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This whole launch is a shit show. Bios don’t work on new gen or old gen boards. We’re still waiting on a true bios fix. Nobody’s actually addressing the problems (not posting, boosting, ram timings, idle power, etc) just coming up with Micky mouse solutions that don’t even work. Not to mention there isn’t even enough stock to buy the damn chips to begin with. And nobody is spending any time reviewing one of the most obvious concerns people have about the boards: the damn chipset fans. There’s a million reviews on cpu cooler and AIO performance and sound/noise performance (in general) but nobody’s bothered to cover these boards after all the concerns about them? Shit is fucked

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>buing poozen pozed AYMD leftover garbage
literall why

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the only people who have any problems to begin with are super low IQ s-o-y-boys who leave everything on auto and have a billion start-up botnext programs that have the cpu sitting at 90% usage on the desktop

chads who set every single setting in the bios to a value they already know gives the wanted performance and only use reliable software and keep their windows bloat to a minimum have no problems what-so-fucking-ever

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>peepee poopoo! AMD doodoo!

Normally I'd ask how much intel is paying you but you seem retarded enough to do it for free

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>there isn’t even enough stock to buy the damn chips to begin with.

This although I'm kind of glad that is the case. I don't feel like being a beta tester.

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>Looking Forward:

>Luckily for Intel, they have a plan. That plan doesn’t involve silicon, it involves gathering the press and analysts and lovingly providing FUD before the proverbial excrement hits the rotational parts of the air movement device over the next few quarters. On the silicon side there is absolutely nothing Intel can do to combat AMD, their offerings are not even adequate much less competitive, and priced much higher. Intel knows this.

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Don't worry OP, Intel isn't going to drop the ball

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>rypoo is so slow it can’t handle a few windows bloatware

Shame about that 4.3ghz max clock.

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>AMD sponsored blog post
can't argue with that

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buggy behavior would've been fixed in 2 days with open bios

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Agreed. I'll be waiting a month before buying with some sales and shit. That should be enough time to fix all the little issues that are popping up.

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>BIOS fix

I love how AMDrones have actually managed to push this meme

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cope with what basedboy? the fact that shitel is still stuck on the 14+++++ shit show and losing market share by the day? sure is hard to cope with that. enjoy your pozzed security turd of a cpu

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sounds a lot like cope

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I doubt it somehow. Too bait and low IQ.
At least with scripted shills it takes a few seconds to shoot their "arguments" to pieces.

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definitely not fake at all

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You are so fucking braindead, but do keep regurgitating memes teenbro.

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>*opts out of survey in your path*

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yes need more FUD, need people to cancel their order so I can buy one

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You are so fucking braindead, but do keep regurgitating memes teenbro.

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if only a non cucked mobo manufacturer would come out

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>bios dont work
yes they do?
>We're still waiting on a true bios fix
Fix for what? It works.
>Nobodys actually addressing the problem
What problems?
>No stock
Well yea it's been out like 6 days and shit tons of people are buying it. Plenty of 3700x's still around tho.
>nobody is reviewing the chipset fans
Well yea because there isn't a problem, So far I've seen 1 person complain about coil whine which can happen to any fan and I've seen a couple of people complain because their certain motherboard brand needed a bios fix but other than that everyone else was fine.
>shit is fucked
no it isn't you pussy

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Honest to god get the fuck off /g/ you tech illiterate nigger.

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I'd tell you about the chipset fan, but I've literally spent the entire night trying to find an actual cause and solution to random blue screens in win 10 so the temp hasn't been high enough for it to kick on. Seems to run Linux mint perfectly fine though. 10/10 would beta test again.

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Intel said they'd pay you guys in their own internal memo.

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>tech illiterate
fucking off yourself in the worst possible way

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Why do you even post on this board you fucking monkey? Go back to watching youtube or whatever trite meaningless things you waste your time on

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> thinking Steam hardware surverys represent actual marketshare

Those surveys are heavily influenced by Chinese internet cafes, you goddamn retard. See:


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>the Chinese market doesn't matter

Add that one to the list

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When you buy bargain basement budget parts you are bound to have problems.

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every new arch is a shitshow, intel just hasn't released one in 10 years so nobody remembers.
skylake also crashed at 100% cpu load

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because linux mint is a version behind
debian buster is the only bleeding edge that it works on, because they shipped with a fix to the rdrand shit.
However it's easy as fuck to get running on anything else yourself. However for now just installing mint & updating kernel is fine by me.

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>you buy amd pc
>only you use it
>take steam hardware survey registers as 1 amd user
>pc cafe with 1 computer
>hundreds of people log into that 1 computer over time and take steam hardware survey
>1 compared to hundreds when there was only 1 of each system purchased
>muh marketshare

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>Bios don’t work on new gen or old gen boards.
at least you tried

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I was actually a bit disappointed that Buildzoid basically said that if you're spending $200+ on a mobo you may as well go x570, because the chipset fan shitting itself is exactly why I went for a x470 instead.

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>using steam
do you merely pretend to be retarded or is it b8

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>the chinese don't matter

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Just like how Intel iGPU's were the most common in 2010-2014 surveys?

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Which they were because Intel iGPU is the most common GPU in the world found in every laptop.

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It's smooth sailing once you get past all the shit with the bios and the chipset.

Now whether people have the patience to diagnose and fix the problems themselves is something else entirely.

I tried to suggest stuff on reddit, but they just downvoted me because they think amd is perfect.

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sir, you need to update your motherboard's POOgesa bios to fix each and everything

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>buying at launch
Thanks for betatesting ;)

I'll wait 2-3 months and get one then.

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Wasn't that from "what you wish Intel will do next gen" reddit thread?

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My nigger.

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already confirmed fake

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go away intel shill, no one here is bothered but you

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valve isn't that retarded. A quick Mac adresse check must be done.

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>10400 undercutting the 3600

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Should've stayed with Intel, at least their shit Just Werks™

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nice try

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>Bios don’t work on new gen or old gen boards
Works on my machine

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>Two weeks later
>Hurr why did my chip fry???
Some mobos have over 1.4V default base voltage on the CPU core, that's fucking housefire tier and will definitely prematurely kill your chip if you're only using the stock cooler.
That shit is not acceptable in current year.

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maybe dumb question but is amd going to release next gen also on am4 or are they going to introduce a new socket?

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If each account is individually legitimate then really it's understandable if they don't do that

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Ryzen Master reports voltages that are much higher than the ones in HWinfo. Ryzen Master says core voltage goes as high as 1.5 V in single core loads while HWinfo's reading almost never goes above 1.4 V. Who do I believe here?

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is the 9700k worth buying over the 3700x if all I do is:

-play steam games
-skype video call while playing shit like gta IV and rocket league
-random photoshop edits
-watch streams
-emulation(rpcs3, cemu, dolphin)
-browse internet
-secretly OBS record women that I video sex with
-play poorly optimized nip games like honey beach and artificial academy II

I don't code, video render, 3D animation or anything productive, just neetcore activities w/ random photoshop.

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Harsh a best.

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I hope all of you have a nice day, fellows.

t. Yet another person who manually modifies every bit of configuration whenever it's possible to get max benefits

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>better performance in ryzen 5 2400g than 3400g
Don't be an early buyer since people have to make shit compatible with the shit drivers.

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Already proven to be fake.

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There is an issue in BIOS whereby if IF is set to auto it might switch to 2:1 ratio under certain loads like gaming. It is advised to set this manually to half the speed of your DDR4 (so 3200Mhz would be 1500 etc).

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>customer obsession is critical
Why do so many of these internal documents read like some comic book villain's manifesto?

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The Zen2 spec is max 1.47V single core load and 1.35V all core. If you're above those in either scenario your readings are wrong or your board is doing something stupid.

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I applied a negative voltage offset (-0.0825 V) and at this moment I'm at about 1.38-1.4 V single core and 1.244 V all core. Applying the offset actually improved the all core performance while the single core perf remained the same. It's stable as tested using Realbench, which leads me to believe the default voltage setting was too much to run the processor.

From what I can tell, Ryzen Master reports the processor's VID (voltage requested by the processor) instead of the actual voltage that's going into the processor, so I'm inclined to believe the core voltage reported by HWinfo to be closer to the true core voltage. This is kinda shitty because I kept applying a bigger voltage while not seeing any change in the voltage reported by Ryzen Master, which made me think my voltage offset wasn't doing anything.

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>I kept applying a bigger voltage
Meant to say bigger core voltage offset

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