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talking about pure unadulterated raping going on

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>tfw have a 3700X

Feels good to have a fast, cool operating computer

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What temps on idle?

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Why do I not see my 5.4Ghz 8700k on this list.

My 6 cores shit on your 12.

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are we finally seeing a major shift in the processor industry?

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Nah, for gaming and casual use Intel is still better. AMD just further narrowed the gap.

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Enjoy your 3,9 GHz CPU bro

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The 3700x will be much more relevant in 3 years than the 9900k

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No, 9900k will be as much more relevant as it is now.

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You mean when graphics cards become much more powerful and don't bottleneck the CPU anymore?

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We're benching CPUs, not GPUs, macroposting retard.

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1080p is still the standard for most gamers. Also what makes you think that AMD will suddenly do better at 1440p or whatever incel resoluation you use?

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>had no choice and bought covfefe lake 8400 last year cause my mobo died
>mainly use it for gaymen
>it hasnt been btfo by amd yet

feels good man

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Don't really care for 3900x, it's a workstation CPU..

However I find 3400G impressive. It pushes 50-60fps on GTA5 at medium settings, without needing external GPU.
Even if you're a underage brokefag you can still build a decent PC for just $400

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>it's a workstation CPU

kek is this the new defence line of the intelaviv fans?

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Do you think 12 cores and 32 threads will help you run Fortnite better?

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>0.03% faster in gaymeeen
>50% more TDP with less cores
>Gets RAPED on every other metric

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>casual use
7zip is almost twice as fast on a 3900x compared to a 9900k. When was the last time you bought a new cpu and something got twice as fast?

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If you use disk encryption that is also almost twice as fast on a 3900x compared to a 9900k.

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but if you use *that one specific thing* then 9900k is much faster

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>that one specific
9900k doesnt exist on productivity and has like 10% more fps at most in some games

you are literally on buyers remorse mode

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Nobody really buys Intel except rabid fanboys

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