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i mean i guess if you're a poorfag. You should probably be buying rice and potatoes and butter with that 52$ though tb h

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It's for buying a $20-30 xeon and overclocking.

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If you are buying from AliExpress then good chance that it will be dead and you will have just your dick in your hand.

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Don't expect quality VRMs or a nice BIOS. Other than that, it's perfectly adequate.

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Why? These sellers seem to sell dozens to hundreds. Is it all a sham?

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For instance, 7 chokes on OP pic, that's 3 channels? I've seen hacked bioses on russian forums that let you overclock. It's all over youtube.

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litterrally all motherboards are chink motherboards

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Yeah but these are also designed by chinks. Or more appropriately reverse engineered.

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Hrs just being an idiot. I had the usps damage a neon that I bought off of Ali and the seller was a champ and sent me a replacement part with no hassle whatsoever.

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A neon?

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I've got a dual x79 Xeon chink board in my home server.
Fucker runs like a champ and cost me next to nothing compared to a supermicro board in the uk

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Can a nigga OC a xeon on it? Hows the BIOS

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>defective because chinese
>have to deal with sending it back to chinkland or disputing with a slippery seller for a partial refund
maybe for an old processor but otherwise I'd argue the convenience of proper quality control and customer service is worth the premium of buying domestically.

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retard, typing this on my xiaomi mi a1 I bought for 150 bucks the past year

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>paying more than $100 for a chinkphone

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No oc on it and the bios is basic as fuck but I picked up 2 E5 2630v2's for £30. 12 cores, 24 threads at 2.6ghz is cheap as hell

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Yikes, I think I'd rather use 6c12t or 4c8t but OC.

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literal garbage, cool for 3 months, then they blow up bc chink vrm

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can you afford anything else?

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Errrrr. No. I have a h57m mobo and wanna buy a x3450, OC to 4ghz. Then in a few years I'll move on to another xeon and so on.

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Get LGA-2011 version if you intend to get those cheap xeons.

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motherboard prices are same, you have much wider range of CPU choices with much higher core count for cheap as fuck

Xeon e5-2650v2(3.4ghz) is 8c16t and they sell for under $50.

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Which of the aliexpress motherboards can I oc?

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Xeons are locked.

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Shit man I can't even point that out on a map

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>american education

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What all of them? What about BCLK?

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Orange man bad, brown merchant bad, yellow merchant good

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Not all, Xeon 1XXX variants can OC, but I still wouldn't trust the chinese motherboards to handle any sort of overclock.

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I wouldn't spend more than ~$50-$60 on these motherboards. No OC, but simple stock settings with modern support like USB3/SATA3/M.2 features

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I don't get it, there's no base clock?

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Right, many have disabled BCLK due to inherent potential of shitting out their cheap components/caps. The small 1-2% boost is not worth destroying the motherboard and customers asking for refunds.

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So I should definitely not install russian hacked bios like good goy youtuber say. THanks for the input. So basically buy something that does well stock.

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Just buy gigabyte, especially those "ultra durable" boards. They're cheap as fuck with a reliable 1 year warranty.

Used to use one for my guest room pc, had the fucker replaced twice, once for it going completely dead after 4 months and second for losing all usb 3.0 support after 7 months.

But hey for £45 can't complain.

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common x79 boards are expensive($150-$300+) even for used boards. The only option for cheapening out is to shell out those $50 for the chinese variant.

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What about forcing turbo boost clocks on all cores?

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Turbo boost has tdp/seconds limit. However I think you increase the limit in some of the bios so they stick with their turbo boost for lot longer.

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>buy turd
>polish turd
>still a turd

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I bet those chink monos can withstand the turd polishing... I mean the overclocking.
0 to housefire in .2 msec with intel firehazard and chink firestarter.

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For $20 you can overclock the xeon to basically get a 2600 for free which can play all games.

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There's no way you're going to be able to use any remotely large graphics card with the board set up like that though.

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This huanan x79 is the one to go for.
E5 2679 V2 runs like a champ.

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ive got maxsun, ASL, jetway boards and other weird chinkshit, theyre pretty much the same as any other board
id rather have my cheap maxsun h81 board than a biostar h81 board

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>designed by chinks. Or more appropriately reverse engineered
More likely it's just some spare motherboards from legit factory with noname brand slapped on it.

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not possible they are using wrong chipsets for the boards

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every motherboard is chink one anon

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I dunno, they usually get a full x16 PCI-e and the northbridge does a good job.

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you can't oc on dual socket 2011.

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What about bclk?

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I bought dual 2697v2 + mb and 8x 8gb 1866 ecc reg for $650, insanely cheap for me. and it just works.

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Got a full refund on a DOA MB of alie, had to jump a few hops, like making a video of the parts working in another MB and then moving them to the dead one, they will lie and act stupid if there is a problem, but you can work the system if you have time, but if you are playing with cheap shit you have the time right.

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its literally whitesman food fuck off, i aint no sissy whiteboi

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Johan? This sounds like something my friend would say irl in Dutch

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for a second there I thought it had 0 cpu vrm phases

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what good can you buy from Ali for 1356?

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OK from what Ive found only 2011 socket has good overcklockable CPUs and 4-chan ram

1356 CPUs are lower clock and locked

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enjoy your chink boards and outdated processors

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x5675 or the like

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imagine spending 200$ on a chink board and a 6 year old processor when you can get a Ryzen 2600 and a B450 for the same money
(or a 9400 and B360)

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You cant. You cant get that for the same money, or at least not in the countries people are buying from.

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GN made a video on them

They are trash, generally. I don't trust them either, they don't get made in Taiwan so there's like zero validation going on for there not being a backdoor onboard.

Then again all of these boards are Intel sockets so there's not much point in expecting any kind of security.

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Be an Huawei sympathiser somewhere else, degenerate.

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It makes me wonder then, why intel moved from 32nm to 14nm, when all they have to do is overclock the shit out of the same piece of shit they released 10 years ago?
... oh wait, that's what they do, and they fail.

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Dude nobody is out to get you. Russians have already published lots of hacked BIOSes for these to enable OC and such and nobody has reported anything.

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$50 board
$30-$50 cpu

>> No.71648132

>no VRM cooling
No, it's not the one to go for.

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Dead platform full of vulnerabilities.

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Please, go on.
You can buy some off aliexpress I think.

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they are a very good value

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Poor optimization, 10 % performance loss compared to older brands.

Give them time.

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they are a very good value

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What's it like to live in Bulgaria?

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>He is not running microcode 0x42E

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only correct post in this thread

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Like this.

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Just like any other post-soviet country. 20% VATs and insane customs (officers are corrupted as hell), proven that international companies selectively sell crappier products our way and in the middle east, and most importantly - there are no second hand parts because nobody buys first hand to sell. I've yet to see Ryzen.

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Go back to detroid you false flagging gorilla nigger.

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You see that silver piece with the green lettering on top? Underneath that is a fucking block of aluminum.
Op's board has absolutely nothing.

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Gypsies live like that everywhere
What's your job? Do you know lots of people who go to western EU for work?

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Looks comfy

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Based north korean heatsinks

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Stay mad.

Pic related, glorious capital Sofia.

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Looks a bit like the Hungarian village I'm from

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I'm at "the MIT of the Balkans" taking compsci + applied maths, tough as shit but this summer I'm taking an internship at VMWare. Dream company.
>western EU
The people who go there are not in STEM and rather depend on the dorm life and labour. The ones in STEM who do go are unpatriotic and wishful thinkers, want to escape. I plan to work a bit and head straight to the USA, make more connections, come back and, well, help stop brain leakage in Bulgaria.

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I visited Bulgaria once and it was great. The people were friendly, the weather was great and the food was fantastic. I'd love to go there again.

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хyй зa вcички чyждeнци БЪЛ ГA PИ Ю HA ЦИ

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Really how's Hungary. Here people know you're based anti-refugee.

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There are loads of LGA 2011 Xeons that are unlocked. The outright best CPU for the socket is an octa-core Xeon with an unlocked multiplier.

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but :clap: can :clap: BCLK :clap: be :clap: modified?

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I'm currently living in Germany and only visiting every few months. Not sure whether I will move back after I finish university. Living conditions are for the most part improving but still aren't up to western standards, and the pay and commute are shit.

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So what's the definitive guide on chink 2011 boards?
I have an old haslel i5 that I'd like to upgrade.

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Im learning to read cyrillic, so I'll try to write the phonet equivalent of your post in the latin alphabet:

"hooy za vsichki chuzhdenschi BOOL GA RI YU NA SCHI"

No idea what it means, but I think the last phrase says something about Bulgaria?

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chuzhdentsi, buhl gah ree yoo nah tsee
"Dick for all foreigners, bul-ga-rians cham-pi-ons"

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haha thanks

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You buy huananzhi and make sure it has only good reviews, VRM heatsinks, and huananzhi logo a few places. Then just buy a xeon it the feedback comments say it supports and that's it.

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yep 2011 is the best socket, except chink mobos are shit for meaningful OC, Huan garbage could easily die

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>food of the Incas

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They don't allow any voltage adjustment anyway, so you can't push very much. I think a hardmod is the only way to get more voltage. None of the modded BIOSes I've seen allow it. Even the ones that require an external programmer to flash (which do allow pushing RAM to 2133MHz).

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If you really know about that stuff, whats the best 2011 Xeon mobo you could buy from Ail?

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The Huananzhi one recommended earlier in the thread is the best, or the PLEXHD Turbo is just as good, but has no second NVMe slot, but should be cheaper. The rest are a step down from those two.

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