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Its been a good run, intcelbros

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bump 2

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bump 3

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>gayming benchmarks

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stay mad bruh

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it still looks good for an early sample
either way it beats the quad core 9900k so its fine

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>same performance as a 5 year old intel
>it still looks good


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>197 at 3.6GHz

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>200$ vs 400$
>pay double for less than 50% gain, less in other workloads.
How cute.

This is hilarious.

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the 6700k and 9900k have the same single core performance

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>zen will outsell intel until israel goes bankrupt
Stay mad breh

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>11 replies
>5 posters
I smell AMDjeet shills.

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It's even less than 25 % gain. You must be pretty fucking stupid to buy the Intel CPU.

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Bruh why does your CPU get the same performance as a 5 year old intel?

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because newsflash: the 6700K and 9900K have roughly the same single core perf.

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Why does your new i9 get the same single core performance as a 5 year old i7?
where is your toilet amir?

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Bruh is your CPU broken or something, shouldn't it be at least faster than a 5 year old intel? You should look into it.

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>You must be pretty fucking stupid to buy the Intel CPU
That's on par with being a mentally ill Intel fanboy.

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look i'm glad to see intel get btfo too but we've got like 3 or 4 of these threads already

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the 7700k is the same shit as the 6700k but is more stable at 5ghz due to its refined 14nm++++++++ process
the 8700k is the same shit as the 6700k with 2 more cores
the 9900k is the same shit as the 6700k with 4 more cores

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keep dodging the question. The 9900K only has more cores than the 6600K, however it's single core perf is the same. because 14nm++++++++++

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oh look it's "ironic" voreposter

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Bruh are you sure you installed your CPU correctly? This doesn't look normal. Why is it on par with a 5 year old intel?

Maybe check the memory or the fan?

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are you retarded or are you just an intel fanboy?
everything intel has released since 2015 is a skylake refresh with no IPC or Clockspeed improvement on the high end and top end

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why does your processor perform exactly the same as the one from 5 years ago as well

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>If I keep dodging the question, the 9900K will magically be better on Single Thread performance than the 6600K

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>he hasn't started reporting the shitposters and then just moving on

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Bruh I don't understand, if the intel is faster, why not just buy that instead?

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ok retard

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ok zoomie

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>why not support the company that hasn't given a fuck about innovating in the past 10 years
because i'm not an asshole

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because its not
overclock the ryzen to 4ghz and above and it will shit on the entire intel lineup

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Bruh instead of buying a 3600 can't you see if maybe you could find a used 6700 on craigslist or something, you'll get the same performance for much cheaper.

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But bruh if you care so much about performance why not get an intel and overclock that instead?

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>same performance
>installs security patches
nothin personnel

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because ryzen has more features, consumes less power, costs less overall and beats intel cpus while being clocked lower due to its ipc advantage
a ryzen at 4.4ghz can beat an i9 9900k clocked at 5ghz

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you do that. and watch your 4 core get crippled in two years.

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no fuck off
i'd rather buy a power efficient and cheap 3600 and enjoy all the benefits of a secure, 6c/12t cpu that comes neck to neck with the i9 9900k
i forgot ot mention that the 6700 is nowhere near close the 6700k so that makes your arguement even more retarded

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Bruh I found a used 6700K on craigslist for 50 dollars. I think you'd have to be mentally retarded to get the 3600 considering how it gives you the same performance but costs 8 times more when you include the memory.

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>cheap 3600

But bruh you can get a used 6700 for almost nothing all over the internet.

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have fun getting raped, kidnapped or killed retard

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stop being a fanboy and an apologist
4c/4t cpus are dead in 2019 and the 6700 is weak as fuck compared to the 6700k
you're not even funny

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But I'm a man

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learn the difference mongoloid

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Calm down son. I get why you're mad, AMD has delivered yet another piece of utter fucking shit. Why do you care? I promise you that just enough retards will buy it to keep the company afloat until their next meme. You don't have to worry. Just lower your expectations and stop thinking that they can ever reach intel.

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>it's cheaper if i buy it used
Imagine buying an old battered cpu pozzed not only internally but also externally

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>t. retard who thinks the 6700 is still relevant in 2019
seethe some more pajeet

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What's even funnier is that Intel products are worse than dogshit. People don't want to spend the rest of their lives installing security patches and chillers.

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>unironically citing Far Cry 5 as a benchamark of anything other than your autism

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>intel has acknowledged AMD's efforts. and YOU, the fanboy, cannot.
This is the biggest case of delusion that this board has seen.

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He's mentally ill, like most Intel fanboys.

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>3600 is only as good as 6700k in one game and therefore they're the same in performance haha

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>he projects R7 2700X benchmarks thinking that the performance is the same as the 3600.
>while in his own images, the 3600 trumps it in gaming performance.

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Well it matches or downright beats AMD's flagship in every gaming benchmark that I've seen so far, so I'd say it's relevant and I'd go even a little bit further and say you'd have to be a complete mong to spend money on a brand new 3600 when you can just buy a used 6700 that will give you the same or better performance for a tiny fraction of the price.

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This is hilarious.

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Maybe that would work if all you did was play vidya...

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1. the 3600 is the lowest clocked SKU and has 6 cores, the 3700X and 3800X have 8 and clock higher.
2. the 3600 has lower L3 Cache compared to its 8 core counterparts.
3. It was tested on a gimped BIOS with them not being able to tighten memory timing and Overclock the 3600.

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It's almost entirely identical to the 2xxx series (which gets btfo by the 6700 in literally every game without exception), with the only difference being that it uses some meme chink manufacturing process.

Having that in mind, if you can give me ANY reason to buy the 3600 instead of a 6700, I'd really like to hear it.

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It's just consolewarring /v/edditors from South America.

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>oh, that's cute

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no, retard, in the same set of images you posted, the 3600 has better FPS than the 2700X. That alone debunks your claim.

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are you fucking braindead? the only advantage intel ever had was higher clocks and 6700 caps out at 4ghz on single core. If you buy non K intel chips you're a special combination of stupid and poor

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>People are unironic fanboys/shills for a company that would still be selling 4C/8T as their top of the line consumer CPUs if it weren't for AMD lighting a fire under their asses
Textbook definition of mental illness

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Bruh this dude has no idea what hes talking about

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>better FPS than the 2700X

But not better than the 6700K

>> No.71601888

>more features
>having higher latency, requiring high speed ram and having a southbridge fan are features

>> No.71601889

>It's almost entirely identical to the 2xxx series
It's most definitely not, it has a 7nm manufacturing process, resulting in a higher IPC that 2xxx. It is a brand new processor design, unlike 2xxx which was an update of the 1xxx processor.
> give me ANY reason to buy the 3600 instead of a 6700
It sounds like you like to game, and don't work on your rig, so here goes:
-If you wanted to stream or capture and your graphics card didnt support NVENC or had poor NVENC performance
-You want new warrantied parts without spending an Intel premium
-You are interested in overclocking your CPU, which you won't be able to with a non-k 6700

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>x470 with glitchy beta bios

>> No.71601907

the same image has the 6700K @ 116 while the 3600 @ 117.

>> No.71601914

>barely competing with 3 generations old intel
>lighting a fire

>> No.71601916

>You want new warrantied parts without spending an Intel premium

Who cares about warranties parts when you can just get a 6700 for free? If it breaks just get another one?

Why you so stupid?

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Yeah in my country we call that a draw.

>> No.71601932

I wanna know what you're on.

Can you honestly tell me that we'd have the 9900K exist without Ryzen?

If anything, the 9900K will be a 4c/8t part without Ryzen.

Hell without AMD we'd have single-core housefires all around.

>> No.71601934

Thank you for proving my point

>> No.71601940

Send me a link to the cheapest 6700 you can find that isn't an auction

>> No.71601947

and what you're doing is moving goalposts.

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>le cherrypicked fake brasilian benchmark graph again
now tell me it won't even boost to 5ghz

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>that isn't an auction

why you do this?

>> No.71601985

because an auction isn't indicative of the price the CPU will actually sell for..

>> No.71601994

in his same image:
>the 2700X being outperformed by the 3600
>same idiot assumes that the 3700X and 3800X will perform similarly, despite having different clockspeeds and core counts.

This is really a retard,

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Go back to installing security patches.

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and yet the example in your chart is running a x470 and standard 3200 CL16

>> No.71602038

I love how the roles are reversed compared to, say, five years ago.

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I’m not an enterprise user so the security patches are irrelevant. I won’t fall victim because no one has physical access to my system, and even if I did patch it doesn’t effect the workloads I do.

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now this is a tech Anti-Vaxxer.

>> No.71602105

Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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Intel fanboys are in full damage control.

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>amd is now the boot licking conformist choice

Oh no no

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i didnt know intel fanboys were as pozzed as intel cpus
the 6700 has lower clockspeed and ipc the 6700k so it doesnt beat the 3600
keep dreaming big guy

>> No.71602170

Same situation as Apple vs Microsoft: fewer security flaws because fewer people give a shit, but then one day all it took was one faggot who took computer science 1 to hack all the Apple phones on the planet and release nude photos of every celebrity in America.

>> No.71602172

even the 9400f is better than the 6700
this dude barely knows what he is talking about

>> No.71602187

>just wait bro

>> No.71602189

yeah, why not support the company that brought us X64, Multi-core and APU's for a small premium. Without them you'd be stuck on a Pentium 10 32-bit processor that clocks up to 4.3 GHz.

>> No.71602190

ok buddy

>> No.71602191

>shows list of Intel vulnerabilities
>doesn't show a list of ryzen vulnerabilities, of which there are at least a half dozen
Weird how when you look to see if AMD CPUs are vulnerable to Intel specific vulnerabilities, they're not vulnerable.

Now why didn't AMD fairly compare to their own AMD specific vulnerabilities?

Oh yea, because they know you shills eat this shit up

>> No.71602194

t. CTS labs


>> No.71602197

Why the fuck should I give a fuck about which company I'm supporting?

I don't give a shit, I just want the best 144hz gaming performance.

I really don't care who offers it, or how much it costs

>> No.71602201

>CTS Labs, a subsidiary of Principled Technologies.

Fixed that for you.

>> No.71602202

Ryzen is new

There ARE vulnerabilities but nobody has found anything yet

Try again in 10 years just like how Meltdown and Spectre were only discovered last year

>> No.71602205

Samefag mentally ill Intel fanboy.

>> No.71602209

I mean, what's the point of the slide?

Intel could post an identical slide with AMD specific vulnerabilities and it'd be just as accurate.

Wow Intel isn't vulnerable to AMD specific vulnerabilities, who knew.

>> No.71602212

you sure do. You're even defending intel's shortcomings

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>There ARE vulnerabilities but nobody has found anything yet
There are several, are you retarded?
They're not as major as Intel, but they exist, and they're known.

>> No.71602235

>buying the better CPU for your uses is defending a company
You shills will say anything if you think the other poster supports
>insert rival company


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AMD is the reason we have the same intel arch refreshed 1000 times because they can’t design a CPU that competes with 10 year old intel tech.

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>> No.71602257

>lying about relative performance between a 200$ chip and a 500$ chip

suure. I get the feeling that once your precious benchmark pics are debunked, you'll find another goalpost.

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>> No.71602267

Yes but BUT AMD because they finally did something good once in a decade.

Who cares if they'll drop the ban again in 18-24 months or that intel will fire back with massive IPC gains in 10nm?

Buy AMD or I'm gonna call you a shill and a jew.

>> No.71602272

Well yes. They fucking had a bad Company philosophy prior to Lisa being hired as CEO.

>> No.71602286

I bought a 9700k back in October when it's only competition was the 2700x.

Youll literally never convince me the 2700x is better for 144hz gaming.

Maybe the 3700x/3800x will be, but I wasn't gonna wait 8-9 months from October to July.

>> No.71602301

...and that sure won you how many CSGO games again? Having a pair of Jordans, does not mean you're as good as him.

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we got too cocky intelbros

>> No.71602312

congratulations, you've finally entered the bargaining stage of depression.

>> No.71602345

Lmao, wanting smoother performance is a bad thing. Wew you AMD shills will shit in literally anything that makes Intel look even slightly worthwhile.

I don't give a fuck about the price to performance ratio of ryzen.

I don't give a fuck about your 80fps average when I'm getting 100fps average.

It might not mean much to you, but I want smoother games, and im willing to pay more for it, especially if I'm not waiting almost another full year.

If AMD is in the same position with ryzen 3000 when I upgrade, I'll buy AMD.
If Intel comes back with good 10nm performance, I'll buy Intel.

It's just that simple

>> No.71602354

>over a CPU purchase

Lmao, that projection bruh.

If you get DEPRESSED over this shit, you need to find a new hobby.

>> No.71602358

>If Intel comes back with good 10nm performance, I'll buy Intel.
good luck waiting until 2022 at the earlieast

>> No.71602369

I just bought a 9700k, that's literally the plan.

2022/23. With a GPU upgrade sometime around 2020/21

>> No.71602375

you say it while you post a cherrypicked benchmark, and then ignore that the 3600 also hits 144+ FPS in another bench.


We now all know you're defending your own stupidity by saying you bought a 9700K, so bias is strong.

>> No.71602379

>Youll literally never convince me the 2700x is better for 144hz gaming.
it doesn't work that way.
nobody needs to convince you.
you bought a cpu that has less IPC ( retards, IPC is Instructions Per Clock, it has nothing to do with per Core), you bought a CPU with less cache, same power consumption, more expensive ecosystem, a shitload of performance regressions due to severe security problem, a dead platform that is going to be EOL'd in a few months.
>that projection bruh
it's called buyer's remorse and most peeple are shitposting after their purchases in order to avoid feeling bad about their purchase.
>until 2022
that's not going to happen.
intel's 14nm is so mature that first and second iteration of 10nm are going to look really bad.
This is not a 10nm problem, but a problem with every early version of a new node.
The only way for 10nm to look good is to jump directly to EUV and avoid immersion/planar entirely.

>> No.71602383

Buyer's remorse. Go back to installing security patches.

>> No.71602386

>I'll wait for 10nm, but not 7nm
It's almost as if you're a fanboy of some company.

>> No.71602398

you seem to be a bit confused
im not waiting until intel's 10nm because by the time intel brings 10nm to desktop we will either be on 5nm or 3nm thanks to AMD

>> No.71602412

>amd shills seething that people still buy intel over ryzen trash

>> No.71602418

I just said I got a 9700k back in 2018, why would I upgrade to 7nm right now?
It would be a side-grade in everything but pure multi-core performance, which is mainly irrelevant for me.

In 2022/23 if there is a new process on the horizon, i might wait, it depends how well the 9700k is holding up.

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>that fucker with buyer's remorse
I have a sandy bridge i5 and I will NEVER defend Intel for all the stupid shit they did. My next computer will be 100% Zen 2.

>> No.71602434

>intel shills seething that people still buy ryzen over pozzed intel trash

>> No.71602435

>a shitload of performance regressions due to severe security problem
lmao, okay MAYBE if you're talking about a 9900k with hyperthread disabled.

But the 9700k sees less than 5% performance drop in gaming from ALL of the security patches.


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no reason to upgrade desu

>> No.71602448

errr.... not really. Why do you think that Intel is cutting prices?

Sorry, I think you may even be lying about the 9700K, you probably have a non-K.

I'm already happy with what I'm getting with my 3600. Really, after the A6 I used, I'll be happy with the upgrade.

>> No.71602457

pozzed 4 thread trash

>> No.71602476

get glasses

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File: 8 KB, 459x157, 2019-06-26 09_19_23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sorry, I think you may even be lying about the 9700K, you probably have a non-K.
lmao wut?

There is ONLY a 9700k, there isn't a non-k model available.

>> No.71602489

>multicore is irrelevant, not until Intel leads.
fixed that for you.

>> No.71602498

No, it's irrelevant for MY uses.

If you're doing encoding or rendering, or playing a game which specifically uses more cores/threads, be my guest buy AMD, i (unlike you) don't give a shit what people buy, as long as it does what they need it to do.

>> No.71602499

>buying a 400$ CPU
>but muh smoothness
get kl

>> No.71602503

Why does AMD always have to be the one to fucking INNOVATE?

>> No.71602504
File: 276 KB, 640x360, 54D2BA34-B404-4A38-B795-7DE4D1CCAC5F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what i don’t understand is why r/amd cares so much about what other people use

>> No.71602510

enjoy your security holes pajeet

>> No.71602512

What does price have to do with smoothness?

I've been saying the whole time, I know I spent a premium buying intel, and I don't give a shit.

>> No.71602520

security holes that require physical access, or hosting a VM.

I think 98% of home users will be fine.

>> No.71602521

I can sense your buyer's remorse from here. Are you done installing security patches?

>> No.71602536

Considering you're the one that needs to keep bringing up security patches which most people don't need to worry about, maybe the one with buyers remorse is yourself.

Afterall, without those patches, it's even more of a clear cut victory for intel.

>> No.71602537

Only javascript is needed

>> No.71602540
File: 1.19 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>after posting the same image over and over again, and being BTFO'd

>I don't care what people buy.


>> No.71602541

this old ass 4690k get's at least 4.3% impact, with 13% performance reduction in DayZ.

>> No.71602548

Nice damage control

>> No.71602550

you mean the ones that have little impact on performance? i don’t think /g/ even realizes how hard it would be to even take advantage of those exploits

>> No.71602551

So you've been saying, and so you've never provided proof for.

And again, even if it were that easy, it can still only read what is CURRENTLY being read in your memory.

It can't just access your bank account, it can't just go search your emails, it can't just direct you to a specific web page.

It's not at all an attack the average person needs to be concerned about.

This concern trolling gets real old desu.

>> No.71602557

>after posting the same image over and over again
uhh, i think you have me confused with someone else, the only picture i've posted in this thread is here >>71602477

>> No.71602561

sorry moshe, im not buying your shit chinese CPUs

>> No.71602564

They do realize it, they don't care because it's intel, they'll take it out of context and claim you HAVE to disable hyperthreading or some indian will steal your credit card and bank info.

>> No.71602566

Logic and facts don't work against people with buyer's remorse and emotional investment

>> No.71602573

but that's what will happen, rakeesh

>> No.71602578

Dude, it's a fucking cult. There's no point of arguing with them.
People are obsessed with company.
I mean it's just a fucking CPUs, not some religion. There's nothing wrong if it serves you well.

>> No.71602582

Cope, pozzed faggot

>> No.71602588

It's not logic and facts...

There has never been an attack with javascript like you're claiming. It's a POSSIBILITY, one that has never been seen executed ANYWHERE outside of a lab. And again, once you close the webpage running that script, they lose their access.

Don't open shitty websites when you're doing your banking at home. Problem solved

>> No.71602589

So you're gonna buy jewish cpus instead?

>> No.71602600

Suure. now go back to /v/ since you're all about lube-smooth graphics and no actual tech.

>> No.71602601

>Don't open shitty websites
Might as well just tell people to disable javascript because of your dogshit cpu

>> No.71602614

If they can't be trusted to not run shitty websites that could run that kind of attack, then yea 100% just disable javascript.

But again, this attack has literally never been implemented.

You're fear mongering, might as well just start screaming "THINK OF THE CHILDREN"

>> No.71602620

next time he would tell you to not upgrade Windows 10, which will have the latest games, because it mandates the microcode updates.

>> No.71602623

Synthetic benchmarks tells us nothing of real world performance.

>> No.71602632

>because it mandates the microcode updates
Lol, no it doesn't

>> No.71602638

>Far Cry, Total War Warhammer et al, are Synthetic Benchmarks.

Maybe you can still RMA your 9700K.

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>> No.71602650

>Suure. now go back to /v/ since you're all about lube-smooth graphics and no actual tech.
If it works fine, I won't change anything. It it doesn't, I'll tweak it. If it still doesn't, I'll upgrade it. It's simple at that. Brands and other shit are irrelevant. Whoever provides a better deal gets my purchase.
You're only caring about consumerism with this level of dedication. Definitely not tech.

>> No.71602651

keep avoiding it. once 20H1 is live, I wonder what kind of mental gymnastics you'd have.>>71602643

>> No.71602653

also note that the performance regressions are without the latest vulnerabilities, and this is a 1 year old post.
note, on top of that, that regressions affect context switching, memory b/w, storage b/w, instruction speculation, etc.
This means that in some workloads, those regressions accumulate... so even if you get 2% hit from each one of them, you will end up with 10% or 15% less performance because all those work in conjuction.

>> No.71602660

>then yea 100% just disable javascript.
The absolute state of Intel CPUs

>> No.71602662

Any difference in games will be unnoticeable and could easily be rectified through patches or driver updates completely unrelated to the CPU.

>> No.71602667

as a br i'm triggered. fuck you

>> No.71602679

The same can be said for Ryzen, if you're going to those types of sites, and letting javascript run, there are plenty of windows vulnerabilities that will get you before a hardware intel vulnerability.

It's like you cunts pretend the ONLY security vulnerability is intel, totally leaving out the biggest one, Windows.

If any attack is gonna happen on a home user, it's gonna use a windows zero day, not some convoluted limited access MDS attack.

>> No.71602695

Windows can be easily patched because it's not a HARDWARE FLAW

>> No.71602697

except those do not have a direct impact on the Ryzen's ability to perform.

again, your normie is showing.

>> No.71602709

People don't need security. You guys made a big meme from it and make money from it as well.

>> No.71602723

>People don't need security

>> No.71602724

>I don't care if it's any brand, as long as it's smooth.
>show benchmarks of a 3600 getting to 144+ FPS.
>Any difference in games will be unnoticeable.

The level of COPE....It's OVER 9000! (9700K)

>> No.71602731

Yeah, but it's a MUCH larger attack surface, there are WAYYY more (and easier) ways to attack windows, than there are to attack at the hardware level.

And again, we aren't discussing data centers, enterprise users, etc, we're talking about home gamers.

You bringing up MDS/Spectre/etc CONSTANTLY is just retarded and there is a reason why most people ignore you as a shill.

It's blatant and sad.

The intel patches don't need to be installed if you don't feel you're doing anything that requires security.
I'm not telling you what to do, just saying no one is FORCING you to limit your performance.

>> No.71602741

Home gamers don't, at least not when it comes to enterprise level attacks like MDS and others that keep getting brought up.

>> No.71602756

>Inturds are using the same Antivaxxer argument.

>> No.71602767

better than being a retard pretending i'm in fort knox keeping state secrets while playing PUBG.

>> No.71602784

tfw my 6700k has trouble with 4.5GHz on fucking water
fuck intel

>> No.71602802

We already have "security doesn't matter" on the list intelbro

>> No.71602808

remember to go to chickenpox parties, inturd.

>> No.71602817

>116 = 117

>> No.71602825

at least I don't pretend i need security just to LARP and shit on Intel.

>> No.71602849

nah he went to bed

>> No.71602851

at least I don't pretend that I have no buyer's remorse after buying a DOA SKU with no-where to go.

I would've understood if it you could slot in a 10-series i5 or i7 unto your Z390, but... alas, you're a phenomenal idiot.

>> No.71602852

>bruh just don't wear seatbelts it's not like you're going to get into an accident anyway

>> No.71602857

but you need security or else you are going to lose all your gamer accounts and gayms

>> No.71602883

boy i sure do need a cinebench ASIC

>> No.71602898

Everything is 2FA these days anyway, even if someone were copying my password, it wouldn't do them any good.

Emails have 2FA, game accounts all use 2FA, bank uses 2FA.

>> No.71602917

imagine being so pozzed in the brain that you choose an insecure brand of cpus just because muh 5ghz

>> No.71602928

*gets within 15-20% of a 9900K, while costing less than half of a 9900K, while running gimped bios, and standard non-tweaked timings*

Nothin' personell kid.

>> No.71602945

Lmao, there is no buyers remorse because i wasn't gonna wait for Ryzen 3000, no matter how much you cry about it.

My motherboard got fried, I needed a new platform, I could've gotten a 2700x and dealt with shitty single core performance for over 8 months, or I could just buy intel and not deal with shit single core performance.

I bought intel, it's now been over 7 months since then. I have no regrets. I keep getting told by others I have buyers remorse though, because apparently all intel buyers HAVE to, according to AMD shills.

imagine being so cucked by a company that doesn't pay you a dime, you pretend for MONTHS that security actually matters to you.

At least I don't live a lie.

>> No.71602950

the 3600 at 3.6ghz beats the 9900k at 3.6ghz in cinebench

>> No.71602972

>security doesn't matter
kill yourself kike shill
if security to you doesn't matter then give me your bank account details because you know, you're not an enterprise so you have nothing to fear about and security doesn't matter to you

>> No.71602990

Yeah, I JUST said 2FA is on anything important.
That means I don't give a fuck about security on my SINGLE device.

You can have my bank log-in if you want, it wont do you shit without my phone.

>> No.71603018

i dont actually want your bank account details i just gave you an example to make you see how stupid you sound

>> No.71603024
File: 35 KB, 1109x179, 2019-06-26-160302_1109x179_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

am I big balled, or small brained?
using this laptop on school wifi

>> No.71603058

And I gave an example of how that's retarded and not an argument.

Not to mention, the security issues are WAY overblown, as has already been mentioned, MDS only allows you to read what is CURRENTLY in memory, nothing else, and ONLY while the infected program is running.

And again, a javascript attack for MDS has NEVER been actualized and observed.

It's just literal fear mongering to make intel look bad.

>> No.71603064

give an example of how bank account info can be stolen with these security vulnerabilities

>> No.71603070

>Bruteforce does not exist.

Holy fuck. Just get out of /g/. This is why you're so ignorant of the security holes. You think that 2FA is going to save you from brute-force access? You realize that they run banks on databases, right, and hackers can cut the middleman, right?

>> No.71603090

how are you gonna brute force 2FA...?

Its a rolling a password that changes every ~10 seconds...

>> No.71603113

zombieload and mde can steal your info and login to your accounts even if you have 2FA enabled

>> No.71603148

You cant really bruteforce 2FA but you can login to someone's account even if they have 2FA enabeld simply by using the zombieload vulnerability

>> No.71603154



My 2FA is only authorized from my phone.

Even if someone had FULL system access of my PC, they couldn't log into my bank account, let alone MDS.

>> No.71603156

so you have to run untrusted code on the box, oh wow it's fucking nothing

if i ever need to do that i'll flip a switch and turn the mitigations on just like i would with AV for OS vulnerabilities

>> No.71603174

It's literally just AMD shills who know it's not actually as big a deal as they are pretending, OR brain dead idiots who have no place in a conversation of this level anyway and have no idea what they're talking about.

>> No.71603220

jesus christ you're dumb
"i don't need security" is a fucking stupid hill to die on

>> No.71603252

i'm sure you need tons of security with all the futa_touhou_gangbang.mp4.exe.bin you download

>> No.71603260

No one is saying we don't need ANY security, what we ARE saying is MDS/Zombieload is NOT something most people need to care about.

The attack is FAR more worrisome for VM hosts and cloud providers.

Enterprise customers need to be very concerned, but the guy sitting at home gaming? Come on, that's just pure fantasy bullshit. It's NEVER gonna be a concern for that guy, but that hasn't stopped AMD shills from using it as a bashing point against Intel for the last several months.

It makes people think it ACTUALLY is a big deal for the everyday man, when it really isn't at all.

>> No.71603294

>don't worry, the bird flu is just for birds. It's not possible for it to mutate anyway.

>> No.71603311

Oh good, now you're fear mongering with shit that doesn't exist yet, cause someday it MIGHT.

Really showing your colors.

>> No.71603330

Let's not mind the ice caps melting, it'll fix itself. Surely it won't cause other repercussions.

>> No.71603331

nice projection, i only consume the highest quality bara content

>just leave your doors unlocked bro it's not like you'll get robbed


>> No.71603332

false analogy and slippery slope is all amdumbs have

>> No.71603350

You've gotta be legit mentally ill if you honestly think you need to be worried about this type of vulnerability.

Windows zero days are far more worrisome.

>> No.71603364

>bro don't put a password on your phone it'll never actually be used by someone else lol
god you're dumb

>> No.71603374

Yeah, THAT'S exactly what i said.

Jesus, you AMD shills are fucking sad.
>can't actually argue, might as well make shit up that he didn't say

>> No.71603391

>intel fanboys are too stupid to understand analogies

>> No.71603404

>we got too greedy, cucks

>> No.71603441

I mean, it's not at all a good analogy.

Nowhere am I saying you don't need to use passwords.

Nowhere am I saying security doesn't matter at all.

All i'm saying is that you're fucking lying to yourself if you HONESTLY think zombeload/MDS is an attack that will be used against the average person.

It's a TARGETED attack that you need to know who you're attacking for it to be particularly relevant.

OR it needs to run for DAYS before it has collected the right information from memory for ANY sort of actual attack to bring value to the attacker.

Again, a BIG deal for enterprise customers and cloud hosts and shit. But not at all a concern for the average person which simply ISN'T doing something that would be worth stealing 99% of the time.

I do most of my banking in person, or on my phone.

I don't use my work email on my home computer.

About the only thing I MIGHT be concerned about would be when filing my taxes online, but honestly, that ONE time a year event isn't really a viable target for an MDS attack that can ONLY read from active memory.

tldr; you're an idiot and don't understand the vulnerability, OR you're simply parroting AMD shill talking points.

>> No.71603474

holy fuck let me spell it out for you
there's no fucking reason to leave holes open ON PURPOSE if you can close them
no, the average user probably won't ever be affected, but there's always the off chance that they do
you can play "it'll never happen to me" as much as you want, it doesn't change the fact that the security holes are there and they're bad

>> No.71603494

Fuck off, install the patches if you want, there are dozens of zero day exploits that are FAR more powerful and allow full system access to install anything the attacker wants, which is WAY more than MDS.

There is no point worrying about a 1 in a million chance.

Especially when I would be losing performance for the alternative of patching it.

>> No.71603515
File: 29 KB, 571x618, 1555244235001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


stop arguing w him, he only browses /g/ /r/CSGO and /r/Futurism, ofc he doesnt need *all* the patches, its his hot take;

>> No.71603526

okay retard

yeah i'm done, this dumbass probably doesn't lock his car doors or front door

>> No.71603545

>doesn't lock his car doors or front door
No fuck head, it's like spending $3000 on the best lock in existence from fucking Agrabah instead of a $30 lock from home depot.

>> No.71603553

well duh, it saves him 0.5 seconds, theres hundreds of cars on the parking lot, the chance of a nigger trying to open his is like one in one hundred so he doesnt have to be concerned about that other nigg nogg that is dusting the parking lot waiting to tip off people that dont lock their doors to the robbing nig nogg

>> No.71603556

>It's almost entirely identical to the 2xxx series
It isn't, you're just retarded.

>> No.71603577

Yes it is and the benchmarks prove it.

>> No.71603603

You mean the same benchmarks that have a 6c/12t part performing on par with 8c/16t part in multithreaded benchmarks? Yeah, you're retarded.

>> No.71603621

It's almost as if AMD is shit and needs more cores to keep up with Intel.

>> No.71603626

>But again, this attack has literally never been implemented.
...that you know of.

>> No.71603638

>wasting a 0 day worth $100k is the same as using a HARDWARE FLAW on retards that didnt patch it

all it takes is one JS ad bought on popular websites, that alone turns the chance from 1 in million to almost a 99% guarantee with CPU profiling/side channel profiling like timers, dom parsing speed, querying hardware model, querying cores, etc, measuring context switch timings etc, from there we just extract your cookies/sessionId

>> No.71603644

Even if it was, it's still not something most people should care about.

And if you ARE paranoid, just run only trusted code, and don't automatically allow javascript to run.

>> No.71603654

Alas no, you're just suffering from braindamage.

>> No.71603657

>almost a 99% guarantee
yeah cause NO ONE blocks ads these days.

>> No.71603727
File: 78 KB, 787x740, 2RT3mpZE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

manually checking every website so that u can whitelist JS to run, hoping it doesnt change JS or someone injects an iframe then the JS code changes vs patching a hardware flaw, hmm really makes me wonder which one smart people go with

you really are from reddit, the way you type and defend your position with insults is showing it off, i feel sad for you anon, we can make the world a better place but your ego is blinding you so much, there were two side channel attacks, then came 10 more, then 10 more, how many this year, or the next, or few years down the road once people develop better tools for analyzing these things? i'll give you a hint, the way you write really shows that you yourself know you are wrong, but your ego is too big to accept it, so you have to write "." on end to show off your stance, you have to CAPITALIZE the main point of sentence to show your ego and come ahead,these tactics may work on reddit, but not here, we are not on reddit where you come ahead by exausting your opponnnet with big boy words and clever sentence constructions, almost everyone here can see past that

>> No.71603730
File: 116 KB, 748x902, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bye bye Intel.

>> No.71603751
File: 65 KB, 520x442, 1481935316973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>almost everyone here can see past that

>> No.71603779

This image is actually very good for Zen 2.
20+ fps than the 2700X, with 2 less cores, lower clocks and absolute shitty latency, how is that not good?!

>> No.71603784
File: 325 KB, 591x716, 1553424130449.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw disabling posts that start with capitalized sentence and ending w proper punctation would filter 99% of redditfags and phonefags

>> No.71603791

le ebn smoog animu garl

>> No.71603802
File: 27 KB, 181x220, 1487985214148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71603806

>4266mhz golden ram

You might see a 5400 single thread with that chip.

>> No.71603836
File: 55 KB, 858x853, Screenshot_2019-06-26.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71603855
File: 656 KB, 1348x1120, 2019-06-26 11_07_59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean you don't spend $250 for 2x8GB of RAM?

>> No.71603869

Now apply the patches

>> No.71603896

all browsers block access to high precision timers already and JS has a million software level vulnerabilities

>> No.71603928

Yeah but this one is intel, and intel is bad

>> No.71603938

team force is comfy

>> No.71603957

shush goy

>> No.71604024

>A part that costs several thousand dollars
Nice try

>> No.71604054
File: 531 KB, 1920x1080, 1561556979463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many thousands of dollars are you spending on ln2 to keep a 3950x at that frequency?

>> No.71604073

How many thousands of dollars are you spending?

>> No.71604141

Looking like I'll probably upgrade my 2600x to a 3700x

>> No.71604194


>> No.71604247

Oy vey

>> No.71604377

Quite a lot since I like eating out and alcohol and my job pays well

>> No.71604764

That voltage, daaaaaaaaaaaaamn!!!! For real dude what's your cooling setup?

>> No.71604799

sauce or this is fake

>> No.71604806

Found it


>> No.71604868
File: 515 KB, 807x1188, Epyy72360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.71604901

>32 and 64 cores vs 20 cores
very balanced comparison

>> No.71604928
File: 314 KB, 2000x1125, V87qWJH[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>4,265MHz memory
That's weird. AMD said 3733MHz is better for latency, anything higher decouples infinity fabric from memory frequency so it's slower. (2:1 rather than 1:1 so in this case, IF is running 2132Mhz when it could be running at 3733MHz). If you're decoupling then I'd expect to see a much higher memory frequency of at least 4400MHz. How strange. I assume it's early UEFI that's unstable any higher.

>> No.71604930

They're comparing by price, which is SOMEWHAT fair, but at the same time, enterprise space isn't as concerned about the price as they are about getting the performance density.

Intel offers up to 8 socket Xeons, AMD caps at 2 sockets.

>> No.71605140

intel also discounts RCP to big enterprise customers, amd not so much


>> No.71606208

delid dis you fucking stupid goy

>> No.71606560

>isn't as concerned about the price
>intel 56 core $20000

>> No.71606722

Why can't Intel stop being pozzed shit?

>> No.71606879

>spend a shitton of money for a pozzed cpu
>software to overclock your house fires because muh 5niggahz
>"it's 20$ if you want a warranty over our own software"

>> No.71606892

"Because Precision Boost Overdrive enables operation of the processor outside of specifications and in excess of factory settings, use of the feature invalidates the AMD product warranty and may also void warranties offered by the system manufacturer or retailer."

>> No.71606945
File: 29 KB, 430x650, 1561291346094.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not even a good game
fuck straight off cunt

>> No.71607242
File: 253 KB, 780x925, Screenshot from 2019-06-26 15-19-55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posted it again

>> No.71607517

Kek he's obsessed

>> No.71607816
File: 413 KB, 800x600, 1561000986682.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71608393
File: 62 KB, 475x768, 6085f23c79.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.71608758

>NEW: All games besides Far Cry 5 don't matter!

>> No.71608776

Obviously well-optimized games are antisemitic duh

>> No.71609295

intel btfo again

>> No.71609463
File: 42 KB, 719x379, 2019-06-26-image-16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just goes to show that developers never bothered to optimize their games for amd.

>> No.71609490

Cryengine always was and will always be shit.

>> No.71610692

intel? more like intlel lmao

>> No.71610769

intel? more like incel lmao

>> No.71610780

intel? more like shitel lmao

>> No.71610818
File: 137 KB, 2053x1025, 1558971971271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has to be fake, right intelbros?

>> No.71610958

I pre ordered the 9700k, a worthy upgrade of my 2500k and have been loving it. Does everything I want but faster now.
>Inb4 AMD shills tell me how I made the wrong purchase

>> No.71610986

>>Inb4 AMD shills tell me how I made the wrong purchase
You did.

>> No.71610997

> be AMDrones
> a loss is still a win
LMAO. the absolute state of these chong retards.

>> No.71611016

> amd slides from amd
> cinebench
retarded chong/10. oh yeah, totally believable story there, xi lee.

>> No.71611039

show other games

>> No.71611082

>9700k, a worthy upgrade of my 2500k
>worthy upgrade of my 2500k
>>Inb4 AMD shills tell me how I made the wrong purchase

>> No.71611102

Calm down ranjeesh.

>> No.71611212

He's trying to convince himself of his purchase kek

>> No.71611383

At least no hyperthreading will make you more secure lmao

>> No.71611521
File: 1.18 MB, 1858x1080, cb2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol no

>> No.71611610

I don't want a dumbass 4c/8t chip. waste of money. 6c/12t so much better especially with programs and games utilizing more coarz

>> No.71611639

Far cry hasn't used cry engine since the 2nd one. They use dunia now.

>> No.71611683

>the Ryzen 3600 only boosts up to 4.2GHz
>the 8700K boosts 4.70GHz

This is where Intel fans are blind. the 3600 is literally like a non-K SKU. Lowest clocks, hell it runs on a Wraith Stealth. While your 8700K needs a cooler for it to clock higher.

>> No.71611702

i cant believe a non-x cpu 3600 is beating the 8700k at most things idk what intel is going to do cant wait to get my 3800x and overclock it

>> No.71611773

Why are there so many of you? 3700x or 3900x, the 3800x is such a terrible product

>> No.71611783

Assuming they were using PBO, it doesn't really matter if it's a X CPU or not.

Just like with the 2000 series, when using PBO, or when OCing manually, you can get to very similar levels if you have the same cooling.

>> No.71611793

The 3800X will get the higher binned dies, meaning higher boost clocks with PBO.

>> No.71612885


If you wanted to save some cash, you could just waited until Ryzen 3xxx came out. It will trigger a price war.

You could have gotten that 9700K for a bit less and perhaps used the difference to get a better cooling solutions (it really needs it).

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