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What's the best OS for homos?

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Anything that uses the Linux kernel

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Any Apple product.

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an Apple product isn't an operating system. learn English or kill yourself foreigntard

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>muh english
the language of subhumans. kys monolingual amerimutt

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Halt mal lieber deine Fresse du verdammter Hurensohn behindertes Amischwein Mischlingshund

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He's a cutie

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>the language of subhumans. kys monolingual amerimutt
He typed furiously in English, on an American imageboard.

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English website, fuck off poortards

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>There isn't a OS in a device

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>Servers in Europe
>Owned by a nip

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chuj ci do dupy lamusie

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any OS that isn't Windows will do.

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the op wrote:
>What's the best OS for homos?
the post I replied to had written:
>Any Apple product.
please work on your reading comprehension, underage dipshit

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بيسد اند ريدبيلد

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This man isn't obese how can he claim to be an Arch user?

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Ingen bryr sig fetto amerikan!

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We have 2x your GDP. 4 native languages and all the stuff you dream of: like real democracy, free healthcare, free education, nice police officers.
Meanwhile our local highschools stopped exchange programms with our sister HS in Washington in 2018, because of the school shooring fiasco.

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English is the language of your conquerors, that you adapted and the webiste is owned by a gook btw, not American.

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>T. Monolingual subhuman

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why are foreigntards so insecure about being called third world street shitting niggers?

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MacOS is the most LGBT OS.

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The truth hurts.

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>OS is not a product

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We pay the same amount of taxes for healthcare. Your pharma lobbyists got your government by the balls, thats why cough drops cost 3029384$ and insurance is not mandatory.

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the point being that a product is not an operating system. you are the kind of retard to say they're using "a dell" or "an acer" when asked what OS you're using. so this is what public education is like

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The truth hurts.

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>why are foreigntards so insecure about being called third world street shitting niggers?

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>Talking about Apple
Hmmm really need those big brains going in what OS's Apple uses.

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>trying to defend being an illiterate street shitter
hello raj

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based, this board has too many shitters on it

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We had to stop exchange students to going to your cunt, because of SHOOTINGS inside SCHOOLS. We have exchange students in fucking Morocco and Egypt. Imagine living in a country less safe than the middle east, or North Africa and calling yourself "first-world".

I would rather live in fucking Bulgaria or some eastern shithole than in the US. At least I will have a chance at going to college and visiting a doctor when I'm 18 and I don't have to defend the birth lottery online.

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They're shitting up JewTube too.
>Don't know if this is good or bad thing.

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it's the price we pay for letting them live, sadly.

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shitskins btfo, stay out of my country Muhammad

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Third world cope is the funniest shit.
Sorry you were born in a garbage can, my man.

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MacOS is for the designers.
While the stereotype that gays are good at art doesn't come from nowhere, there are plenty of gays who are instead great at engineering. Those prefer GNU/Linux.

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Brainwashed mutts thinking their country isnt fucked and jewed to death. Both of you have no foreskin, you are closer to Islam than you think.

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Is your country a superpower? Lol na, it's a shithole.

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>I may have no foreskin or brain, but an arbitrary grouping of people that includes me also includes lots of rich jews and soldiers

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memes are for children and niggers

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kek thought so

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Switzerland denies over 6000 citizenship applications from Amerishart mutts EVERY YEAR. You dream in your wettest dreams that you were born here, in rich and cultured Central Europe. Fucking 2000 years of history in front of my house. You have to drive 50min from your cardboard housing bubble house, to the next mart where you can shart in.

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macos and ios. designed by fags, for fags

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Lmao i don't even know where that irrelevant cuck yuro country is on a map.

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(((God))) bless anti-mutt threads

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no retard

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>so this is what public education is like
Why are mutts against public education?

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You don't need to be smart, Mr. Shekelstein likes you as you are. This way you are more usefull to him.

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Imagine not even being able to figure out what language you speak, and even then, you have autistic dialects of every single one of the ones that you do speak.

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Swiss Muslim in a few more years, just like the rest of Eurcucked.

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I speak 2 of those languages and when I go to the South, EVERYONE knows at least 1 other languge (German or French) so we can all communicate. It's the advantage of not being retarded languagelets.

Now imagine stealing "your" from the colonializers you hate so much and search sovereignity from.

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>thats why cough drops cost 3029384$ and insurance is not mandatory.
Um, Anon

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nice English third world queer boy

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We are not part of the EU so we did not take in refugees in the 2016 crisis. And you're going to have to take Spanish lessons, if Drumpf doesn't build that wall soon enough.

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fetter Hurensohn
gros fils de pute
fat son of a whore
figlio grasso di puttana

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14 year old just learned about swear words, cringe

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mac os

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He's talking about 3d.
3d dykes are too dumb to use Linux. Unless you count "transbians".

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this is a sqt thread question

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banned in apple store?

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Apple people were scared that he might poach clients.

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t. John Hernandez El Golblino Americano, speaker of 1 language, holder of 0 culture, sharter of marts, 300kg sub-saharan ameriinidan and irish monstrosity

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so windows 10 as of the latest update?

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This thread is a prime example of how /g/ has gone to shit

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based and redpilled

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I'm legitimately disappointed no one had already posted pic related yet.

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Lolinux when?

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Linux is a kernel. What a pathetic "study".

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>immediately proves the study is 100% correct

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>using correct terminology is a socio-cognitive disorder
No wonder this study also considers homosexuals as "socially adjusted".

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yea I mean whoever used linux in that time must have been a weirdo

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Holy fuck, you're not only a pedophile but also autistic.
That's sad.

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It's a metonymy you dumb ass mutt, we both know what he's talking about.

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I am a man. I am a man who fucks women. I AM the one who FUCKS.

Do you get this? Do you get this in your pathetic brain, YET? You'd better. You'd better wisen the ever-loving mother-of-god fuck up in this changing world, sonny. Because the pendulum is swinging. It's swinging VERY FUCKING FAST.

Gone are the days where you limp-wristed fairy cuntwarbling faggot-enablers can post your insipid, subversive shit on this website in the hopes of converting men into weak-willed prancyboys. GONE are the days where you can give them latte enemas and shove candycanes up their butts while you sing Edith Piaf tunes and vote Democrat.

It's time to get tough, you fucking faggot.

It's time to stop this stupid shit.

The time is NOW

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i actually knew a dyke who got rly into linux. her daily was i think lubuntu and she had a riced out xfce. chapstick les tho which is like fifty percent less boy than butch but still not very feminine at all. the trick though is to get diddled as a kid. that gay bitch did that and now she’s super smart. My daddy (he’s kind of on a short leash bc of his wife but my ass is his from 9-5) got raped by a priest and he has the same autismo energy as that les bitch has except he puts his time into innawoods shit instead of computers and books. He knows blacksmithing and made me a crown cuz he says i’m a princess ^_^
Anyways tho, as a tranny piece of garbage, my desktop used to be lumina on top of OpenBSD, but I’m getting into language nerd shit right now and I’m not going to be the person to maintain Praat on my shitty obscure tinfoil os. Daddy has got me caring about physical security recently (sometimes we’ll do coke or crack and then go looking for bugs together <3 ), so now a most important measure to me is just airgapping. Right now I physically disconnect or disable communication devices on my electronics, with the exception of the two I use for internet searches but they’re quarantined away from where i sleep and off of power when not in use. For random electronics I like spraying the circuitboards with foam because that seems to do good against audio collection and then I wrap it in a faraday cage for obvious reasons. So as for my OS right now i’m trying out FreeBSD in a VM and if I like it I might make that my main. OpenBSD is real fun but the selection of ported software is weak and targeted at tinfoil hats and some of us are language nerds who do different types of nerd shit than computer nerd shit. That but most importantly the ticked kernel pisses me off so I’m real close to going full tranny stereotype and run FreeBSD just because I’m fucking tired of how slow OpenBSD is by way of archaic design.
only real answer here baka

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hey pedophiles can be just fine if they only diddle adults who look like kids and autistic people are awesome. everyone itt is just jelly they didn’t end up a member of the LGBT community after they got raped by a straight person or someone who pretends they’re straight. at least autists are like us queers anc honest about their degeneracy

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also fuck you breeder pretender cunt. i’m the only mentally ill person allowed in this thread. it didn’t say closeted screamers still grasping at any hope of heterosexuality, OP said fags. loud and proud cocksuckers so either fess up or fuck off

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>the retard /pol/tard is still trying to force the trauma meme

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All of them as none says "fuck off faggot". At least that I know of

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That’s not an example of metonymy at all, I’d tell you to take a basic linguistics course but i doubt they have them at your third world foreignshit community college, pajeet. Only a retard wouldn’t just use the actual word.

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Yeah wow, imagine living in a country where you could've gone to any school because being a teacher is actually a respected profession and requires a five-year college degree. God bless Amurica amirite?

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Naked Arch

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fag in a thread asking a fag question written by a fag op

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I don't know what's worse, the fact that some faggot went to a gay march because he's literally a faggot, or that he went to a gay march just to fucking show off that he uses Arch Linux.

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