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Linux is fundamentally flawed because the old legacy cruft, it uses deprecated, obsolate privilege separation based on users and groups which is a security nightmare.
No linux can whitstand any physical attack without encryption.
Its is a security nightmare, and lets say it frankly: impossible to audit.
It still advertised as „secure“, while it is nothing else just security by obscurity and it actually cannot deliver the promises, as the CPUs have many known and plenty not-yet-known vulnerabilities.
Windows, mac and BSDs also flawed because the same reasons.
Accept the fact that you cannot have secure system from any mainstream provider, even if you can have the sources and compiles it from zero.
What are you do to keep your system secure? What kind of strange OS do you use?
Is there anything what we can do?
Is there any way out, or do we have to force-feed us with false-security forever?
Capitalism is not the best, but thats the best what we have?
Linux is not the best, but thats the best what we have?
When will we solve this flaws or do we have to stay in fundamentally doomed state?
Our OSs doesnt even tries to maintain the consistency of the system files, and the *nix like filesystems are disgusting.

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>A pice of code decides if you can or can’t do something.
Security in 2019.

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>[citation needed]

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Citation NOT needed, it is well-known problem.

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schizo post

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>Linux is fundamentally flawed
>Windows, mac and BSDs also flawed
Okay, wtf are you trying to say bitch, you're literally just talking in a circle, have sex you sperging incel.

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it's a schizo post don't try and delve too deep into it just float on the waves

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It is also well known op is a faggot

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Well OP, I agree things look grim but think of it this way. At the very LEAST, these CPU vulnerabilities are made public. It’s better than an intelligence agency/agencies hoarding it, and we have microcode updates to help mitigate the problem. Other than that, the best way to stay secure it to be minimal. Use Links2 in graphical mode for general web browsing, it even has the ability to enable firefox mode which modifies the HTTP headers and useragent to make it look like firefox ESR. You can still use firefox for only sites requiring logging in, but the chances of a malicious link compromising you drastically goes down. I use QEMU+KVM for anything requiring firefox.

Just simplify your computing and you can have a much more secure environment. It’s really all you can do.

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Thanks for the sane words.

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