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>$oy open mouth in thumbnail
I knew it

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so much for the cinebench scores.

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To actually access those 6% you need a $1400 video card. I'll pass and go with AMD.

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>turns on mce on intel
>puts 280mm aio on intel while keeping stock cooler on amd
>uses 3200mhz ram on both despite stock intel is 2667mhz
stock configuration goys

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>Synthetic benchmarks don't matter because they aren't real world cases
>Hurr, here's a bunch of FPS numbers with presets that aren't real world cases
Hardwarecuckboxed does it again! Intel still king!

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>implying gayming retards touch any of those cpus
You are an idiot, gaymer fags want 9700k or 3700x cpus.

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That's honestly a good bump in performance from the 2700X. How are the actually relevant 1440p benchmarks?

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>stock cooler on amd
Wtf is this real?

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>NVINCEL shilling unboxed.

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Yes. They justify it because it goes into their value calculation. Yet when people cherrypick other results out of context it looks bad for amd

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No results for 1440p?
Who the fuck uses a 2080 Ti for 1080p anyway?

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>AMD stock > intel OC
Intel fanbois confirmed on suicide watch.

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i don't need a bench mark to NOT buy intel after the gorilion exploits

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Those who need 144fps+ for some titles that can barely get to that framerate on 1080p, and once they release a better GPU that doesn't bottleneck the CPU as much as the current 2080ti does

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I bought stock when it was cheap, Anon.

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>Those who need 144fps+
So literally nobody

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>fps don't matter!

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um sweetie, i need 165hz

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Fuck this jewish cabal nonsense. Why is it so hard? There needs to be two comparisons for each game
>average frametime
>a deviation coefficient that measures how consistent the game meets that average

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>starcraft 2
>70 fps with 9900k and 2080ti

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Techspot did this as well. Water-cooling on kiketel and stock cooler on amd.
>B-but we'll consider this in the price perf section goy, so it's all good!

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Nice lows on 3900x

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>stock cooler on 3900x and $100 cooler on 9900k

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Nailed it.

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>aa x4

The heck that mean? Last I played witcher 3 it just had aa on or off. Did they add more settings?

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>it's a "let's test CPUs paired with a 2080ti and played at 1080p despite the fact that literally nobody with a 2080ti plays at 1080p episode"

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>Techspot did this as well
Literally the same guy as Hardware Unboxed - Steve Walton.

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>Lets bottleneck the gpu so every cpu can be finally equal!

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quality is not for the poor.
wise choice.

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This, so much this.
Reviews should never test realistic scenarios

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Not him, but even though bottlenecking the GPU is retarded I feel like reviewers should say that the CPU won't matter as much with average cards seeing as 90% of people who watch are mentally disabled.

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world war z faggot on suicide watch, I know you're here post it

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Is that honestly a bad thing tho?
If you want a high end rig wouldn't it be nice to know that whether you get a 9900k or a 3900X your GPU will be able to perform it's best at 1440p or even 4K?
Trying to find CPU bottlenecks at resolutions that no one would play at is honestly more fucking useless than just putting up a chart showing they're the same when played at certain resolutions

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You can STILL use a fucking nehalem for games (even if it gets stuttery) 11 years later. CPU progress is fucking dead.

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Cope with your dead CPU progress for eternity

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>6% slower in games
>up to 30% faster in everything else
And if you play at 1440p+ intel becomes irrelevant. Even an OCd 9900K is not pulling ahead of OCd 3900x

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>t. retard
How about you use your sorry excuse of a brain to think instead of asking the same question every thread?

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And if you don't have a 2080ti Intel is also irrelevant at 1080p.

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Big whoop my gpu struggled to hit 10ms 100fps minimum and it's a 2080ti
Meaningless chart also windows 10 has scheduler inter chiplet issues that amd/ms have yet to fix

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cope with your already dead cpu

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No no no no this cant be happening bros

I bought a new ryzen and it doesn’t boot without a bios update and now my chipset fan is stuck on and I still get less FPS than intel. My hdd keeps corrupting my data and Best Buy geeksquad said it was unrecoverable.

I also put my life savings into AMD shares. My wife is going to kill me when she finds out I spent her sons college education fund.

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All that means is that it doesn't fucking matter, which is my whole point. Nobody is ever going to play in such a configuration where your CPU is going to bottleneck you. Nobody in the real world is playing with a 2080ti on a 1080p screen

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>Kingdom hearts III
Intel = 0 FPS
>God Of War (2018)
Intel = 0 FPS
>The Last of Us Remastered
Intel = 0 FPS
>Persona 5 Royal
Intel = 0 FPS

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Intel is better at emulation.

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Orbital is a vm, not an emulator.

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This guy looks Jewish as fuck and he's shilling for Intel. Coincidence?

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not buying intel-aviv is antisemitic, goy

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holy shit his literally le happy merchant all along

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for all intents and normie purposes, it's an emulator.

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>Marvel's Spider man
Intel = 0 FPS
>Horizon: Zero Dawn
Intel = 0 FPS

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you need to stfu

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>last week
>reviews zen2 products favourably
>"fuck AMD Unboxed, what an AMD shill"
>this week
>releases charts that pretty much confirm what he showed last week (3900X behind by 5-10% on average)
>"look! Intel Unboxed is shilling for Intel!"

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Yeah, that's how you know he's a good reviewer

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>emulator == virtual machine
your retrade m8

>> No.71907664

And that's a game that's known to be compiled with the Incel compiler. Wtf are they doing?

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>normie purposes
and you're illiterate

ask any random fuck what orbital is (after a very brief explanation if you must without mentioning virtual machines or emulation, such as "let you run ps4 games on your pc) and see what they call it.

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You dont even need a 2080ti for 144fps in AAA titles. You need a 2080ti for 144fps on ULTRA settings.

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You dumb amdtards are mentally ill. This is one of the most biased amd reviewers on the internet

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Because they tested and found the stock cooler can keep the 3900x at the same level of performance. Temps arent a major limiting factor for PB2

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Ok, no one test the 3900x anymore. The number of people spending $500 on a CPU is next to 0 so its unrealistic

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If you post average framerates without 1% lows and/or a MAD coefficient you are a shill bar none

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this. Unironically. HWU is a great reviewer.

We only are cautioning some people with personal vendettas against AMD/Intel to stop thinking with their dicks and wait for the 10th Gen Intel, as they're the ones replying to Zen 2.

I'd assume that the AMDfags will also whine once 10thgen rolls out.
>So fucking wait for Zen3.

It's becoming stupid now.

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wTf bUt inTel is tHe gaMinG cPu

>> No.71908398

holy shit

>> No.71908409

Why are you pointing at shills if you don't know the results yet. I'm not a fan of both brands and I'd like that data, too, to dissipate my doubts, whichever might perform better.

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>most gamers play 1440p or 4k
>doesnt test these resolutions at all

Intels PR shop has done a great job on the ecelebs

>> No.71908525

So no one buys the 9900k either?

>> No.71908599

>not wanting ultra settings
Might as well just buy a console.

>> No.71908630

10nm intel isn't coming any time soon to desktop. New process = lower clocks. Everyone would make fun of intel for delivering 4ghz. They're waiting on the 10nm+ which is a generation away.

It's no big deal for amd because low clocks + glued high cores is their thing.

>> No.71908701

We don't. I don't fucking care if it runs at 1.6GHz. The important thing is if it runs like Coffee Lake @ 5 GHz.

This wasn't an issue with Core 2 being lower clocked than an Athlon64 X2

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this. Core 2 was lower-clocked compared to Pentium 4 but Pentium 4 was still slower.

Hell, even the Core 2 Solo was better than a Pentium 4

>> No.71908833

>Everyone would make fun of intel for delivering 4ghz
If they have performance to back it up, I really doubt it. Most you'd get is pre-release shitposting before 3rd party benchmarks and test results hit the web.

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DELET this replies and BUY INTEL or I will REPORT YOU to the MOSSAD because this is ANTISEMITIC!

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>>Everyone would make fun of intel for delivering 4ghz
As long as it has the performance, it shouldn't matter.

Remember guys, Core 2 doesn't come had it not been

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Fuck, pentium 4 needed 50% higher clockspeed just to beat pentium 3.

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>had it not been for Athlon 64 X2.

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High settings are good enough. And at 1080p, in modern games you literally cannot see higher resolution shadows, textures, and models. There's literally not enough pixels to display the highest settings in modern games.

1440p 144hz high settings master race.

>> No.71908993 [DELETED] 

ultra settings at 1440p+ are a meme. For example you gain nothing from antialiasing at that point because your pixel density is already high enough. And then there's bullshit like motion blurr and chromatic aberration that adds nothing positive.

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>Kira Yamato pacifying an Intel-AMD war.

We wanted tech Jesus, not /m/ Jesus.

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Nice cope

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no they dont, stop being a retard, the things u wrote gave me physical damage

1024 x 768

1280 x 800

1280 x 1024

1280 x 720

1360 x 768

1366 x 768

1440 x 900

1600 x 900

1680 x 1050

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1200

2560 x 1080

2560 x 1440

3440 x 1440

3840 x 2160


So, 6% of people game on 1440p, 1080p is 65%
for 144hz on 1440p you need AT LEAST 1080 Ti, 2080, or 2080 Ti, wich is ~ 2% of gamers

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How the hell are they ahead in CS:GO? Intel were like 100% ahead of them last generation.

>> No.71909068

2950x was literally some miles ahead purely because of the cache
same here

>> No.71909073

Techspot and Hardware Unboxed are the same thing.

>> No.71909093

they do not understand that the fact most people are the ones that buy an rx 570 and pair it with a mediocre 1080p mayyyyyyyyyyybe a 1440p monitor and get done with it
this is where the tam is

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>people on tech board with experience are fighting over which normie reviewer reviewed it best

why are u so fucking mentally impaired? the moment u saw his graph style you should've closed the video. all of these benchmark charts with min/max only data are FUCKING USELESS AND ONLY GOOD FOR REDDIT NPCS

yeah, most of the gamers are just retarded fortnite kids that wnb streamers and are scared of even touching the cables of their PC. 1060 has like 15% popularity, 1050 (Ti) has 16%, most of it is probably from prebuilt PCs desu, just doing any type of research to not get jewed on puts you in top 1%

>> No.71909168

You really think the majority of those 64.5% are people with a high end graphics card instead of people stuck with whatever was the cheapest available monitor (hint: 1080p)?

>> No.71909195

no and i never said people with 1080p run high end GPUs, somehow u implied that onto me?

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>Why would you TEST CPU PERFORMANCE using settings that make sure you're actually testing CPU PERFORMANCE and not GPU

>> No.71909239

Fuck off with your brand war bullshit threads.

>> No.71909279

because it's irrelevant scaling nowadays and not indicative of comparing two fundamentally different architectures.

It made sense when comparing the same intel architecture because they will scale the same way because of Intel's philosophy.

The differences are clear-cut.

Intel scales headroom like continuously filling a pail one-by-one, while AMD scales filling every pail it has simultaneously.

This is why you see unused resources when you look at benchmark runs of games.

Intel bruteforces single cores until all of them have to, while AMD tries to balance them out.

Again, fundamentally different scaling.

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>5% slower in games on average (Wow! it's nothing!)
>much better in most productivity workloads
>Uses less power and is cooler
>Does not require an expensive cooling solution as it comes with a reasonable cooler in the box
>A socket a year keeps the goyim in fear

Intards still believe they are the better value.

>> No.71909343

>spend 10x more money and 10x more hours onto making your dogshit lootbox scam run properly on 5% of hardware
>spend 10x more on marketing because your dogshit lootbox scam runs decently enough on Incel Brainlet-boost 5GHz and earn 10x more money


>> No.71909348

>incels: unrealistic benchmarks do not matter
>also incels: lets bench at unrealistic settings
it is sad that real buyers dont ever get real results for their use case, but it also most likely is intentional

>> No.71909356

>Requires a 2080 Ti in gaming to notice any difference. 2070 or lower there is 0% difference.

>> No.71909366

more mental gymnastics from r/amd

>> No.71909374

Don't tell me... he used an AIO on the Intel chip and the stock cooler on the AMD one.

>> No.71909382

>he never played competitive fps games

>> No.71909384


>> No.71909397

>AMDrones: Real performance doesn't matter
>also AMDrones: only performance measured by our feelings and beliefs matters

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no use parroting it. people think with egos rather than brains.

AMD shills will try to invalidate the usecase for bleeding-edge gaming with the 9900K.

While Intel shills will try to invalidate the sheer flexibility that Ryzen offers.

Such is the plight of those who are bound by gravity.

>> No.71909485

>jordans make everyone play better.

It's literally Michael Jordan's secret Juice from Space Jam. It's not making you better than anyone, just that you spent more money.

>> No.71909488

>anything that isnt low resolution gaming isnt real performance

>> No.71909541


People are REEEEEEing at RGB boards, when they're a cause of idiots thinking anything gaymer-focused is going to help them be as good as the professional e-sports gamers. So much so that a random old car chair can be resold as a "GAYMING Chair"

>> No.71909631

Zen 2 is selling out all over the place. They won't be able to make these fast enough to keep up with the demand. Beware of price increases from shifty sellers if AMD don't ramp up their production.

>> No.71909653

Yes. He did.

>> No.71909691 [DELETED] 

What's the point of assessing CPU performance under unrealistic conditions that nobody will ever use? Might as well use Microsoft Word as a benchmark too

>> No.71909753

That alone invalidates the whole benchmark, I don't know why /r/amd redditards insist on recommending him as a reputable source for this kind of stuff.

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1440p doesn't matter now?


>> No.71909977

I don't think it does. It shows just how efficient AMD is in comparison to Intel. Only extreme conditions and extra expense make Intel perform better in games and niche productivity (Premiere, Handbrake, Winrar etc).

For anyone who is a general use case (most people) the difference is marginal at best. Quicksync is Intel's real advantage here but mostly for encoding video. Some software is taking advantage of GPU encoding performance now as well.

Most people will be pairing a 3600 or 3700X with a mid range GPU where difference is within margin of error.

>> No.71910097

r/amd a week ago
>h-heh we get 20 more FPS is CSGO, I-Intel is f-finished

meanwhile the 9900k BTFOs AMD in almost every single game
>y-yeah well wh-who cares it's slightly cheaper when you don't count fast RAM needed and if you don't buy an x570 motherboard with it's cuck fan

>> No.71910124


>> No.71910131

>5Ghz vs 4.3Ghz for 5% average
I agree on the x570 though. Only idiots buy those for a niche NVMe uplift nobody but video editors might notice.

>> No.71910251

Live JayZ vs Steve Burke ft Kingpin. Get in here.

>> No.71910389

>I don't think it does
I think it does, because the run-of-the-mill gaming toddler will look no further than the numbers and the colorful bars. He's purposely doing this to make AMD look bad to the average joe.

>> No.71910442

not our problem. I mean, it's not like your life depended on Ryzen 3000 selling and Intel getting BTFO'd, right?

>> No.71910639

>not our problem
True, but I think we should stop promoting his videos (or any """tech""" reviewer videos for that matter), because the dummies that lurk this site build their computers based on this flawed information.

>> No.71911215

the Ryzens are doing great. stock is being supplied.

If a person insists Intel, tell them to wait. Don't go on a crusade to accuse everyone of shilling AMD, when there's no sense in buying a 9th Gen CPU when the 10th Gen is looming.

>> No.71911252

Why would you buy a $500 processor if you're not going to be buying an absurdly expensive GPU as well??

>> No.71911262

Make sense desu

>> No.71911304 [DELETED] 
File: 1.47 MB, 236x250, dyatlov come on.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why would buy an absurdly expensive GPU to play at 1080p?

>> No.71911317
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>1000 series
>2000 series
>3000 series

we just cant stop winning intelbros

>> No.71911329

I think you misunderstood me. This is not about shilling any brand, the idiots that watch these videos and build their shitty rigs based on their misleading information come to shit all over this board with >muh intel/>muh amd cancerous threads when their machines don't perform the way they were sold to.

>> No.71911453

If you want to buy Intel, you should probably wait. The 9900 is probably the last CPU to hit LGA1151. You would spend $500 on the CPU, $200 on a motherboard, and $120 on decent DDR4 on a socket that will be obsolete in a few months. Wait for 10nm because you will need a new motherboard and new DDR5 memory.

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File: 271 KB, 3243x2162, muzzle-1 95.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71911668

Squad or PR player?

>> No.71911799


btfo AMD fags enjoy ur 2015 performance and stop making excuses.

Intel wins baby PC doesnt need console hardware

>> No.71911804

literally nothing is worth upgrading to tho, not even 10nm and ddr5. everything is a tiny ass performance upgrade, my 6 year old cpu is still better than most current cpus now, technology moves incredibly slow. pc building has basically become like apple, "new" hardware every year yet it's nothing in terms of performance but all these retards here are dishing thousands on their rigs just to stroke their tiny dicks and 5 monitor setup. pc building is dead.

>> No.71911821

AMD improved performance in 3 years more than Intel in 10.

>> No.71911908
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LMAO imagine being a clocklet.

>> No.71912071

Haswell i3 still beats it lmao ahahahahahaha

>> No.71912089

That trash is the worst optimized game ever

>> No.71912104

I was soo gonna buy AMD
oh well

>> No.71912105

>have shit performance
>pick all the low-hanging fruit, barely catch up to 14nm
Based AMDChad.

>> No.71912124

And even on 7nm it can't beat 14nm+++++++++

>> No.71912144

delet sir

>> No.71912151

Did the AdoredShill commit suicide yet?

>> No.71912166

Just wait for Zen 3 bros

>> No.71912172


>> No.71912208

b-but AMD weren't supposed to be kikes ...

>> No.71912238

This, Zen was a revolution over the Bulldozer, but aside from the core count it was still significantly behind intel.

Ironing it out in Zen 2 to catch up is nice, but the real question is - can they get a significant lead over intel with Zen 3? It seems the only way to make intel get their shit together to compete properly is for them to actually be technologically behind like they were with Netburst.

And yes, anyone sane wants intel to get their shit together, because without real competition AMD will just turn into what intel is now and we'll have years of stagnation again.

>> No.71912239

whoever made this should be ashamed, that graph is complete trash

>> No.71912291

>compete properly
>intel being honest
good joke

>> No.71912351
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>> No.71912356

>intel being honest
Do they really have any cards to play dirty like they did back then though? Aside from being aware of the other option, everyone is just really pissed at the security issues and tired of intel's tantrums

>> No.71912418

They still do, moreso now that they got away with the last lawsuit they had against.

>> No.71912492

At this point i'm expecting either a sabotage or a a steal of business secrets.

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> game I care about run about the same or even better on Ryzen

Well, that's good to know. And given how the Ryzen 3000 series is currently selling, I expect further optimizations down the line for the platform from software developers, especially once the new consore generation hits which runs on Zen 2.

> watercooling Intel's CPU on stock

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>> No.71912609

You people do realize that 3700X scores the same yet is half the price of a 9900k, half the heat/power...
3900X is a workstation CPU, extra cores for workloads, not games.

>> No.71912613

Have they finally unfucked it?

>> No.71912618


>> No.71912640

>3900X is a workstation CPU
No it's not, being on AM4 it's very clearly targeted at mainstream desktop market. Sure it's powerful enough to be used as a workstation, but that is what TR and Epyc are for.

>> No.71912660

>aside from the core count it was still significantly behind intel
Zen2 obliterates Whatever Lake in everything while having significantly lower clock speeds. Zen2 is just a better architecture.

>> No.71912682

What do you mean by unfucked though? The main problem with 10nm is that it can't perform as good as highly refined 14nm+++, if you're talking about yields then it's closely related to the first matter. The more you try to push a node to its theoretical limits, the worse yields you get, but if intel settled for not chasing 14nm clocks, they could probably deliver a product. The thing is, do they have the product to make on 10nm though - what are they supposed to do otherwise, shrink Skylake+++?

>> No.71912710

3900X is more powerful than Intel's HEDTs. And we haven't even seen 3950x and the new TRs yet.

>> No.71912713

Okay but what you're quoting is very clearly about Zen 1/+ which were still significantly behind intel. Yes Zen 2 is better but since it can't clock as high, it kinda evens out. It's like Phenom II vs Bulldozer, similar IPC but Bulldozer clocked much higher - guess Intel is the Bulldozer now.

>> No.71912744

>3900X is more powerful than Intel's HEDTs
Yes but Intel being raped on all fronts does not change a single thing about what I said
>And we haven't even seen 3950x and the new TRs yet.
And neither does this. Yes it's not illegal to build a 3900X or later 3950X desktop to use it as a workstation, instead of waiting for TR, but that does not make it a workstation-aimed product.

>> No.71912747


>> No.71912759

> Le Happy Hardware Unboxer

>> No.71912791
File: 53 KB, 428x500, le happy merchant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anybody shop a kippah on him? The resemblance is uncanny.

>> No.71912853

OY VEY!!!!

>> No.71912895

Yeah, about that. I want to see competition.

>> No.71913304

It obliterates where latency doesn't matter. Suddenly a seemingly-capable processor shits the bed when a realtime application is used.

>> No.71913349

bad hyphen

>> No.71913583

how much do you think they paid him

>> No.71913596


what absolute fucking kikes lmao

>> No.71913661
File: 1.13 MB, 498x498, 458482425.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71914531
File: 107 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>now linus shits on intel

>> No.71915162

Hilarious how AMDrones now pretend that you must own a 2080 or 2080ti in order to maximize a 9900k...when the same thing applies to their 12-core CPU

These same drones will compare a $750 16-core processor with a $500 8-core one...from last year and claim it to be a """win"""

>> No.71915191

why is he so stupid? or why is intelshills so stupid?

>> No.71915217

> muh extra 10fps
I'd rather have those extra 4 cores, now show us the streaming performance

>> No.71915222
File: 76 KB, 935x631, 64.50%.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71915241

fits entirely in a ccx

>> No.71915321

Go look at the % of RTX cards in use if you want a real laugh.

>> No.71915358

There won't be a 10nm desktop CPU

Both Comet Lake and Rocket Lake are 14nm+++++++

Intel will leapfrog from 14nm+++++++ to their own 7nm

Their GPUs will be made by Samsung

>> No.71915370
File: 127 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bro you totally need ultra settings trust me

>> No.71915391
File: 24 KB, 267x297, 1502488836418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71915602


That's pretty good all things considered. I'm on a 6600K and I want a box that games well and also lets me do lab stuff with containers and VMs for certs and skill growth. So those extra 4c/8t is a really good value for comparable performance to the 9900K. Plus, I'm on a 1080Ti and 1440p. So the 1080p benchmark is mostly worthless to me. I imagine there's a lot of people in similar buckets, in that they're all at 1440p. Which is much more GPU bound even with older titles.

Unless you play competitively, having a 3900X + 2080Ti and then playing at 1080p would suggest that you ate a lot of glue as a kid and have significant amount of brain damage. It makes no fucking sense to spend that much money on a CPU and GPU and then play only at 1080p.

>> No.71915613

delete this right now

>> No.71915658


Take this WITH a grain of salt or two, but its rumored that AMD intends on implementing SMT4 for Zen3 aka 3 threads per core on desktop and 4 threads per core in Enterprise.

Thus, a 6c chip would give you 18 threads instead of 12, 8c would get you to 24t and 12c would get you to 36. Given that applications are moving more into multi-threaded workloads for gaming and high performance compute, this makes sense. Plus with next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft both leveraging Zen2 8c/16t CPUs, this move would make sense as games will scale to 16t more than they will scale to really beefy single core performance. Not to say that the latter wouldn't benefit the former, but overall, Zen2's IPC falling within 5-10% of the 9900K going INTO consoles is massive. That's going to be the baseline performance driver for the next 5-7 years.

So really, it's difference with the 9900K doesn't matter as much as its purported to be. It would make a sizable market impact IF MS went Intel and Sony went AMD. But both these companies are going AMD for CPU and GPU. So keep that in mind when you buy your next CPU. GPU in PC space is relatively platform agnostic. There might be some gains here and there between going all AMD, but not enough to really drink the koolaid deep.

>> No.71915674

SMT is shit for gaming. Sharing one EU per 3 sets of registers is fucking retarded for gaming.

>> No.71916062

big l3 cache

>> No.71916455

AMD has been the console maker for eons, with Nvidia only getting Nintendo handhelds.

It doesn't mean shit and most multiplats run better on Intel platforms as seen here >>71905438

>> No.71916533
File: 767 KB, 200x150, 1326389841738.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>m-m-my stream will take off one day, and zen3 will help me do it! i-intel btfo!
>viewers: 0

reminder all streamers who make money run 9700k or 9900k

>> No.71916622

cool but it's just taking them in the other direction more. they're not going to sell anything but their lowest skews since the core counts become pointlessly high for the money. they don't effect most people's real-world use so why would they buy CPUs with massive amounts of threads especially when SMT negatively effects gaming? are AMD CPUs going to come with a fucking turbo button that turns SMT on and off?

>> No.71918177

If I was streaming and money was no object I'd go for 3950x on launch because you can literally dedicate 8 cores to running the game and the rest to running everything else.

>> No.71918345

If only setting affinity weren't placebo on Windows.

>> No.71918383

Also, since CCXs now go through the IO die you would want to dedicate only a CCX to a game, the rest to the streaming programs. isolcpus would be very good for this.

>> No.71918420

I googled it and it’s actual creator and every reporter calls it an emulator.

>> No.71918752
File: 812 KB, 1338x1682, 1540196776219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>5% slower in games on average (Wow! it's nothing!)
Actually less than 5% with correct settings and release day AGESA.
And... less stutter! Higher 0.1%/1% low framerates.
But incels gonna incel regardless.

>> No.71919300
File: 771 KB, 4771x859, 1525127970971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hey brother how you doing

>> No.71919604

Why are they listing CPUs in a GPU benchmark?

>> No.71919623
File: 49 KB, 296x324, 1562717498328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>used a water aio for intel, stock hsf for amd
>disabled all mitigations for intel, used stock mitigations for amd

>> No.71919668
File: 585 KB, 778x752, Filenamename.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3900X vs 9900K
>Not 3700X

Buying the 3900X for gaming only is pointless

>> No.71919739

>4v4 bench
Literally no one plays that shit, bench ZvZ or co-op commanders that's what's popular.

>> No.71919773

Chinks are Nazis?

>> No.71919809

What if I want to run four Minecraft VMs off one desktop?

>> No.71920195


9900K is shit-tier though. It gets eaten by its lesser siblings at gayming/mainstream-tier stuff if you are willing to do a little arm-chair overclocking on a 8600K, 9600K, 8700K, 9700K.

Zen2 is about on par at gayming/mainstream shit but it is own league with productivity/server-tier stuff.

>> No.71920247 [DELETED] 

The issue is nobody games at 1080p WITH A FUCKING 2080ti. Nobody has a build where typical games are being bottlenecked by a modern CPU anyway.

>> No.71920359
File: 97 KB, 460x300, 1527746542841.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>percentage difference with no other data in the table
>no mention or demonstration of frame time benchmarks
>non stock configurations
This is useless when performing benchmarks for any processor...

>> No.71920406

>buys $500 CPU
>sticks with 1080p screen that's lower resolution than a macbook

>> No.71920416


>> No.71920438

nah those are all 30fps on intel too.

the power of movie games

>> No.71920445

then 9900k and 3700x are good enough for it, no need for 3900x

3700x might be better than both of those

>> No.71920625
File: 1.80 MB, 3840x2160, Grand Theft Auto V 7_16_2019 7_38_38 AM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ultra grass in GTAV is the shit

>> No.71920685
File: 324 KB, 882x758, 1506977173618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If you plan to use your PC for a multitude of tasks and not only to play games, but also create videos, 3D models or do anything that can take advantage of a 12-core processor, the Ryzen 9 3900X is going to be a significantly better investment

>The only reason we’d invest in the 9900K right now would be if we played games such as StarCraft II full time

>> No.71920786

>i spent $1300 on a gpu, $500 on a cpu, and had to buy a new mobo just so i could play on 1080p with less cores, less threads, 5 more frames, and a bonus furnace!

the absolute state of intel fags

>> No.71921606

"Steve here, buy intel for games at 1080p"

>> No.71922869

So you agree he isn't a competent reviewer?

>> No.71922993

AMD's stock is already OCd

>> No.71923580

On a first gen Ryzen with a 1080 Ti looking to upgrade in the same manner for many of the same reasons. You're not alone. 1440p with a 3700/3800/3900 will not change at all

>> No.71924249


>> No.71924861

>My wife
Should have gone with "my wife's boyfriend". Otherwise, slightly above average bait

>> No.71925064
File: 143 KB, 1024x1024, 1470039488656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>exchanging 45% multithreaded perf for possibly
up to 5% gaymin

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