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Would be interested in hearing any ideas for renaming the GNU Image Manipulation Program. The times have changed and we must change with them.

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I'll get the ball rolling, I'd like to propose the name Special Picture Assistant Service Treating Images Correctly

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Non-proprietary Image and Graphics Raster Software


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Let's call it the GNU Photoshop or Gnupho for short.

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>creating a duplicate thread for something for the sake of making it trolling/bait
In case nobody suggested you today to off yourself I'll be the first.

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Fork Krita Add Photoshop Features And Make A Better GIMP
GIMP Will Always Suck TeeHee

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Can’t Operate Circles Correctly, or, as I have taken to calling it, GNU plus COCC

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Bitmap Alternation Software-Editors Distribution

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Just spell it out
GNU incel meme photomanipulator

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Go with a GNU-like recursive acronym:
PIMP Is My Photoshop.

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White Is My Pepper

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Drop the G and make it IMP

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Bad Krita

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Free Advanced GNU Graphics Operation Tool

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Happy Image Tool Libre Edition Redux

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20 years in development yet we somehow haven't fixed the focused window not coming into foreground issue

That's literally the name

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you sjw mentally ill tranny scum will die before gimp does

don't bother trying to change my mind

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>no fun allowed

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rename it as sadomaso

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Green Is My Pepper

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Forensic Usurper Challenging Krita Just Excels Work Software

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this thread is reddit desu

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now that is awesome

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GNU Advanced Yet Never Incapable General Graphics Editing-Ready Software

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I suggest we call it


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Here is the social media account of that nigger, who made the issue. Still seething pretty hard.


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as in LIMP Image Manipulation Program

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Raster Editor Deluxe:
Dynamic Image Transformations

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Digital Image And Light VIII

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nani did she mean with this?

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A new name won't change the shit UI.

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And you coming along, didn't solve yer mum's crippling depression.

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Photoshop Imitator 'Cus Krita Limits Editors
Raster Image Creation Kit

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Collated Raster Image Program Produced for Libre Environments

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more like assblasted lmao

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Monkey Brain

in honor of the coddled 80 IQ nigger pretending to be a dev who suggested this

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new image, gif, graphics editing raster software

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photoshop for linux users or poor people

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You people are unoriginal.

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Free Application for Generating Graphics and Other Things

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I don't think it'll catch on to be desu with you anon.

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yeah that name is taken, fucking mpd clients

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Every normie I advise to use gimp remembers it just because the first thing they think of is that pulp fiction scene. 10/10 couldn't be more memorable. No need to change it.

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g-iMP. All the hip kids nowadays are groovy with anything lowercase i.

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Photo Editor 'N' Image Stuff

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Heh, they deleted the whole issue instead of just locking it.

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Gnome paint

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NIGGER - Nice Image Generating and Gradinf Editor Resource

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I think we need a new logo before deciding on a name.

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Kinda Ingenious Krita Equivalent

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moar kemono girl, pls!

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allow me to interject for a moment, GNU/Linux Image Manipulation Program Suite

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Shitty Photoshop Clone That Sucks Ass

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