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well that sucks


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>blue collar worker "giving me some of the science"

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Jesus Christ... Alex Jones might have gotten deplatformed, but look at the comment section. Thousands of him there. Is that where all the bullshit that's been spammed here came from?

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I'm not even gonna click on that b8 shit video. Those people know nothing about the tech, they are trained to mount shit according to the training if anything fails they call headquarters for guidance and that is it. These fags don't even what fspl is let alone the math involved in it.

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>"but it fast doe"

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Qboomers. Or just regular boomers. Hard to tell, tbqh.

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it fast

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some mongloid fuck that climbs base station towers for life thinks he can teach me the science behind 5g? hilarious.

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B-but he's in the know guys. T-the man said it himself. I feel kind of sad for these people.
Let's also not forget that this bullshit has been spammed (maybe not here), about 2G-4G.

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youtube was a mistake

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Fucking retarded boomers.

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He is right tough.

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The price of progress.

It's worth it.

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Dismiss his experimental knowledge at your own peril.

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>guys this may this may or may not fuck up the DNA of 90% of the population, it's alright tough we'll make it up as we go and more importantly we really need the funding

Nevermind, there's already some with cancer right here.

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3g was fine.

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5G schizos are the funnies people on /g/, this should just be renamed to /5g/ to piss them off lol

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Great, I welcome the world population getting even more sick and retarded while I shield my house from that shit.

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Self driving cars need faster speeds to communicate and be safer.

We know how to cure cancer, but we don't know how to resurrect car crash victims.

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kek, I'm all for this.

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That's the nicest maga hat I've ever seen

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It's just a faggy shithead shilling his channel here.

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>yo bro your job is to install this cancer causing shit, like it's okay though we'll give you really good health insurance and this special suit to protect your gonads
>meanwhile on /g/

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Dude is unironically right. If you live downtown in a big city you're gonna have problems with all the towers needed to give you a good connection. Good thing I live in the suburbs and will probably never get 5G.

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>look at this triggered bitch

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>listening to opinion of some redneck retard

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>He has no idea what he's talking about citizen. Microwave radiation blanketing all biology is desirable, beneficial and necessary. Now get back to work in the Soi mines.

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>Good thing I live in the suburbs and will probably never get 5G.
Now this is genuine cope. I didn't like 5G anyway!!!

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Agreed, fellow citizen.

Say, have you tapped into IoT for the latest list of wrongthoughts?

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B-but muh doomsday scenario

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i wouldnt put my balls in a microwave

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All schizo boomers should fuck off back to Faceshit, no exceptions.

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>magatard conspiracy theorist blue collar employee is more reliable than actual scientists
Rightoid world view in a nutshell

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Has this nigga not heard of wifi?

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HmMmMMMMMmmmmmMMmmmmmMMMMmMMMmMmMmMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... mmmmmm hmm...........

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4G goes up to 1Gb/s and doesn't have the line of sight issues 5G has. Why would I need 5G?

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>4G goes up to 1Gb/s
I've never had those speeds on my phone

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>inb4 telecoms trannies dump scat again

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who the fuck needs 4g let alone 5g
what the fuck are you doing on your phones

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zoomers use it like they're PCs, it's ridiculous.

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shouts the leftist who pushed insane "trump hired russian hookers to pee on him so the russian hackers could hack america and win the election" conspiracies for years and are still going

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Sugar is totally good for you, too ;^)

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As usual rightoids never post a full article or a link to an article but instead stick to single images and non citated screen grabs because they neither have the attention span to read an entire scientific article nor do they want their world view challenged by posting actual proper research that can be refuted.

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>nor do they want their world view challenged
The irony

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>just ignore the NTP study ignore it ignore ignore it
this is why she lost

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Reminder that both 5G and visible light are bad for your health.
Take the darkness pill.

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>just count your calories!
>soda is just fine IIFYM!
>oh you have diabetes now? just buy our medicine!

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A question for you 5G fearmongers: Why aren't you afraid of enterprise wireless bridges or hell wi-fi? Wi-fi runs at 2.4 and 5 GHz and some bridges I've installed for enterprise clients (Ubiquiti) run at 8 or 12 GHz spanning miles. What makes 5G the face of
>le evil radio frequencies?

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What's with Americans and this unending mysticism and baseless hysterical approach to new technologies?

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you're the type of person who would jump off a bridge if someone told you it's good for you.

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Low IQ.

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tranny cope

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you what mate

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I would appreciate if you could elaborate.
For starters I want you to tell me what you believe "ionizing" radiation means

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So you can get a self-driving car from the bar right to your front door

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you can always count on some white collar dipshit to think he knows better than the dude installing anything besides a component on his computer. your life would fall apart in days/weeks without actual men using their hands

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All microwave radiation is bad, but cell towers transmit 24/7 with modulated signals carrying information. Modulated signals that actually carry information have been shown to be deadly to life, due to their randomness. Biology cannot adapt to random microwave doses.


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It literally doesn't?

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Lead in the water.

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how will i ever recover?

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Really which molecules
I am interested in this

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>if you're not part of the plebbit hivemind, you don't want your worldview to be challenged
You have to go back.

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In order for 5G to be ionizing, it would need to be operating on around the 1,000,000 GHz scale, the same we see ultra-violet light at
5G is only around 300 GHz

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>that study
how can 5G trannies even cope at this point?

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Lol, I ca hire a pajeet to replace you.

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>Trump hat
>meanwhile Trump is pushing for america to adopt 5G ASAP

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what's with yurotarded niggertrannies and their constant corporate cocksucking, which includes literally voting in a law so corporations have full control of the internet including this very site?

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Of course the white collar would know better... They're the ones fucking designing and studying the shit, not you ignorant cunts who just plug some wires in.

Get fucked if you honestly think a blue collar worker would know jack SHIT about the ACTUAL science behind 5g and it's potential effects.

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we are all going to be pumped full of cancer while the elite are protected from it

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the voice quality of this was painful to listen to

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>he doesn't know to change the opacity of one pixel in the image

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>I can't support anyone politically unless absolutely every single things and opinion about them is perfect

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the "actual science" is overwhelmingly telling us that 5G and all microwave radiation is hazardous to health

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This man know what he is talking about especially at this timestamp


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>Ok ok ok, we get it you government conspiracy monkeys. They can and will cause cancer to some, if not most, people. Can we stop with the conspiracy, anti-government shit and talk science

which one of you telecoms trannies posted this lmao

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No, no it's not.

You can shill and pretend all you want, but if you honestly think that, you yourself are simply uneducated and unable to understand what you're reading, or what the study is actually saying.

Is there pseudoscience BS masquerading as real science that claims 5g is bad? Sure, tons of it.

But there isn't some massive amount of hard data being hidden away from the public that proves this. You're fucking delusional if you think that.

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Reminder that radio waves and infrared also cause this reaction
Hope you don't mind things above 0 kelvin

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Well with trump you have to admit that 99.95% of his advocates think he's absolutely perfect and will even backpedal their past statements if necessary to agree with something he said.

That being said, I would love to be proven wrong and see a schizo boomer protest asking trump to back down on 5G, kek

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>But there isn't some massive amount of hard data being hidden away from the public that proves this.
yes there is, read "Going Somewhere" by Andrew Marino
the telecoms industry blackmails scientists that dont give them the "its all safe guys" results they want and bury all studies that show any hazard, even though the majority of studies show hazards

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Hi anon. A new thread again already? I am hoping you gave some thought to my question. Would you kiss a girl under a 5g tower?

>> No.71679327


>Sprint has turned off a cell phone tower at a Ripon elementary school that parents suspect was the cause of cancer cases among students and teachers.

makes you think

>> No.71679334

>you have to admit that 99.95% of his advocates think he's absolutely perfect and will even backpedal their past statements if necessary to agree with something he said
Maybe 2 years ago, but I know a lot of guys like myself who've gotten really disillusioned with him and the things he's done since 2016.
Doesn't mean we won't vote for him, but anyone who blindly supports any politician is a fool who deserves what they get.

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You must feel powerless when confronted with these threads

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anti-vaxers are now anti- 5gers

They're fucking idiots. Also this guy has a Trump hat on so he clearly knows shit about science.

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Shit, radiation shields are expensive as fuck

>> No.71679374


A trumper giving advice on science.

Trump dons't even believe in science, nor do his bootlickers.

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>I’ve cooked my skull and it left me useless for the rest of the day
that doesn’t even make sense, your brain doesn’t work like this. If there was brain damage like this, you would certainly not recover the next day. I’m not saying 5G is safe or unsafe, but his claims don’t make sense.

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>we know how to cure cancer

Found the scientifically illiterate right here

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Want to protect yourself for the communist jew nigger wavebeams from penetration your cranium? Invest in Alex Chiu's patented Immortality Rings today.

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k so, I agree with you, but it makes 0 sense for non-ionizing to cause ionizing radiation.

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explain how being against 5g is a threat to humanity

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what a load of shit. Complex wave forms are not what cause dna damage that leads to cancer. Amplitude of signal is what causes damage. Waveform shape is irrelevant.

Furthermore 5g signals are non-ionizing. Meaning the amplitude is so low they won't hurt you. Fuck off to /x/ with this garbage. This is not a /g/ topic.

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>quoting robert o becker

All his electrical research failed.

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Can I call you something other than anon? I really want to take our relationship to the next level.

>> No.71679497


Found the uneducated trump tard.

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>national toxicology program

https://www.niehs.nih.gov/news/newsroom/releases/2018/november1/index.cfm“The exposures used in the studies cannot be compared directly to the exposure that humans experience when using a cell phone,” said John Bucher, Ph.D., NTP senior scientist. “In our studies, rats and mice received radio frequency radiation across their whole bodies. By contrast, people are mostly exposed in specific local tissues close to where they hold the phone. In addition, the exposure levels and durations in our studies were greater than what people experience.”

There you have it dumbass. That's the conclusion for the very same source you posted. Have you ever read an entire article? or do you only read screen caps you stupid illiterate fuck.

>> No.71679548

kek i love all the plebbit-tier mentality of "SCIENCE SAYS IT'S RIGHT" thinking based on popsci huffpost articles, shouting down any and all wrong-think or inquisitive discussion. You see this everywhere, people worshiping at the altar of "science", too stupid to understand that most science is largely conjecture drawn from data that may or may not even be replicable. Anyone who actually paid attention in college would know that almost all science is complete bullshit guesswork, not even a century ago science was lobotomizing people with migraines and thought that smoking didn't cause cancer either, today we cut peoples dicks off and pretend that being constantly bombarded with radiation 24/7 by a fuckload of different sources could not possibly affect us negatively. It truly, truly is a clown world.

>> No.71679558

You're fired.

>> No.71679562

I have no clue whether 5G actually has potential to cause health problems, but neither does that guy.

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>greater than what people experience
oh so since we found that increasing the level beyond what we experience fucks shit up that means it's safe to increase the levels we intake. perfect logic there buddy. you sure are the literate one here

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>> No.71679590


You want me to explain how actively seeing to impede science with psudoscience is problematic?

Is that a serious question?

>> No.71679603

I feel like he's telling me a secret.

>> No.71679607

go ahead and tell us how opposing faster corporate products threatens human lives on the same level as antivaxxing

>> No.71679609

Explain how not being able to stream The Office a little faster is detrimental to mankind

>> No.71679610

I didn't bother reply because he obviously doesn't understand the actual implications of the studies he's reading.

>> No.71679619

Yes, please explain how it's more scientific, to never question what mega corporations insist you need. Please explain how smart you are for agreeing with the information shown to you that has been specifically cultivated to promote their interests in the best possible light versus simply being skeptical.

>> No.71679630

it's impeding progress.


5 years later and we find out you're full of shit and it's perfectly safe, and we've just wasted 5 years of potential further development in wireless tech.

>> No.71679632

what's the progress

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yes actually that's how all toxins work. even caffeine will kill you at high enough does. However at low does it just makes you more productive.

You obviously don't know a fucking thing about science, but you receive radiation just from being on earth. You'll get twice that radiation if you live in a brick house. You'll get 10x that radiation if you go up in an airplane.

It's still not enough radiation to hurt you. Get some perspective pleb. You literarily receive a dose of radiation from eating banana. A cigarette give you more radiation than 1 year of using a cell phone.

>> No.71679652

how would we know if we sit on our ass for several years doing studies that wont prove shit?

>> No.71679670

Clearly, it's not because 5G is proceeding. Please explain the importance of pushing 5G technology in any way benefits the average person beyond their social media pages load faster. We aren't discussing a cancer-curing drug being held back by skepticism, we're discussing whether or not increasing the amount of radiation we are exposed to on a daily basis is worth having a marginal increase in phone speeds. Don't bring up military infrastructure either, we're talking about the consumer here.

You clearly don't even understand there are different types of radiation. You're a dumbass.

>> No.71679678

how do you know it's impeding progress if you don't know what the progress is

>> No.71679679

Why is everyone who makes these videos exactly the same type of person? Hill billy blue collar worker, usually uneducated and a Trump support.

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File: 989 KB, 1546x1132, shinzu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Take your pills. Also pic related.

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We already know it's not harmful. Like it's literally the same signal that's been using in radio towers since the early 19th century, but it's actually less powerful than old analog radio towers because it's digitally controlled.

Anyone with even a small degree of scientific literacy is laughing at you people.

Go back to /x/ you fucking retards.

>> No.71679705

Anyone who believed and supported Trump at any point is below 50 IQ

>> No.71679712

If it's in a whole food (fruit) yes it is. One of the most natural foods for humans.

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>> No.71679719

Isnt the frequencey lower than the light outside and other natural frequencies?

>> No.71679726


>> No.71679750

Clearly, we don't know if it's harmful >>71679313
because it's technology that hasn't been implemented. But you'll say, that is why we have to implement it. You're arguing that the lack of evidence against it because it hasn't been studied is de facto reason it should be implemented, which is absolutely ass backwards thinking. Anyone with scientific literacy knows that we do not understand fucking SHIT about the long term effects of any of this shit, anti-science corporate cock sucking faggots like you will suck down the load of whatever they tell you is safe, then wonder why our cancer rates have been climbing higher and higher year after year. You can't possibly be trying to equate the output and proximity of huge and widely spread clusters of 5g towers to the VHF/UHF/HF signals from radio towers miles and miles away from each other. That's like saying smoking won't cause cancer because factory smoke is miles from your house. You have literally no argumentative leg to stand on except appeals to authority based on conjecture or flawed studies with no conclusions. You're a dumbass

>> No.71679763

haven't watched the vid, the people installing 5g are the shady vendors who have been contracted by less shady vendors who have been contracted by carriers, so big carriers dont have to take on any of that safety shit etc.

What im trying to say is, the ground crews installing telecom shit are all retarded felons so I doubt there opinion is worth a damn

>> No.71679786

I am studying international business, tyvm.

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Other counties pulling ahead of us in technology is a problem. In cyber warfare it's the equivalent of them having jets while we're trying to fight back with prop planes.

Imagine trying to do business in the modern age with a dial up modem. Where would our internet economy be? We'd loose hundreds of billions. Without adapting 5g early our entire economy will suffer. China is already ahead of us in many areas. China is already adapting to 5g. If we wait 5 years for NO reason, just so conspiracy tards can "feel safe" we might as well just chop our own dicks off.

You're clearly uneducated, prone to fear and misinformation about scary 'radiation' because you don't know shit about it. You'll get more radiation from living in a brick building than you will from using a cell phone.

Why arn't you freaking out about bricks? It's just as logical, hell more logical to be upset about bricks, as they produce more dpangerious radiation than radio spectrum does.

>> No.71679799

Of course. I meant added sugar

>> No.71679806


progress is faster connections. You're the one that dons't know what it is. Go back to /x/

>> No.71679838


We do know it's not harmful, because it's the same radio spectrum we've been using for a century.

You don't even know how the signals work that why you're so fucking stupid. the spectrum and power levels are the same as 4g. 5g just utilizes those spectrum at a higher resolution.

>> No.71679840

>flat earth
>vaccine bollocks
>now this
why are Americans so susceptible to nonsense?

>> No.71679845

>other countries are doing it so we should get cancer too!
>muh brick fallacy!
You have literally no idea what you're talking about, you're strawmanning left and right, relying on conjecture to defend what, corporate interests that you receive no benefits from? You are truly, without a doubt, a braindead bugman. You don't even understand your own position, other than to say
>well uh uh well uh other people are doing it!
Last (You) for the thread retard. Tesla or any actual scientist would spit in your face for being such a complete dunce.

>> No.71679859

how are faster products progress

>> No.71679875


You're argument is like saying "4k tvs are harmful because we've never utilized that technology"

Obvously that's stupid, because 4k tv's use the same part of the color spectrum as any digital tv just at a higher resolution.

5g uses the same old radio waves at a higher resolution. And you're afraid of that. It's pure stupidity.

Go protest 4k screens, it makes as much sense as you being against 5g.

"But anon, 5g scary cause i can't see it"

fucking retard.

>> No.71679890


faster connections you fucking idiot. Jesus are you actually this dense?

Sending data at faster rates. that's data. You fucking tard, not "products"

>> No.71679894

Pretty much.

>> No.71679903

the internet is a product, explain how spending money on products is progress

>> No.71679904


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File: 1.76 MB, 2952x3047, 1530563614874.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Not realizing that this propaganda was spread by Russia to slow down the integration of 5G in the West.

>> No.71679941

Nice buzzfeed talking points faggot



>> No.71679958

>Let's kick a dog to see if 100 headpats are harmful
>WTF!? The dog is hurt?

>> No.71679965

>2k subs
Is this from reddit?

>> No.71680003

>it's n-not real world exposure!
98% of studies using real cell phones find negative effects (see >>71678979)

the NTP study was designed to fail, designed by the industry for the industry to get the result it wanted, and the rats STILL got malignant cancers

this means 2G,3G,4G and 5G are all massively unsafe and causing cancer as we speak

>> No.71680036

>I shot this dog in the head and it died
>I shot this dog in the foot and it lived
>Therefore the evidence is inconsistent and bullets do not harm dogs

this is the logic phone radiation exposure guidelines are based on

>> No.71680105

>Why would I need 5G?
More precise botnet tracking.
This is my only objection to it.

>> No.71680135

>Le Gigahertz is thousands of times more powerful than le Megahertz.
Abandoned this shit right there.

>> No.71680147

Why yes, I do take my advice from a tower monkey instead of from physicists, how could you tell?

>> No.71680159

imagine being this fucking stupid ahahahahaha

>> No.71680177

physicists that have a stroke when informed about the results of the NTP study as they realize their shill money is about to come to an end and they will likely end up in jail for deceiving the public

>> No.71680182


How the fuck can a human being be THIS dumb. Radio obviously has dangerous side effects and we still don't the fucking long-term consequences. AM and FM broadcasting at around 1 MHz and 100 MHz doesn't require enormous power to reach great distances. At these wavelengths the signal easily propagates dozes of kilometers (in case of FM), through entire continents (MF) and even around the whole goddamn earth in HF bands. You can easily do that with a fraction of power that is required for a LTE base station. But of course these wavelengths are just too long for us to use them for transmitting high speed internet. That's why 4G is anywhere from 800 MHz to 5 GHz. This comes at a cost though - you need enormous power to reach very short distances and because this signal has really hard time propagating through obstacles base stations need to be around every fucking corner.

Don't even try to compare this shit with Wi-Fi. We have regulations in place and most access points are limited to let's say 250 mW.

>> No.71680235

Have sex

>> No.71680349
File: 94 KB, 640x960, D6IgPRIWsAAfBNz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People don't need this technology. It's legit only here to justify continued retarded prices for shitty cellphone and enable livestreaming 4k video for the CIA to watch you jerk off.

>> No.71680439
File: 116 KB, 984x498, serveimage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought 5G was based and redpilled

>> No.71680445

and you're calling other people retarded? lmao

>> No.71680449

is that the guy that BTFO the vape shop bugman??

>> No.71680495

Sure looks like him,but pretty much every redneck looks like that.

>> No.71680496

Why are 4channers so afraid of change? I'm not even saying that 5G is necessary or healthy, but people here just won't provide any actual evidence, and seem to have severe confirmation bias. As a neutral observer, anti 5G people have proven nothing to me, fear mongering doesn't work when I'm impartial.

>> No.71680513

Based and redpilled

>> No.71680514

Swamp Thing, are you OK?

>> No.71680535

>how can we know that air is breathable tomorrow? it may or may not be.. better kill yourself today to be safe

>> No.71680563

Fuck man Fallout 1 had some fucking good writing and voice acting. Harold is one of the best characters ever written in video games.

>> No.71680585


Not talking on behalf of others, but I'm personally not anti 5G. I just think it's stupid that some people think it it perfectly safe even though we are not really sure about long-term consequences and we have never seen radio deployment like this ever before.

>> No.71680644

>MAGA hat
another nutjob onto the pile. i suppose he's also a 9/11 truther, yes?

>> No.71680669

But then bethesda decided to kill him just for laughs.

>> No.71680708

>Gonadal tissue? What about gonadal tissue? Just shut up and enjoy your cats and the fact that your appliances now data-mine you.

>> No.71680730

explain lucky larry and his lucky family that happened to not be at work

>> No.71680745

>we have never seen radio deployment like this ever before.
Absolute retard

>> No.71680773


Try using arguments instead of insults next time thx

>> No.71680805

this the guy who got that soiboi fired for reeeing out about his hat?

>> No.71680808
File: 31 KB, 1473x143, tower_cAuSeS_CaNceR.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow... for /g/, it is actually abysmal how stupid people are on RF exposure and how much a 1-5 ghz radiofrequency would give

Shit is literally giving off much radiation of a microwave, not to mention it is buried or somewhere high up.

If you think a fucking microwave on a high pole can somehow hurt you, you people need to be culled from the population

>> No.71680826
File: 1.46 MB, 1138x950, war-gamed the science.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the mast was already switched off we promise
the telecoms industry would never lie

>> No.71680846


>> No.71680860

Pull your head out of your ass.

>> No.71680958

...wi-fi and wireless bridges operate 24/7 too

>> No.71680972

> Modulated signals that actually carry information have been shown to be deadly to life, due to their randomness. Biology cannot adapt to random microwave doses.
can you read?

>> No.71681061

Ether actually watch the video and talk about the real science he is presenting, or stfu britard. Oh wow let me lump nothing I know nothing about in with things that are clearly horseshit
Your country is a sack of shit and used to be worth something. Now it's just a cucked shithole with Sharia law.

>> No.71681083

>maga hat

>> No.71681091

you realize that was conducted in 1994 when cell phones were in it's infancy.

The shielding and frequency technology was at is infancy. Nowdays, cellphones have different tech. They don't use the old analog tech that required a huge amount of power to operate it.

>In January, a deputy editor for Consumer Reports told the Wall Street Journal that possible hazards from some recent studies could be discounted because they focus on older analog phones, which send out a steady wave of radiation. Newer digital phones operate at a lower intensity, sending out a pulsed stream.
>“Analog phones use considerably more power and the emission patterns are different,” David Heim said in the article.
>The problem with that view, according to Slesin, is that pulsed radiation is more likely than continuous wave radiation to have an effect on living things.

>> No.71681118

Found the windows gamers

>> No.71681127

thats why there is a door that keeps the radiation inside.
besides, this is about 5g, not 5 gigahertz.

>> No.71681145

bitch it is in the fucking sky or in the ground... Lets also not ignore that fact.

>> No.71681202
File: 3.61 MB, 2321x3717, spam3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Random ramblings of a man who unironically wears a MAGA hat and climbs cell towers isn't research or evidence.

>> No.71681228

Are you a rat by any chance?

>> No.71681234

>pretending to be ignorant about why rats are used in human toxicology research
dump the scat now tranny

>> No.71681245


>> No.71681254

I trust an anecdote from a guy who installs the things more than some random NEET

>> No.71681287
File: 46 KB, 884x287, cope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71681291
File: 87 KB, 402x600, brainlet_sockets2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus fuck... Is this literally you?

>> No.71681298

>name your tumor after me
sure will bud ;)

>> No.71681300

then you're just as brain dead as he is, and no one gives a fuck about your brain dead opinions either.

>> No.71681306

what's the second nicest?

>> No.71681329

>the NTP study was designed to fail
lmao wut, it exposed rats to a FUCK ton more radiation than any human would have any reason to be exposed to unless they legit lived and worked within 2 meters of a 5G radio 24/7.

It was designed to fail by exposing rats to massively large amounts of radiation over their entire bodies, instead of localized lighter doses like what we'll see with 5G cell phones.

But yeah sure, the (((industry))) is behind it.

>> No.71681332
File: 423 KB, 1892x917, gobacktox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What. Real. Science. You. Absolute. Dumbfuck?
Maybe it's not entirely his fault for not knowing shit from shinola, but it is his fault for spreading this bullshit.

>> No.71681366

Did they use a control group of rats? I thought these fuckers get cancer no matter what you do with them. What was the difference in cancer rates between the control and the test group?

>> No.71681372

they only exposed the rats to a single frequency which used old, much less complex (therefore less toxic) modulation types.

The exposure apparatus was designed with the help of IT'IS, an industry funded NGO.
It used a reverberation chamber with multiple anetennas to maximize the probability of destructive interference and depolarization of the field, limiting the very characteristics that lead to greater biological effects.

and it STILL showed mega cancer in rats

yes of course, read the study to find out

>> No.71681390

Seething Trump tard that got memed into voting for a Jew loving retard

>> No.71681416

WOW, great study design man. Totally applies to us.
I'm sure you'll totally delve into this.

>> No.71681417

I don't get it, my phone's data connection is already fast as shit. I can't imagine it being faster.

>> No.71681429
File: 10 KB, 251x242, 1440258438184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does he realize the light hitting his face while recording the video was hundreds of terrahertz?

>> No.71681432

>much less complex (therefore less toxic) modulation types
lmao what the fuck?

Do you have ANY source for the modulation TYPE having literally ANY effect on if it can or can't cause cancer?

Or just more shit you're pulling from your ass?

You don't understand the scientific method, much less specifics about radio frequency radiation or modulation types, you're just parroting conspiracy shit from other boomer retards to reaffirm your preconceived notions that 5G=bad.

>> No.71681434

>they only exposed the rats to a single frequency which used old, much less complex (therefore less toxic) modulation types.
>It used a reverberation chamber with multiple anetennas to maximize the probability of destructive interference and depolarization of the field, limiting the very characteristics that lead to greater biological effects.

It's fun to read the psuedo scientific dribble that proles manage to shit out of their brains.

>> No.71681476

Reminder that anti 5g anon thinks that smart meters are directed energy weapons designed to depopulate the planet by giving people cancer.

>> No.71681480

I looked for a post like that, if there wasn't I wouldn't have posted it. What a moron

>> No.71681488
File: 126 KB, 926x764, 2G vs 3G cancer rates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

read wi-cancer.info to get started on this topic, after a few pages you might be able to join in the conversation at a basic level instead of flinging shit like a tranny

>> No.71681493
File: 423 KB, 1892x917, gobacktox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I trust an anecdote from a guy who installs the things more than some random NEET
You shouldn't blindly trust either, you should rely on research. And it really doesn't matter who's saying, what matters is that the information given is correct.
Just look.

>> No.71681503
File: 290 KB, 633x698, no insurance.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>5G is safe goy
>What? Insurance against health claims for microwave damage? W-we d-don't need that goy!

>> No.71681504

>2g vs 3g

>has ANY bearing on current 5g mmWave.

Jesus, just kill yourself already. You're bringing up studies we KNOW are bullshit.

Where are the BILLIONS of people with brain tumors from using 2G and 3G phones over the last 2 decades?

>> No.71681514

>Read naturalnews.co and after a few pages you might be able to join the conversation about how jojoba oil cures cancer.

>> No.71681522


>> No.71681527

>doesnt know that 5G uses more than millimeter wave
research "densification" retard

>tens of thousands of peer-reviewed studies
>"it's crackpot woo about orgone stones!!!"
seethe atheist tranny kike redditor retard your tranny transmitters are going away

>> No.71681538

>Where are the BILLIONS of people with brain tumors from using 2G and 3G phones over the last 2 decades?
Somehow there's always *crickets* when someone asks this. Weird.
And their great claim to fame are studies conducted when phones were still in their infancy and rat studies with abysmally high levels of exposure.

>> No.71681556

>Thousands of studies.
Wow when you put a rat next to a high power radio transmitter 24/7 it has a slightly higher risk of cancer. Thanks science man.

>> No.71681557
File: 144 KB, 1019x584, GBM.Denmark.1995-2017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there arent crickets though mobile phone related brain cancers are skyrocketing

try again shitbreath

>> No.71681570

the NTP study used a single frequency with power levels well below thermal, i.e systematically disproving your "only non-ionizing radiation can hurt you" myth

choke on it

>> No.71681581

Well, if it's good it's good. I believe science so I'll jump. No Scientist has ever been wrong and no corporation has willfully concealed wrongdoing through litigation, FUD and advertisement campaigns.

>> No.71681590

so if you're not worried about mmWave, then what the fuck are you worried about?

There are multiple types of 5G, ranging from the slower 3.5Ghz stuff being done in korea, up to the 39Ghz being used by AT&T in the US, and you can potentially go up to 300Ghz.

mmWave is 30Ghz-300Ghz.

The slower stuff is already similar to many other types of wireless deployments, and the mmWave stuff is so new, that any study on 2g/3g would have ZERO relevance to mmWave 5G.

>> No.71681599

Everyone goes on about the NTP study, which showed cancers. NTP was designed to fail. It was a reverberation chamber with multiple antennas, which increases the probability of destructive interference and depolarizes the field. It's designed to mask effects. The fact that it still showed them is just further damning. The results were understated.

>> No.71681603

>Thousands of studies
>Only knows about ntp study
>Ignores the fact that it has nothing at all to do with 5g

>> No.71681615

>mobile phone related brain cancers

How do you know?

All that shows is glioblastmoa incidence rate increased in Denmark over the past few decades.

Is it from better diagnostic medicine being able to find these tumors? Is it other environmental factors? Is it food related? Genetic?

How the fuck are you claiming WELL OBVIOUSLY IT'S CELL PHONES!!!

You're just saying that because you want to be right.

>> No.71681616

dont worry anon, you can read Bioinitiative.org too and become informed like rapidly increasing numbers of people are

>> No.71681625

>there arent crickets though mobile phone related brain cancers are skyrocketing
Your little graph says nothing about that you dishonest fuck.
>incidence of glioblastoma (which is a rare incurable brain cancer) in Denmark
Yeah man, totally about cell tower signals and their relation to humans. Either post the whole article or don't bother. How are you not sick of being this deliberately and embarrassingly full of shit?

>> No.71681640

But how about a control group?

>> No.71681644

yeah how do we know that removing the base station in that Shinjyo study stopped all those symptoms in dozens of people, it was probably racism that was causing it shalom

why are you trying to resist contemporary science? even industry funded studies (NTP) show that microwave radiation is toxic

don't worry, just read a few pages of Bioinitiative.org or wi-cancer.info and you'll be up to speed anon. no need to be frustrated any longer!

>> No.71681646

Nice complete failure to respond to the fact that the ntp study has nothing to do with 5g. Do we have to ban wireless routers and am/fm radio too?

>> No.71681655

>yeah how do we know that removing the base station in that Shinjyo study stopped all those symptoms in dozens of people, it was probably racism that was causing it shalom

Oh good, more make believe.

Just end yourself, you're honestly a detriment to the human race.

>> No.71681669

read the study

>i-it has nothing to do with 5G!
you're getting more pathetic by the minute
just know that the masts are disappearing and this disappearance will accelerate in the coming months

oy vey

>> No.71681681

Do you knock on your neighbors doors and ask them to turn off their wifi? Do you not carry a cell phone?

>> No.71681685
File: 282 KB, 514x652, 1535339475578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71681695

probably lines his clothing with aluminum foil, socks and underwear included.

>> No.71681706
File: 703 KB, 475x637, 49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably a drumpf voter too, unlike us science loving liberals

>> No.71681713

>why are you trying to resist contemporary science?
I am not. I am trying to make you be less full of shit and actually post the research you're getting your screenshots from because it says absolutely nothing about cell phone towers and their relation to human health. But fell free to keep not responding to this.
>even industry funded studies (NTP) show that microwave radiation is toxic
Yeah, that study where testing began and ended when phones were still in their infancy and before smartphones came to be. Great study and totally relevant study today.
>don't worry, just read a few pages of Bioinitiative.org or wi-cancer.info and you'll be up to speed anon. no need to be frustrated any longer!
Yeah, I'm not going to read a blog of a rambling schizo and find no links to any research just to indulge you. Made that mistake once. Not again.

>> No.71681714

surveillance for one

>> No.71681716

I'd rather be a liberal than a brain dead mouth breathing luddite like yourself.

>> No.71681723

These fear mongers are too fucking stupid to use common sense. Read up on radar and the frequencies they operate at.By your brain dead logic we'd all be fried to a crisp.We're constantly being blasted with this shit from countless sources.

>> No.71681740

Yup, weather radar and shit is all over the place, you've been exposed to all sorts of radiation from dozens of sources for decades.

But no, suddenly 5G is gonna turn the tides and suddenly we'll all have cancer in the next few years because of it.

Fucking laughable.

>> No.71681755
File: 21 KB, 342x293, 51CdEaFC4UL._SX342_QL70_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't worry guys I have a hat that will protect you all.

>> No.71681759


Nuclear physicists thought a nuke would blow up the atmosphere so what does math tell you?

Science is about experimentation.

Who did the 5g on a population experiment?

Oh, wait YOU ARE IT.

>> No.71681765

>actually post the research you're getting your screenshots from
those are official government figures, anon.



>Great study and totally relevant study today.
absolutely, the modern signals are now much more modulated with greater power density and frequency density. we must roll back not only 5G, but 4G and 3G and have a very stripped back low power 2G until we deploy fiber optic cables for all.

>muh schizo

literal redditor

>dude look at these picowatts of weather radar radiation
try again tranny

>> No.71681780

>Swiss Re and Lloyds of London both staying the FUCK away from insuring telecoms companies for health effects of 5G
says it all

>> No.71681792
File: 97 KB, 750x919, 210.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just die you worthless waste of air.

>> No.71681798


This anon is right, you know. Nothing wrong with dumping CO2 into the atmosphere! Science said so.

>> No.71681799

lmao the cope and seethe in this post

>> No.71681801

>picowatts of weather radar radiation
Wew, confirmed retard.

X-band Radar operates up to 12ghz, K-band Radar operates up to 40Ghz (that's mmWave)

And directly from wikipedia when talking about X-band transmitters.
>High-powered systems operate at 10,000 – 60,000 watts.

>> No.71681804

Considering he got MHz and GHz mixed up....

>> No.71681812

>telling me about radar bands when I mention power density
>"High power systems use big watts!"
at source, then they go through the atmosphere and hit the ground at picowatt power if that

>> No.71681823
File: 116 KB, 699x1006, 354.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WHAT. COPE. AND. SEETHE? You are embarrassingly full of shit and you're acting so insufferably superior when you deliberately post things totally unrelated to the topic at hand. Is this the final stage of autism, shitposter syndrome, dishonesty, being full of shit, schizophrenia, unemployment and utter boredom? At least now I know I'll never make this mistake again. Actually visiting these threads and trying to reason with you people.

>> No.71681824

...so how the fuck is 5G any different when it transmits at MUCH lower wattage than radar?

>> No.71681830

I did. Conducting asking people about when they got sick in one housing complex, and concluding the only change was the cell antenna is odd.

>> No.71681834

if you dont visit these threads to lose arguments you wont get paid your reduced rate for failing to influence us

hahaha my god dude, look up the inverse square law

>> No.71681840

you havent read the study, you're attempting to discredit it as your master commands

good pet

>> No.71681841

take your medicine, or kill yourself, either one is a big favor to the rest of us.

>> No.71681847

This man is Caucasian dumbass

>> No.71681859

you will kill yourself

>> No.71681866

>absolutely, the modern signals are now much more modulated with greater power density and frequency density.
More prole brain farts. I'm sure the boomer blog you are regurgitating this from sounds convincing. Hows Canada's mental health system? You might want to look into upping your lithium dosage.

>> No.71681872

>if you dont visit these threads to lose arguments you wont get paid your reduced rate for failing to influence us
Yeah. Whatever.

>> No.71681884

>pure adhom
the seethes get bigger and the copes get bigger
fed to the shills and i said the word nigger

hit a nerve and cope

>> No.71681915


Well I doubt you're living next to a weather radar. The thing with 5G is the extensive radiation - in order for ISPs to get you the highest speeds they need to have 5G base stations all over the place. Have you have any idea of the power required for a 39 GHz base station to actually be usable within a reasonable range?

We don't have any clue of the consequences of this insane RF pollution. Sure, 3G and 4G is "fine", 5G however might be enough to "turn the tides".

Seriously, try to use that thing on neck for more than half a minute. It's not the "new technology" or newer modulation that might be causing problems in the future. It's the density of the base stations and the higher power they will all require for higher freqs.

>> No.71681917

> non ionizing radiation
> doing anything besides heating you body a little

>> No.71681932

that's what the NTP study showed oh no no noooooo

>> No.71681958

I honestly can't tell if you are serious about this or if you just get off on the negative attention anon. Either way there must be more healthy ways to spend your time. You seem to be aware that you are not changing anyone's mind but you still make these threads almost daily. Are you lonely anon? Are you close with your family?

>> No.71681965

> look up the inverse square law
Honestly,I hate to see people humiliate themselves like this. You're spouting nonsense, Anon. Please, stop. You're acting like a lunatic and when reality dawns on you, it won't be healthy.

>> No.71681977

The change is happening and you can't stop it little faggot boy

See above

>> No.71681991

>there are people in this thread who don't trust people with skin in the game

>> No.71682005

Radar transmissions are everywhere, constantly.There's far more applications for it than weather. Seriously, if these people were correct, we'd have all been dead before the advent of the cellphone.

>> No.71682010

>Unexpectedly, the study also found that, overall, the male rats exposed to the cellphone radiation lived longer than the rats who were not exposed to the radiation
based 5G, making people live longer. I suspect the anti-5G niggers are actually jew shills.

>> No.71682013

They don't even mention whether those who got higher doses had more problems. Also:
>Considering the
fact that these residents had already recognised their health problems as related to
the 800 MHz antennas
What the fuck is that even supposed to mean? People decided all their problems were due to the cell radiation, and now the study to confirm it just asserts it?
And before you say
>Read the study hurrrr
EWhat part exactly invalidates the need for ontrol groups?

>> No.71682016

>Radar transmissions are everywhere, constantly.
not on my spectrometer they're not in any palpable power density

>> No.71682023

What change? Who is actually going to do anything about it. There's no way the canukistan govt is going to give you a firearms license. Do you know of anyone actually doing anything about it other than retweeting blogs and arguing on fagbook?

>> No.71682046

funny coincidence that when the base station was removed the symptoms disappeared almost completely. I wonder if the results will be the same when phone base stations are banned?

There's a multitude of lawyers working hard. One Australian barrister has already had the 5G rollout halted and several instances of cell towers turned off.

>> No.71682050

>Trusting proles to understand anything they cant see and physically interact with.
Id trust that guy to install cable or maybe do some electrical wiring.

>> No.71682051

For the retards which think 5g is going to melt your balls, try this:

>> No.71682066

cool, i trust industry figurehead with no mention of contemporary science or even any real science to speak of!

he even ironically jokes about being paid off by telecoms at the end! haha funny!

>> No.71682085

Bullshit. Microwave communications, military use, weather, airports, satellites, they're all around you. Literally, millions of radar transmitters all around us, operating at many magnitudes of power greater than 5G transmitters.

>> No.71682095

>funny coincidence that when the base station was removed the symptoms disappeared almost completely. I wonder if the results will be the same when phone base stations are banned?
Well, how about setting up an experiment to verify it? And just maybe doing this a few times, and with control groups, to be able to have any degree of confidence that your actions are the cause of the change?
I guess you'd rather just shitpost.

>> No.71682118

>maga hat
>blue collar job
>100% confidence
If this guy wanted to look like he knew what he was talking about, he did literally everything wrong.

>> No.71682119

they're not blanketing residential areas though, like cell towers do retard

check out Bioinitiative.org

>> No.71682136
File: 369 KB, 1020x696, 1558748864490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.71682179

Yes, radars are everywhere, but you aren't really absorbing any radiation from them, just like anon explained. At most you'll be absorbing some picowatts of radiation. Not so big of a deal.

Mobile networks are a different cup of tea. They transmit signal to your mobile devices - and guess what, these are the devices you are bringing with you. Unlike radars, they are "targeted" at you. So take all the base stations that are constantly facing you + plus your mobile phone, that can possibly transmit 2W.

>> No.71682188

Can you link anything that indicates that legal action from a barrister in Australia has halted a 5g roll out? Assuming you are talking about ray broomhall i see no mention of him actually doing anything in the courts. The only mention I see of 5g roll outs being halted has to do with a chink company being the supplier.

>> No.71682190

They sweep over everything you fucking dolt.

>> No.71682197

Dilate then 45% yourself

>> No.71682231

>/pol/ doesn't invade boards they said
>just ignore them they said
>people are allowed to visit more than one board they said
>actually it's justified for /pol/ to shit everywhere because they are fighting trannies who are actually invading, you just never see them because /pol/ shits everywhere it's a good thing

when I become president of 4chan I'm going to delete /pol/ then pull a thanos and permaban half the people on the site randomly. also forced IDs on every board. then it will be back to pre-2007 again. oh and mobile useragents aren't allowed, or mac filenames.

>> No.71682254

>The only mention I see of 5g roll outs being halted has to do with a chink company being the supplier.
thats the excuse in the face of the class action with him at the head

>> No.71682269
File: 456 KB, 853x442, d84_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this whole thread

>> No.71682278

Thats so cute

>> No.71682283

Most of you trannies and liberal DSA shills are the mobile posters though. Seethe and project more.

>> No.71682291

I will donate to you just to buy this sight from gookmoot

>> No.71682300

>bans doing anything

>> No.71682308

Remind me why do we need self driving cars?

>> No.71682379

>you can always count on some white collar dipshit to think he knows better than the dude installing anything besides a component on his computer.
Would you trust your cable guy to understand information theory? Do you even know the gist of information theory?

>> No.71682414

>Most of you trannies and liberal DSA shills are the mobile posters though.
In that case, I vote that we find a way to actually make 5G dangerous. Anyone else?

>> No.71682492

Ahh so the answer is he has not accomplished anything and you a reading what you want to into things. Just like you did with the defective canadian smart meters.

>> No.71682501

The end goal is remove the concept of agency.
Everything will be done for you, even the you in you.

>> No.71682539


>> No.71682668


>> No.71682676

Ahh yes the united States government told Australia they would stop sharing intelligence with them if they rolled out chink 5g so that Telstra would have an excuse to halt their 5g roll out in the face of a class action lawsuit from some nutjob. Makes perfect sense.

>> No.71682684


>> No.71682843

dump scat

>> No.71682979

Can you recommend any good anti 5g podcasts?

>> No.71682990

anything with ray broomhall

>> No.71683028

why are we talking about 5G again

5G is 500% safe ok

>> No.71683176

Are you telling me that if I put my phone in the microwave I will have faster download speed?

>> No.71683218

Ray broomhall believes in people having emr sensitivity and emr causing acute sickness. Do you also believe in these things? I have only aeen you talk about cancer.

>> No.71683241

Cancer has always and will always be everywhere, unless we master CRISPR



>> No.71683246

I believe man made EMF is extremely dangerous and is an underlying factor responsible for a huge amount of suffering.

>> No.71683285

So do you ask your neighbors to turn off their wifi? Is emf from space somehow more natural and/or safe than man made emf?

>> No.71683296

I understand you're bitter.

>> No.71683331

Your whole gimmick is flame. You don't even believe this shit. You spent 5 min reading kook blogs and are now just trolling for attention. You can't even explain what you believe in.

>> No.71683347

Very bitter indeed.

>> No.71683388

Sure thing anon. See you again tomorrow.

>> No.71683431

I hope I'm not denting your paycheck too much shill-kun

>> No.71683861

98% of skilled laborers are actually retarded.

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