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>Smart cryptocurrency FULL integration, everything you do, share, buy, sold, watch is accountable by the blockchain
>P2P File sharing (torrent)
>Files can be bought, sold and be unique thanks to crypto (real ownership of digital goods)
>Market for physical goods
>Self sustaining profitable market that rewards creators (of all media, games/videos/art/etc) and file hosters
>P2P Live streaming (acestream)
>P2P Websites/communities/forums/social media (IPFS)

These are (in my opinion) all the basics to cover the entire usage of the internet.

Combine all this on a downloadable application (web hosting completely defeats the purpose) and you have a "free" (as in money), indefinitely scalable WWW that completely negates current monopolies and allows creators to not be censored and consumers to support the things they like.

All the technology for everything i mentioned already exists, its just a matter of combining it into a pretty front end.

What is your opinion?

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Fuck you.

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based schizo

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Does your uncle touch you at night when no one is watching?

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2070 Paradigm Shift wasn't an instruction manual

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or you could just have sex

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>wants to create entire new internet
>backed by cryptocurrency

Make this new internet accessible only in VR and you will have recreated the world in ready player one

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based and redpilled

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I earnestly hope we're headed there. Alphabet companies are trigger happy to censor people with the 'wrong opinions' and a system like this would make the internet censorship resistant. We need to live in a world of ugly truths over pretty lies.

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redpilled and based

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fuck the internet, it's only your fault for attempting to move your entire life over to it

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Stopped reading right there. Ponzi schemes are for:

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The only way you're going to "take back" the internet is by building your own physical infrastructure. You will never be free as long as you rely on commercial ISPs.

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Reminder that Sam Hyde is a pedophile kike

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My opinion is that you're mentally retarded, the internet was meant to function as a massive investigative database for universities to use, every other use is miss use.

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That's based af tho

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spotted the pedo

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This, we need a WiFi meshnet.

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