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why does ryzen sucks more single core wise than the FX cpus?

pls no bully i habe autist

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>pls no bully i habe autist
yeah we can tell.

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>buy low-end CPU
>get low-end results
Imagine being too poor for a fucking 3600

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you could have gotten a used 1600x lol or even a 2600x come on anon

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>the Athlon 220GE is faster

Did you fucking clock your RAM to 1600?

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you tried.

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OP fucking destroyed

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OP if you're gonna shop in results it's a million times easier if the image is a screenshot
>i habe autist
We can tell

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it's over

we got too cocky bros


etc. etc.

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eternally btfo

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OP, shadowrealm, etc.

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Really bad bench or fake.

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>can't even shop correctly
OP please consider suicide

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This is what happens when you use intel for photo manipulation.


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the picture is real retards

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Jewtel shills in shameful display

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You guys are fucking retards, lmao.

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Seek therapy. You're mentally ill.

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>Core2 above anything
>Haswell this low
>i3 9100F on par with Ryzen and a mobile CPU
His Cinebench is clearly fucked up.

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it shows both single core and multicore retard

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>No argument
Whoa Anon, you sure showed me!

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>arguing with mentally ill autists

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Bad as always?

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At leat the multi is good for 2012, I need a ryzen 3000.

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Because that's not only single core, you fucking autist

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Then the 3400G is actually worse than the FX4300 in all aspects?!

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So FX4300 is also better than a latest gen i3 9100? Wow, bulldozer is rocking it apologize right now.

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Are you retarded? This list is comparing FX4300's multi core with 3400G's single core, you autist.

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Why would a single core test pair the result with a single+multi core test?
thats pants-on-head retarded lmao

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Well, ask Cinebench devs. Do you really think a FX4300 outperforms a i5 4670k or a current gen i3? Or that a fucking Core2Quad has better IPC than anything on that list?

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It's a bad edit, retard, see >>71800433
Next time at least read the thread before posting

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>clock FX-8350 at 2.4 GHz
>scored 58 on single core with 1866 ram
>mfw Q6600 scores 58 on single core with 800MHz ram, mem controller on the board and an old ass FSB connecting everything

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>scored 58 on single core with 1866 ram
Scored 55 I mean, the FX-8350 had worse IPC than a Core from 2006.

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>badly photoshopping a website instead of just editing the html so it's picture perfect

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Any other amd bros want to share the pain?
>buy top of the line motherboard and ram because latency issues if I don't
>fan blows out my ear drums 10k usd in medical fees because no universal healthcare unlike europe
>peformance sucking worse than prior gen for most of it
>5700XT dented even before install
>lost like 2000 bucks on new rig set up
>dealing with how hot amd procs run during this record heatwave for summer
>4690k wintel bros still running all the games at my fps

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Lmao 4c4t is fucking dead just like the inside of coping poorfags still running that shit

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4690K is old and busted, 9400F is the reigning budget gaming king.

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That’s not the 3600

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This, Intel cannot compete at mid range price points, even the small advantage you get with a $500 9900K is a niche segment and they're losing that.

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Once you factor in the magical RAM and $500 motherboard you need for the 3600 to perform anywhere near the 9400F, it's not winning in terms of value anymore.

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That's the 3400G, which is Zen 1 based cpu running at very low clocks, because it shares a TDP with onboard video.

You might as well compare the G5400 to the 3900X.

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>9400F even being compared with an amazing 3600 that btfo the previous 2700X that was 105w and the 3600 is 65w



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It's also a $150 CPU compared to a $250 CPU on a $500 motherboard with $300 RAM

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You have to be inbred levels of stupid to think the FX is faster in any way to Ryzen chips, much less i5s and i3s.

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It doesn't even need a $500 mobo and $300 ram to beat intel, spending $500 on a mobo is something you do with an HEDT platform, another area where intel can't even compete.

Quit making excuses for intel's shitty ipc and power comsumption for the price, they are literally worse than bulldozer at this point, when you compare the 65w 3600 to the 9900K, who's power consumption canot even be determined unless you disable turbo boost, which will make it even slower than ryzen.

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Install uBlock Origin, you fucking retard.

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/g/ wouldn't be as fun if I couldn't mess with the deluded.

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It's not, you fucking retard.

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>badly photoshopping a website

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Slower than lowest end Ryzen chip... What the fuck did you do to it? Install ThrottleStop and set it to run at 100 MHz?

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