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how tf do you escape 5G?

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Why would you?

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This but literally.

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because I care about fertility

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Why? You're gonna be a virgin for life.

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Long range 5G uses the same frequencies as 2G/3G/4G, short-range 5G uses frequencies that don't even penetrate AIR well and are completely blocked by walls. You either protest both or you protest neither, there's no in-between.

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>derailing a thread about how to avoid an apocalypse scenario
an hero yourselves

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The apocalypse scenario is retards like you existing.

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>apocalypse scenario
Look the fuck around. We're already dead.

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Just gunna go ahead and check 'em for a real quick sec.

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3G doesn't do the same amount of damage. Safety isn't even a question you fucking idiot loser. The question is: Do I have to live in the woods to escape this morbid "innovation"? Will this be a choice about either my own well-being or taking part in society?

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>calls someone a retard for believing in science instead of pacifying news articles
>has the right to call anyone a retard
shut up

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>check 'em
Isn't it against the rules?
I heard the janitors are on full payment today ($0/hr) so be careful.

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>calls someone a retard for believing in science
So uhm how does science explain non-ionizing radiation causing "damage"?

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>questioning well established science
you're worse than those denying climate change

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It's literally THE solution to all wireless-related fearmongering. Also put it on your balls, if it's good enough for Chernobyl it's sure as fuck will work for 5G.

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>le froggy is mad

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suicide may be a better option. pls be serious

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Not hearing an explanation.
>but uhh this study shows uuhh
EXPLANATION, anon, not a statement.

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>climate change
And here comes the greentards...

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Put your balls inside a microwave. Or study the subject, again I'm not even questioning the (un)safety.

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>Put your balls inside a microwave.
700W of heat vs 1W? Is this your argument? Might as well stop drinking water since drinking 7L will kill you.

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Yes. And pls do it.

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My high school physics teacher was really worried about that kind of stuff.
He used special cables for his house that block the EM radiation produced by the wiring and lined the walls with fuckhuge aluminum sheets to block all external radiation.
Didn't have WIFI or a microwave either.
Guy as an absolute chad, took us fishing once to demonstrate polarization caused by reflection and told us about the time a soviet nuclear accident irradiated his back yard.

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microwave radiation is incompatible with biology though, water is not

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>microwave radiation is incompatible with biology though
How? Everything emits microwaves.

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Realistically you don't.

If you're a paranoid retard, Faraday cage.

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>Everything emits microwaves.
your body emits 0.000000000000001 v/m microwave radiation or less, it is not digitally pulse-modulated and it is not polarized.

man made microwave radiation is powerful, super modulated and polarized. when it contacts your skin it produces a current and interferes with cell function. 5G is assault, which is why its rollout was halted in Sydney by a group of doctors and lawyers.

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So, intensity again? Yawn.
This does the opposite of what you think it does. The LESS modulated the signal the more damage it can cause. Like a laser for example. There are no unmodulated signals in nature.

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do you think you're going to get out of this alive?

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>Scientists have had neither time nor money to investigate how the newer 4G signals may increase human cancer risks. So we must use our common sense

Yeah, fuck real science, lets just guess.

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This looks like noise. The more modulated the signal the closer it is to noise. Every natural signal is noise. You can't even appeal to "naturality".

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The recently completed 30 million dollar NTP study just found old 2G and 3G modulation types caused malignant heart and brain cancer

there's your real science retard

FUD, hang soon shill

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Statistics without explanation is noise.

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>The recently completed 30 million dollar NTP study just found old 2G and 3G modulation types caused malignant heart and brain cancer
You literally JUST posted something that says the new 4G signals are NOTHING like the old 2G and 3G signals, yet somehow magically, you just KNOW that they're worse?

Come the fuck on, you can't actually be THIS retarded, can you?

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why cant your master get insurance on the health effects of his transmitters? i thought they didnt exist... what do insurers have to worry about? why not just insure!

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Here's your "common sense" approach. Imagine a swing. You can push periodically, like a sine wave, or you can push it in opposing directions very fast, like modualted signal. Which one is going to fling the person sitting on the swing into the air?

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what a worthless analogy, you must not be paid well

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>5G wifi

What the fuck is 5G wifi?

Are we talking about 5Ghz wifi? Or are we talking about 5G cell signals which are (generally) much faster than 5Ghz?

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wifi is another term for wireless, read the article

your posts are noise

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Still not expaining anything. Call me when you have science to back you up.

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I do which is why the cell towers are being taken down

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Weird how cell phones can go from 0% use to nearly 100% use and brain cancer rates don't change.

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Then post the explanation.

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>wifi is another term for wireless
No, it's not.


You can't just call something wifi and claim it's a generic over arching term for a wireless signal.

Wifi is specifically a name from the wi-fi alliance, and has very specific meaning.

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I trust that industry funded study that omits tens of thousands of diagnoses and several age ranges

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as opposed to this chart you keep posting which has NOTHING to do with cell phone radiation?

There is literally NOTHING linking cell phones to this chart you're posting.

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>its a trademark therefore the term cannot be used in any other sense even where the technologies are 99.99999% the same
have sex

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wow you're really upset that 5G is very unpopular on social media!

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>even where the technologies are 99.99999% the same
but they're not... not at all...

20-40ghz vs 5ghz.

But yeah, they're basically identical now that you mention it

fucking retard.

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>5G is very unpopular on social media!

Do you ACTUALLY think you're arguing with paid industry shills or something? Is THAT how you justify you're shilling? You're just fighting the good fight against us corporate drones? Lmao

What a fucking joke

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>OP wants to escape 5g apocalypse
>OP builds rocket
>OP goes to Mars
>solar flare erupts from sun
>OP dies of solar radiation
>ironic because OP still dies from radiation.

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5G uses MHz and GHz frequencies moron

dump scat

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haha this is actually you, isn't it?

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>5G uses MHz and GHz frequencies moron
okay? What did I say that contradicts this?

5G GENERALLY uses mmWave which is 20Ghz up to 300Ghz, currently operators are using somewhere between 20Ghz and 40Ghz, at least in the US.

5Ghz Wifi, uses between 4.9Ghz and 5.9Ghz (or 4900mhz and 5900mhz if you prefer that)

Again, totally different.

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u cant

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What is the range of 5g?

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>5G GENERALLY uses mmWave
no it doesnt lmao

600 MHz - 60-90 GHz in most areas, vast majority of transmitter output will be 700-900 MHz (for urban radar data collection)

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>no it doesnt lmao

...yes it does

>Verizon is using 28 GHz and AT&T is using 39 GHz.

directly from wiki.

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look up signal densification. this is one of the parameters of 5G.

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That has literally nothing to do with what frequency they're operating at.

Jesus, you're an actual brain dead retard, no point continuing with this garbage.

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I take it you'll leave the thread then instead of continuing your attempted FUD

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>says 5G in the US is generally mmWave
>retard replies saying NOOOO
>post quote of the exact frequencies being used by Verizon and AT&T that are both mmWave
>well just look up signal densification
>that has nothing to do with what was just being discussed
>guess you're gonna leave then

Wewlad, you really need to work on this, you're not even trying to make a coherent argument here, you just have the same few talking points to bring up, densification and NTP studies being the primary talking points that you obviously have no real understanding of.

Good job.

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signal densification means that MHz and GHz signals are used for transmission. this is one of the core parameters of 5G

you are ignorant of the product you're paid to shill for. Sad!

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....you have literally no idea what you're talking about.

Mhz and GHz are literally the SAME THING.

1000Mhz is 1Ghz

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>the absolute state of 5G shills

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good lord, your master controller must be upping the microwaves on your shill brain after yet another failure ITT

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>fuck he realized I don't know anything
>better deflect and double down on calling him a paid shill

yea that'll work

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you were BTFO like 5G is on social media daily

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wait are you for or against 5G?

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You haven't posted a single thing to blow me out.

You literally CAN'T because you obviously don't understand what you're talking about in the slightest.

This is /g/, the vast majority of people here actually KNOW some basic technology and science (unlike yourself) and can see through your obvious bullshit.

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He is against.

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So can somebody post some links to studies that prove it's safe?

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yea sure see my image for proof it's safe

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If you want to escape it you are going to have to move to the radio free zones

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