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wrong wojak

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5700 RPM @ 100%

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someone needs to do a fan speed comparision for mainboards. amd vs intel and more dB is better as scale

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>fan on a motherboard
Are we still in 2007?

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that will be $399 + tip. the poor manufacturers have to cut costs on every corner and increase the price by literally 200% on top.

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>Yes goy, you will be running your active cooling @5500 RPM all the time!! please buy my new intlel housefire
fuck off JIDF

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how fast will this fan run in real world conditions? I doubt they designed and manufactured the fan the suit the chipset it cools

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Lowest RPM possible unless you are going full retard with 4 SSDs in Raid 0.

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>buy Intel because uhhh *draws card* fan noise

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literally only the dumbest blackest gorilla niggers are going to fall for the x570 jew. PCIE 4 is a useless meme with 0 real world application for 99.9999999% of users.

the entire x570 lineup is literally just a retard tax while anyone with a functioning brain will just use last gen mobos

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delid dis and buy intel, goyim

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I'm going to fall for x570 meme.

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>noise doesn't matter

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watch the video, retard. you can select 3 presets, silent, balanced, performance. chipset runs at around 60c with just 1 nvme m.2 under gaming load. he shows the fan speeds at around 2/3 of the video. so 25-40% fan speed under gaming load which is way to fucking loud

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>Shit performance


>shit performance and noise


>jet engine noise

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I'm going to replace my 1600 with a 3600 and keep my B350. Try to to stop me kikes.

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x570 is not even released yet but anons on 4chan already know it's going to require 5000 rpm to cool adequately

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Are all the new kids just retarded? Have they never tried a 40mm fan before?

They make noise at high rpm, but the trick is real fucking simple.

dont run them at high rpm.

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meanwhile on housefire9900
>360mm aio
>3x 2500rpm 120mm fans
>95 degrees C
>great performance goy
you incel shills are getting really desperate

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I can't wait to buy my Crosshair Hero VIII X570. Going to pop a 3900x in there. Might get a 5700 XT as well.

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