusterfuck and there are all kinds of ongoing issues with motherboards and voltages being set so high that chips are overheating at idle.

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