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>Assemble a part list
>Example gaming builds and monitor suggestions; click on blue titles to see notes
>How to assemble a PC
Want help?
>State budget & CURRENCY
>Post at least some attempt at a parts list
>List your uses, e.g. Gaming, Video Editing, VM Work
>For monitors, include purpose (e.g., photoediting, gaming) and graphics card pairing (if applicable)
CPUs based on current pricing:
Zen2 CPUs are already confirmed by AMD to be worse in gaming than the cheaper equivalent Intel. Only consider them if you care about multithreaded stuff.
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing, bare minimum gaming (can be OC'd on most mobos with the right BIOS)
>i5 9400F/9600k - Great gaming CPUs
>i7 9700K - Extreme solution for absolute max FPS
>i9 9900K - VM Work / Streaming / Video editing
>i9 7980XE - HEDT
>Always choose at least a two stick kit; 2x 8GB is recommended
>CPUs benefit from high speed RAM; 3200CL16 is ideal
>AMD B and X chipsets and Intel Z chipsets support XMP
Graphics cards based on current pricing:
>Used cards can be had for a steal; inquire about warranty
NAVI is already superseded by the RTX Super lineup before it's even out
>GTX 1660/ti - standard
>RTX 2060/Super - high framerates (requires complementary intel CPU and monitor)
>RTX 2060 Super - standard
>RTX 2070 Super - high framerates (requires complementary intel CPU and monitor)
2160p (4K)
>RTX 2080 Super - standard
>RTX 2080Ti
>Always avoid AMD if gaming
>Don't bother buying a new monitor for gaming unless it's high refresh with adaptive sync
>A 256GB or larger SSD is almost mandatory; consider m.2 form factor
>Bottleneck checkers are worthless

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Based OP

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on the last day to return my 9700k you guys think ryzen 2 will be that much of an improvement?dont wanna box it back up for nothing

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any gold rated one will be fine

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Asking from previous thread:

Just finished a build and one of my RAM sticks is running at 2933 while the other is 3200 (the correct speed). And in the BIOS it's showing a speed of 2133. What do I do /g/?

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CPUs based on current pricing:
>Athlon 200GE - HTPC, web browsing, bare minimum gaming
>R3 2200G - Light 30-60fps gaming(dGPU optional).
>R5 1600 - $80 at Microcenter
>R5 2600 - Good 60fps+ gaming CPU; great value
>For extreme performance in gaming, rendering, and/or productivity, wait for benchmarks on 7/7

>Intel CPUs are now defunct. Even used i7 workstations are no longer worthwhile due to vulnerabilities and related performance regression

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>Always avoid AMD

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Well done OP i'm sure DOZENS of people will buy intel now.

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Oh boy, the gaming chart guy made the thread that stayed up this time.

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Sell your AMD to some clueless paki and buy an Intel.

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What software is reporting the "correct" speed?

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Is the vega 56 any good? My r9 390 died on me and im not sure if i should buy amd again

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No sirs ples buy intel amd is nazis intel is india approves yes?

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Yes sirs buy intel ples need rupees for core2duo thank

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If you can get it for less than $250. I did in fact replace my own R9390 with a Vega but that was a steal at $199.

Otherwise, I would suggest the 2060 super if you want a better midrange card. Yes we're starting at $499 for midrange now. Thanks obama.

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Why is your GPU-Z fucked and why do you have drivers from 2017

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Ok new to PC building and just got my GPU, last part. Pic related is the GPU Powercolor red devil Rx 580. My question is what connectors do I use? I bought this 650 W PSU and none of the cables it came have 8 pin on both sides, just 8 and 6+2 on one and 6+2 on the other. How do I connect this GPU?

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use one 6+2

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How are the temps on your end? They got it open box at mirco center for around 250$

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Cables are like this

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>red devil
Completely unrelated but I just found out.

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Is buying a 2600 a mistake since the 3600 is soon?

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In the GPU or PSU?

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Considering AMD was your first mistake

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If the price is right. No point in dickwaving over performance until the independent benchmarks.

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make sure to install mitigations and disable hyberthreading, moshe :^)

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So like this? Sorry for all the questions but it's my first build, don't wanna go boom.

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here you go anon.

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>h-haha, their CPUs aren't even that good, they have to deal with... mitigation and stuff

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Threadly reminder to all /pcbg/ OP makers to add to the copypasta the following URL:

Thank you for your cooperation.

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1. Nobody compares Vega 56 to 2070, everyone knows it's just under 2060 at a lower price.
2. Holy shit get a life.

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who said I beat it? I said it was basically a 2070 and you proved it
>b-but it wins by a few frames
yeah a few frames
don't fall for the chart meme retard

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I'm going to buy a new Ryzen CPU and a 2070 Super.

Tell me what storage and RAM to get, please.

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>Lie to people
>have the audacity to actually tell people "just go check my source"
>people do check it, it doesn't even back up your claim
>post proof

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>it's basically a 2070
>even though as OCed 2060 is closer to 2070 than vega 56, while it has raytracing as is much much more power efficent and no coil whine issues
>but no lets ignore Nvidia cards, only buy vega because muh amd stocks

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>Lie to people
Failed on the first point, won't bother reading the rest. The only liar here is you.

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haha really

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>la la la la can't hear you
Child. He posted the source material. Get wrecked

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never have I said JUST BUY IT and you conceded this point in the last thread
basically a 2070 doesn't mean it's literally a 20xx card, it means it's basically a 2070 in terms of raw power and anyone who knows how to read would have extrapolated this meaning from the context in which I posted the sentence "basically a 2070"

my entire point, once again is that shitting on a cheap but powerful card purely because it has coil whine when said caveats are to be taken into consideration BECAUSE IT'S A CHEAPER CARD is laughable
yeah it's a warmer card, yes it uses more power, it might have some coil whine but at the end of the day a 2070 is £500 and a vega 56 is £300
if you're on a budget then you SHOULD consider a vega 56 100%

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I have never suggested nor implied the Vega 56 is anywhere near a 2070.
That does not mean it is not a good value card.

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I need a Rhinoceros 3D + Keyshot machine and I'm clueless about Quadro cards, Xeon chips... Damn.

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Yes, it is divided into 6 +2 because some GPUs only use a 6 pin connector but and some like yours use 8 (as 6+2) + 6 connector so you need to plug the other cable too.

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Isn't 1650Mhz heavily OC'ed too? I doubt many people can get that

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Lol no that's a mild oc

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RAM: Samsung B-Die (3200 CL14). Good, but expensive and EOL.

Micron E-Die (3000 CL15). Much cheaper, not EOL, good at overclocking.


Just for games: QLC drives. If not, get a TLC one.

Phison E12 based drives are fast and cheap.

Good P2P NVME:
Inland Professional; Corsair MP510; Silicon Power SP34, HPEX920

SATA3 (all of these have DRAM cache):

SU800, L5 Lite 3D, TC Sunbow X3, Lexar NS200

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Same here. For Cyberpunk 2077 mostly. To cut costs I was thinking about:
>Palit RTX 2070 Super
>Ryzen 3600X
>B450 Tomahawk
>Cheapest 2 x 8 GB 3200Mhz CL16 RAM sticks I can find
>Crucial 500GB
>550W 80+ Gold PSU

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Crucial MX500 500GB of course

>> No.71709490

Is the 3950X even worth considering for a gaming rig? Or should I go for a lower model for the higher base clock speed?

>> No.71709493

AMD salesmen suddenly backpedaling

facts and logic winning again

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Unless you have a 2080 ti already it would be better to put the money in other components for gaming like the GPU, a better coolor or better ram, no game is going to use more than 8 cores 16 threads any time soon.

>> No.71709517

>basically a 2070 doesn't mean it's literally a 20xx card, it means it's basically a 2070 in terms of raw power
In terms of "raw power" consumption vega 56 does indeed consume more power.

>> No.71709518

>it's basically a 2070 in terms of raw power
It's not you fucking moron

>> No.71709530

That's what I'm doing. 3700x and 2070 Super.

For storage I'm probably gonna go with the Intel 660p. I know it gets shit on constantly here but It is more than good enough for my usecase, so its benefits far outweigh its cons. For RAM, just the cheapest 2x8 or 2x16 3200mhz CL16. With ram prices dropping, might splurge on the 32GB to not have to worry until DDR5 is very mainstream.

>> No.71709533

>yeah it's a warmer card, yes it uses more power, it might have some coil whine but at the end of the day a 2070 is £500 and a vega 56 is £300
>if you're on a budget then you SHOULD consider a vega 56 100%
I like how you leave out the 2060 OC, that is far more quiet, far less power draw, outperforms the vega undervolt overclock.
Yet you take the price of 2070 instead to compare to the vega and make it look better.
All the while ignoring the 2060 that has a better price and beats the vega 56 undervolt/OC.

>> No.71709542

im planning on getting the r5-3600+ asus prime x370 pro which is $50 at microcenter and they just got new stock of it. However i am uncertain if it has a recent enough bios to support the 3600 and miocrocenter says they will charge $30 to flash it.

>> No.71709557

It's high end for sure. with most vegas topping out at 1700 as their maximum.

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File: 48 KB, 500x810, relative-performance_1920-1080 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On average Vega 56 sits somewhere between GTX 1070 / GTX 1660ti and GTX 1070ti / RTX 2060. Sure, there are some games where it can perform better but it mostly trades blows with 1070 / 1660ti. I don't know from where you get your source data indicating Vega 56 can compete with RTX 2070.

>> No.71709607

No good sir, please undervolt overclock the vega. But don't overclock the competition.
It's not fair to compare stock to stock, nor is it fair to compare OC to OC

>> No.71709620

None sane would recommend a 6gb card in 2019 and you are a fucking shill trying to fool people.

>> No.71709626

>I don't know from where you get your source data indicating Vega 56 can compete with RTX 2070.
he literally said and I quote
>check the gamers nexus video on the super cards where they tested an undervolted and overclocked vega, it performs in spitting distance of the 2070
and this was his source >>71709293

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>next thread is anti-intel
>next thread is anti-amd
>next thread is anti-intel
>next thread is anti-amd
Can you fuckers stop? You can shitpost all you like in the thread, but stop fucking around with the OP.

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and yet the Vega 56 is a worse buy that the oh-so-awful 6gb card

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No sane person would keep repeating the VRAM meme

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>back to the 6GB is not enough!
God, even with countless tests disproving you, you still cling to your last final marketing strategy.

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but think about the futuuure!!!

>> No.71709681

Use the one labelled PCIE, plug the end with writing on in PSU and the 6+2 end in GPU

>> No.71709689

>cheap RAM
I thought you were supposed to go for 3700Mhz for Zen 2. Is that not the case?

Man, I don't recognise these. I'm going to have to do some googling, thanks.

>> No.71709723

>tfw just buy 32 gb ram
32 gb ram is not a meme, right?

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File: 131 KB, 1920x1080, Aantekening 2019-07-03 220520.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what can i do to improve my build?

>> No.71709737

$200 card?
Wait for 1660 to go in sale and OC it? Feel stupid buying a 590/Polaris++ this late in the game.

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File: 400 KB, 1920x1080, we must cherrypick harder bros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But think about 4K!
Performance doesn't matter!
Benchmarks don't matter!
The only thing that matters is VRAM amount, because we threw it on there and got to market something!

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Found a really good 850w (used for 1 yr) psu with 9 years left on the unclaimed warranty.

My build only requires a 500w psu, but the new 500-ish watt PSUs (new, and of the same tier) are the exact same price as this used 850w unit.

Should I buy the 850w unit?

I was considering getting something simple like a CM masterwatt 550 and save $30 but I've read horror stories about coil noise and would rather not go through the process of RMAing PSUs over weeks and weeks until I get a good one.

>> No.71709770

>using e-celebs as a trustworthy source of data.
Especially after Steve turned out to be a paid shill bashing AMD.
Are we on Reddit now?

>> No.71709792

>all sources of data that disagree with my shilling are shills themselves, just for the other company!

>> No.71709804

Just take your disinfo elsewhere, retard. HWUB Steve is a huge AMD fanboy; he's just not delusional like you

>> No.71709806


Both kits of RAM are validated for that speed out of the box using XMP Profiles. However, by pushing more voltage into the ram, and then adjusting the timings, you can get better performance for the price.

NVME uses Host Memory Buffer where they use some system ram (like 2 MB) to give them a fast cache, or they have cache on the drive itself.

Good SATA drives have a small DRAM cache to boost loading times/OS speed/file fetching.

Other cheap 1TB SSDs:

NVME: Mushkin Helix-L (TLC), Intel 660p (QLC), Crucial P1 (QLC), ADATA XPG 6000 Pro (TLC), Team Group (MP34), Silicon Power (TLC).

Make sure to read the IOPS for input and output. Higher is better.

>> No.71709809 [DELETED] 

My 2200G is stable at 4GHz

Fuck you stockclockfags

>> No.71709815

Even with your cherrypicked benchmarks Radeon VII mops the floor with 2070S.

>> No.71709827

amazon prime day is on monday bros. literally just got a fancy new credit card with $2000 limit, 18 months 0% apr no annual fee. yeah, i'm thinking i'm gonna max it out.

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File: 989 KB, 1016x1080, 1546736405998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hoping for price errors again
>inb4 everyone gets a rice cooker again

>> No.71709865

why is sli so goddamn dead

>> No.71709880

ppl are into dp'ing your mother's ass now

>> No.71709899
File: 49 KB, 500x890, relative-performance_2560-1440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a fucking moron. Similar performance but the VII is WAY more expensive and a 300W card

>> No.71709903

were there price errors last prime day? what rice cooker are you speaking of?

>> No.71709912

Thanks, man. I appreciate the advice.

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File: 17 KB, 257x595, games.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And before you continue your braindead cherrypicking argument (which literally cannot apply to averages), here is a list of the games tested

>> No.71709934

i remember a 1070 ti selling for $280, the normal price was around $500 at the time

>> No.71709935

Out of curiosity, realisticaly how long will GTX 1080ti / RTX 2080 / RTX 2070 Super be able to sustain 1440p 60Hz at High-Ultra for AAA titles before becoming obsolete? 3-4 more years?

>> No.71709966

but were the AMD cards undervolted/overclocked? I think not! UNFAIR TESTING YOU SHILL UNSUBBED!

>> No.71709982

Probably more than that. I doubt games will become more demanding when most of them still use ancient engines and especially with the new consoles being shit.

>> No.71709999

just got me a vega 56 for 230 EUR
so far i dont have any coil whine
i think it's a good upgrade for the price - i hope it will last me several years

>> No.71710124

Probably the entire next gen unless the game runs like absolute ass like assassins creed odyssey, current games are being optimized to 1080p 30 fps on consoles so they don't give a shit most of the time past that point but now they will have to optimize for 4k 30 fps so if you play at 1080p or 1440p you should get pretty good fps.

>> No.71710167

Should I leave my 2200G at 4ghz w/ stock voltage (0v offset, not auto) or 3.8ghz with undervolt?

>> No.71710169

I got one for 280€, happy about it as it handles 2k well

>> No.71710198

>I thought you were supposed to go for 3700Mhz for Zen 2. Is that not the case?
That's the AMD recommended optimal speed, 3733MHz CL17, but you absolutely do not need to spend that much on RAM. There will be a minor performance drop if you get 3200 CL16 instead, but not worth the cost imo

>> No.71710213

>tfw can't get my Vega 8 past 1600mhz with 1.25v

>> No.71710226

jokes on you two, i bought a cheap ballistix 3000c15 and i'm running it at 3400c16

>> No.71710257

Yeah, that intel vs amd shit looks pathetic as fuck. Get a life or something.

>> No.71710266

K. You can do that too but it's not guaranteed performance.

>> No.71710279

why not?

>> No.71710281

Mine gets there easily undervolted

>> No.71710309

>Why is it not guaranteed that I'll be able to overclock my ram 400MHz higher with slightly looser timings?
Cause it varies. If it's not rated for the higher speed and timings, it's no guarantee it'll reach them.

>> No.71710310

Sounds good. I mean I'm running 1666Mhz or something at the moment, it should still be a big jump.

>> No.71710321

Oh yeah you'll notice that big time. I'm upgrading from 1600MHz DDR3 so I cannot fucking wait for all the reviews to be out already.

>> No.71710329

I'm planning on getting the 2070 Super but I kind of feel it would be wasted on 1080p so I'm thinking of switching to 1440p but at the same time I don't want my GPU to become obsolete too quick. 4k is still too hardware demanding but a good 1440p monitor would most likely last me a decade so I'm ready to spend more on it. 60Hz is just fine by me but I would like a good Freesync implementation.

>> No.71710333

If I get MSI's rtx gpu, do I need to get a g-sync monitor instead of free sync?

>> No.71710349

No. Gsync works with freesync on all 10xx and 20xx cards. Just read reviews to see if there's any issues.

>> No.71710370

>60Hz is just fine by me but I would like a good Freesync implementation.
Can't, you need at least 95Hz for the monitor to qualify for 'low framerate compensation'

>> No.71710397

Thanks. I was confused because an article online said that gsync could only be used with nvidia cards and freesync could only be used with amd cards.

>> No.71710408

You're right, but does dropping out of the Freesync range and letting the LFC kick in feel very noticeable?

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I have a really dumb question (I think.)
I have a z77a-g45 mobo and I want to upgrade my cpu, i currently have a i5 3570k. Is there a better cpu I can get for my Mobo or do I need to upgrade that aswell if I want a better cpu. Primarily using the Pc for gaming.
I'm sure this is really easy for someone who knows there shit, but I am not one of those people, it was a friend of mine the gave me the part list when i built the Pc years ago.
Thanks lads

>> No.71710433

generally they do unless it's the shittiest hinyx chip

>> No.71710434

What should I drop from this build? I'm going to run Linux on it so that's why I'm using RX 580. The new cards may take a while for compatibility on Leenux

>> No.71710447
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Are there any really good cases at the moment for the upcoming x570 boards?

Watercooling is a meme.

>> No.71710462

You can drop in an i7 3770/K, but that's a fairly short term upgrade. Your graphics card is likely the limiting factor in gaming though

>> No.71710464

You can upgrade to an i7 3770K CPU

>> No.71710473

3.8ghz undervolted or 4ghz 1.4v?

>> No.71710491

No, because LFC only kicks in at like 25FPS. It's really not worth buying a 60Hz monitor for gaming.

>> No.71710492

dont bother getting a new mobo, just buy a $22 cooler and crank the clock on that shit and you'll be good for another x years

>> No.71710507

buy a 25hz monitor then and save money for a 500gb hard drive

>> No.71710511

I'm looking especifically for cases with PSU either mounted on the back or on the top of the case. I want to have multiple fans pulling air from down the case for the hot air goes up meme. I live in a hot climate and I need the absolute best air flow case I can get.

>> No.71710533

2060 performance at a 1660 price point sounds good to me desu

>> No.71710556
File: 333 KB, 498x403, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it worth waiting for other manufacturer versions of new cards like EVGA instead of getting the Nvidia version?

>> No.71710560

the hot air rises thing really doesn't apply to cases. the air moves too fast through the front

>> No.71710587

If you can pick up a Vega 56 in the $200-ish range it's a good buy.
But once you get above $300 the value rapidly diminishes.

>> No.71710591

They're right on the gsync only works with nvidia part

Yeah but it's not guaranteed, is my point.

>> No.71710593

So I plan on using MSI's bios flashback feature on the B450 Pro Carbon to update the bios without a CPU for zen2. Once the bios is updated and the red light stops flashing do I just turn off the power supply by flipping the switch on it? Afraid of bricking my mobo or something.

>> No.71710607

They;re all coming out on the 9th, right? The Nvidia and the oems

>> No.71710610

To tag along with this question, are Nvidia cards still not great for linux?

>> No.71710626

Oh, didn't realise. Gonna be a long wait for reviews.

Aren't they? I was planning to use Linux for Deepfakes, Windows for gaming.

>> No.71710637

Part of the point of the flashback feature is to make it brick proof. Don't worry so much about it.

>> No.71710638

Anyone got that chart of X70 motherboards?

>> No.71710639

The new Super cards have no price differential with the FE version, unlike previous releases.
The coolers are reasonable, not crappy blowers.

>> No.71710646
File: 16 KB, 500x375, 41zEITjsoUL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it gives direct air to the GPU
I can get lots of intake fans on this one, including bottom ones. GREAT

>> No.71710655
File: 610 KB, 1142x4398, jns90zhx3o731.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71710666


AM4 Mobo Ratings:


>> No.71710669


>> No.71710677

Jesus, how are you supposed to pick from that? There's so many of them.

>> No.71710678


>> No.71710683

I changed the case because I noticed it the one I had (Corsair 540 AIR) doesn't have bottom vents for bottom intake fans

>> No.71710692

Is there some sort of secret extra step I missed in building a PC that involves optimizing your system/GPU for best game performance?

Just finished my first build and while I have the same specs as some of these benchmark videos i'm using for comparison i'm getting worse performance in game, even with the setting set to lower than the benchmark videos.
Kinda confused. Maybe i'm missing something?

>> No.71710697

I mean is that what you would do though? I don't think you would just unplug the 24/8 pins but I don't know for sure.

>> No.71710718

Do it when you have your new CPU installed, then you'll see it reboot straight into usable bios and won't have to worry about whether it worked or not.

>> No.71710723

List specs. Also could be cooling differences, software differences, etc

>> No.71710735

Is a mATX case going to be able to cool the Ryzen 3900X properly?

>> No.71710737

Run this, post results. Can quickly see if something is not working as it should be or not configured properly.

>> No.71710742

Yep, absolutely. Can't take away it was a good buy post cryptopocolypse prices last year

>> No.71710751

Why would the case be cooling your CPU?

>> No.71710780

Some overclock their systems. You might also not have drivers installed (properly).

>> No.71710783

To my understanding you are unable to do it with the CPU in the slot. At least that's what I've read from other forums. So I'll have to update it and at some point kill power to the board. I just want to make sure I do that part right.

>> No.71710787

I think he's asking if the case would be too small to have proper airflow

>> No.71710791

please leave and do not return until you understand

>> No.71710809

Disregard, MSI themselves responded to me and told me to press the switch on the psu like I assumed.

>> No.71710810

And the motherboard VRMs

>> No.71710811

Is the difference between low end, midrange and high-end gpu only incremental? (not taking into account extra features like rtx) Is older high-end (at the time of release) pretty much the same as current low-end?

>> No.71710814

can anyone tell me if any CPU cooler comes with AM4 mounting kit out of the box?
I looked up all the popular budget coolers on amazon uk (hyper 212 evo, cryorig h7 etc) and every second review with a ryzen is conflicting information on whether or not a mounting kit is included.
Am I better off spending 10 pounds more on something with guaranteed am4 comparability instead of trying to find a bracket and waiting weeks for them to ship it out?

>> No.71710816

The one with the repeater for high overclocking

>> No.71710837
File: 16 KB, 640x480, lian li pck7b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my case, say something nice about it. Looking for a new case for a new pc that is similar to this one (no glass, no LEDs, no plastic). Budget around $80 at most, ideally less though.

>> No.71710841

Newer stock comes with AM4 brackets, stock from before AM4 was released does not. No way to be 100% sure with those old coolers.

>> No.71710848

Fractal, m8

>> No.71710857

be quiet pure base 500

>> No.71710859

Fractal Define

>> No.71710861

hmmm, I see, so it's a gamble
Do the companies ship you a bracket out for free or do they try jew you?

>> No.71710864

I've looked this up myself specifically on the 212 evo and seemingly any model from 2017 onward has come with an AM4 bracket.

>> No.71710878

Only Noctua send them for free that I'm aware of. Some others did for a short while on release but expect you to pay now.

>> No.71710883

You need to enable XMP profile in bios. Ceck your motherboard manual if not sure how to do it.

>> No.71710905

Allright, thanks again lads

>> No.71710929

why aren't more people buying bitfenix PSUs?

I don't understand. I can find these faggots for like $60, are near silent (silent as in more quiet than even Seasonic's focus line), and are a tier higher than even the Seasonic. On par with the RMx line but much cheaper.

Do these companies employ a fulltime marketing department on Reddit or something, I never see them recommended. When they are, some retard spouts, "just get a seasonic".

>> No.71710952
File: 74 KB, 1155x463, corsair 200r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is the air flow for that case? I don't want to have any temp issues. I was considering this case but I keep seeing people say not to buy it, no reasons why though. Cheaply made?

>> No.71710967

should i get this x370 for a r5-3600 for $50? im not sure it will be compatible because of the bios.


>> No.71710973
File: 40 KB, 612x612, 10390065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>higher tier than seasonic
>higher tier than seasonic and cheaper

>> No.71710979

>These boards are brand new stock so maybe they'll have the bios already, but apparently microcenter said they would charge $30 just to flash it.
$30 is a rip off but sure go for it.
Should rather get a used mobo.

>> No.71710989

I was on AM4 from day one and the motherboard I got came with some weird AM3+ adaptor, so as long as you had the AM3+ bracket for the cooler it would work. Might be different because AM4 is more normalised now.
Unironically yes, they do literally pay companies that on sites on like Reddit.

>> No.71710991
File: 740 KB, 2560x1440, 20190703_182301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did cooler master mean by this? How the fuck am I supposed to be able to screw this in?

>> No.71711005

it wont work without an old cpu to update

>> No.71711009

>Is the difference between low end, midrange and high-end gpu only incremental?
Depends what you mean but what happens is they make the technology better, so they can do more with less hardware, but at the same time yeah they do in some cases increase the amount of hardware "under the hood" in each bracket, although that might itself be due to improved production technology allowing them to do that at a lower price. For example the 2060 has the same number of cuda cores as the 1070.
>Is older high-end (at the time of release) pretty much the same as current low-end?
No, it all depends on which cards you compare, and a more typical perspective is that old cards get knocked down a peg by the card in the newer generation that's a step lower than them. In other words, when they release a new generation, it's a safe bet that the rank of the new generation will beat the rank above it in the new generation.

>> No.71711012

>he doesn't have a pc builders specialist lateral screwdriver
First build?

>> No.71711016

It won't be compatible.
It's super ancient now.
Your better off with a used 470 so you don't have to pay microcenter to flash bios

>> No.71711020

I'd like to know as well.

>> No.71711027

When one company produces like 4 different versions of the same GPU, is there any reason not to get the most basic one?

They're the same chip so how could they differ that much?

>> No.71711031

I mean, I'm looking right now at a 650w bitfenix psu that is $10 less than a 550w seasonic focus one.

Almost every source I see places this above seasonic focus/focus plus. From Linus PSU tiers, to most reviewers.

>> No.71711034

Second, but my first cooler wasn't stupid.

>> No.71711037

Do you know what components are sourced by bitfenix?

>> No.71711040

It's called binning - they sort the ones that have higher overclock limits into their higher SKUs.

>> No.71711041

boost clock speeds, cooling, noise, overclock ability

>> No.71711051

holy brainlet read the manual is screws are hard for you

>> No.71711055

ok for your cpu bad for your gpu

>> No.71711062

Coolers are different, pcb and vrm possibly different, clocks probably different

>> No.71711063
File: 35 KB, 1189x401, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Binning makes sense. The differences seem tiny, though.

>> No.71711069

Seasonic Focus is platinum. Post link to the Bitfenix one that is $10 bucks cheaper bro

>> No.71711077

I forgot to emphasise as well how much the fans can differ between them. At all costs avoid blower fans, they're the loudest and least efficient. At the same time, 3 fans allows more overclocking than 2.

>> No.71711098
File: 111 KB, 650x300, img_5b9159b863788.png.pagespeed.ce.uKdbp0xEKa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had to finally google what a blower fan. Weird that they'd use it for their top-end cards with AMD doing the same.

>> No.71711143

It has been like that since times immemorial.

>> No.71711154

surely it has a recent enough bios already installed?

>> No.71711174
File: 15 KB, 250x250, gtx 280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been like that for a very long time. I had this bad boy back in 2008.

>> No.71711184

Are you trying to say that bitfenix sources from seasonic themselves? If they do, they are taking a profit hit or something to gain brand recognition because I'm not exaggerating that almost every source outside of reddit it telling me to buy the bitfenix.

>> No.71711187

Is it legal to put an Nvidia 900-series blower cooler on a reference AMD RX 570?
Need to know because my blower fan just died

>> No.71711207

>still no links
Yeah, fuck off Bitfenix shill

>> No.71711212

no one can stop you
question is if you can

>> No.71711214 [DELETED] 

Hey guys, so I'm thinking of finally upgrading my 2yo pre-built pc to play better modern games (specially Cyberpunk2077 next year) or current ones at better performance, so this is my built: Hey /v/ I need your help, I was thinking on upgrading my pc to play better modern games (specially Pic related next year) but Idk what should I change first and with what part should replace it with? What should I do? Or should I just wait until next year for the official specs or for new better pc parts?

This is my current build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7ppWxG (couldn't find the power supply and case but its 350w and the case is a cyberpower pre-built pc so... )

I'm not an expert in the topic, what should I upgrade first and with what part should I replace it with? Or should I want until next year when the official specs get announced/new better pc parts get realesed??

My budget is $250-$300~ dlls rn but if I wait til next year I could have $400~

>> No.71711225

So if it's worse, why are the even the expensive reference cards using it?

>> No.71711232

Will you post the link to the $10 bucks cheaper PSU already?

>> No.71711239

No, seasonic has a line of focus PSUs that are platinum but most are gold and most lists place it in the same category as the gold ones anyway.

One tier higher is the Seasonic PRIME, which are best.

These bitfenix compete with the gold and platinum ones, not PRIME.

>> No.71711248

Only reference cards that are more expensive than aftermarket ones are the nGreedia ones.

>> No.71711256

Hey guys, so I'm thinking of finally upgrading my 2yo pre-built pc to play better modern games (specially Cyberpunk2077 next year) or current ones at better performance, so this is my built:

https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7ppWxG (couldn't find the power supply and case but its 350w and the case is a cyberpower pre-built pc so... )

I'm not an expert in the topic, what should I upgrade first and with what part should I replace it with? Or should I want until next year when the official specs get announced/new better pc parts get realesed??

My budget is $250-$300~ dlls rn but if I wait til next year I could have $400~, so thoughts and tips about it???

>> No.71711259

fuck stand ins fuck io shields and fuck these flimsy disposable snap off pcie covers

>> No.71711271

SeaSonic has Gold rated PSU on the PRIME and FOCUS lines. Just post the goddamn link already you shill

>> No.71711276

u got the downs m8?

>> No.71711286


For the love of god please don't pay full price for windows and get some better parts. I also don't think this thing would be able to run Cyberpunk all that well, I'd definitely wait until next year when you got some more money

>> No.71711288

Depends what model. Bitfenix's expensive psu's are quality. And their cheaper PSUs are crap.
It's all relative and alot of PSU companies are like that.
Seasonic is meme's because they provide quality at a low cost.
Like antec high tier is great but their low tier is bottom of the barrel crap

>> No.71711302

I hate to say it but it's probably some conspiracy for companies to maximize their profit. Maybe those cards are cheaper or something. I don't know, but I've wondered this myself for quite some time.

>> No.71711307
File: 976 KB, 1080x7048, Screenshot_2019-07-03-22-34-21-149_com.alibaba.aliexpresshd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R8 my chink build

>> No.71711308

To maximize profit margins, but it became too obvious so nvidia fixed this with the last generation of cards. RTX Super reference cards don't blow and don't cost $100 more for no reason anymore.

>> No.71711312

meant for

>> No.71711326


>> No.71711347




If so, you can snag a 1600 for $80, and get $30 off the X370 Pro bringing it down to $20. The VRMs/VCore can handle an OC-ed 3900x per the AM4 chart. Use the 1600's stock cooler.

RAM is cheap, go down to 8 GB if you really need to.

Used market for video cards is your friend. You can get a RX 480 from China for 40 dollars, but look around to see what you can get.

Get a better PSU. If you can keep the case, great, if not, cases are cheap.A 480 GB SSD w/ dram costs $44, and since your OEM W10 key is tied to your MOBO look into getting a (non G2A) grey key.

BTW: No microcenter: little luck.

>> No.71711357


Meant for

Saving up is a good idea regardless though.

>> No.71711366

>You can get a RX 480 from China for 40 dollars
Link?? Been looking at GPUs on ali all day and cant see any deal like that

>> No.71711377

Stop evading your ban.

>> No.71711380

Aren't you better off buying a G rated Ryzen build tho?

>> No.71711390



Here ya go. 4GB is $26 and 8GB is $40. 8GB is of course, preferable. I don't deal much w/ used market myself, but Ebay is pretty good w/ regards to Paypal and scammers and the seller seems need not to be a hacked account. Best of luck.

>> No.71711417
File: 69 KB, 759x652, youfool.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71711426

They're also missing 0 fan on idle and other features in AIB. But its not a blower at least.
The Super lineup literally has the same vrm and pcb layout so you can use the same waterblock/heatsink as the non-super version and AIBs already lined up product for their launch (its literally the same fucking cooler).

>> No.71711427

when is zen 2 gonna be on pcpartpicker

>> No.71711430

The whole thing more or less is chuckable if you want to get to modern standards. You might be able to keep the CPU and RAM if you want a really budget upgrade, and with those you might get a cheap mid-range AMD GPU (especially once Navi comes out and the old range go on sale) that would give you satisfactory low-end performance (although you are limited what you can get by your GPU bottleneck). Look for something mid-range at ~$200.
Your RAM could do with upgrading but little point if your CPU is so limited, and your motherboard probably might not support DDR4. 2666mhz DDR4 is the cheapest that's still "current", there's no point upgrading to anything less. ~$40 -$60
If you wanted to upgrade your CPU you would need a new motherboard with it. A 2600 with appropriate motherboard would be a dramatic step upwards.
And then you'd need to calculate your PSU and most likely replace the 350w with something higher.

So all in all you might be able to get a low end PC that's a significant upgrade from yours and also able to play 2077 at low-medium for ~$450 if you're judicious in your purchasing.

>> No.71711436

Is there another place to get win10 without paying that full price? I just noticed it's like $99 wtf

>> No.71711442


>> No.71711446


You can literally use it for free and use 98% of the features of full priced Windows

>> No.71711448

Tie your old Windows to your Live account and then after you build your new PC tie your new Windows to your Live account.

>> No.71711449

ask the tracker thread maybe for an invite?
if you know a student at university ask them to use their discount for you.

>> No.71711473
File: 101 KB, 2089x1079, seemsgood-png-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71711485


Kinguin. YMMV

>> No.71711497


For Ryzen 3000: Waiting to fill in w/ local prices on 7/7.
For already released Ryzens: those might be OEM versions w/o the bundled cooler, or just redundant listings.

>> No.71711503

Fuck i wish i lived in burgerland, ebay ireland is shit

>> No.71711525

Neat, thanks

It's close to 2x the performance in newer games as the 390, and it's lower power consumption. Quite a big upgrade.
Just make sure you get the pulse, red dragon, or arez strix models. Many others have engineering/qa flaws. You can often find them for $300 or less, which is a good price for the performance.

Might be the same "AMD problems" spammer anon.

Did you forget to report him or something? I was asleep. This OP is obviously by the same ban evading spammer as 2 days ago.

What am I missing here?
Seems to confirm what that anon was saying.
Undervolted Vega 56 is super close to the 2060 and 2060 Super. It costs 25% less than the 2060 Super while on average only being 5-10% slower.

Also why the fuck are you claiming the Vega 56 beats the 2070 when the other anon never did? He said "within spitting distance" which your own mental illness collage shows. It's 33% cheaper and only 10-15% slower. It should be compared to the 2060, 2060 super, and 2060 super OC.

You're really bad at this when you constantly post sources which BTFO our own claim.

It's because they perform better in cases with terrible airflow, and cars stacked on top of each other like in a server.
But for a typical self built PC that doesn't have that problem, they're terrible.

Really bad. No one is replying because it looks like bait to troll people. No one cares that it's only 200 euro when it performs like something that people wouldn't even pay 150 euro for.

>> No.71711551

>from china
its burnt out from all the cryptomining

>> No.71711561

Ye, prices on PCPP in Ireland for parts is truly shit.

>> No.71711583

hell yeah i have always regretted getting anything gigabyte but turns out i can drop a new 3900x right in my b350. 4 more days ahhhh

>> No.71711593

Going to pick up a 3800x

What's the best B450 under like $150-ish

>> No.71711597

it's on newegg.

Fucking Reddit and their Reddit-tier suggestions. If I hadn't done autistic levels of research I'd be paying $10-50 more on a worse or equivalent PSU.

>> No.71711610

How hard is it to install a CPU once the motherboard is already installed and wired? I have literally everything I need for my build sans the Ryzen and I'm wanting to start putting it together to minimise build time next week. Only plan to use stock cooler

>> No.71711624


>> No.71711627


>> No.71711639

>for no reason
Uh the RTX FE cards are actually good. They have a vapor chamber cooler. They're better than at least 80% of the coolers out there on current cards. They also use A-die dies.
It's hilarious that "AMD shlls" typically admit this while Nvidia shills, trying to shill cheaper models which are also crappy, don't acknowledge it. Not sure if lies, or mere ignorance.
Pascal FE cards were generally cheaper. You could find even cheaper cards like mini ones, but those could be even worse. FE were typically, in the past, bought by either idiots who don't know better who wanted to buy direct from Nvidia, or people looking to waterblock them.

7/7 or so

Get a slightly better board and PSU than that build.

Though also if you wait a bit, the 3400G is coming out which is about 10% faster, or the 2400G might be even cheaper.
2400G was down to $120 and included $40 of games like 3 weeks ago. I think that deal will come back by black friday.

b450 tomahawk or carbon ac if you need wifi.
You can maybe find the strix on sale for under $150, but make sure you remove the plastic shroud as it fucks the airflow.

It's harder, but if you lay the case on its side it's not too bad depending on the cooler mounting system and how difficult the backplate is to deal with.

>> No.71711645

Just disassemble then reassemble

>> No.71711650

MSI mortar

>> No.71711653
File: 28 KB, 480x452, 1557040131243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the 580 red devil will technically work with only a 6+2. the card doesn't check to see if both connectors are receiving power.

at stock GPU clocks it's probably fine since 8 pin provides 150W or higher and the PCIE lane gives 75W. Those cards have a limit of around 170W in the vbios.

if you want extra power delivery you can buy a molex to a PCI-E adapter

fair warning: molex adapters can catch fire if you buy ones with cheap wire gauge. I've built many cheap computers with these molex adapters and none blew up yet but caveat emptor

>> No.71711687

also I'm not sure if I misunderstood you. if you have multiple 6+2 connectors yes you can put them into a 6

>> No.71711699

Depends of your voltage, temps and noise. If it brings your voltage down significantly, it's worth considering.

>> No.71711724
File: 87 KB, 2047x915, download.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rate n Hate.
I already have the storage, videocard, motherboard and monitor.
Just waiting on the cooler, the cpu and the RAM.

I think i found the RAM on Amzn for $100 less than what part picker had it at but there's a discrepancy in the tested timings. Would I still be able to get 3600mhz and CL16 with this?

>> No.71711728
File: 21 KB, 320x256, 1416533425135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still no info on the X570M Pro 4
Fuck it, I'll pick a B450 Mortar while there still are some out there.

>> No.71711746

If the $100 premium is justified like you say than why is not applied to Super?

>> No.71711778

SATA drive needs to go. 1tb m.2 SSDs are <$100. I'm guessing you just happened to have that SSD if yes that's fine

check on ebay for RAM, you can find lots of weird discontinued sticks there. I recently bought some 3000cl15 sticks that are known to clock high for cheap, wish me luck with the silicon lottery

>> No.71711801

>1tb m.2 SSDs are <$100
Not him, but which models are these and how do they compare to the top of the line of both m2 and SSD?

>> No.71711815

is there a list of old am4 mobos that have bios flash for people who don't have an amd cpu prior to zen2?

>> No.71711818

Depends if you mean NVMe or SATA. Worse cache usually, maybe DRAMless too. If they don't have shit memory like QLC, the speed penalty once the cache is filled isn't horrible... but if it's something like QLC then once the cache is full, it's no better than a HDD if you like to transfer files often.

>> No.71711819

this one gets mentioned a lot because (most of the time) it's a high-end unit being sold under the Inland name.

>> No.71711831

You should've read. BIOS flashback is the last column.

>> No.71711895

see here for reviews:
you can get it for a bit lower if you can walk into a microcenter and use a $5 coupon

>> No.71711905
File: 383 KB, 1871x885, becauseyou'rebeingafaggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The whisper is the fully modular version. You can find the nonmodular version that has the exact same components for $10 cheaper.

Also, that is the 550w version, 80% of people, including gaymers, could use a 450w gold psu of this standard and be absolutely fine.

>> No.71711907

Uh, I mean something non-NVME/M2 like the 860 evo, which is more than €140 where I am.
By contrast I am indeed seeing 1tb NVMEs for around €105, like two different Crucial models.
Do you have a quick rundown on which type of each drive is the best? Is it as simple as all NVMEs being superior to all SATAs or is there a reason to choose SATA over NVME?

>> No.71711962

The cheapest NVME are QLC and slow down once the cache is filled. The cache also gets smaller as you fill up your drive.

Most cheap sata ones are TLC so you can use them continuously a bit longer.

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter and you can find TLC nvme +/-$10 of the SATA versions. It's just that your average consumer won't notice the difference between SATA and NVME, even though the latter can be 5x as fast (even excluding pcie 4.0 which will be like 10x as fast). So generally you should just get an NVME because why not?

If the choice was between a $100 QLC NVME and a $110 TLC one, choose the TLC.

>> No.71711963

I'm not familiar with the differences, I thought most people bought them because they were cheaper and had a smaller footprint.

SATA speeds are capped to 6 gigabit/(gigabytes?) and as you can see here people are getting over 3000 megabytes/s with this cheap m.2 since it runs on PCI-E

>> No.71711997

as i'm upgrading my rig atm i'm also thinking of getting a new monitor: is ultra-wide (21:9) worth it? or should i go for 4k?

I'm thinking of this one: https://www.lg.com/us/support/products/documents/29UM69G-B-Spec-Sheet-2.pdf

It's approx. 220 EUR

>> No.71712004
File: 14 KB, 818x99, iknewyouwereafaggotshill.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See? I knew you were being an incredible faggot. A humongous shill. A facetious cunt.

>> No.71712012
File: 267 KB, 992x534, 1557145730620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For a brand new X570 build, what's the best reasonable storage solutions?

I currently have a 500GB Samsung EVO 840 and WD Green which have served me well.

>> No.71712020

Ok, thanks. I'll look for NVMEs.

>> No.71712027

all of these PSUs are shit
past the $60 mark you go on ebay and pick up a used EVGA P2 with a 10 year warranty

>> No.71712034

I didn't say the $100 premium is justified over Vega56.
Just that if you HAD to buy Nvidia, and your only choice were a 2060 with a milled heatsink for $350 or FE for $400, well you can't buy that milled heatsink garbage so you have to pay more for the better cooler.
If the 2060 Super with the FE cooler was $300, that'd also be a clear choice over Vega 56. But it's not that price.

m.2 and sata can be the same

Gb. Gigabit. It's up to 600MB/s. aka as much speed as you'll ever use when it comes to loading programs. You'll only see the difference in NVMe speed when doing 4k/8k video editing or running a heavy server.

840 evo is still fine. About the same as an SU800 IIRC. MX500 would be a bit faster if you want to add in a 1TB drive.
Or you can use the 500GB as your main drive and add on a 2TB QLC drive like the QVO or 660p.

>> No.71712050

What do you mean "reasonable"?
Do you want to replace those with the most modern price equivalents?
Because the 840 doesn't seem in need of urgent upgrade if it's a gaming SSD.

>> No.71712067

1. Your "$66" is actually, $90 with a $25 MIR you may or may not get in 4 months.
2. The bitfenix is still a higher tier than the focus golds.


>> No.71712076

You spent over an hour looking for that price and after over an hour of "research" all you could find to make your shit brand look good was still worse than what SeaSonic offers price-wise and quality-wise. SeaSonic has spent years delivering quality PSU ON ALL PRICE POINTS to have you try to shit on it just like that. Bitfenix is a decade too young to try and shit on SeaSonic.

>> No.71712089

nothing?those are still fine drives you wont get much if any performance out of modern ssds?

>> No.71712092

I'm not the PSU anon you were talking to. I'm the guy that shills cheap parts especially those from ebay.

>> No.71712094


Reasonable as in it's a noticeable upgrade worth the money. I've seen pcie4 chips have just been announced but their speed and price just don't make sense for normal use, for example.

I thought M.2 drives were supposed to be a fair bit faster than standard SSDs.

>> No.71712101

So after reading what you guys said I think I better save more money and wait until next year, the only thing I could buy rn is a new hhd cus my current one is at 80% full

>> No.71712108


M.2 is just a form factor which mainly helps with space and cable management since you can plug them directly into your mobo without needing SATA cables, if you want performance increases you need to look for NVMe which use PCIe lanes over SATA

>> No.71712109

You obviously need to do a better job.

>> No.71712110

You might consider an SSD as well (if your motherboard can take them?) because they do improve game performance, especially loading times.

>> No.71712113

the only brands for psus i have used are: bequiet, antec, enermax
In my current rig there is modular bequiet 600w gold

>> No.71712120

the throughput of NVMEs are vastly superior to SATA, if you want affordable quality go for a MLC drive, samsung 970 evo plus is a nice choice.

>> No.71712128

Who the fuck are those zoomers?
Now this is the real /g/ents site to look for PSU reviews. GTFO with your zoomer shit

>> No.71712129

they are. look at the 1TB Inland I posted about.
>3GB/s read speed in Crystaldisk, see the reviews
>SATA is limited to 600MB/s thank you other anon for pointing this out
I do. I'm the one the came up with the $350 build and nobody's paid much attention to it.

>> No.71712143

I think it can, there's another space for another hhd but I could put the ssd just under it, but do I have to check other things to see if it is compatible??

>> No.71712194

I was able to find a cheaper and higher quality PSU on PCPartPicker in like a second mate. Apply yourself.

>> No.71712251

I have no idea what you/you both talking about get a fookin room m8s.


>> No.71712258

Yeah I'm getting a 970 evo plus 1tb, I'm just wondering what to get that's cheaper for my non-game stuff but fast enough for overspill.
And would you say it's a good idea to put the OS on the fastest drive I have or just the cheaper one?

Typically when your motherboard is outdated (ie: AM3 instead of AM4), it's best practice to be extra vigilant about compatibility. I'm afraid I have no experience with the AM3.

>> No.71712261

Bequiet is a very good brand, very good. From their cases, CPU coolers, and case fans.

The lower end system power BQ stuff that is similarly priced as the bitfenix is, however, much worse. But at the top end, it doesn't get better than BQ's $200+ offerings. But who the fuck would spend that much on a PSU?

>bitfenix whisper
>the good: lots
>the bad: "nothing"

>> No.71712288

How to make my PC not sound like a leafblower when gaming at or above 1440p with +60fps

>> No.71712299

What GPU and CPU? What cooler, what case, what fans, what PSU?

>> No.71712302

Meant to reply to you >>71712128

>> No.71712319
File: 43 KB, 450x527, +100dorra+8degrees.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I didn't say the $100 premium is justified over Vega56.
No one mentioned vega dude.
I was just giving my opinion as to why are first party gpu manufacturers using blower style coolers: profit margins.
Also i'm not seeing any vapour chambers or particularly good performance on RTX FE that justify an increase of 100 dollars on the price. Pic related: 8° worse temps at $100 more over evga, great deal.
L2read before accusing people of shilling, lying or being ignorant, or maybe tone down your projecting, fag.

>> No.71712322

both of you have terrible opinions
the blackpill is to ebay a ridiculously over-spec'd EVGA P2 a miner's used and use the 10 year warranty if it breaks. cheapest one I see is a 750 plat $80 shipped.

why are both of you plebs arguing over 500W gold units when plats with higher wattage are available for about the same price

>> No.71712349

i7-8700k not overclocked
Nvidia RTX 2070 Founders Edition not overclocked
Corsair H115i cooler
Fractal Design Meshify C Mini
3 120mm corsair case fans
Corsair CX750m PSU

>> No.71712355

depends on the use case.
gaming for instance, imo it would be overkill to use an nvme drive for that. as the gains would be very marginal.
for video editing i would say it's more reasonable to use an nvme drive as the gains are quite a bit more substantial, but it depends on the given system.

>> No.71712367

not him but it might be your case fans im not seeing anything that should be causing that much noise

>> No.71712372

can get -0.138v on bios
what do i get with that undervolt?

>> No.71712393

CWT are the ones who makes Bitfenix their PSU and these people are spotty with their quality. They prolly sent a jonnyguru an impeccable review unit. Not impressed and still below the quality of SeaSonic.

>> No.71712404

Will my corsair TX850m be enough to power the following machine:
ryzen 3800, 32GB ram (at least 3200mhz), 2 x SSD, 2 x HDD, 1 x M2 SSD and an rtx 2080. I have no optical drives and don't need one, and im not certain which motherboard ill be getting yet. The m2 will be new, as will the cpu, motherboard and ram, the rest of the parts are being carried over from this machine.

>> No.71712424

>yes, buy my abused PSU from ebay and the just RMA your whole computer when the PSU dies and takes the whole PC with it goy

Thanks greatest ally. What could I do without ya?

>> No.71712440


>> No.71712477

And Seasonic are prone to coil whine. You could nitpick anything about any brand.

The point is bitfenix puts up a strong fight, if not beats seasonic models that are more expensive and require MIRs to get down to the same level.

Seasonic is the reddit-tier recommendation. It's not a bad choice, but it's the normie one.

>> No.71712478

And your motherboard? You're on an MATX build?
It might be the size of the case. People say (with quite a bit of justification for non-overclockers) that MATX motherboards are better value than ATX boards, but at the end of the day smaller cases are more of a challenge heat physics wise. What you could do is switch up the locations of the fans you have in it at the minute and see what works. If it can work with more, consider getting more.
If your temperatures are actually fine at the minute, look at trying to set up a quieter fan curve with software if that's an option.

Yes. 750 would do it.

>> No.71712493

thx for quick response :)

>> No.71712495

>he thinks PSUs turn into grenades immediately when another person touches them
you could RMA the PSU as soon as you get it for banal reasons like fan noise are you actually this thick?

>> No.71712549

I don't know about reddit because I don't go there. You on the other hand... SeaSonic has earned their "popularity" with years of quality products what has Bitfenix done? Outsource their PSU. Fuck Bitfenix and while we're at it fuck reddit too. I rather buy Silverstone. I'm surprised reddit isn't all over Corsair PSU, my reddit friendo

>> No.71712553

in any case any PSU that is plat-rated is ridiculously overengineered to begin with. why do you think they have
10 year warranties? I'll give you a hint they're actually expected to last that long at minimum.

I would not give a flying shit if a hick mined on a plat for 2-3 years before selling it to me for a good price.

>> No.71712606

No it isn't. They are engineered with ATX standards that they have to comply with. Efficiency is not over-engineered you redditniggerfaggot

>> No.71712643

is there a water cooling fluid that isnt conductive and wont have shit grow in it?

>> No.71712649

you're both wattlets
smile ;)

>> No.71712656


>> No.71712703

I couldn't guess what you meant by $100 more, then.
2060 FE was not $100 more than the other models.

New thread:

>> No.71712761

Is the NZXT H400 going to have enough airflow for a moderately high TDP system? Asking because I plan to drop a Ryzen 3900X and a 1080ti in it.

>> No.71712779
File: 55 KB, 1553x364, 1562158843229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to buy a AMD QUAD CHANNEL
What do you think about it ?

>> No.71713141

>$700 for an AMD CPU + motherboard

>> No.71713821

If my CPU only supports dual channel memory, would 4 DIMMs detract from performance?

>> No.71713961


>> No.71714046
File: 70 KB, 640x480, Mounting braccet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey so I got a hand me down MS-7641 MSI motherboard from a friend and it's missing the mounting bracket. Can someone help me find a replacement?

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