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It's over, Linux is bankrupt and finished. The latest numbers from the Steam hardware survey shows a huge decline in Linux use in June.


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>Judging users by people using steam
People using linux will all inevitabily realise that games are a waste og time and even if they have one guilty pleasure game they would just use it through wine not steam.
Truth is i am the ultimate normie, i catch on to shit only when it becomes a normie thing and when i tell you linux has become mainstream i'm right

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why would anybody install steam on Linux when vfio exists?

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It's never going to happen until freetards stop squabbling amongst themselves and creating 20 different pieces of software to do the same thing in a slightly different way to satisfy somebody's autism, contained in one of 200 different distros. Stinky neckbeard spergs and their tranny boyfriends do more damage to Lincux every day than Microsoft do.

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that has nothing to do with anything. the reality is linux as a desktop is an afterthought. Windows on the other hand was built from the ground up to be a desktop OS.

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What was linux made for then?

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Nobody asked for your opinion, retard. The facts are as stated.

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>Windows on the other hand was built from the ground up to be a desktop OS.
From seven and before sure, nowadays windows it's designed to be a botnet OS, a marketing platform and data harvesting tool, it keeps putting more and more layers between users and configurations with each version with hopes of users just giving up and submitting to it.

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It have tho. Linux works but only with serious developers behind it, big companies make money from Linux everyday but no big guy dare to man up and take on microsoft in desktop market.
As for free developers, without leaders and management of course they gonna do things their own ways aka 6 millions distros just for the lol.

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A replacement for Unix usage. Mainframes and servers.

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You are the fucking retard. Most people start with the current famous distro. These often have fucking appstores and use the software that is available there.
Most normies don't care that there are 20 versions of a software when they only get one through their comfy way. When they still want to have something different they Google and or ask their Linux friend who introduced them. And get some decent results. Distro hopping starts mostly with switching DE and mostly then they realize what distros are and converge to their comfiest.

And last most normies never enter the neckbeard realm. They stay in GUI land.

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> What was linux made for then?
As compsci project

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>Most normies don't care that there are 20 versions of a software
They care when all 20 versions they tried all have 20 weird different flaws or lacking features. And no, tell them to fix it themselves is not an acceptable answer if you want year of the linux desktop to be a thing.

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>..uh I really need to edit these work stuff VBA XSLX spreadsheet filess but I can't find Excel anywhere. Can you show me where it is?
>..also my kid keeps telling he can't get his Forknight game to run for some reason
>..I dunno about this Udindu thing, Anon, can I have my Windows Vista back?

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You can have 2000 different desktop environments that doesn't change the fact that under the hood they all still use X or Wayland which are pretty damn bad for desktop use. You can look at the history of successful desktop machines throughout history, they are not structured like a normal Linux distro. Linux won't ever succeed on the the desktop until they ditch their shitty legacy stack or even possibly build a windowing system into the kernel.

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good. I hope steam goes bankrupt so these gaming faggots can go back to windows. Gamers are the niggers of the linux world.

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Linux is a kernel and vidya is for children.

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>tell them to fix it themselves is not an acceptable answer
It won't fix itself either, yet here we are, the only reason proton/lutris/wine has gone so far in the last couple of years has been users putting things together to achieve something.

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Looks like a reputable website.

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Cool blog op

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I go to itch.io

Nice try though, Micro$oft. Troll harder.

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>108 messages
Jesus fucking christ.

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Don't care if I have less games on linux there's still plenty I've not played, I'm not going to 10.

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The influx of gamers from poorer countries with pirated windows installs is probably the main reason.
Also a major issue, we need some serious investment into the Linux desktop, and as butthurt as people are going to be, if anywhere gets serious investment, its going to be Gnome.

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Thank you.

I removed that stupid JavaScript warning, there's no reason to have it.

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based. fuck steam and fuck steamjusticewarriors.

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But, but, Linux gaming has come so far from a few years ago. All the zoomer / PC mustard racers are the cancer staying on Windows.
Gaming helped linux

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I play using Proton. Shit's cool

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>Gaming helped linux
That's why the falling Linux market share is bad news. It wouldn't be that bad if Valve stopped caring about Linux and I couldn't play Crush Crush anymore. But they do fund a lot of development which improves completely different areas. They need things like good graphics drivers so they contribute to Mesa. That helps everyone.

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Vfio gpu passtrought
Game steaming
Steam proton work on non steam games
Wine Dxvk *Wine skyrocket cause of Steam)
Native linux games on others markets

Also drms so it's renting, I was renting a game for 3$ a day as kid, why pay more ? -> Hack them

Also G2A arrival made more developpers to point piracy to users, many even made their torrents.

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maybe because it's a pain to set it up, not everyone has the hardware for it and it doesn't work on just any hardware?

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there was zero interest when it first started you fucking faggot. I'm currently PISSED that the shitty EAC garbage wont run on linux or even on proton those fucking faggots are annoying.

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>no /fglt/ thread

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Imagine being Ubuntu devs. You think they're paid by microsoft or something?

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it's a known fact lintads are poorfags

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it's just taking a hit because most people use ubuntu.
Give it a few months to sort out.

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Nice straw man

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

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imagine having to call someone just to install your own operating system

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I think they are just lacy and retarded. They want to drop 32-bit cause it duplicates a lot of work and that's understandable. However, there is a difference between providing 32-bit libraries of everything and what's actually needed for compatibility: glibc, mesa, sdl, that's about it. You don't need a 32-bit kdelibs. Those Ubuntu developers are just retards. Actually, there's a lot of retardation going around these days. Just look at how zoomers on internship at Fedora are writing blog posts about how Xorg will "go into maintenance mode" because Wayland made some minor progress. I may end of buying a Mac just to avoid the risk of being infected by all the retardation going around in the free software community right now.

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>Linux users actually think this

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To be fair, I wouldn't put much stock in Steams user-counts for any OS. I've pretty much stopped using Steam on any platform because over the years I've come to realize how cheap and lazy these fuckers are. They've been incredibly good at pumping up the hype wagon, but only ever seem to make half-hearted attempts at actually doing anything. This 32 bit fiasco is a prime example, and I find it repugnant that they'd have the nerve to try to dump the responsibility on Ubuntu. They should be packaging this shit with their product if they can't be asked to drop it.

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Steam is shit, but there aren't exactly viable alternatives at the moment.

The Windows store might be able to compete eventually, especially knowing Microsoft's slow-and-steady history, but that's going to take a while.

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I also meant to add that it's easier and cheaper to just pirate their games, so that's another possible reason.

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Abandoning 32-bit support is long overdue and Ubuntu are doing the right thing by forcing the issue.

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>The Linux marketshare on their platform dropped by 0.08% in June leaving Linux distributions with a marginal 0.76% of total Steam usage.

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>marketshare is in percentage
>when the number of users is rapidly growing on all platforms
It's literally nothing.
Actual surprise was that Linux could show positive growth compared to normalfag OSes like Windows and MacOS at all.

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>Summer Sale happens
>Windows and Mac users all hop on Steam at the same time
>The proportion of Linux users decreases
Wow, it's fucking nothing

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Now that Ubuntu is falling out of favour, what will be the prime distro to rule them all.

It needs that perfect combo of easy to install, good support, active community and enough money not to go tits up.

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As someone who has been using Linux full time since 19.04 i've not been missing windows much. Though i might take a break for a little while because i have an itch to play some multiplayer games that sadly don't work due to anti-cheat shenanigans.

If i had multiple GPUs i think i'd legitimately put windows in a VM for gaming, might actually do that if i do a Ryzen 3000 build.

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>Ubuntu are doing the right thing by forcing the issue.
They're not though.They've backed down and may end up stuck maintaining this shit until 2032, from what I've seen.

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ubuntu isnt dropping 32 anymore

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it's summer nigger. i spent the last month swimming in lakes and shit

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>being that naive
yes they really are dropping 32-bit support. Valve announced that they are dumping Ubuntu has their primary supported platform and Fedora reached out to Valve asking if they could be the next Officially Supported Platform - and suddenly Ubuntu announced that there will be limited 32-bit support in the immediate _next_ version - with a small footnote making it absolutely clear that this next version will be the last one with any 32-bit support.

It's just delayed.

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Linux is an os and programming is for trannies

>> No.71696253

To be honest i think it could be something perviously ubuntu based that Valve are going to reach out and assist them in switching to debian, as well as putting their development pathway into overdrive.

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Is this what the retards crying about muuh loonix of the desktop year keep telling themselves so they can sleep at night?

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More people would play on linux if most of the mainstream esports games didnt require windows because of anticheat. All you can play on linux is VAC games and some single player stuff, nothing big

>> No.71696343

>esports matters

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To be fair, 99% of users on steam have Nvidia GPUs, and Nvidia is a complete bitch to use with Linux.

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Why do you retarded niggers think that Linuxfriends want "the year of the Linux desktop"? I don't give a fuck how popular Linux is, I already have everything I want and it's going to be maintained anyway, doesn't matter how popular Linux is or stays.

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My itch for PubG is and desire to play Insurgency Sandstorm is making me seriously consider going back to windows until the anti-cheat and DRM issues are resolved.

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This. Linux being more popular would only make it more bloated, insecure and riddled with spyware. It would defeat the purpose of why most people use Linux in the first place. Not to mention more gay corporate CoC shit.

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>until the anti-cheat and DRM issues are resolved
Enjoy you permanent welcome back to Windows then.

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>reading any article that uses "zoomer" non-ironically
>thinking this doesn't make you a zoomer

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This has already been debunked, even for gaming. Steam game adoption is actually going up on Linux, but non native titles played via wine/proton show up as Windows, except the built in Proton varient used in SteamPlay.

Linux is growing, gaming on Linux is also growing. Hell OSX gaming is falling to the point that Linux will soon be number 2 desktop gaming platforn

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Javascript or the warning?

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Pubg is infested with Chinese hacks and the company doesn't give a damn. Keep an eye on Apex Legends. It runs well in Proton technically, with easy anticheat being the only major issue. Many users have contacted the devs asking them to sort out Linux using players with wine/proton and they are looking into testing it and pushing EAC to get compliant

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The mobile version has JavaScript which turns the title area into a search bar when you click the search icon. You don't really need that. There is also third party JavaScript from Google which tracks you and your family and shows an advertisement. You don't need that either. Thus; I removed the "no javascript" warning. You really don't need that warning, it's not like you are missing anything important if you disable JS on that site.

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and AMD is better why?

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back to v

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it's because i don't use steam anymore

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lol windows botnet!!!!

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>dropped by 0.08%
Do you realize how fucking tiny that is?

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Many reasons. AMDs gpu drivers on Linux are fantastic and almost fully open source. You can get actual 3D and 2D performance for gaming or browsing, using the open source driver. Better yet, the proprietary amdgpu-pro is something of a plug in atop the same open source codebase of amdgpu, so nobody has to maintain multiple !

Performance is equal or better than windows , even with features like freesync , in most cases. Some are vastly improved like open gl support - emulators with open gl for the moment until vulkan backends arrive play much better on Linux

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that's a 10% loss

>> No.71698847

It's over lads

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this, alll freetards together could surpass the botnet but they are so far up their asses it will never happen.
>muh 10 desktops
>muh 20 distributions
>thus muh 20 different libraries
>muh 5 package managers
>muh shared libraries
god fucking dammit what a piece of shit this community is
kill yourself retards

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>be 2020
>Microsoft buys up all other operating systems

You can now only use windows 10 or crapple.

What do?

>> No.71698971

not my fault you bought shit hardware.

>> No.71698978

It never had a start, when your 1% market share isn't really interested in proprietary games, or games at all for that matter.

>> No.71699030

>Everlasting Summer
wow 4chan gets its own game?

>> No.71699142

Discord's trying very hard, and I feel like they have a better chance of outsteaming Steam than other storefronts (you can already buy some games through Discord)

>> No.71699165

probably Manjaro, it's got the ease of install of Ubuntu coupled with Arch's god-tier documentation

oh man, I remember how much little kids struggled with Ubuntu when Steam for Linux first came out, I can't even imagine the circus that'll happen from Fedora becoming the go-to for loonix gaymen

>> No.71699173

if they are smart enough to use linux they sure as hell wouldn't be using steam. let alone buying games

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It's so cheap for a 120/256 GB SSD it would make sense to install windows on a dedicated drive and swap it out when you get an itch for a game that isn't working through proton or natively

>> No.71699791

The linux desktop is simply unnecessary. I have 9 games on my linux laptop and they are all decent timekillers, none of which I needed steam for because the type of people that want to use linux usually don't want to use steam. If you need a desktop for work/processing power then you are either too busy to play AAA games anyways or is probably simply content with dual booting

Not to say I don't hope linux gaming takes off especially on steam, any less reason to take microcock is a good reason

>> No.71699835

I want to say fedora but answers to common problems aren't as easily searchable as they are for ubuntu and debian
plus fedora has this libssl.so problem regarding version issues and it makes me want to rip my cock right off

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>no ads in start menu
>updates do not override settings
>no forced updates
>does not use MS accounts for login
>no game DVR
>search actually works
>updates do not kill your hard drive or network
>changing defaults apps can be done by file type or by the app after an UAC check

>ads everywhere, preinstalled shitty apps that you still have to buy to use
>cortana fucks your search
>forced updates
>updates override your configurations
>updates destroys your hard drive on the background
>updates uses your computer as a p2p peer fucking up your network
>game DVR clamps your graphics settings
>can't change default apps without going thought the new control panel
>2 control panels, both equally useless when it comes to updates

Admit it, Windows is dead for to tech literate people, they keep pushing more and more shit onto the users and not even pro/embedded/enterprise versions are safe, just compare how much control you had on W7 pro compared to W10 pro, now you have to use enterprise to get the same level of features.

>> No.71699927

Still doesn't prove what you said.

>> No.71700012

Gaben, the man responsible for people stealing free mods from others and charging for them, drops Linux support with false numbers because he can't make money from it.

Wow, almost like a scumbag salesman is upset he can't make money.

Linux is perfectly fine. Valve's latest garbage project to make money just wasn't scessfully so they lied about numbers as per usual

>> No.71700103

Let me put it in words you can understand then,
Windows 10 is a marketing platform because it pushes ads onto you and it comes with pre-installed third party apps that belongs to MS partners, as for data harvesting, it pushes you to use the windows store, cortana, and MS accounts on your system like no other version before, W7 did not had so many privacy settings because privacy wasn't an issue with it, telemetry is just cherry on top.
Finally the botnet issue, windows 10 by default uses your computer as part of a P2P swarm to distribute updates, that is as close as you can legally get to a botnet and you can clearly see that by pushing forced updates they can easily lock you out of your computer while they use for whatever purpose they see fit, therefore, a botnet.

>> No.71700110

Once again, you're wrong.

>> No.71700120

Not gonna even bother to argue?

>> No.71700122

wait........there are ads in windows 10?? where?

>> No.71700132


>> No.71700175

The so called "ads" are just preinstalled shit and MS wanting you to use their other products and services, go fucking figure

>> No.71700261

Everything you just said is utter nonsense.

>> No.71700279

Muh super OS, overtake Windows by 2020.

>> No.71700290

linux is fun :)))

>> No.71700351

honestly why fall for the Linux meme and make it a hassle to do simple things when I can use Windows and the Linux subsystem or just OS X if I'm a faggot.

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You shouldn't be using Steam or paying for digital distribution to begin with. PC gamers should have said "no" to Steam and digital distribution. The industry intentionally sabotaged physical copies with DRM to trick people into paying for digital. Valve paid developers to make it so their physical versions were Steam codes and not actual physical copies to get people to install Steam. It should be either buy a physical copy or pirate.
Proton gives developers yet another reason not to develop games natively for Linux.

>> No.71700478

>poor fag
jej, it's convenient as fuck. how poor are you?

>> No.71700493

>has to have a 2nd monitor
>has to have 2nd mouse and keyboard

yeah, no thanks
also, inb4
>but there is software for that
Looking glass has problems on 1440p and basically only works in 1080p 60fps. And all the software to "pass-through" mouse and keyboard add latency.

VFIO is fucking stupid and something desperate people do. Just fucking stay on Windows if you like to game.

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File: 19 KB, 991x356, the only acceptable answer2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't pay for digital, I'd rather games go back to being sold physical only.
In a fair match up, piracy is always more convenient, the only time piracy isn't more convenient than paying for digital is when the developer intentionally sabotages their game. You should not financially reward them for sabotaging their game. If you really cared about convenience then you wouldn't financially reward them making it less convenient.

>> No.71700547

piracy is not convenient. I don't trust random binaries I download over the internet. When I pay for something there are terms of services that give me some peace of mind as to what I am running on my machine. That's just one of many aspects that I find more convenient. I have money, I pay, I get the shit. Odd to argue that stealing corn from the neighbor, with all that entices, is simpler than simply shopping at your local grocery store.

>> No.71700668

it's because it's true. the real money in the gaming industry isn't in pc gaming, it's in console gaming, and that doesn't rely on you using a specific os.

>> No.71700691

It has to be Manjaro

>> No.71700724

>I want my files to be shipped on a plastic disc instead of getting the very same files via download
good for you

>> No.71700747

You know what's bad? Reinventing the wheel dozens of times instead of using the wheel you have to move forward.

>> No.71700756

My favourite games don't run on wine.

>> No.71700767

You and most people are not qualified to have an opinion on what software they use. Try fixing what's used rather than reinventing it.

>> No.71700786

Performance is still a major problem, but that's probably because I'm on nvidia. Maybe I'll try again if my next build has an AMD GPU.

>> No.71700799

Oh so Tomb Raider being on the lock screen and Candy Crush being in the start menu aren’t ads?

>> No.71700808

You have gamers because that's yet another reality check that linux doesn't support any serious software other than several compilers and a few text editors.

>> No.71700824

Stop using home or pro. Edu at the very least, enterprise if you can get it.

>> No.71700860

That's all the worst-worst case if you download some basic home edition you've no control over. Despite this, in all versions, you can run apps like W10 Privacy and BTFO microsoft with a few mouse clicks. I mean you can literally turn w10 into a better w7 with one or two such apps.

>> No.71700900

Reminder that steam does not collect survey data from the client beta.

>> No.71700908

No, it's defaults and Privacy apps are a retarded concept, best case scenario they are just a placebo, if you care about privacy you wouldn't use Windows in the first place.

>> No.71700933

The point here is that W7 pro didn’t have ads while W10 pro does. When you tell me to download W10 enterprise you’re shifting the goalposts.

>> No.71700947

Curiously ignore the fact that professionals like Pixar animators use Linux to do their work on

>> No.71700949

I'm not actually the guy you were chainposting with. I'm just saying that if you're planning to use W10 at all, you should never go below edu.

>> No.71700956

Oh so that's why they deterministically change windows and I can empirically prove it by looking at my C drive's file syze and running services? These really work, check W10 privacy out yourself.

>> No.71700957

>W10 Privacy
Ahahahaha if you think you have any control over what the W10 kernel does you are seriously deluded

>> No.71700960

To add to this, don't get education pro. Edu pro is a modified pro while edu non-pro is modified enterprise.

>> No.71700973

I guess that's why I don't have any issues with my Win10

>> No.71700991

After these apps, there is no more cortana or telemetry or ads or trash apps etc. I don't care what the kernel does because malicious features have been completely removed. My routers logs are 1:1 my windows connection logs, there is no weirs Microsoft spy backdoor. Else please prove it.

>> No.71701054

linux isn't for gaming
linux isn't even suitable for daily computing

when will tards realize this

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File: 14 KB, 273x355, thanks digital distribution.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Piracy is convenient and would be even more convenient if it were completely legalized in the US.
>being too scared to pirate
>doesn't have enough room
Are you poor?
Thanks for proving you are a brainlet on top of being poor.
Just having the option to pay for a game digitally has ruined gaming, it allows for what is plaguing the industry today such as rampant DLC and mtx, games being intentionally released unfinished or unplayable without a patch because they can easily patch it through whatever platform which further encourages them to be released that way, being charged for a download, having to go through some console wannabe platform to legally play games, easy access which means more casuals play games which means games are made for them which means lower quality games, etc. Digital distribution should not be paid for, don't care about physical copies? Fine, then you should be exclusively pirating. Even if you exclusively pirate you should want all games to be sold physical only because that has already proven itself to be the best environment for great games to be made and you'll still be able to pirate anyways.

>> No.71701074

>if I get my files via plastic disc instead of download then surely these evil devs won't be able to do all the things that are obviously doable regardless of data delivery method
based brainlet

>> No.71701307

Choice is fine, but there has to be a very clear beginner option which most people can use as a desktop with very few bumps. It has to be an experience where for typical usage you never need to see the terminal. Like any other mature desktop OS, it needs to be available but not necessary.

I think the best thing Valve can do for linux is start with a blank slate with no lines in the sand or philosophy that can blow up in their face if some maintainer gets mad at them for some reason.

>> No.71701337

It's called Gnome, my man.

>> No.71701634

I do really like Gnome, but i feel that a lot of the extensions should be defaults, and "tweaks" should be built into the main settings.

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Linux is a lost cause. It's hard to make money with it, so development will always lack resources compared to MS and Apple.

If someone like Canonical could afford to have, say, 5k developers working on Ubuntu full time it could probably compete. But that's like $500 million a year in salaries (assuming $100k/dev) and they don't make anywhere near that. In fact, I think they're losing money right now.

Their best chance is going the Apple route and try to make profits with hardware sales, but the cost of entry is very high.

And then you have the biggest challenge of all, which is convincing people to stop using Microshit Office (or alternatively, gain enough market share that MS will port it to Linux).

tl;dr - Linux is kinda fucked

>> No.71701941


>> No.71702023

I wish you were right, but you're not.

To compete and overcome the inertia Linux would have to be not just as good, but significantly BETTER* than Windows/macOS. It's not happening.

Actually the best chance for making money would be to set up a massive donation fund. If every person who is unhappy with Windows would donate just $5 a year they could easily have $500 mil.
But the problem is setting this up properly and get people on board... Keep in mind most people don't really care about computers and their annoyances. I watch normies use W10 and they don't even remove the built in ads and crapware. The good news is they'd use Linux if it just werked and was set up for them.

*I don't mean better for your tinkerer neckbeard ass, but better for most users.

>> No.71702176

The thing is, there is a fucking lot of money in linux, (don't forget RedHat, Suse and others are multi-billion companies), but none of it is in the desktop. The desktop is usually an underfunded side project or a hobby affair. But a lot of groundwork is there, even 10 or 20 million focused on a particular distro could make massive leaps. I checked out the Gnome report and the entire project is operating on a budget of around 300k a year.

>> No.71702181

not saying that numbers aren't dropping but steam has an absolutely useless way of gathering its metrics. 95% of gaymers on linux dual boot and steam only counts the purchase+first install system aka windows (for initial release/online)

>> No.71702225
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>It's hard to make money with it
It depends on who you're targeting. RedHat wrote a many pages long release announcement for RHEL 8 which didn't even mention the desktop.

Big Linux is all about them Containers, the DataCenter and the Cloud. The Desktop's barely an afterthought.

>> No.71702241

Well yeah, OP is about desktop Linux so I assume that's what we're talking about.

Making a desktop OS is much harder and more expensive than a server OS.

>> No.71702298

freedesktop.org alone has hundreds of employees and plenty of funding, is not a problem of manpower nor money, development just takes time and skill, you wont get a baby in 1 month by making 9 women pregnant at the same time, if you where to pour endless cash into the linux desktop what would you get is pajeets, hordes of them.

>> No.71702324

Why have your digits been unchecked for so long?

>> No.71702358

Are even 10% of desktop users using Steam?

As far as I can tell only not having web browsers would be bad.

>> No.71702437

>>total steam users 30 million
>>1 million kids got out of school in the summer and started playing pc games on their kiddie Windows 10 machines
>>The same 250k Linux steam adult users continue playing their games
>>Why does Linux percentage go down hurr Durr

Child PC gamers always take over in the summer in case you haven't noticed for the last 25 years

>> No.71702481

Do you assume that a lot of people use Steam on Linux?

>> No.71702527

He does not have arguments and it's clear to anyone else reading

>> No.71702529

> This 32 bit fiasco is a prime example, and I find it repugnant that they'd have the nerve to try to dump the responsibility on Ubuntu.
It is the responsibility of Ubuntu. What else? They are essentially disabling a hardware mode the CPU in question still support.

>> No.71702678

>Valve does pay a lot of developers to work on Linux technology and it would be nice if they keep doing that despite Linux's dwindling market-share on their platform and Steam's own dwindling market-share.

Yeah it'd be nice if they just kept spending money on nothing just because you want to

holy shit these fucking loonixfags

>> No.71702854

So Lincux is only for stiffs?

>> No.71703076

Every company that shills a distro need to start thinking "how can we grab all of these windows 7 users"

Though, knowing how win7 users are, the only thing they'd accept is explorer.exe running on top of linux.

>> No.71703144

>linux gaming meme is dying
>blame it on linux users being smart and not on the fact that linux market share is shrinking
holy shit when will the linuxfags stop being so delusional
inb4 android is linux, we're talking about pcs, don't move the goalposts every time

>> No.71703162

>not GNU/systemd

>> No.71703186

You can lose access to all of your games if the Trust & Safety team does not like you, which isn't a problem on Steam. No thanks.

>> No.71703222

>Lincucks in the fucking percentage
>"devs pl0x give us support!"
God, I wish a game dev would reply with a swift "no" to any freetard that begs for a native port.

>> No.71703243

the craze about steam play passed. They need to have it more open so it's easier to the community to help make the games work on linux

>> No.71703261

Eh, i'd put linux users in the ballpark of 1-2 million on steam. Might be more if you include people who are running Windows within a VM to game.

>> No.71703527

Isn't Linux an OS made for turbo-nerds who are super-passionate about computers? Gaming is a bottom-rung hobby to them, so this is probably a very small loss.

>> No.71703637

I'll be honest, I actually want Linux to never be mainstream on desktops. Look, I use Debian and have been using Debian for years. The community is massive and growing but thanks to that it attracts sjws and mentally fucked up people that end up either killing themselves or banning packages because the code has "faggot" written on it. The less popular this all is, the lesser changes are of attracting these people.
Besides I only play on emulators anyway.

>> No.71703688
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Nobody mentions that users could have increased, scewing the percentage. Really?

>> No.71703689

Steam wants to escape its dependency on Windows,you mongoloid.They compete directly with Microsoft, so its obviously not a good business practice to be at their mercy.Steam isn't working on Linux out of charity, they're doing it because Microsoft could change Windows and put them out of business as easily as flicking a switch.

>> No.71703758

amd seems to have a lot of drivers under linux: amdvlk, the prop.one, mesa, the opensource one, nvidia only has proprietary and nouveau.

>> No.71703787

wrong LOL

>> No.71704392

Most likely scenario, Linux usage also "dropped" when east asia and china started using steam in earnest.

As did AMD market share, turns out a lot of these gaming centres have Intel and Nvidia sponsorships.

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